Gas Pain Remedies


Posted by Wallace (Lexington, Ky) on 03/30/2011
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I have found by experience that taking one Citracal tablet twice a day is a total cure for my chronic flatulance. Of course, the added benefit of Calcium Citrate is stronger bones. But that's not why I take it. I take it strictly for gas. If there's ever 2-3 days when I fail to take it, I can certainly tell...pew!

Coca Cola

Posted by John (Solon, Ohio) on 02/10/2008
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I had major gas in my stomach for days and I couldn't get it out. I remember seeing the movie Doc Hollywood with Michael J Fox and they cured a little boy with a bottle of Coca Cola. So I tried it and it worked. If you ever have gas building up your stomach drink a coke.

Replied by Drfeelgood
Inglewood, Ca, Usa

Ginger Ale also seems to help break up the trapped gas right away.

Coconut Oil

Posted by Tavia (Atlanta, Georgia) on 08/09/2008
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I used to have extreme flatulence and Coconut oil cured me. I've tried everything from Beno to "Mia Sposa es Loca" Oil and nothing has ever stopped my flatulence like Coconut oil. I'm a believer! I've also noticed that I no longer have the need to wear my Depend's Adult Diapers anymore. Thanks coconut oil you saved my marriage!

Replied by Lou
Tyler, Tx
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I take coconut oil capsules. They clear constipation. They are also anti-fungal. They work great! I too get this appendix like pain and found that if I take two wormwood combination capsules (cloves, wormwood and black walnut hull), the pain goes away. Just take 2 before eating for a couple of weeks.

Replied by Elizard
Santa Monica, Ca, Us

Lou, you realize what your issue is don't you? You do know what you're taking... Black walnut, cloves and wormwood... Is for parasites. Clearly if that's working for you and you have these symptoms, that's the problem you're dealing with. You should do a full cleanse with the combination you're taking and solve your problem. Also eat a non-parasite diet (no sugar, foods they don't like such as carrots, cranberry and garlic) along with it and get rid of the 'disharmony' (my acupuncturist has a nice way of talking about these things).

Coconut Oil, Strawberries

Posted by Susan 3000 (Orange County, Ca) on 08/08/2013
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I have tried a lot of the remedies listed here for my gas problem. Even over the counter remedies. Nothing helped. I had cancer and received 5 weeks of radiation in the pelvic area. The side effect is now I have uncontrollable gas. Also when I eat, need to use the restroom very soon after eating. Have had accidents while out shopping. I believe radiation weakened that pelvic area. Am now cancer free! But my gas problem is so embarrasing. The apartment complex where I live I have heard comments made about me re my gas. So humiliating. Then I tried 1 tablespoon per day of coconut oil. Also bought fresh strawberries and eat 5 per day. My gas problem has improved 90 percent. And this is day two. Am hoping that just strawberries alone with cure my problem. A tablespoon of coconut oil is about 110 calories. Irregardless, I will take these two cures if need be. Finally found somthing to help.

Replied by B'yond See
Atlanta, GA

Just wanted to say Yea for you. When you or anyone has dealt with something that is as stressful as cancer it should not matter what anyone thinks or says (cause we know some people can't keep their mouths shut) just keep your head up. Blessings to your findings and being cancer free.


Posted by Reem (Waldwick , Nj, Usa) on 11/05/2012
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We are of Arab descent. Today I had very gas pains and I asked my mother what to do. I usually drink anise tea to relieve pain but since it was much more acute this time I asked her if there was another treatment. She told me to put some cumin in my tea and drink it. It worked! She was surprised I didn't know this and told me how everyone uses it as a reliable cure. I don't mind the taste and drank about half a teaspoon of cumin powder in my green tea. Feel better already!

Dietary Changes

Posted by Zelda (Radford ) on 10/03/2017
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Took me a year to figure out that corn syrup causes me gas. I finally pinned my gas down to granola bars. Turns out they have corn syrup. Similar granola bars with sugar do not give me gas.

Get rid of corn syrup and get rid of gas!


Replied by Timh
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Could you re-look at the ingredient label, as there is a big difference in corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup. hfcs is a chemically modified version of corn syrup that the liver has a very difficult job of metabolizing and so much of the hfcs is converted to a trigylyceride and stored in adipose tissue as fat.

