Granuloma Annulare Home Remedies


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Posted by Linda (Canada) on 02/09/2018
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After 1 year of my husband having the worst case of GA the dermatologist had seen and after being ask d to attend a Dermatological convention for further consultation which had no results, he starting taking a supplement for candida made of multiple enzymes (Amylase, Cellulase,Glucoamylase,Hemicellulase ,Invertase, L-Leucine) which is an enzyme therapy with no side effects.

In days my husband stopped itching(he was itching constantly) and after 5 days his GA is disappearing and he feels so much better. I believe that this condition may be related to Candida. We tried numerous remedies after the usual steroid treatments did not work such as coconut oil, tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, colloidal silver and though these helped relieve symptoms and did help some of the spots lessen, the disease persisted. It is a relatively inexpensive supplement.

Replied by Mary

My husband also has this condition . What is the brand name of the enzyme supplement?

Thank you in advance

Replied by Lisa
(Cummings, Ga)

Can you please tell me what enzymes (brand) for candida were used?

Replied by Adrienne
(Minneapolis, MN)

Please can you share the Brand and dosage of the enzymes?

Replied by Lucy


Since you have not gotten a response about the enzymes, I wanted to tell you that our family has had very good results from an enzyme blend called Neprinol by Arthur Andrew Medical. We followed the instructions on the label. You should take them on an empty stomach, or two hours after a meal.

Replied by Jenny

Hey what was the name of the product that he took? I live in Austria and I can't find a mix of enzymes for candida :/

Replied by Jenny

Hey what's the name of the product he used?


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Posted by Sally (Tennessee) on 09/16/2016
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I am a 63 yr old female with generalized granuloma annulare for 15 yrs now. It began as 1 lesion above my left knee and several on the back of my neck. Of course I've seen multiple doctors in multiple disciplines and tried countless medications. The only somewhat effective treatment has been oral steroids which can only be used temporarily. Over the yrs the lesions have spread absolutely everywhere. Symmetrically on hands, feet, shins, forearms, elbows. Showed up, stayed for months, destroyed the collagen and moved on to torment the next location. For the past 5 yrs my entire torso, upper thighs, and the back of my neck have been solidly covered.

I've tried removing several possible dietary offenders with no success, UNTIL 3 wks ago when I went gluten free. I can't believe this! My skin is actually clearing up! This is the most wonderful thing. Why has no one tested me for gluten sensitivity in all these yrs?

Replied by Frances
(Cabarlah, Qld.)

A naturopath I consulted in April advised me that GA was an autoimmune disease due to leaky gut and to avoid dairy, sugar, potato and all gluten, e.g. wheat, barley, rye, all grains. I thought it would be ok to have buckwheat, amaranth, but no. Next stage to avoid legumes.

Posted by Erika Rose (Woodbury, Ct) on 02/08/2016
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HI, I have had this condition on and off for a few years got worse as I got older. Last year I had a flare up and not knowing what it was I suffered for months. I went to many Dr's no help. I slathered everything on me to no avail. I was finally told to try no gluten. (I also have a thyroid condition) Well no gluten, no rash!!! Just a thought to try. It took about a month for the rash to go away and if I eat gluten I immediately get a rash on my legs.

Good luck!!

Replied by Karen K
(Orange, Ct)

I have GA - going on 8 years. It started with one round spot on my left shin and spread to two more spots on my lower left leg. It eventually spread to my right leg. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's - hypothyroidism over 35 years ago. Took Synthroid for many years, now taking generic Armor thyroid. I thought that I might have an allergy to the Synthroid causing the GA. I have tried a dozen creams, mega doses of B3 prescribed by a dematologist, which did nothing for my spots, but gave me acid reflux. I have recently been applying tea tree oil and thyme oil with a cotton ball to my spots. I am going to try applying the ACV topically on my legs, which are sometimes itchy. I also have fibromyalgia. Eating organic, getting a good night's sleep, avoiding sugar, processed foods and gluten all seem to help.

I recently developed symptoms of arthritis and psoriasis. I discovered that cashews and walnuts are high histamine foods, so now I'm not eating those anymore. I am also taking a multivitamin supplement, turmeric, MSM, calcium, magnesium, Vitamin E and drinking green tea. It's too bad that doctors seem clueless as to how to treat GA. It is comforting to know that there are other people out there with the same issues. Thank you for sharing your stories.

