Natural Remedies for Eye Floaters

L-Carnosine Eye Drops
Posted by Julie (Toronto, Ontario / Canada) on 12/05/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Just try l-carnosine eye drops for eye floaters. Forget the Budwig diet with flax and cottage cheese.

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2. Bright eyes

You might have to order them online but they exist and reduce your floaters amazingly well. Use them as much as you want - the more the better. No side effects except your eyes feel a million times better. They are a miracle so try them if you have bad floaters. Forget diets, looking into the moon or sun & any other stupid old remedy - just get those drops and start using them alot.

Then get back online and tell people - maybe the eye community can make those eye doctors tell us about these drops even if they aren't a prescription. They don't seem to recognize them - which led me to get my 2nd floater - if I had used them when I got the first one - I never would have got this second one and my life would have been way better.