Holistic Remedies for a Frozen Shoulder

Alfalfa, DMSO
Posted by Larry C (Il, Usa) on 10/25/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I know this is long winded but since there is very little on the Earth Clinic website I felt it necessary to elaborate.

My problem started while on business in India this past May. As a field service engineer I'm required to haul around a tool case weighing over 50lbs. I believe what caused the original problem was the lifting and tossing sideways that heavy case. I don't remember there being any specific blast of pain, more like a twinge. The next day the pain was there and stiffness not allowing me to raise my arm nor extend it very far. No longer a young man but still in pretty good shape I felt (as usual) it would simple heal itself with time. All the while picking up bits and pieces of the horror stories of torn rotator cuff diagnoses, surgeries and long and painful recoveries. I simply couldn't believe I had torn a muscle.

Well, as time passed from days into months (3) I finally realized it was time to get serious and sought professional medical advice. Since I don't have a regular Dr. I simply found a local one who is part of my health ins. group. She of course wanted to do X-Rays and I immediately questioned that with "what will that show" when I knew the answer was "my bones". Since I knew there was no bone injury I balked and asked what else can I do. She mentioned physical therapy so I chose that in order to get it prescribed for insurance purposes. Before I left the Dr.'s office she was trying to find more ways to raid my health coverages by requesting a cholesterol test. I replied I didn't need one since I don't consume red meat nor consume dairy. She said she wanted to do one anyway, I said thank you and goodbye.

Not knowing exactly where to look I found tidbits here and there on what I could do to avoid the knife at all costs.

I began taking alfalfa supplements which are purported to help repair muscle as well as turmeric, MSM, and DMSO, and started physical therapy. I did a total of eight 45 minute "PT" treatments two times a week which consisted stretching and muscle exercises mostly using resistance bands and about 10 minutes each of direct therapist stretching. Progress was slow and extremely painful and then my insurance co. began to question effectiveness. I didn't realize why until the bill showed that each 45min treatment cost $316 of which I paid $30. It was then I decided to simply purchase my own resistance bands and take my healing into my own hands.

It is now five mos. after the original injury and although I still have considerable pain it is lessening and I have almost complete motion in my shoulder.

This is simply my own journey of recovery but want to aim anyone suffering this malady to what I found on youtube after I was far on my way to wellness. There are very interesting videos of trigger point therapy as well as a Canadian Dr. who uses a chiropractic method who supposedly is returning full motion after one treatment. Also look for stretching exercises to return your motion.

I, as well as others believe there is a ton of misdiagnosis and unnecessary surgery associated with this injury. Do yourself a big favor, research and treat thyself unless you've been in an accident that caused physical trauma to the shoulder.

Best of luck and thank you Earth Clinic.