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| Modified: Dec 09, 2018
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What Is Granuloma Annulare?

The largest organ of the body, the skin is susceptible to a number of different conditions and issues. One such condition is granuloma annulare. Similar to eczema, granuloma annulare is characterized by raised, reddish to skin-colored bumps known as lesions. However, granuloma annulare typically appears in a circular or ring pattern found on the hands and feet.

The signs and symptoms of granuloma annulare are actually dependent upon the variety: localized, generalized or subcutaneous. Localized granuloma annulare is the most common form and presents as a circular or semicircular shape or patter, ranging in diameter from miniscule to 2 inches. Generalized granuloma annulare is actually that which is present on a large portion of the body and is commonly found on the trunk, arms and legs. This form is often itchy and occurs most in adults. Subcutaneous granuloma annulare most commonly affects young children and actually presents as a firm lump beneath the skin rather than a rash. The lump is typically less than 1.5 inches in diameter.

The specific cause of granuloma annulare is unknown; however, some possible contributing factors have been identified. Granuloma annulare may be brought on by animal or insect bites, infection, tuberculin skin tests, vaccinations or sun exposure.

Herbal Remedies for Granuloma Annulare

In many cases, granuloma annulare is not itchy or painful, so it does not require treatment. In any case, though, granuloma annulare typically responds well to herbal treatments, much like treatment for eczema. Common treatment options include apple cider vinegar applied topically and taken orally, DMSO, tannic acid, milk of magnesia and lysine. Additionally, vitamin E, tea tree oil, and green tea also aid in treatment and serve as a remedy for granuloma annulare and a treatment for eczema.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Posted by Kirsty Ann (Us) on 02/11/2017

When I was around 21-22 (8 or 9 years ago), I developed a hard wee bump on my knee. It hurt when I knocked it but otherwise didn't affect me. I went to the doctors maybe 6 months after I first noticed it start to grow in diameter. My Dr had never seen GA before but knew of it due to a family member of his having it. From then on it was assumed it had GA. It grew into a 2cm round ring of raised bumps that further concern me so again I went to another Dr who used liquid nitrogen on it which did nothing other than leave a horrible scar. I gave up trying any more treatments as I was told it wasn't any. Over the years the GA on my knee has flattened out looks less red and sore but I now have GA on my elbows. The hardest part about it being on my elbows is every single time I put my elbows on a table or hard surface the pain is enough to drop The Hulk. My description of the pain would be similar to that of kneeling down hard on a sharp stone. It subsides reasonably quick but wow it's sore straight after. I'm super excited to try the ACV topically and if that doesn't work I'll try it orally. I can't wait to see if this actually works. Feeling hopeful :)

Replied by Bonnie
Chicopee, Ma

I've been living with GA for 5 years now from my neck to my toes. It developed immediately after an operation, but of course doctors said it wasn't related. My dermatologist has had me on light treatment, ointments, clobetasol, steroid creams. I've been on prednisone, plaquenil and dapsone for 5 years which are the only meds that keep it under control and from me tearing my itchy skin off. I'm tested constantly and for diabetes (obviously because of the prednisone and plaquenil which can affect my retina) but so far so good. It started to go away so I started to lessen the doses, but it came back with a vengeance. I'm so glad I came across this site, since my next step was to go to Boston Medical, but afraid that will just mean more meds. As soon as I post this, I'm going to try the ACV. I'm sure willing to try anything that is a lot healthier than medication.

Replied by Floria
1 posts

I have had GA for almost 20 years. It started out as a small red bump on my knee and is now on every part of my body (feet (T & B), legs, upper body front and back, chest, arms, shoulders, and head, except my face). It always starts out as a small bump that gets bigger then joins another one until it is a huge one. Right now both of my legs and arms are almost completely red or some shade between pink and red. I have gone to several doctors but the only thing I have been given is ointments so thick it was too painful to rub on. I am so thankful I found this posting! I am going to the store today to get some ACV in hopes it will work for me. The GA is creeping up my neck and spreading so fast I am thinking of canceling Christmas this year and will if the ACV doesn't work. Prayers to all of you!!!

Posted by Susan (England) on 10/06/2016
4 out of 5 stars

Hello everybody ... I have had GA for about ten years it developed after Hep B innoculations (I work in a Hospital). A good friend also has GA and is a nurse - also had Hep B innocs. I was taking cider vinegar long before GA appeared (I also tried Puva, nothing topical works) ACV is good for so many things I was taking it for joint stiffness and depression. I have to report that when I am away and don't take ACV - the GA shows up even more (evident most of the time anyway) It is extensive, armpits, inside area of arms, shoulders, tops of thighs and backs of knees and right across the tummy. Great!! I only take ACV in the morning but am going to increase to the evening too - I take it in hot water - maybe it shouldn't be diluted? I don't want to avoid Gluten and be ceoliac (! ) I love my bread....

