Gas Pain Remedies

Gripe Water

Posted by Phyl (Tallahassee, Florida, Usa) on 04/21/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Gripe Water was immediate relief for chronic belching/gas. I saw that reference in your 'remedies'. I put three droppers' full into any beverage after I've eaten anything. Thank you to the person(s) who recommended this. I found it in Walgreen's baby aisle.

Ground Ginger

Posted by Joyce (Joelton, Tn.) on 12/11/2007
5 out of 5 stars

To people who are troubled with flatulence (gas) you may find ginger easier to find than fenugreek seeds -just add 1/4 tsp. of ground ginger to your pot of beans, cabbage,etc. -changes taste little or none.

Homemade Apple Juice

Posted by Tannyboo (Beavercreek, Ohio) on 09/28/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Given a few bags of apples, I decided to make some fresh apple juice using my juicer machine. It takes a little work straining them a few times to get rid of all the extra matter that comes along. But definitely well worth it. One night, awakened by stomach gases, running from the bed to the bath (I think you know what happened), I had to miss a day of work. The next morning still feeling horrible, I drank a glass of the juice. Immediately, I felt better. It cured my nausea and helped release all the gases and toxins in my system.

Miso Soup

Posted by Ed2010 (Oakville, Canada) on 01/27/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Miso Soup is excellent for Flatulence and expelling gas. Try my recipe here:

Even, if you can't make the above recipe.

In a glass of warm water, mix 1 tsp on Red Miso. Let the miso mix well. Drink this soup, you will see the gas being expelled in 1 hour and make your stomach light and flat.

Personally, I do this

Good Health

Oregano Oil

Posted by Savvyherb (Pittsburgh, Usa) on 05/16/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, I'd like to add Oil of Oregano as an amazing remedy for smelly gas. I had tried everything - digestive enzymes, probiotics, betaine (HCL acid), garlic and nothing really worked that well. Or they worked for a while but then stopped working. Now I take a capsule of oil of oregano twice a day with meals. More if I eat a dessert. I've been doing this for over a year and I now rarely have gas. It's truly amazing. But, it may not work on its own - you may need other supplements/diet changes.

Ozonated Water

Posted by Gretta (Ireland) on 08/22/2013

For flatulence problems, buy an ozonator and drink a liter of ozonated water every morning on an empty stomach for at least 2 months. The ozone will kill all bad bacteria, viruses, fungus and other poisons in both the small and large intestine. I believe this will cure all gas problems. If you can not afford an ozonator, put one or two drops of food grade hydrogen peroxide into a glass of water and drink it on an empty stomach every morning for a few months. I believe these are also cures for cancer. Cancer is anaerobic and can not survive in the presence of oxygen. Ozone has 3 molecules of oxygen. It is called 03. Hydrogen Peroxide also introduces extra oxygen into the body. It is called H2O2. If you are in a hurry to be cured, a quicker way would be to empty yourself out completely by fasting for 5 days on nothing but ozonated water. It says in the bible that fasting is not a suggestion. It is an order and should be done annually. I am not a medical doctor or a bible expert.

Replied by Ken

You got that right, you are no Bible expert. :) Nowhere does it say that fasting is commanded. It does say in Mark 9 that in order to be able to cast out certain strongman devils from possessed persons, you must use both fasting and prayer to be successful. Only the King James Bible will give you this truth. Other have removed fasting from modern (per)versions.


Posted by Amy (Marshall, Mn) on 11/29/2011
5 out of 5 stars

If you eat popcorn when you have gas, it will relieve the pain and make the gas go away.

Replied by Traci
Mesa, Az
1 out of 5 stars

For me it is the opposite, popcorn CAUSES gas.

Psyllium and Flax Meal

Posted by Jake (Chicago, Il) on 01/08/2008
5 out of 5 stars

whipple operation for duodenal cancer, psyllium, and flax seed meal. After my cancer operation in 1991 I suffered terrible flatulence - gas in both directions. It was a difficult time for several years - my doctors prescribed pancreatic enzymes that were useless. Eventually I realized because of the removal of my duodenum, digestion of oils and fats especially was impeded. I was better avoiding all oils and fats, but that was not a long term solution. My triglycerides were elevated and I was slowly depleting my essential oils and drying out based on my skin condition. Adding back essential oils (flax mixture) brought my tryglicerides back to normal in the first week but my original gaseous problems were still there. Eventually, after 10 years or so, I discovered psyllium seed that cured the condition entirely when I added it mixed in water before major meals - or before oily or in some cases even when I indulged in pig-out foods. My movements still were not perfect and recently, only the last 5 months or so I discovered flax seed meal or powder is even better - not quite as course in elimination and adding substantially more vitamins and nutrients as I understand it. Either of course would be a life saver for anyone else out there who's an outcast because of runaway flatulence.