Replied by Danielle

I am also comforted finding this page today. I have had GA now for 2 1/2 years. It started on both my knees & elbows, then one large circle on my foot and now little ones on my legs and other foot. It is so upsetting b/c I ( as I read many here ) have tried so many different creams, oils, supplements etc.. and the only thing the dermatologist recommends is a steroid cream, which I don't want to use and can't now b/c I am pregnant. I am determined to heal this before summer so I can wear shorts and not feel self conscious. I am going to try the ACV topically and internally to start and see what happens-- if I notice any change. I am slightly jaded b/c nothing ever works to change this-- they only get redder and spread. It's so disheartening.

Posted by Nomore (Richmond, Va) on 11/15/2012
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Hi all... I just had to pass on my success with getting rid of Granuloma Annulare. I had it for about 3 years. I can't say this will work for everyone, as many medical professionals think this could be related to Diabetes and Lupus as well.

Go Gluten-free. I tried everything prior to my discovery of my gluten-intolerance. I tried things such as blood tests for diabetes, lupus, celiac disease plus allergy prick tests. Nothing helped me until I got a stool test. This test showed a significant intolerance to wheat. Once I removed this completely from my diet (and you definitely have to read all food labels! ), it went away. It also seems I have an intolerance to almonds too. I think with all the almond products out there, my body doesn't quite like them either. The removal of these two things completely cleared my skin.

I hope this can help someone! Good luck!

Replied by Denise
(New Hampshire, US)

Hi Gluten Free,

Thanks for the info on going gluten free. I seem to have a wheat issue in that it causes bloating when I eat it...but nothing more. However, I have now had the Granuloma Annulare rash for about 3 or 4 years with no results except temporary with steriod creams/ointments. I just tried light therapy but nothing happening with that.

I will take your advice going gluten free and also start taking the apple cider vinegar that others have suggested...and maybe even some green tea. Did you do anything besides go gluten free? Just curious...

D from NH

Replied by Lucy
(Arab, Al)

I have had Granuloma Annulare for 46 years. I was in hospital really sick in 1969. I feel I got from blood transfusions, nothing has ever helped tried all the doctor knows. Been to Mayo.

I was recently in a comma with bacterial menigitis, GA went away completely. I feel it was milk or wheat or something I am eating because I had none of that for 4 weeks while I the coma, It has come back with a vengeance, Thanks for all the suggestions I am going to try them.

Replied by Adrienne

Can you please tell me what kind of stool test you had to diagnose your allergen causes of granuloma annulare?

Helichrysum Oil

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Posted by Carol (Delaware) on 11/01/2015
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I stumbled upon helichrysum oil trying to heal poor hearing. It is supposed to do marvelous things, so I put it on my hands where the Granuloma Annulare is. I put in on maybe 3-5 days in a row just before bed and it immediately went away with no scaring or anything. I have just noticed a small spot on my hand so I will use the oil again tonight and think it should be gone in a couple of days. It had remained gone originally for over 2 years.

Replied by Vicki And David Smith


Replied by Lin
(Bradenton, Fl)

Did you mix the oil with a carrier oil?

Replied by Jenny

Hey. Did u mix it with a carrier oil? And how big were the lesions that you had? I'm literally trying everything I can, so far nothing worked :(

Hydrogen Peroxide

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Posted by Kristi (Coos Bay, Oregon) on 04/30/2018
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My problem began after I cut my right index finger knuckle on a piece of sharp glass (drying a drilling glass and it broke). The granuloma annulare began in that injury then traveled up and down my index finger and then toward my thumb. That cleared up unexpectedly then showed up in the knuckle of my left middle finger where no injury had ever occurred. My husband has been using food grade 30% (@?) hydrogen peroxide and so I dabbed some on my a.g. each day and it began to go away. It has almost disappeared. First remedy that I have tried and it worked!

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Ed (Nanaimo, Bc Canada) on 12/01/2012
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In answer to the above people who have Granuloma Annulare, I also have the same for the last two years. I found a way to stop every spot in its tract. First I seen on the internet that the fungus travels between the two layers of skin. I bought a large container of hydrogren Peroxide 35 % food value and keep a small bottle about three quarters full in the bathroom along with a box of swabs. Upon going to bed I start with a swab and coat the spots two or three times each. It will burn a bit but only for a few minutes. I do this for three nights then watch them in a few days start to fad away. When coating the spots they will all turn white. I believe that the treatment is going through the first skin and and distroying the fungus. I 'm happy with the results I'm seeing, and now I'm looking for a way to remove the spots. Some where on this web page I seen that Walmart carry a product to remove the spots. I have a lot to be removed.