Replied by Ayo Wellness

What dose have you found to be helpful?

Replied by Vicki

What dose of ACV are you taking? I have GA everywhere except my face and it's spread to my neck. I've only had it a few months.

Replied by Cheryl

So awesome to read this! Have also had GA for many years & used topical Clobetasol sparingly. Overjoyed to hear ACV will help instead. Totally relate to pattern breakouts. THANK YOU 😊

Replied by Gay

Over the last year my GA has gone from, no biggie, to horrid. Now my back, stomach, chest and on occasion my thighs are covered w ugly red bumps. I MUST do something to stop this break out. Right now I am taking turmeric supplement, not helping.

Next step for me it to use DMSO, looking for what else added to it might help this unsightly ailment. My real worry right now I'd that it spreads to my face :(

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Gay, have u tried staying away from sugar and grains (and dairy) for a week?

Replied by Gay

Over the last year my GA has gone from, no biggie, to horrid. Now my back, stomach, chest and on occasion my thighs are covered w ugly red bumps. I MUST do something to stop this break out. Right now I am taking a turmeric supplement, not helping. Next step for me it to use DMSO, looking for what else added to it might help this unsightly ailment. My real worry right now I'd that it spreads to my face :(

Posted by Kristal (India) on 04/12/2015

My 5 years old daughter is suffering form Granuloma Annulare from past 2 years. We used Apple Cider Vinegar externally for 5-6 days at night. It disappeared completely but after 3 months it appeared again, but not at the same spot, rather little away from it. Kindly suggest some remedy. Can we give her ACV orally?

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Kristal,

Seeing that you have had success with ACV topically, I would try that again. And I have given ACV to my young children without any problem.

I would start with 1/4 teaspoon in water or juice a couple of times a day. If that seems okay, 1/2 teaspoon a couple of times a day could be tried.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Cassandra
East Chicago, In.

My five yr. old daughter is suffering from the same thing and she has been to the doctor for this and giving her an ointment that is 2.5mg and it's not working so I'm going to try your home remedy to see if it works she's been suffering with this since she was two yrs.old. I like the idea.

Replied by Kim
Simpsonville, Sc

I have had GA for a number of years with no relief. I have been to 2 doctors. My husband is driving me crazy telling me there has to be something I can do. I am going to try the ACV and praying this works. It is all over, even my ears. Fortunately I don't have it on my face yet. My mother said my grandfather had red places on the tops of his feet but no one ever knew what it was. I am diabetic so I am sure this has something to do with it. Crossing fingers this works.

Replied by Jo

Hi, I know your post is old but I was wondering if ACV helped your GA at all. I have had it for several years. The further down my body it goes, the darker and more unsightly it is. My legs are a real mess which makes it very uncomfortable when going south to resorts. I am leaving for Cuba in 2 weeks and will have to just grin and bear it. I started drinking 1 Tbls of ACV diluted in a glass of water twice a day. It has only been 5 days but not too optimistic. Thanks

Replied by Mary

I have had GA going on 8 years. I was in what I call remission for the past 2 years after being prescribed Accutane. I was unable to complete the full three mths of medication, due to high triglycerides. However the GA did disappear for two years. It has recently returned. I will not take anymore steroids be it cream or oral medication. While taking the steroids I became Diabetic. I went through several Doctors ( Dermatologists ) not to mention the Internists and General MDs. I have taken leprosy meds, steroids, and more topical creams than I can remember, steroid and non-steroid. I would love to try a natural remedy before taking the Accutane again. Suggestions???

Replied by Maryb

My husband has the localized variety, I guess, on his hands and elbows. It appeared suddenly as bumps, one day last summer, after he came home from work outdoors. Since then, the bumps became spreading red rings. He also has diabetes, for which he started taking iodine internally again almost a month ago, having lapsed for about a year and noticed a significant difference in his health. Interestingly, the iodine seems to be helping reduce the size of the GA patches. He started out at 3 drops and increased to 9-12 drops of 7% Lugol's Solution iodine in divided doses twice/day, mixed with about 6-8 oz. water each time. He's going to increase to 18 drops and see if it takes care of it completely. I'll post an update with results.

