Cure for Endometriosis

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Crista (Pekin, Il )

I found out in February that I had endometriosis. After refusing to be thrown into menopause, which was suggested by my gyno, I decided to do lots of research. So far I have found out that you have to avoid soy and wheat products completely. I have been trying at this for quite awhile. It is hard to avoid foods I love, but it is worth it. Anytime I make a mistake the pain comes back within 20 min, but as long as I avoid it, I have no pain. Other things I found online to avoid is dairy, bad fats, and artificial sweeteners. The point of all of this is to avoid inflammation which causes the pain to worsen. The soy and wheat is avoided because they help your body produce the bad estrogen. I am now trying MSM to keep inflammation down. I am starting slowly at 500mg and upping that each week by 500mg till I find a level that helps the best. (on a side note the MSM got rid of my acid reflux two days after starting this). Another thing I read online through my researching is if you have metal fillings you need to get rid of them. I do not have the money yet to do this, but I have several and the endo came within 3 years after getting them. There are a lot of articles online that focus on how the mercury throws a lot of things out of wack in the body and can be the environmental factor that triggers a lot of diseases. I plan on doing this ASAP and the MSM also helps to detox the heavy metals, that is why I am slowly building on the MSM, to not get too many toxins at once. I read that sweating helps to release the mercury through the skin after the MSM releases the toxins from the fat and such. So exercising or using a sauna or something will help to sweat out the toxins. Hope this helps. Endo was very hard to accept for me and I know when I go to a restaurant or a party it is hard to avoid the temptation of foods with soy or wheat, so I eat before going to these things. Restaurants sometimes have allergy lists that you can ask for to find out which foods don't have soy or wheat in them. Look at the ingredients list on everything. Soy hides everywhere. If you need support with this please email. Figuring this out alone has been hard so I get it and am willing to help others.