Replied by Drie
(Whitman, Ma)

In response to Ed: GRANULOMA ANNULARE IS NOT A FUNGUS!!! Granuloma Annulare is an inflamatory/autoimmune condition.

Replied by Sallyk

I am a Granuloma Annulare (GA) sufferer too; the first lesion cropped up 15 months ago on the top of one foot and has since spread upwards on my legs and also appears on my elbows.

I would like to emphasize GA is NOT a fungus. It is an auto-immune disorder that manifests itself in a skin rash; basically our white blood cells are working overtime. If ACV helps you, wonderful (it hasn't had a significant effect in my case), but be careful about taking it in liquid form as it is highly damaging to tooth enamel. ACV pills are available which I take twice daily.

I have also been trying a gluten-free diet, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. Although I am by no means rash-free, the condition has not spread beyond my limbs.

Best wishes, everyone. This is one miserable skin disease.

Replied by Hipgeorgette
(Minneapolis, MN)

I am a medical researcher and I also suffer from GA. I have scoured the medical literature looking for a possible cause and treatment that is effective. What I have discovered is that the cause of GA UNKNOWN. Some believe it is an autoimmune disorder because GA has appeared in all stages of HIV. The research connecting GA with diabetes is weak. One retrospective study identified 12% of subjects positive for GA had diabetes mellitus. Most other case-control studies have failed to reveal any statistically significant correlation between GA and diabetes. Others hypothesize that GA is triggered by trauma, surgery, and insect bites. GA is not related to ringworm, or Lymes disease. The most effective and lesion fading home remedy is applying organic apple cider vinegar to the effected area of the skin and ingesting 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in warm water twice daily. The best to all of you in your quest to get rid of GA!

Replied by Vanessa
(Los Angeles, CA)

Did you find anything in your research on why GA completely disappears when you are pregnant?

I have been a GA sufferer for about 20 years now, and the two times that they went away COMPLETELY was when I was pregnant both times with my kids. It returned several months after giving birth in all the original places.

This coincidence needs to be studies for a potential cure. What reaction happens in the body while you are pregnant to heal all the legions?


Crystal, That's interesting! I have had GA for 2 1/2 years now and I noticed it shortly after giving birth to my son who is now turning 3. I am pregnant now and it is still present and spreading-- so in my case it has not gone away with pregnancy. I am still looking for the cure! I am going to try ACV. Danielle


This happened to me too! The GA disappeared completely when I was pregnant with both babies and returned a bit darker in the same areas.

Replied by Crystal

Vanessa ,

I have Generalized GA for almost 20 years also and it went away during both pregnancies also! I would love to know why... I'm wondering if the cause is hormonal? Have you found out anymore info in regards this? Thank you.

Replied by Di

Totally agree - caused by gluten intolerance - and elimination of wheat, and Apple cider vinegar is working for me.

Replied by Mac

So, seeing your post was 2012, are you clear of GA now, 5 years later?

Replied by Regina
(Toccoa Ga)

Where can I find this? I've looked and can only find 13%

Ionic Detox Foot Baths

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Posted by Bonnie (Stillwater, Mn) on 06/17/2015
4 out of 5 stars

I have had GA for 4 yrs. my worst breakout was 3 yrs ago. I was living in Rocheste, Mn. At the time. I had it ALL over my body, on my neck creeping to my Face. The Mayo Clinic Derm's (4 of them), told me I was the worst case they had ever seen. I was given 2 drugs, doxycycline & hydrochoquin (sp.) I was to take for 3 months. I took them for 3 weeks & I broke out in secondary rash (all over my body now) I was a mess. I itched sooo bad I was in tears. I was put in the hospital for 2 days in wet wraps. I looked like a mummy.

I am now 65. It has been fading for almost 3 yrs. It started fading only after I was under the care of chiropractor. I had cortisone ointments, creams prednisone, injected cortisone shots & nothing worked. I also took ACV tabs & lysine, biotin&D3 supplements, nothing. I was told it was most likely brought on by stess. I also, had blood tests & a colonoscopy & nothing turned up unusual. That was 3 yrs ago. I still have lesion marks, on my arms legs, top of feet, & torso. I am doing ion detox foot baths, I have had 3 (1st one was 5 days ago) and I am amazed how much toxins are leaching out of my feet. The water was brownish black & had a fishy oder to it. Mostly liver & cell tissue. I am beginning to see my lesions fade even more..

