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Posted by Cynthia (Madison, Wi) on 06/22/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Here is how I cured my frozen shoulder. I first developed a frozen shoulder in the summer of 2019. I tried everything I could think of, including stretching, exercise, supplements, etc. I suffered increasing pain for several months. But it wasn't until I did the following that I gained relief:

1) I began to take MSM powder, one heaping tablespoon in the morning with water.

2) I used a 50 percent DSMO solution and applied it to my shoulder a few times.3) I added a good Omega 3 fish oil capsule to my daily supplements.

3) I added an Omega 3 fish oil capsule to my daily supplements.

4) I took tumeric capsule once a day.

Within two weeks, all of my frozen shoulder pain was gone! The DMSO helped a lot, but the main thing that really made a difference was the MSM powder. In fact, the frozen pain started after I stopped taking MSM powder. It wasn't until I remembered months later that I had used the MSM powder until I began to travel and then simply stopped taking it.

I also cut the sugar and fat in my diet considerably.

Give the MSM a week or two to see results. If you've never taken MSM powder, begin by taking 1 teaspoon a day the work up to a tablespoon. Some people require more MSM to get the results they seek.

I hope this helps someone who is struggling with Frozen Shoulder. I am so grateful for the MSM and the other supplements I've outlined above -- I can hardly believe that I once suffered as much pain as I did in my shoulder.

Magnesium Oil

Posted by Art (California) on 03/14/2019 1508 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Recently I was talking with a neighbor and he was telling me that he had a torn rotator cuff in each shoulder that were very painful and really limited his range of motion. His doctor told him that he needed surgery on both shoulders, but he was not a candidate for the surgery because of an existing heart condition. I told him about mag oil and asked if he wanted to try it. He said, what do I have to lose? I made him a spray bottle of it to try to see if it would help. I talked to him awhile after that and he told me that the mag oil was working great and asked me if I could make him more. I made him a larger bottle so he could use it to refill his spray bottle and he now calls it his secret sauce. He showed me how he could now raise his arms over his head with no problem and very little pain at all! Another friend who has "frozen shoulder" asked me about anything they could use for the frozen shoulder and I suggested trying mag oil which they did and said it was very helpful in relieving the pain and increasing range of motion! We should all have mag oil in our medicine cabinets! Art

Castor Oil

Posted by Mark (Novato, California) on 07/19/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Castor Oil for Rotator Cuff (infraspinatus) injury throwing Football

I'm 35 years old and about 10 years ago, I was throwing the football (launching 60 yard bombs over and over) at a Halloween party with some buddies, until my shoulder hurt. I kept doing it even after I felt the pain. Foolish mistake. I've had issues with my infraspinatus (one of the four muscles of the Rotator Cuff) since then. I couldn't even reach over to pull the seat belt over myself anymore without it hurting. So I came across these threads and noticed DMSO.

About a week ago I ordered some and it still hadn't come yet, but during this time (for the last week and a half) I've been slathering my right shoulder and rotator cuff with Castor Oil (Hexane Free). It's nothing short of a miracle (at least in regard to pain). For the last couple days, I feel no pain at all, and could probably throw 60 yard bombs again even though I never thought I could even toss a ball let alone throw one without it hurting. I'm still gonna try the DMSO as well. I don't know if the Castor Oil just masks the pain (but doesn't heal the injury), but I'm gonna throw the kitchen sink at it to see if I can completely heal it!

Chin Up Bar

Posted by Charles (Australia) on 09/21/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I tried the Kirsch protocol for frozen shoulder, which involves hanging off a chin up bar for 30 seconds at a time with a minute or two rest for 10 minutes a day.

Within 4 days my frozen shoulder felt tremendously better, I could move my shoulder above my head and behind my body pain free. Ido Portal loves this method, and it works incredibly.

I love it, so simple! Any gym or playground will have chin up bars, otherwise find a tree.

I hope this helps someone with the same poor shoulder flexibility!


Posted by Rich (Michigan, US) on 05/23/2014
5 out of 5 stars

DMSO cured my brother's frozen shoulder. I don't know if he had calcium buildup in his shoulder or not, but he later did have an artery clogged up with calcium, and had a stent put in for that, so it seems like calcium buildup could have been a factor.

He told me that his shoulder had been bothering him for 3 or 4 years, and that his doctor told him it was frozen, and there wasn't much they could do for it. I offered some DMSO to him, and jokingly told him to go rub some on, and his shoulder would likely be healed, by the time he left.

He rubbed some liquid 99% DMSO that I had bought at Tractor Supply, on his shoulder, morning and evening, for a couple of days, and he told me that his shoulder felt like new, after only a couple of days of the DMSO treatment.

Later, he told me that he had to put some on, for a couple of days, a few weeks after the initial treatment, but he told me that his shoulder felt like it did, when he was 18. He was in his mid-50's, when this happened.

I do believe his doctors had told him that he had some nerve damage, which was causing his frozen shoulder, but whatever the cause, DMSO healed it, and, last I heard, it is still fine, today.

I told this story to a 70-something gentleman, who also had frozen shoulder and also told me that he had nerve damage, so he tried DMSO, and it worked for him, too.

I don't know the details, as to how long it took, but several months later, I talked to someone who talked to the man in question, and he told that person that his shoulder was now fine. So, DMSO might do the trick.

Chinese Stretching Method

Posted by Teh (Australia) on 01/04/2014
5 out of 5 stars

In regards to the frozen shoulder remedies, I came across a Chinese Treatment which I tried and has cured this issue I had with the frozen shoulder.

The method is as follows:

Lie on your back with your head @ arms hanging over the edge of the bed for at least 10 minutes.

The longer you stay in this position, the better. Initially, you will feel pain but the more you do it, this pain will eventually disappear, as mine did after 3 days. I have not had an issue since, but it is still a good idea now @ again to through this stretching routine to maintain this condition.

Cheers, Teh