Holistic Remedies for a Frozen Shoulder

Multiple Remedies for Adhesive Capsulitis
Posted by Adhesive Capsulitis-43 (Midwest) on 03/31/2018
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Please be aware that Adhesive Capsulitis and other shoulder issues are NOT the same.

I have had Adhesive Capsulitis for about two and a half years. There are adhesions that have grown over my joints. My point is that while you can juice, eat an anti-inflammatory diet, take vitamins, do GENTLE exercises, it's a writing game for the issue to resolve itself. While some may have a quicker resolution, it is probably not a true confirmed case with an MRI/Xray of Adhesive Capsulitis.

Do not feel discouraged that others have gotten over their shoulder issues in a few months, they probably have a different condition and not a true confirmed case of Adhesive Capsulitis. I suggest going on to forums and talking to others with the condition and getting yourself a VERY good RECOMMENDED orthopedic doctor who does not push the surgery on you. Some patients have to have that surgery multiple times and is not guaranteed to work, especially if you are a Diabetic. Not to mention that surgery is pretty darn hard on your body, just be careful with ANY aggressive treatments. Aggressive Physical Therapy actually made my Adhesive Capsulitis worse, so be very careful that that too. It seems to affect us all a little differently, so keep that in mind too.

What helps: Massage does help, hot epsom salts baths, sleeping with a pillow under your arm helps too. A few pain killers are necessary, but be careful not to over medicate or take them too often. Acupuncture helped me for a month or so, but wasn't very effective for me. It just takes time to heal. Hang in there. You are not alone.