For those of you who are adults, I would look into a reputable med spa & have the ion detox foot bath and also lymphatic drainage massage. Because toxins in your body are NOT good. Also, I have never smoked and occasionally will have wine or alcohol.

I will do the ion detox foot bath 2 more times, I am driving back to Mn. next week. I hope to find somewhere in the Twin Cities that do these. Also, @ the Med Spa in Parker its $30.00 a time..

P.s. This is a short version of this crap called Generalized disseminated Granuloma annulare.....

Bonnie from Stillwater, Mn.

Replied by Timh
2073 posts

B: Thanx for the positive post on detoxing. If I might add, doing the ion detox spa from health professionals is a great start, but if you think that many more spas may be necessary you can purchase your own unit from the internet and use in your home. Also, I find detox foot pads very effective for cleansing.

Also, it is a good practice to take herbal antibiotics like Garlic, Oregano, Neem, Mrrrh, Echinacea, Oregon Grape, Olive Leaf, etc as there are a number of residual parasites & pathogens released back into the bloodstream fallowing the spa (most go into the spa water). Clay, or Charcoal may be necessary before retiring.

You may also consider the detox mineral hot baths recommended here on E.C. 1/4 cup Borax & 1/4 cup Epsom Salts for 1 hr once per wk until better.


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Posted by Virginia (Ohio, US) on 03/20/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Please try lysine for Granuloma Annulare. I take 1 pill sometimes 2 pills a day. Went to doctor and they said there is no cure for Granuloma Annulare. Tried everything and this condition was spreading everywhere on joint areas and more. Decided to try lysine cause I get fever blisters so I have herpes virus and lysine is good for this, so I thought to try this for granuloma and it has made me feel not like a freak anymore. Hands are almost clear and am able to show them now and knees and ankles clearing up. This is like a God send to me. Also I eat a lot of sugars which I read absorbs the lysine or whatever in the body. This is truly working and believe me, I have tried everything. Don't know what dose you should take but I truly believe it is working and still take it today.

Replied by Barbara
(Suffolk Va)

Is this still working for you? Have had GA for 30 years. It's the worst I've ever seen. Huge red bumps front & back all over my legs' knuckles&wrists. Look forward to your reply. Thank you.

Replied by Lizzy
(Morrill, Ne)

Is the Lysine still working for your GA?

Replied by Jenny

Hey how long did u have GA for? And how long did it take to see an improvement? I'm so depressed because of this :(

Low Dose Naltrexone

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Posted by Nancy (Placerville, Ca) on 07/01/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I am a 71 year old female who contracted Granuloma Annulare in March of 2014. This diagnosis was confirmed by a biopsy. I tried a number of different remedies, some suggested here and I found I felt much better taking raw apple cider vinegar with mother every day but there was little or no impact on the rash. It presented itself in all it delightful variations and generally looked like creeping crud with wine-port stain coloration. Very upsetting.

My Dermatologist started me on Hydroxyclor which had little or no impact on the GA but REALLY helped my arthritic fingers. Great, but still GA was a huge issue.

In Placerville we have Grandpa's Pharmacy, a compounding medication pharmacy which makes their own compounds right there on the premises. I called them after I read how they helped someone else with another issue totally unrelated to GA and asked if they had something for me. The pharmacist suggested I try Low-Dose Naltrexone and explained I would need a Dr's RX to get it. I composed an impressive release of liability for my Dr, which even extended to any claims my children may present if I died from this treatment, laced up my combat boots and asked my Dr. for the RX. She was reluctant, but saw I was serious (I asked her where she got her first clue) & she gave me the RX.

I have been taking Low-Dose Naltrexone as a capsule for 6 weeks now and the rash on the inside of my wrists is gone, the bumps on my knuckles are barely visible, the rash all over my back and the rest of my body is about 50% of the boldness that it was and I am not finding it in any new places. The Pharmacist said it may take up to 9 months, and I am seriously considering a maintenance dose once I have totally won.

Incidentally, it has been surmised that I am the lucky winner of GA thanks to the triangular shaped tick that bit me in February of 2014. I was elated to find that Low Dose Naltrexone seemed to be helping me and I waited until I was REALLY SURE before I risked offering any false hope to other members of this exclusive circle of creepy embarrassment. And good luck, I hope this works for everyone who needs this information. You would think there would be studies going on to learn how to eradicate this condition, but since that does not seem to be the case, we must help each other when we can. I hope this information helps you. Nancy

Replied by Victoria

Nancy, I'm glad the low-dose Naltrexone worked for you! I had high hopes for it as well.