Not only is hfcs bad because it's an adulterated, but it's bad from it's beginning as most all corn products are genetically modified organisms (gmo"s).

To help your digestion, take Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) daily as a drink or as tablet in supplement form. A good multivitamin/mineral supplement will also help digestion and energy levels and overall health.

Replied by Zelda


I double checked. It is just plain corn syrup in the granola bars. Second ingredient. Thanks for digestive remedies! Z.

Dietary Suggestions

Posted by Sfchin (Kuching, Malaysia) on 07/11/2012

If you stomach is distended after foods, you probably suffer from flatulence, it means you have excessive of stomach gas. One of the causes of flatulence is because you eat too much foodstuffs that cause stomach gas.

Here are the list of foods that give flatulence:

  1. Bean
  2. fruits such as melon, honey dews, pear.
  3. Cabbage, brocolli, cauliflower
  4. Fatty food
  5. Gassy drink

Do any of these foods give you stomach gas and flatulence?

Posted by Diane (Long Beach, NY) on 01/04/2007
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I used to eat a high fiber,low fat diet (norm robillard's low carb approach). The gas started to build over several months resulting in terrible stomach pains after every evening meal. My cholesterol shot up as well. I decided to get rid of the high fiber breads and cereals. I don't eat dairy. After a few days, my gas decreased and I didn't need my aciphex for gerd anymore. When I cheat, I get gas and reflux. Also, my cholesterol dropped back to normal. My diet is vegetables, some protein, small amounts of fruit, some nuts. I walk almost everyday and use a recumbant bike on rainy days. Sugar in any form is the worst High carbs are sugar. Bread in any form makes my reflux worse. I can cheat but not everyday. I was able to take my bed off its blocks back to ground level and could also lay down after eating.

Replied by Michelle

This is similar to the low-FODMAPs diet, which eliminates foods that cause digestive distress. Lots of info on it on the web.

Eliminate Bleached Flour

Posted by Joyce (oelton, Tn.) on 11/20/2007
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The best remedy I have found for indigestion, acid regurge, GERD, flatulence is elimination of all bleached flour products in the foods you eat - I find I can eat l00% whole grain bread without problems (usually cures most people's constipation problems also). I don't know what chemicals? are used in the bleaching process, but apparently that is where the problem comes from. However, you must really work at getting bleached flour out of your diet, as many pastas are made with bleached flour, many breads say whole wheat but read the ingredients and you'll find that most start off with bleached flour unless the label reads l00% whole grain. Most gravies, dips, sauces, etc. use the cheapest source of thickening agent - bleached flour. So try it and see if it works for you. It's nice having a "cast iron stomach" which has no problems with cayenne pepper, jalapeno peppers, and all that spicy stuff I used to blame my stomach problems on before I lucked up and stumbled upon the real cause of them.

Replied by Susan

It isn't the bleaching process that makes it toxic. It is the pesticides used 2X on cheap commercial wheat. There is a lawsuit going on because the people who spray the stuff are becoming sick & dying. Try organic white flour if you like white bread. I have even seen people who are supposedly 'gluten intolerant' be able to ingest organic wheat products without issues.

Energy Drink

Posted by Vaughn (Hempstead, Long Island, New York) on 07/15/2007
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I've got a serious gas pocket under my shoulder bone. I think the cause is derived from an h-pylori infection or i maybe associated with my years of acid reflux problem. Since recently i notice that whenever i drink Monster energy drink i feel completely relieved. I can not completely what happens when I drink it, but I burp non-stop until all gas sensation is gone. The feelin of acid reflux immediately stops and I feel revived. I have tried many different carbonated beverages including ginger ail beverage with is known to give this reaction, they just don't match up to the energy drink. It completely relieves my gas or upset stomach.

Replied by Lindsey
Oceanside, Ca
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This may work for now but do be careful when drinking energy drinks. I was practically the spokesperson for energy drinks. I drank at least one everyday for years. The acid inside these drinks erode the lining in your stomach (That's what the ER docs told me when I was admitted multiple times for severe stomach pains). Just a little warning.

Replied by Genpennstate
Harrisburg, Pa
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Warning! Drinking any type of carbonated beverage is NOT suggested for people with acid reflux.

