Natural Remedies for Eye Floaters

Castor Oil
Posted by Alex (Thessaloniki, Greece) on 06/30/2017

Castor oiled failed for me. I used cold pressed, hexane free castor oil not only for 8-9 days as Al Miller have suggested, but for a whole month with no results. My eye floaters still remain. I used one drop per day in the afternoon. I had no infection at all even though the castor oil is not sterile. If I used it just before bed time though I had much eye in the morning so I abadoned night use.

Be carefull, because it is oil, if someone has a RCE (recurrent corneal errosion) it can deteriorate the cornea and make the epithelium stick off with ease even while not sleeping! I had that case and stopped the use in my left eye allthough it was fine for months.