Granuloma Annulare Home Remedies

Dietary Changes
Posted by Dan (Redwood valley California) on 06/09/2022
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Granuloma Anulare/ chronic skin issues:

In Chinese medicine, rashes and skin redness mean too much heat in body.

Looked up all warming foods in Chinese and Ayurveda medicine, eliminated them, and gradually my GA receded. ( For me, all raw fruit and veggies, little to zero fat/oils), simultaneously on urine therapy, both aged and fresh looping: 1-2 gallons per day, also intermittent fasting 20-4, eating between 10-2)

Dietary Changes
Posted by Kristie (Chattanooga, TN) on 11/06/2019
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My husband has had GA for 12 plus years. He has tried eliminating certain things from his diet over periods of time.

His most recent elimination was peanuts and peanut oil (which means no eating out at his favorite chicken restaurant). His GA cleared up within 2 weeks. If you have this condition, then you can imagine how HAPPY he is!! He recently went to his dermatologist and told him about his apparent peanut connection. He just replied "Yes, it is an allergy of some kind but we never know what is causing it" Keep trying different things. I think it is more about something being eaten causing inflammation in the body. The problem is trying to figure out what it is for each person.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Noni (San Luis Obispo, Ca) on 10/12/2016
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Cause of Granuloma Annulare may be systemic Candida.

I have had granuloma annulare on my hands for about 25 years now (see picture). It was only on one hand for many years, then seemed to have travelled up to my fingers and it became prevalent on my left hand as well. It's as if it moved/shifted. When I bumped it, it hurt.

About 2 months ago, I had a blood panel done and it was found that I had Systemic Candida (Albicans) which was contributing to many painful problems in my stomach area. It has been about 5 weeks now since I've been on an Anti-Candida diet (as well as a diet for my Leaky Gut) and I can truly say that almost all of my Granuloma Annulare has cleared up on both hands! At least you really have to look hard to see it.

Just wanted to encourage others that if they have granuloma annulare, go get a blood panel done for Candida Albicans. If it shows >1, then you may have Systemic Candida.

My nutritionist said that most everyone she meets that has an auto-immune disease almost always has Systemic Candida, but not every Systemic Candida patient has an auto-immune disease...not yet.

She said doctors don't know much about Candida, so they miss it altogether. I really felt that this is the key to my health problems and feel much better, although it's very tough for me to stick out this diet for 2 months.

I hope this helps everyone suffering with this same strange phenomenon. God bless.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Audrey (Chicago Il.) on 10/10/2016
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I have had granuloma Annulare now for 3 years. Started on my stomach and went to my arms and hand. It's a very frustrating skin problem. I always go back to what I was doing when it started. I started taking garden of life herbal products and within 3 days it just appeared. I didn't really think too much about it because the store claimed my skin breakouts was part of detoxing. And I switched products and used other brands. I also did apple cider vinegar. I also take adderall for addhd.

I find if I stay off herbs and acid foods, it goes away. And alcohol makes it even worse. I am going to go on a anti fungal diet and see how that goes. Dr kaufman on you tube has a the diet available. Does anyone else have a problem loosing weight with this?