Fennel Seeds

Posted by Katherine (Seattle, Wa, Usa) on 09/14/2011
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Last night, my brother cooked for me. I drank a little bit of ACV afterwards because I could feel my stomach going funny. Unfortunately, the ACV did not prevent gas. I have no idea what in the meal caused it, but it was quite literally painful. I tried to sleep about an hour after eating and I couldn't because I kept having horrible pains.

Fennel tea, HALLELUJAH!

I just pounded about a teaspoon of the seeds in my morter & pestle, put that into a tea and and poured over freshly boiled water. I also added a tiny tiny bit of honey for sweetness. This actually tasted pretty good, and I could not believe what an immediate affect it had!

I paced my room while drinking it, and while I burped once (the gas was still early in the digestive system), I don't think that got rid of it all. So, I would say that somehow the fennel neutralized the gas. I don't know how it worked, but I had been trying to sleep for like an hour, then after drinking this, managed to fall asleep within about 15 minutes.

I am sooooooooooo thankful. I did wake up later, but when I woke up, I had no pain whatsoever.

My point is, I definitely recommend this!!!

Replied by Bing
Northern Virginia, Usa
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Fennel tea works!! Thank you!

About 3 am, I heard my daughter crying in pain in the bathroom, when she said "it hurts when I move..." I suspected it was trapped gas. I made her fennel tea-like how Katherine made it (pounded a teaspoon of fennel seeds and added hot water and honey).

After the first cup, she had just small burps. I thought of it as progress so I made another batch. She gave out a big burp after the second cup, saw relief from her face, and that's when I knew the problem is solved :)

Posted by angie (south pasadena, california) on 04/21/2009
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Thanks so much to the person who recommended fennel seeds! I tried fennel seed tea because I thought it might work faster than the capsules and it has worked every morning I tried it for over a week now after drinking my two glasses of soy milk which usually give me terrible gas. The taste is great with about 3/4ths of a tsp. of agave syrup. Hope this helps. Sincerely, Angie

Replied by Gramma_elaine
New Brighon, Minnesota Usa

To Angie from S. Pasadena: Please research your soy milk and agave syrup on the Weston A. Price Foundation website, as those edibles are not healthy. Soy is a thyroid disrupter and agave syrup, made from the agave root bulb since the 1990s, was never used by indigenous peoples--they used the sap from the plant not the root. The agave syrup must be highly processed to make it safe for human consumption.

Posted by Cendra (Flint, USA) on 01/11/2008
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I use Fennel Seed for gas. I'm lactose intolerant so after eating ice cream or the likes I pop a fennel seed capsule & it stops the gas. You can also purchase the seeds instead of the capsules. They taste like black licorice which isn't my favorite so I bought the capsules. Fennel seeds are commonly used in India to freshen breath & aid in digestion.


Posted by T.S.Rajah (Wimledon, UK) on 12/07/2007
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Fenugreek's leafy form belongs to the spinach family. However, its seeds are useful when cooking to combat the flatulence caused by certain foods, such as lentils and cauliflower. Its anti-viral properties mean it also helps against sore throat and mouth ulcers. Historically, fenugreek has been used to treat diabetes and is now thought to reduce blood pressure.

Replied by Jeannine
Eau Claire, Wi
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As a nursing mother, I take 12 pills of fenugreek a day to stimulate milk production. I still have rank gas. Fenugreek doesn't help me in the least bit.

Goldenseal Enema

Posted by Mark ( Portland, Oregon) on 11/16/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, I have found a great gas/bloating remedy. If you put a capsule of golden seal in an enema bag with warm (purified) water, it makes the best enema. At least for me, it makes me go and go until I am completely clean and fresh. I like it much better than coffee, and it really clears my head. I feel like it gives the digestive tract a fresh start and cleanses my blood. This is also a great way to move out hardened waste and therefore lose some excess weight. It also seems to cure constipation which I used to get, but now is very rare, which usually comes on from eating something bad. I just do another enema! Also I do one whenever I feel like I am starting to get sick and if I do it early enough it just goes away. In fact I haven't taken a sick day in over 4 years! It only takes a few minutes to do and then I just jump in the shower. All the benefits of golden seal in a powerful and quicker way.