Top 5 Remedies for Food Poisoning

Apple Cider Vinegar, Charcoal, Garlic
Posted by Melissa (Ashland, Oregon) on 12/31/2013
4 out of 5 stars

This is a post about Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV), Activated Charcoal, and Garlic. I tried these three remedies for a bad case of salmonella poisoning. I'm thinking I have food poisoning as I ate four partially raw eggs. And to be quite honest, I was skeptical--but only at first.

The apple cider vinegar was the first remedy I tried. I took 2 tbsp straight. The first thing I noticed was the calming effect it had on my stomach. It took the edge off the uneasiness, but didn't completely take away the nausea which came back an hour later. So, I took 2 tbsp of the ACV again. I fell asleep feeling better, but not cured.

The next morning, I felt like the right side of my stomach had something cooking inside. So, I took the ACV again, but this time I felt like my stomach was extremely raw and sore. I didn't want to stop taking it, so I waited 5 hours before taking the last dose.

I also began reading about active charcoal on various sites. I was reading that it absorbs bacteria and toxins, so I bought some of that later in the evening. I immediately felt sick after taking it and later began burping/tasting the fumes--which I'm still experiencing now--a day later.

I have several questions relating to my experience:

1) Should I still continue to take the ACV until I'm completely better? I'm concerned that if I continue taking it I'll eventually burn a hole through my stomach.

2) I heard raw garlic is a great remedy for salmonella poisoning and would like to go back to taking that (which I did for two days). However, I read that it, too, can cause stomach bleeding. Should I start taking that again? If so, how much? I took 4 cloves the first day and 8 cloves the second day.

3) The active charcoal still feels like it's sitting in my stomach a day later. Is this normal? Should I be taking more of it or wait until it's digested?

4) Should I take any kinds of supplements or just rest my stomach for a day? I think I should wait a day before taking anything, but I also don't want to develop more serious problems.

Any feedback, insight, or advice would be greatly appreciated!