Holistic Remedies for a Frozen Shoulder

Magnesium Oil
Posted by Art (California) on 03/14/2019 1508 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Recently I was talking with a neighbor and he was telling me that he had a torn rotator cuff in each shoulder that were very painful and really limited his range of motion. His doctor told him that he needed surgery on both shoulders, but he was not a candidate for the surgery because of an existing heart condition. I told him about mag oil and asked if he wanted to try it. He said, what do I have to lose? I made him a spray bottle of it to try to see if it would help. I talked to him awhile after that and he told me that the mag oil was working great and asked me if I could make him more. I made him a larger bottle so he could use it to refill his spray bottle and he now calls it his secret sauce. He showed me how he could now raise his arms over his head with no problem and very little pain at all! Another friend who has "frozen shoulder" asked me about anything they could use for the frozen shoulder and I suggested trying mag oil which they did and said it was very helpful in relieving the pain and increasing range of motion! We should all have mag oil in our medicine cabinets! Art