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Medicinal Mushrooms

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Posted by Eleanor (Jerusalem) on 09/27/2021

Like Karen from PA below, I have been taking an herbal 5 mushroom compound for about 2 months and the GA has really faded and even cleared up in most places.

Medicinal Mushrooms
Posted by Karen (Downingtown, Pa) on 08/15/2016

Granuloma Annulare: The medicinal mushrooms work for me. They have been around for thousands of years! They are the most revered in all of Asia.They are known for regulating your immune system. There's nothing like them.

Replied by Dwight
(New Hanover)

Which specific mushrooms? How do you take? Tincture, tea, powdered? Do you have a good source for high quality?



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Posted by Grant (Fremantle) on 08/08/2016

Hi, my wife has had GA for about 25 years and it was getting worse, covering about 30% of her abdomen. About 6 months ago she started taking 1 teaspoon of MSM with lemon juice almost every day. It is now almost all disappeared. I hope this helps.


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Posted by Violet (Cerrillos, NM) on 12/30/2020

My daughter has been struggling with GA since right before her Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis in 2012. Hers is on her lower legs, so it can be hidden with pants or long socks, but she still is self conscious about it. We somehow decided to try Noxema on it a few years ago. The spots, which were large, deep, and very red are now mostly skin colored and look more like scars. Some spots have disappeared and all remaining ones are much smaller and lighter. She puts the Noxema on before bed when she thinks of it (she's a teen so consistency is not at it's finest) and just leaves it on. She also has vitamin E oil she puts on as well.

While this remedy seems to be working at a snail's pace, it is working. At the rate of improvement we are seeing, hopefully in a few years her legs will be all clear.


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Posted by L09 (Arizona) on 03/07/2018

I have GA going on 3 years it's depressing and not much fun to be In AZ and not wanting to wear shorts in 110+ degree weather. I came across this article

Successful Treatment of Generalized Granuloma Annulare with Pentoxifylline

I am going to try this if I can find a Dr. who will help me. Let me know if anyone has experienced with this treatment.


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Posted by Sm Hughes (Chesnee, Sc) on 07/07/2016

Have had some issues since 2010, minor and didn't worry over, as small spots came and went from arms and legs. About 2 years ago, I had major patches start on legs and connecting to each other from ankle to mid calf. Noticeable enough for people to ask about. Very Red and very noticeable. Arms which are freckled are scarred (I guess that would be correct) with small plain white circles because when a small circle leaves, it takes the freckles with it. Kept reading all of these posts and trying different things.

I have zero clue if 1 of these 2 things are the reason I am in fantastic shape or if it is a combination of both. I take 30mg Pregnenolone w/ my daily meds. I also spray Colloidal Silver on a cotton ball at night and rub it on legs and arms. I know nothing about these 2 items other than since I started about a month ago, arms are pretty clear, and my legs are smooth. You have to look hard to see anything now.

However, if I forget to swab the silver, they appear to get redder and can be seen. I am assuming if I can continue, things will leave. I have struggled with 2-3 fingerpads on each hand having the GA under the skin where it leaves a major ridge and is VERY painful. Since doing this, all fingers are clear. I did see a dermatologist, did the creams, said they would probably go away on their own, etc. and no real cure. Let him put shots into finger (thought I was going to die from the pain and I have a high thresh hold). Nothing helped. I am convinced my 2 options are working beautifully. I could be one or the other, but since I started them together, I don't know! I am thankful for this website and posts.

Posted by Judy Finley (Texas) on 12/07/2015

I developed GA a few months ago, and in my research, ran across another forum. A man said that his wife had the condition, and began taking low dose (5 mg, 5 days a week) pregnenolone with good results. I ordered some and had only been taking it for a couple of weeks when I saw that my lesions were clearing up. I continue to have them pop up, but they don't last long. Considering taking 10 mg for a while to see if it might help to prevent new eruptions. I'm also going to try apple cider vinegar topically, as some people have had good results with that.

Posted by Nizac (Wappingers Falls, Ny) on 09/07/2012

I had posted earlier about ACV how it helped my wifes GA., only 5mg of Pregnenolone daily skipping weekends almost completely relieved her of pretty severe GA. It has been 5 months and she is still clear. Pregnenolone is a master hormone 5mg is a very low dose. This is available over the counter. Good Luck

Replied by Judy Finley

Does your wife continue to take the pregnenolone, or did she take it only until the condition cleared up? I just read several medical articles about it. In general, the reports are good, but mentioned several problems that could arise if it is taken for an extended period of time. I'm going to try it anyway. My GA has just begun, and I don't want it going any farther!