Posted by Jenni (Carmel, Indiana) on 03/14/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I have been able to stop my Granuloma Annulare with a taking the Apple Cider Vinegar liquid 1 Tbs. two times a day 1 Tbs. of Silver Biotics each time. You can purchase the ACV and the Silver Biotics at GNC. I mix them with 1 Tbs. of orange juice so it doesn't taste as bad. I have been taking daily vitamins D3 1000 IU, Coenzyme Q10, Vitamin C, Echinacea, and Fish Oil. I bought all of these at Target. I take the dosages recommended on the bottle. I have also been drinking herbal green tea in the morning and Echinacea tea in the evening. I also put Cortizone 10 on the spots in the morning and at night. I still have some red spots but they seem to be fading away. This site was really helpful in getting me started getting over the Granuloma Annulare and wanted to share my recovery story. Thanks to all of you who shared your information about Granuloma Annulare!

Replied by Missi
Fishers, In

Hi Jenni! I live in Fishers, IN and have seen 2 different dermatologists and my Family MD regarding my Granuloma annulare that has started plaguing me this year. I was wondering who helped you in finding this successful treatment for your GA? Living in the same area, I was hoping that you might be able to give me the name of the person who helped you with finding the right natural treatment? So looking forward to hearing back from you.. This benign disease is crushing my inner spirit!! Especially as it is Summer! Thanks, Missi

Replied by Susie
Pueblo Co

I have read this whole forum and am off for lunch and buying Apple Cider Vinegar. You said it perfectly, totally distorting my inner spirit...I hate this...I have new spots everyday and hope this Apple Cider Vinegar works...I will post an update with my results. Sincerely, Susie

Replied by Kimmi

I have GA and have for three years. They started on both if my arms and then moved to chest and around my neck. I take bleach baths often and also have seen a huge difference. I also use Cortizone 10 and its amazing together. Now when I go out ppl don't look at me the same... :)

Replied by Gena

Hi, I have had GA for about 3 years now. DR gave some high powered ointment which did nothing to help. I will try some of the suggestions on this site. I really would love to get rid of it. Thanks, Gena

Replied by Dennis

I have had this for about 3 years now.

My Dermatologist gives me a low dose steroid shot in the rear, and I then go for a few sessions of UV at the tanning parlour. This clears it up for 6 months or more.

Replied by Beth

Hi, Kimmi,

Can you tell me about the bleach baths? Like a cup in a bath tub?? Does it matter what kind? Household bleach??


Replied by Beth

Hi, Jenni. I have just started the ACV 2x per day: 1/2 oz in 12 oz of luke warm water. It's not that bad after a while! I am only into it a week, but am optimistic. This is such a mysterious, troubling condition. I too, am so encouraged! Will be praying for success for all of us!!

Replied by Carol
New Zealand

OMG it was so nice to know I am not alone in this. I have had GA for over a year and it is driving me crazy as my husband doesn't think its a problem but as some one else said its crushing my spirit and making me lack confidence as yes it is summer and I am constantly covering up! I tried steroid cream, ACV, calendula, aloe vera, flax seed and coconut oil and my skin is getting worse! Please help, I will try anything. thank you all for sharing your stories, it makes me able to cope better with this skin problem.

Replied by Vicki

I am so glad to find this site. My derm tried a malarial and leprosy drug, that he said sometimes helps. He also had me try a potent steroid cream that actually makes it hurt. None of his trys did a thing for me. My legs, arms, hands, abdomen and back are affected. Mine keeps getting worse. First appeared in September. Researching it and my Dr. said individuals with diabetes are more likely to get it. I have Type 1. It also says it is an inflammatory process. I am trying to follow a diet that is "clean" no sugar and minimal processed foods. I'm also going to get Turmeric which is suppose to help the immune system. I am going to try all of the suggestions. I was wondering if essential oils might help. I'm ready to try anything and look forward to all suggestions.

Replied by Dee
Brisbane Australia

Hi all, I have suffered from this dreaded skin condition for coming up on 9 yrs now, I have the generalised, going from my shoulders, down to my shins, arms, legs, back, front.

It is embarrassing, and I don't like to show my body to anyone, because of it. I have had all the treatments medically you could think of, from PUVA, to freezing them, to all the oral medications, and cortizone creams, and nothing has worked, though some of them took this dreaded condition away whilst I was on the medication, as soon as I stopped, it came back. I have given up on seeking medical help now, as its a waste of my money, nothing is working, and it seems to be spreading, my whole stomach is just full of red lumps.

I have read some suggestions, and will give ACV a go, but I won't hold my breath, thats for sure, just getting so frustrated that nothing has worked, and I have been battling this for 9 yrs.

I am also going to try Acupuncture, at a point now where I will give anything a go.

I am wondering if anyone can tell me, if they know if maybe surgery may have started this, I had an operation on my ankle 10 yrs ago, involving pins and plates and screws, just wondering if this may be a starting point for this condition in my case.

Cheers Dee.

