Granuloma Annulare Home Remedies

Low Dose Naltrexone
Posted by Nancy (Placerville, Ca) on 07/01/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I am a 71 year old female who contracted Granuloma Annulare in March of 2014. This diagnosis was confirmed by a biopsy. I tried a number of different remedies, some suggested here and I found I felt much better taking raw apple cider vinegar with mother every day but there was little or no impact on the rash. It presented itself in all it delightful variations and generally looked like creeping crud with wine-port stain coloration. Very upsetting.

My Dermatologist started me on Hydroxyclor which had little or no impact on the GA but REALLY helped my arthritic fingers. Great, but still GA was a huge issue.

In Placerville we have Grandpa's Pharmacy, a compounding medication pharmacy which makes their own compounds right there on the premises. I called them after I read how they helped someone else with another issue totally unrelated to GA and asked if they had something for me. The pharmacist suggested I try Low-Dose Naltrexone and explained I would need a Dr's RX to get it. I composed an impressive release of liability for my Dr, which even extended to any claims my children may present if I died from this treatment, laced up my combat boots and asked my Dr. for the RX. She was reluctant, but saw I was serious (I asked her where she got her first clue) & she gave me the RX.

I have been taking Low-Dose Naltrexone as a capsule for 6 weeks now and the rash on the inside of my wrists is gone, the bumps on my knuckles are barely visible, the rash all over my back and the rest of my body is about 50% of the boldness that it was and I am not finding it in any new places. The Pharmacist said it may take up to 9 months, and I am seriously considering a maintenance dose once I have totally won.

Incidentally, it has been surmised that I am the lucky winner of GA thanks to the triangular shaped tick that bit me in February of 2014. I was elated to find that Low Dose Naltrexone seemed to be helping me and I waited until I was REALLY SURE before I risked offering any false hope to other members of this exclusive circle of creepy embarrassment. And good luck, I hope this works for everyone who needs this information. You would think there would be studies going on to learn how to eradicate this condition, but since that does not seem to be the case, we must help each other when we can. I hope this information helps you. Nancy