Replied by Cj

Have you tried this method for Granuloma Annulare yet. I've been suffering for 10 years now. Tried Apple Cider Vinegar, pills injections, ointments, gluten free diet. So far nothing helps GA. HELP. It looks so bad I have this on tops of feet legs arms hands and now new spot first time on my stomach. I hate when people look at me like a freak show.

Replied by Danielle

I have had GA since 1999. I have tried everything except for oral steroids because they only work while taking them and then the GA comes back. I find when I limit yeast and grain intake and take probiotics it helps, but recently the GA started getting much worse no matter what. I just ordered Pregnenolone and will try that when I get back from my next trip. In the meantime, I am going to start the Lysine because that does help.

Treat as a Blood Condition

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Posted by Dennis (Florida, US) on 02/18/2015

Note that I'm not a medical person. I'm a person who had granuloma for five years. It went away by itself but now I understand it.

I truly believe the problem is that granuloma is treated as a skin condition when it is NOT a skin condition. It is a blood condition like left-shift Leukocytosis (increased white blood cells). There have been no direct studies that I know of but I do know that a dermatologist can not cure it. Perhaps a hematologist can treat the Leukocytosis and that will cure the symptom, I.e., the white blood cells clumping up to the surface of the skin appearing as a rash.

Replied by Dhanishta

I've had chronic Granuloma Annulare for 44 years and in all that time it only disappeared for 2 years and then came back with a vengence. I have tried all the treatments including injections of cortisone over long periods of time to no effect. I then turned to natural therapies but still have not found anything that's effective, including apple cider vinegar. But now I'm beginning to agree that Dennis from Florida might be onto something regarding it being a blood condition. Now if only we could find a suitable treatment for that then there might be a chance. Another thing I've noticed is most articles say GA is not painful. That's not true. I suffer great pain in my hands when I do things and also when I knock or bump them. Please tell me I'm not the only one who experiences this.

Replied by Crystal


How did your condition go away? I've had it since I was 12 and now 30. It went away completely during both pregnancies and came back full force. Any other info you can share would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Replied by Susan

I developed this stuff on my left hand only in my thirties, and I'm now 62. I really did nothing for it because doc says there's no cure and it was just itchy and red. Then it switched to my right hand only for about six months. Then, walla, it just went away about a year ago. Does this stuff go into remission for whatever reason and could return? I've had no surgeries; nothing different in my life other than a three month period of great stress due to family illness.

Replied by Victoria

"Does this stuff go into remission for whatever reason and could return?"

Yes and yes. Granuloma Annulare just goes away on it's own for some people, especially children. I have heard of people with GA that become clear for years and then it will return.

It is probably auto-immune in that it almost always disappears during pregnancy and comes back after the baby is born (like many other auto-immune diseases).

Replied by Kimharvest
(Western Slope, Co)

Dhanishta; Don't feel alone! I have a high threshold for pain but now when I bang the top of my hands where my major rings are, it hurts and for a long time. A real wounded painful ache like damage was done. I now have new rings expanding from the edges of old rings. Now on both hands, up my arm around my elbows and around an ankle. My first spot started exactly where I had a localized X-ray. But I fear my main culprits were wasp and hornet stings I get in the summers working outside. I didn't react badly at the time but am now breaking out at at those attacked areas. It is horrid! I will experiment and will inform with any positive results. I will try hemp oil and lotions, since I live in Co. And will see if that helps. Good luck all!

Replied by Denise Monyhan

You are not the only one as far as when I bump them there is intense pain. It doesn't last long but I usually develop another under the skin nodule. I have the generalized type.

Replied by Frances

Yes, I too suffer with the terrible itch and pain.

Replied by Tina B.

My GA is on the tops of both hands. It hurts very bad if I bump them on something. It also tends to itch occasionally but not very often.


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Posted by Linda (CA) on 05/19/2023 2 posts

I give credit for this review to Linda I. from Washington on her Turmeric remedy:

This is what she wrote: In response to the comments on granloma annulare, I have my own experience to add. I too, had the rash on my hands, but also on my arms and back. I would get worse in the cooler months of the year, and much better in the summer. I'm guessing from the sunlight. I saw a dermatologist and got a topical cream and got cortisone injections in the worst spots, neither of which did anything to reduce all the large bumps. It wasn't until I started taking turmeric supplements that I noticed a difference. All of the spots disappeared fairly quickly and have not returned. I have been taking turmeric (with pepper extract) for over two years now, and haven't had any flare ups at all. I hope this helps someone.

I myself have been looking for a cure also. Mine keeps coming back on my legs especially my knees. Sometimes it is gone for several months. I have used apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, golden seal, oreganol, tea tree oil, clear nails topical because of the great ingredients and head and shoulders. They all seem to help. But I do believe we are all dealing with a type of blood desease so though we attempt to address this topically and it seems to go away for a time, it eventually comes back. At least it has for me. It makes me think it is in our foods. Who knows. The doctors sure don't know yet.