Posted by Vicki (Corinth, Ms, Us) on 06/24/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I have had Granuloma Annulare for about 8 years. I went to doctors and went through the steroid treatments like many others. Treatments worked but GA comes back immediately. My GA is on my entire body except, luckily, not my face. I was desperate and returned to internet to see if anyone had found anything to cure GA. I came across this site and read where ACV had been the answer for some. I immediately began drinking 1 oz. in the morning and 1 oz. at night. It's been six weeks and I definately see a difference. I am very encouraged for the first time in years. I just know that this is going to be the answer. I look forward to reporting a 100% cure.

Replied by Ninatoughill
New Jersey

I started with this ailment about 3 yrs ago when I notice it under my arm pit! I went to the Dr.s and was told this is GA. Prescription cream took it away in time but now after about two yrs of remission I now have all over stomach going into my groin area and some on back of my legs and again my arm pit! It doesn't itch or anything but the appearance of it is very upsetting! Im going to try the apple cider vinegar first to see if it helps first! I'm so glad I found this site and know many others have to deal with this ugly skin rash also! Thank you for the suggestions!!!

Replied by Andrea
Colorado, US

I have the exact same areas on body, under both arms, stomach, knees and hands. I have had two tests and two derms diagnose as GA. I have not tried ACV but have tried 3 different steroid creams, cortisone injections, tea tree oil and they come back or spread. Its been almost 10 years and it gets so discouraging, even my homepath dr had no recommendations, I am going to try ACV, so thankful I found this site today.

Replied by Vikki

I have been putting up with this unsightly skin condition for years - on my legs, under arms, on my buttocks and on my hand. Creams did nothing. Laser did nothing. Definitely will give the ACV a go and will keep you posted. What do I have to lose?

Replied by Angie
Wilton, California

Hello, everyone. I, too, am afflicted with Granuloma Annulare and have been for about 7 years. I tried ultraviolet light therapy 3 times per week but the only benefit I saw was that it made my skin turn the same color so that the red from the GA wasn't as noticeable. But, it started turning my skin splotchy and leathery. Then I tried different creams but they started thinning my skin. The thing that helped me the most was the Kenalog shot but it only lasted 4 months. Doctors typically don't like to give that shot often enough to do the trick. I tried a topical over-the-counter 1% steroid cream with some success but I am afraid that it will thin my skin, too. So, now I will try the apple cider vinegar. I will let you all know how it works. I am so happy I found this forum!

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc


Re: Granuloma Annular...

If you Google "Granuloma Annular virus cause" you'll find a number of articles that discuss the possible connection. Including the possible connect with Epstein-Barr Virus.

If you think there might be a connection with a virus in your history you might consider anti virus agents topically. Echinacea for instance is a great one. I use it a lot as well as Colloidal Silver. I'd use topically for a week or so and see if there is any improvement. If so then I'd continue until the problem is eliminated. I'd also consider using CS orally if the topical seems to work as the virus might be systemic. I'd use CS ...two tablespoons twice a day for six months.

Cabarlah, Qld.

I was diagnosed with GA the past year. Initially had good results using manuka honey cream and ointment overnight. Lately, it had been red, raw, itchy. I experimented with ACV on left hand and colloidal silver on the right. The colloidal silver worked better than the ACV. Thanks Dave.

Replied by Crystal


I'm just following up on how the apple cider vinegar worked for everyone? I have had GA Since I was 12 and I'm now 30. Generalized and all over my body. I've done all the treatments including Puva light and never had any success. When I was younger I had the steroid shots injected directly into the rash and It made it spread all over my body. I'm close to turning to accutane. I will say it completely went away both times I was pregnant but came back full force about a year after. I would love to hear how the ACV works.

Also, Dave from Fountain Inn, my mother has the Epstein Barr virus and my sister has Lupus so I'm wondering if I have an autoimmune issue causing this. What is the CS medication?

EC: Dave is referring to Colloidal Silver (CS).

Replied by B
Festus, Missouri

Crystal, my son had also AG and I was able to cure it by ACV in his bath. I would put between 1-2 cups of cheap ACV ( which is sold in gallon at Wal-mart) to his bathtub and within about 5 months all his spots which were on the bottom of his legs disappeared. This also worked for my daughter's eczema. Let me know if you need more info.

Replied by Crystal

Thank you Dave... I've been taking the ACV tablets and taking liquid both in the morning and evening... It's just been two weeks but I think I notice a difference. I will definitely add it to my baths... thank you so much!

Replied by Carolyn
Erie Ks

How long have you been using Apple Cider Vinegar till you saw a difference? I've been suffering 10 plus years now.