I've had Granuloma Annulare for over 40 years. It has only gone away for me while I was pregnant (26 years ago)... came back with a vengeance once my daughter was born.

I also have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis... so I have tried the low-dose Naltrexone (LDN), have been on it at both 2mg and 3mg doses for over a year and my GA (both Generalized and Localized varieties) has not improved at all. I am continuing with the LDN however just because it helps me sleep extremely well and I am rarely sick with a cold or virus anymore.

I do have a couple small patches of GA on my face and eyelids, huge rings on my hands (these are the only tender painful areas), some on my feet and stomach, a lot on my elbows and my neck/chest area. I have tried ACV, Clobestol (watch out! This is super potent.. it has ruined the skin on my hands), Plaquenil, all sorts of lotions, creams, vitamins and other home remedies to no avail.

To parents of small children: In almost every case of childhood GA, it will clear on it's own within a couple years. It seems to become chronic more often when it starts in the teenage years (as it did with me) or in adulthood.

Replied by Nancy

If you are on this message board still, Nancy, this helped another Nancy a lot. I have just started LDN for GA and still getting new spots, more of them in fact. But this gives me hope that when I get up to a fuller dose and stay with it there may be more help to come. Plus I love your sense of humor and thoughtfulness. Thank you.

Replied by Jenny

Hey nancy is the GA still gone? I've tried so many things and nothing has worked. It really is ruining my life, I don't want to even go outside anymore.

Medicinal Mushrooms

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Posted by Eleanor (Jerusalem) on 09/27/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Like Karen from PA below, I have been taking an herbal 5 mushroom compound for about 2 months and the GA has really faded and even cleared up in most places.

Medicinal Mushrooms
Posted by Karen (Downingtown, Pa) on 08/15/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Granuloma Annulare: The medicinal mushrooms work for me. They have been around for thousands of years! They are the most revered in all of Asia.They are known for regulating your immune system. There's nothing like them.

Replied by Dwight
(New Hanover)

Which specific mushrooms? How do you take? Tincture, tea, powdered? Do you have a good source for high quality?



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Posted by Grant (Fremantle) on 08/08/2016
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Hi, my wife has had GA for about 25 years and it was getting worse, covering about 30% of her abdomen. About 6 months ago she started taking 1 teaspoon of MSM with lemon juice almost every day. It is now almost all disappeared. I hope this helps.


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Posted by Violet (Cerrillos, NM) on 12/30/2020
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My daughter has been struggling with GA since right before her Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis in 2012. Hers is on her lower legs, so it can be hidden with pants or long socks, but she still is self conscious about it. We somehow decided to try Noxema on it a few years ago. The spots, which were large, deep, and very red are now mostly skin colored and look more like scars. Some spots have disappeared and all remaining ones are much smaller and lighter. She puts the Noxema on before bed when she thinks of it (she's a teen so consistency is not at it's finest) and just leaves it on. She also has vitamin E oil she puts on as well.

While this remedy seems to be working at a snail's pace, it is working. At the rate of improvement we are seeing, hopefully in a few years her legs will be all clear.


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Posted by Sm Hughes (Chesnee, Sc) on 07/07/2016
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Have had some issues since 2010, minor and didn't worry over, as small spots came and went from arms and legs. About 2 years ago, I had major patches start on legs and connecting to each other from ankle to mid calf. Noticeable enough for people to ask about. Very Red and very noticeable. Arms which are freckled are scarred (I guess that would be correct) with small plain white circles because when a small circle leaves, it takes the freckles with it. Kept reading all of these posts and trying different things.

I have zero clue if 1 of these 2 things are the reason I am in fantastic shape or if it is a combination of both. I take 30mg Pregnenolone w/ my daily meds. I also spray Colloidal Silver on a cotton ball at night and rub it on legs and arms. I know nothing about these 2 items other than since I started about a month ago, arms are pretty clear, and my legs are smooth. You have to look hard to see anything now.

However, if I forget to swab the silver, they appear to get redder and can be seen. I am assuming if I can continue, things will leave. I have struggled with 2-3 fingerpads on each hand having the GA under the skin where it leaves a major ridge and is VERY painful. Since doing this, all fingers are clear. I did see a dermatologist, did the creams, said they would probably go away on their own, etc. and no real cure. Let him put shots into finger (thought I was going to die from the pain and I have a high thresh hold). Nothing helped. I am convinced my 2 options are working beautifully. I could be one or the other, but since I started them together, I don't know! I am thankful for this website and posts.

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