Rosemary Tea

Posted by Clj5775 (Canton, Ohio) on 06/21/2011

Recently Dr. Oz suggested we incorporate Rosemary Tea into our diets. He said it helped with bloating and gas, especially in older women. I have noticed as I have gotten older that everything seams to give me gas and bloating is also an issue. I am having a difficult time finding Rosemary as a tea and/or supplements locally.

Anyone have any knowledge on this?

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France

Can't you make the tea with the Rosemary plant like you make Peppermint tea with the plant itself? Or even with the dried leaves?

Replied by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia

clj5775, bloating and gas is usually a sign that you are not digesting food properly. It is fermenting in your stomach. Probiotics (acidophilus) and digestive enzymes would be better than rosemary as it will help stop the problem occurring in the first place.

Milk also causes bloating and gas because pasteurisation has removed the enzymes needed for digestion. The probiotics and digestive enzymes help with that as well.

Bloating and gas may also be a sign of candida.


Posted by Don (Southwest, Michigan) on 07/27/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Stomach Pain and/or Gas


For any kind of stomach ache, gas pain, heart burn or stomach upset of any kind, I eat 4-6 frozen strawberries and the discomfort is gone instantly. This remedy has worked 100% of the time for me for many years. It has also worked 100% of the time for everyone I have told. My mother is 89 and takes several medications and supplements and sometimes gets terrible stomach pains and gas. She ate 5 frozen strawberries and by the time she ate the last one her pain and gas had disappeared. She is a devout skeptic and was amazed at the results.

I have tried this with many different varieties of strawberries and they all work. My favorite here in southwest Michigan is called Early Glow and we freeze about 60 qt. every year. Just hull the "caps", rinse in water, let drain in a colander and put into whatever size plastic freezer bag you prefer. Even if they are out of season in your area and you have to pay a higher price at a super market, get at least one qt. to keep in the freezer. When you get a stomach ache eat 4-6 of them and your pain should disappear.

I hope this helps you stop wasting money on expensive, super hyped, over the counter upset stomach chemicals that in my opinion just do not work and always made me feel worse.

Best Wishes For A Peaceful Future

Replied by Ben
Chicago, Il
5 out of 5 stars

I too get bad gas in my chest from time to time. It fells like I swallowed a bowling ball and it got trapped in my chest. I ate a few fresh strawberries and it was gone almost instantly. I went to reach for a couple al-- se------ and thought of this remedy to give it a try. Strawberries was a better choice for me.

Swedish Bitters

Posted by Pureinsideout (London, Uk) on 07/13/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Swedish bitters have, in my experience, been unbeatable for the relief of bloating, gas and constipation.

The intial recipe for bitters was attributed to Paracelsus in the 15th century. It was then revived by Jonathan Samst in the 18th century and later made popular by Maria Treben.

The Swedish Bitters elixir's benefits are numerous. It promotes biliary, pancreatic and gastric secretion, disinfects the intestinal track, relieves bloating, flatulence, cramps and nausea, encourages toxin elimination and is a gentle laxative. A teaspoon in the morning and evening diluted in water greatly improved my digestive health following a long episode of bloating.

White Pepper Tea, Exercise

Posted by David (London, Uk) on 01/21/2012

Hi, Try this I have used this method twice both times with good results, take an 8oz cup of hot water into which you put 1/2 tspn (teaspoon)of ( WHITE PEPPER) mix and drink slowly or sip, then perform the 2 following exercises: standup and stretch hands above your head, then bend at the waist and try and touch your toes bend as far as you can, come back up to a standing position and then rotate your hips first one way then the other (the same motion you would use if you had a hoolah hoop) try and repeat all of the above till the gas clears, god bless.... may you be well soon.