Replied by Cmm
Arnold, Mo

I am 50 years old. I have had granuloma annular my entire life. When I was little it used to just be in a spot on my wrist and several spots on the top of my feet. They stayed there forever, never fading or growing Did not itch, so I didnt pay much attention to it. The last 10years, it has started spreading all over my body. The only place its not is on my face and my neck. Its on my hands, arms, legs, feet, torso, back, upper arms, thighs .. Its every where and the last 2 months it has started itching like crazy. I have been on steroids, creams, lotions, shots, chemo pills, uv light, chinese medicine, etc .. Nothing helps. I am tired of wasting my money on dermotologists when I know it doewnt help so I stopped going. I have psoriasis as well, but its not as bad as the granuloma.

Anything at all that you can offer to help, please let me know. I will try the apple cider again it did not work when I was in my teens. I used apple cider vinegar on my skin all the time when I was in my teens. helped with sunburns and keeping my skin soft. Its cheaper than all the medicines these doctors have put me on.

Replied by Sheila

Hi Cmm,

Have you looked into diet? You could have a response to inflammatory foods like gluten, fried foods, sugar or dairy. I am an acupuncturist- but I would suggest a nutritionist who specializes in inflammatory and/or immune issues. As some brought up earlier- this could be related to viral diseases, or diabetes- which would indicates immune or sugar imbalances.

Replied by Jada
Chicago, Illinois

Have the spots gone completely away? How long did it take? I'm trying ACV now.

Posted by E (Arlington, Tx) on 04/09/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Our 5 year old daughter has GA and topically applying raw apple cider vinegar is the only thing that has worked to eliminate GAs. We did steroid shots the first two times GA popped up but that wasn't a long term solution! So thankful for ACV. I soak a cotton ball in ACV and use medical tape to fix it over the GA spot. We do that procedure for 3-4 nights and the GA is healed... Actually it looks like poison is drawn out and a scab forms. (A week later the scab is gone. ) Still, waaay better than steroids. We've checked into all known causes for GA over the past year (today we got back a clean bill of health from a CBC w/diff) and haven't uncovered anything.

Replied by Jason
Stratford, Connecticut

Hey congrats on helping with the GA's! I am currently on night 3 of the topical Apple Cider Vinegar regimen. I was wondering if your daughters GA has come back since her last ACV treatment? Also, how severe was her GA? Did she have a ring? Thank you for your response!!

Replied by E
Arlington, Tx

Jason, the Granuloma Annulares still pop up but we can treat them naturally instead of with steroids, which is a positive. She has had a few GAs develop into the ring shape but generally I catch them now before they progress to that point. We're currently on day 2 of having her drink ACV twice a day so I'm hoping for great things on that end. I've been drinking ACV for months and it really helps with my arthritic hands.

Replied by G
Euless, Tx

E - My son just developed GA. He is also 5. I don't think he will drink the ACV, but I will defintely try it topically. When you guys say did he get rings, does that mean it's worse? He has one BIG ring on the top of his foot and 3-4 small rings on each of his legs. I don't know why he all of a sudden got this. It's so upsetting to me.

Replied by Laura

How long do you leave the cotton balls on the granuloma annulare spots?

Posted by Elyn From Milwaukee (Oklahoma City, Ok/usa) on 10/28/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I have had granuloma annulare for 9 years now. It began as a small patch on my left hand-- an ugly red rash, neither itchy nor painful. It has spread to the backs of both hands, up to my middle knuckles. The doc diagnosed it and said that it often is a precursor for diabetes, and that we'd keep an eye on it. Well, my favorite coworker in OKC introduced me to EarthClinic and I read about ACV. I drank it for a few months this past winter -- 1 Tbsp ORGANIC ACV with 1Tbsp honey, in warm water, morning and night. In spring, my coworker and my boss noticed that my GA had mostly disappeared! I hadn't even noticed! Oh, it's still there, but VERY much faded. I had to stop drinking the ACV because my teeth were beginning to hurt-- now I'm back on it but using a TINY pinch of baking soda in with the vinegar, let it fizz, then add warm water and the honey. I DEFINITELY recommend it. I don't know how long you will have to take it-- don't know how widespread or severe your GA is. Best of luck to you!!!

Posted by Nizac (Mid Hudson Valley, Ny) on 03/30/2011
5 out of 5 stars

My wife developed severe Granuloma Annulare (GA) about 2 years ago on her arms, hands and chest. After visiting a dermatoligist she was prescribed prednesone which put it in remission. However when the Prednesone was stopped it started reapearing. This happened twice both times it reapeared. I read on a forum a dermatoligist had a patient who told her that ACV put his 35 year case of GA in remission 1 oz in the morning 1 oz at night. I know that's a lot of ACV but it worked. My wifes GA is vastly improved her arms and hands, chest are almost totally clean. It's been about a month since she started taking it but saw results in about 1 week. Good Luck

Replied by Kristie
Chattanooga, Tn
5 out of 5 stars

My husband has GA and started the ACV 3 weeks ago after I told him about your post. Most of his rashes have faded to very light pink, and he has hopes of them completely disappearing in a short amount of time. He has had it a couple years, but had no interest in taking steroids to try to get rid of it. This seems to be working for him. Thanks for sharing!

