Natural Detox: Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Bentonite Clay
Posted by Hb (Spokane, Wa) on 11/15/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I wanted to add something that I had not read in the comments.

I did an external detox that worked very well instead of taking it internally.

What I did was use one teaspoon in a plastic bowl with enough filtered water to more than cover the dry clay, swished it around a bit, put it the window sill in the sun for 2 hours to charge the clay. Next, I 'massaged' the clay with my fingers to get the clumps to become creamy. Once done, it was ready to use.

This may seem unorthodox, but the plastic bags you get at the grocery store come in handy for this detox. I do this in the evening an hour or two before bed, as this detoxes the body while I sleep.

Make sure your feet are clean and apply the clay all over your foot up to the ankle, between the toes, even under the toenails. You should have enough clay to apply 3 coatings to each foot. When you finish with one foot, put on a plastic bag, tie it gently above the ankle and pull the bag forward to allow ample toe room and gently slip your foot into sandals or slippers without ripping the bag in the toe area. Do the other foot the same way.

It will feel slippery, so be careful when you walk around. (Do not walk around with just the bags on your feet, they may tear and allow air to get in and dry out the clay before it can be absorbed).

Drink some water before bed and leave the bags on your feet until morning. Take off the bags and before getting into the tub use a warm moist washcloth to clean the bottom of your feet. (The clay under your feet can be very slippery! )

Keep in mind, if/when you urinate in the morning, if it worked well for you, it may look orange, (much darker than you are use to). That is toxins that were taken out through your system in the absorbtion process during the night.

Never do a facial more than 15 minutes after the clay dries or essential oils will take some time to return and you may get a dry and unnatural tight feeling in your facial skin. If that happens, you can use organic coconut oil to ease the tight feeling and reduce redness. Or use something natural that you feel comfortable with.

I wrote this note so that those having problems ingesting FOOD GRADE Bentonite clay have options for detoxing.