Posted by Gay (Florida) on 07/10/2017

Over the last year my GA has gone from, no biggie, to horrid. Now my back, stomach, chest and on occasion my thighs are covered w ugly red bumps. I MUST do something to stop this break out. Right now I am taking a turmeric supplement, not helping. Next step for me it to use DMSO, looking for what else added to it might help this unsightly ailment. My real worry right now I'd that it spreads to my face :(

Vitamin C

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Posted by Tim (Florida) on 11/16/2019

I had GA since 12yo. It got worse as I aged.

At 63 I found that it was exacerbated by alcohol and caffeine so I stopped and it SLOWLY got better but never fully went away. So now I'm taking about 2,000mg of vitamin C daily and that really helped... I drink wine and coffee without worry. get VC and take it throughout the day ALL DAY. I bought cheap C at walmart and break the 1000mg pills in two. Sometimes I just take the entire 1000 mg.

Vitamin D Spray, Probiotics and Vitamin C

Posted by Amy (Idaho, US) on 12/04/2014

My now 8 year old daughter has diagnosed with Granuloma Annulare 3 years ago. We found that using a Vitamin D spray at about 3 pumps at a time 1x a day, children's probiotics and 500-1000 mg. of Vitamin C that she is now symptom free.

My son who is nearly 19 is now breaking out all over with GA and I'm suspecting that it's because of his extremely high stress level and eating college food. Normally we don't eat any junk, but that has been added to his diet since eating dorm food. So he is now taking the Vitamin D spray. I do believe that since this is a auto-immune problem that the Vitamin D, probiotics and Vitamin C should help with his immune system and also help his "gut" where we need to start. It all makes sense. Why I have 2 children with GA doesn't make sense to me however. We are also starting Krill Oil and Oregano oil in capsule form to see if they have any benefit.

Replied by Katie
(Denver, Co)

Where can I find the Vitamin D spray? Any type of probiotics? My son who is 8.5 has Granuloma Annulare on the backs of both his legs and the top of his foot. Have had GA for over 3 years now. Creams don't work. Tried the shot on the one on his foot and it's only scabbed over. The doctor said the ones on his legs weren't able to have the shots. They are getting bigger and kind of spreading :( any other advice you have???? Thanks!!!

Replied by T.
(Newton, Nj)

I am so frustated with this! I've tried everything to try to get rid if this.Creams, steroid pills, shots. It started on my arm, elbow , forearm, now it's on my knees, thighs, and stomach. Tonight I'm putting on a mixture of crushed aspirin and ACV. Some one told me to try this mixture at night. Believe me, only try it if your going too bed. It stinks. I'll give all of you an update in about a week, pray that something happens and I can give you all good news.Feel For You All, Know All About It.

M. Love, Tammyu

Replied by Susan
(Franklin, Tn)

Glad to hear about all the ways you can possibly treat this problem. I'm 61, had it diagnosed more than 30 years ago. It has only been on my hands, one hand at a time. The lesions would form, and yes, they are itchy and painful if you get your hand wedged on the spots or hit them on something. Ouch. One day after turning 61 I noticed they had all gone, I guess in remission, and hope they don't come back. I haven't changed my eating habits or anything, but had no idea they could form all over your body like that. I'll certainly pray for all of us for a cure and wish everyone the best. Glad to have found this forum because something tells me this is not the end of this.

Vitamin E, Tea Tree Oil

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Posted by Dee (Niagara Falls, Ontario) on 02/09/2012

Just wanted to let you know, for granuloma annulare I have tried vit e mix with tea tree oil, apply 2-3 times a day works great. My son had it and doctor said because he is so young there is nothing he can give him. So this is what I did, as I said it worked great. Hope it helps someone!!!

Replied by Stephanie C.
(Cameron, Sc)

I will definitely try this. Even though its not contagious I still don't like the way it looks and sometimes it spreads to my son's (6 yrs old) fingers as well.

Replied by Dana
(Lloydminster, Alberta)

I am 60 yrs old and have have had GA for over 20 years. I also have tried a lot of creams and oils and I want to warn people about the dangers of the steroid creams. Please never use them on your children and never use them too long on yourself. I didn't pay attention and now the skin on the backs of my hands is very thin and easily torn and very sensitive. I have had from severe to mild over the years and 1 thing I have noticed is it seemed to get worse when my skin is dry. Since I started using regular coconut oil to moisturize it seems to really help. I don't know anyone else with this condition so I was delighted to find this site! Thanks for all your tips!

Replied by Dana
(Brisbane, Qld.)

Dana in Alberta, coconut oil on GA is good but I heard from an essential oil expert that pomegranate oil was superior. I did find the product online and agree it is wonderful.

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