Replied by Therealtabby
Summerberry, Sk, Canada

Regarding ACV for Granuloma Annulare - should it be taken with food? On an empty stomach? Applies topically as well? I have a LONG-standing case of GA (20 years now) and am about will to try anything to get rid of it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Replied by Elyn From Milwaukee
Oklahoma City, Ok/usa

Tabby-- You can take it either with food or on an empty stomach. Topically is fine-- won't hurt a thing. BTW, my coworker told me that you can buy a gallon jug of plain old ACV (from a grocery store) and put 1/4 cup or so of ORGANIC ACV (from the health food store) in it and let it sit a few weeks till the sediment (it's known as "the mother") begins to grow in the cheap vinegar and that way you can make your own for way less $$$.

Replied by Tabby
Summerberry, Sk

MANY thanks!! I've been doing quite a bit of reading on alkalinity and so forth, and will try the ACV/honey/baking soda. Will post back when I have something to report! Thanks again.

Replied by Jeannette
Milwaukee, Wi

Has anyone actually developed or heard of someone developing diabetes following diagnosis of GA? I've read that it can be a precusor to diabetes. Thank you.

Linda Cross
Spindale, Nc

I got my first GA about 4 years ago on my left forearm. It started out like a small pimple. It is spreading and it is about a 2-1/2" x 3" almost round shape. I had been diagnosed with diabetes before the GA. No I have a GA on my knee about the size of a quarter and one on my left hand first finger knuckle. I've tried lots of stuff, but not the ACV, I will try that and the Colloidal Silver.

Linda Cross
Spindale, Nc

I got my first GA about 4 years ago on my left forearm. It started out like a small pimple. It is spreading and it is about a 2-1/2" x 3" almost round shape. I had been diagnosed with diabetes before the GA. No I have a GA on my knee about the size of a quarter and one on my left hand first finger knuckle. I've tried lots of stuff, but not the ACV, I will try that and the Colloidal Silver.

Charlotte Nc

Jeanette, I was diagnosed with GA a little over three years ago. It started out as 2 backwards C shapes on the back of my hands. I went to my family physician and he did a biopsy to confirm that it was GA. He gave me a topical steroid to put on the spots. They continued to spread even when I put the cream on with Saran Wrap and tape, and slept like that. Finally I went to a dermatologist, who injected the spots directly and gave me a antibiotic cocktail. It got rid of it, but of course it came back. After year 1 my glucose was 100. The highest normal reading. The next year, it was 102. My doctor didn't feel it was anything to worry about. Year 3 it was 123. They ran a A1C test and it was 7.6. The highest normal reading is 5.7. I am now a full blown diabetic. I currently am on 2 different medications and 1 for neuropathy. My sugar levels are still all over the place, despite my best efforts with my diet. I feel my doctor should have ran the A1C test when my glucose was 100. Perhaps I could have been diagnosed pre diabetic and been able to get things under control then. My GA is so far out of control now that I wear long sleeves in 95 degree weather, sweating to death, because it is so bad. People at stores would throw my change back at me to make sure they didn't touch me because everybody thinks it is Ringworm. I'm going to try the ACV topically and orally. Watch those glucose readings.

Replied by Phyllis
Nyc, New York

Nickle allergy.. Synthroid meds.. High cholesterol and Granuloma Annulare.. Anyone can relate?

Replied by Doni
Snowbird Winters Az Summer Wi

Thank you Thank YOU....I was sent this as a fwd from a dear friend...and I will be heading to the store today for my ACV...

Replied by Denise
New Hampshire, US

I have had Granuloma Annulare for about 4 years and the small spots connect and now looks like a pinkish/purple rash all over my abdomen and trying to spread down my legs and back. Have been using Clobetasol ointment which prevents from spreading if used upon the first notice of a spot, but do not want to continue to use it as it thins the skin and not good long term. The comments here are great and I am going to buy the ACV today and try it both topically and internally. I have read that ACV is also good for acid reflux....which I have used for this and it does work.

Replied by Violet
Cerrillos, NM

In reply to Jeanette's question:

Yes, my daughter developed granuloma annulare about a month and a half before being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. It took us a few months and many medical professionals to diagnose it. (The school nurse thought she had ringworm and didn't want to allow her to attend school.) It seems that when her blood sugars are lower it improves. It was almost gone at one point, but we traveled to Germany and had a hard time keeping her blood sugar at a good level and it returned.

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I am in my 60's and never had a problem untill few weeks ago when I wound up with a triangle shaped flat pink sorta rash that is flat ..went to big derm ..biop Granuloma A results of test.. Only thing I have done in the past months was to get a shingles vaccine shot.... this is so weird, everyone says no way ..from it...

I am going to try A.C.V. I am not sure if drinking it or dabbing it on is the best. It seems to be larger spots on 2 sides of lower trunk.. Can drinking it hurt you and how long to take it. So upset by this. Would appreciate all the help I can get. Any creams help also. thanks in advance.

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Please look into the connection between Diabetes, Granuloma Annulare and gluten allergy! Seems that gluten (in sensitive individuals) can attack the pancreas, causing diabetes. Gluten can also cause other autoimmune reactions, such as GA. My boss's son was able to reverse his diabetes by cutting out gluten (at the advice of his doctor...)

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I was wondering for those who used the ACV method.. do you drink it as well as apply it to the affected area? If you apply it, how? With cotton swab or mix with other things to make a paste? If I have a sensitive stomach will the Apple Cider Vinegar affect that?

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Thanks for that comment. My dermatologist gave me a prescription for it and when I saw the price of $262, I started a search and couldn't belive I found this! When I was little, my spots would go away and come back other places, but now I'm 65 and it just keeps spreading. I see that one person mentions ACV pills. Has anyone else tried these? (I'd hate to hurt my teeth taking the liquid as one writer did.)

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My husband has taken the apple cider vinegar pills. I can't quite believe they are as good as taking the vinegar, but certainly worth a try, especially if you don't like the taste of vinegar, as my husband does not.

I have been drinking apple cider vinegar in my water for years with no adverse trouble with my teeth, but I do drink it pretty diluted and with a straw.

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Yes, I too am allergic to nickel.

Black Seed Oil

Posted by Christine (Santa Barbara ) on 12/06/2018
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Black Seed Oil applied topically every day has really improved my GA. I also take a tbsp of a cv when the mother in water every night before bed.

Dietary Changes

Posted by Noni (San Luis Obispo, Ca) on 10/12/2016
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Cause of Granuloma Annulare may be systemic Candida.

I have had granuloma annulare on my hands for about 25 years now (see picture). It was only on one hand for many years, then seemed to have travelled up to my fingers and it became prevalent on my left hand as well. It's as if it moved/shifted. When I bumped it, it hurt.

About 2 months ago, I had a blood panel done and it was found that I had Systemic Candida (Albicans) which was contributing to many painful problems in my stomach area. It has been about 5 weeks now since I've been on an Anti-Candida diet (as well as a diet for my Leaky Gut) and I can truly say that almost all of my Granuloma Annulare has cleared up on both hands! At least you really have to look hard to see it.

Just wanted to encourage others that if they have granuloma annulare, go get a blood panel done for Candida Albicans. If it shows >1, then you may have Systemic Candida.

My nutritionist said that most everyone she meets that has an auto-immune disease almost always has Systemic Candida, but not every Systemic Candida patient has an auto-immune disease...not yet.

She said doctors don't know much about Candida, so they miss it altogether. I really felt that this is the key to my health problems and feel much better, although it's very tough for me to stick out this diet for 2 months.

I hope this helps everyone suffering with this same strange phenomenon. God bless.

Replied by Robin
Kc, Mo

Just wondering how you are doing today? I have had this for about six months and it is all over my body except for my face so I was wondering if you have any new advice or suggestions.

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My husband has had GA for years. He tried everything but the best by far was using a hair dryer on his arms where the GA is located. It has taken a few months but a few of the rings have disappeared. This is not a quick cure all.

This information is from Doug Kaufman on "Know the Cause" on youtube.

Posted by Audrey (Chicago Il.) on 10/10/2016
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I have had granuloma Annulare now for 3 years. Started on my stomach and went to my arms and hand. It's a very frustrating skin problem. I always go back to what I was doing when it started. I started taking garden of life herbal products and within 3 days it just appeared. I didn't really think too much about it because the store claimed my skin breakouts was part of detoxing. And I switched products and used other brands. I also did apple cider vinegar. I also take adderall for addhd.

I find if I stay off herbs and acid foods, it goes away. And alcohol makes it even worse. I am going to go on a anti fungal diet and see how that goes. Dr kaufman on you tube has a the diet available. Does anyone else have a problem loosing weight with this?


Posted by Deopatria (Greenville, Sc) on 05/15/2013
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I've had great success curing the skin troubles of Granuloma Annulare by using DMSO topically. I apply it on a paper towel and then plastic wrap and hold in a few minutes until the burning sensation - as long as you can stand it, around 15 minutes. It's not really a burn, will subside next day. The bumps are usually gone. I had a huge ring it has mostly gotten rid of now. Will apply it when new bumps come and save myself the issue of watching these things grow large.

Replied by Shirley

I have had GA for about 30 years now, and am really fed up with it so going to try some of these treatments. What is DMSO? Luckily, I do not have it on my face but every where else.

EC: Read more about DMSO here:

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What is dmso?

EC: DMSO = dimethyl sulfoxide


Posted by Linda (Canada) on 02/09/2018
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After 1 year of my husband having the worst case of GA the dermatologist had seen and after being ask d to attend a Dermatological convention for further consultation which had no results, he starting taking a supplement for candida made of multiple enzymes (Amylase, Cellulase,Glucoamylase,Hemicellulase ,Invertase, L-Leucine) which is an enzyme therapy with no side effects.

In days my husband stopped itching(he was itching constantly) and after 5 days his GA is disappearing and he feels so much better. I believe that this condition may be related to Candida. We tried numerous remedies after the usual steroid treatments did not work such as coconut oil, tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, colloidal silver and though these helped relieve symptoms and did help some of the spots lessen, the disease persisted. It is a relatively inexpensive supplement.

Replied by Mary

My husband also has this condition . What is the brand name of the enzyme supplement?

Thank you in advance

Replied by Lisa
Cummings, Ga

Can you please tell me what enzymes (brand) for candida were used?


Posted by Sally (Tennessee) on 09/16/2016
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I am a 63 yr old female with generalized granuloma annulare for 15 yrs now. It began as 1 lesion above my left knee and several on the back of my neck. Of course I've seen multiple doctors in multiple disciplines and tried countless medications. The only somewhat effective treatment has been oral steroids which can only be used temporarily. Over the yrs the lesions have spread absolutely everywhere. Symmetrically on hands, feet, shins, forearms, elbows. Showed up, stayed for months, destroyed the collagen and moved on to torment the next location. For the past 5 yrs my entire torso, upper thighs, and the back of my neck have been solidly covered.

I've tried removing several possible dietary offenders with no success, UNTIL 3 wks ago when I went gluten free. I can't believe this! My skin is actually clearing up! This is the most wonderful thing. Why has no one tested me for gluten sensitivity in all these yrs?

Replied by Frances
Cabarlah, Qld.

A naturopath I consulted in April advised me that GA was an autoimmune disease due to leaky gut and to avoid dairy, sugar, potato and all gluten, e.g. wheat, barley, rye, all grains. I thought it would be ok to have buckwheat, amaranth, but no. Next stage to avoid legumes.

Posted by Erika Rose (Woodbury, Ct) on 02/08/2016
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HI, I have had this condition on and off for a few years got worse as I got older. Last year I had a flare up and not knowing what it was I suffered for months. I went to many Dr's no help. I slathered everything on me to no avail. I was finally told to try no gluten. (I also have a thyroid condition) Well no gluten, no rash!!! Just a thought to try. It took about a month for the rash to go away and if I eat gluten I immediately get a rash on my legs.

Good luck!!

Replied by Karen K
Orange, Ct

I have GA - going on 8 years. It started with one round spot on my left shin and spread to two more spots on my lower left leg. It eventually spread to my right leg. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's - hypothyroidism over 35 years ago. Took Synthroid for many years, now taking generic Armor thyroid. I thought that I might have an allergy to the Synthroid causing the GA. I have tried a dozen creams, mega doses of B3 prescribed by a dematologist, which did nothing for my spots, but gave me acid reflux. I have recently been applying tea tree oil and thyme oil with a cotton ball to my spots. I am going to try applying the ACV topically on my legs, which are sometimes itchy. I also have fibromyalgia. Eating organic, getting a good night's sleep, avoiding sugar, processed foods and gluten all seem to help.

I recently developed symptoms of arthritis and psoriasis. I discovered that cashews and walnuts are high histamine foods, so now I'm not eating those anymore. I am also taking a multivitamin supplement, turmeric, MSM, calcium, magnesium, Vitamin E and drinking green tea. It's too bad that doctors seem clueless as to how to treat GA. It is comforting to know that there are other people out there with the same issues. Thank you for sharing your stories.

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I am also comforted finding this page today. I have had GA now for 2 1/2 years. It started on both my knees & elbows, then one large circle on my foot and now little ones on my legs and other foot. It is so upsetting b/c I ( as I read many here ) have tried so many different creams, oils, supplements etc.. and the only thing the dermatologist recommends is a steroid cream, which I don't want to use and can't now b/c I am pregnant. I am determined to heal this before summer so I can wear shorts and not feel self conscious. I am going to try the ACV topically and internally to start and see what happens-- if I notice any change. I am slightly jaded b/c nothing ever works to change this-- they only get redder and spread. It's so disheartening.