Natural Remedies to Detox Heavy Metals

Poor Methylation / Mineral Imbalances

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Posted by Sam (HAWAII) on 07/23/2022

OK so a lot of people in our community may not "methylate" well in the first place and what this means is our bodies do not process heavy metals well, making it more problematic for some. It's a test your naturopath can give you. As well some heavy metals can knock your minerals way out of whack. Magnesium controls electrical impulses to the heart so you need to make sure what type of metals toxicity you have before supplementing. I had a thallium poisoning (TI) which functionally made me allergic to magnesium so my epsom salt baths nearly stopped my heart. Yikes. It took a long year to figure out I needed to double down on potassium (K) instead, which along with sodium controls cellular pumps and that I had general terrible nutrient absorption so everything needed boosting. Everyone is different. Get an RBC mineral test if you can.

Best of luck! Sam

Replied by ron
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Could you talk more about how you treated your thallium poisoning and how u got it?

I had tests come back showing my thallium levels were moderately above safe limits.

I lost a lot of my hair. And my digestive system and some muscular areas have been stuck wasting and in pain for 4 years now.

My doc dint help. My naturopath didnt suggest potassium. Just saunas and b3 and NAC. B3 and NAC make me lose my mind tho.

I find potassium helps. But, they say prussian blue and charcoal too. I am entertaining a purchase of lab grade prussian blue, but I dont like that this is all I can find. I want usp or reagent grade so there is less impurity. But its all RX.

I could take a leap and try an online doc and show them my labs and offer to take a new one too jist to get an RX.

I have been very ill and all the symptoms of thallium are present. I had acute poisoning and lost feeling in my extremeties for months, began losing my hair, my mind, major charlie horses, quit breathing in my sleep all the time, and psychosis...every day. Unsure who did it.

But I did make an enemy or two by sticking up for others in the the past in big ways... I need to heal.

Any input is appreciated.

Removing Heavy Metals

Posted by James222 (New Hampshire, US) on 11/24/2014

All too often illness becomes over complicated leaving the patient confused and frustrated.

To simplify ill health let us break it down to it's most basic form.

You and I are made of cells, trillions of them, from your eyes to your toes. When you become sick it is only one of two problems.

Either your cells (that's you) cannot absorb the the correct nutrients (hello poor diet) or the cells (that's you again) are over loaded with toxins.

In a nut shell getting the toxins out and the nutrients in is the key to all good health.

The secret to removing the toxins / heavy metals is to do it gently, the chances are your liver and kidneys have not being doing their job correctly which has now resulted in you becoming sick and feeling the need to read this.

So if that is true it would be prudent not to dump a whole load of heavy metals into you blood stream expecting your liver and kidneys to pick up the slack, it ain't going to happen and you will run the risk of becoming even more sick.

A sensible approach is whats needed but we are all in such a rush to get back to functioning so that we can work /pay our bills on time etc etc that we can sometimes throw common sense out of the window.

Here's the rub, heavy metals can be stored anywhere, even in your brain, (think Mercury) eyes, muscles and even in your bones. (lead)

So before we open the flood gates it might be worth having our vital detoxification organs working on our team.

A solid kidney cleanse is the first thing I would suggest and one can be found at Granma's Herbs, I have personally used this to good effect but as always start small and go slow, at the same time you can start a very gentle liver detox using Milk Thistle, there are numerous brands on the market that have acceptable results.

Cleaning the liver and kidneys are not things you can do over night but you are now moving in the right direction. I would suggest you stay on this protocol for at least 8 weeks and don't be too shocked if as a side effect you start to feel a little better. You know your body better than anyone else and I would urge you to use your own judgement, it might take a little longer and that's OK too.

OK so far so good, now we can start to look at removing the burden of heavy metals from your system. While there are numerous ways to do this I don't want to make this any more complicated than it has to be.

A great starting point would be to use a quarter teaspoon of Chlorella 3 times a day, this will bind up mostly Mercury from the gut, it's not going to remove it from the brain but as always I like to suggest we do one thing at a time and do our best to do it right.

Stick with the Chlorella for a month or so and don't be surprised if once again a welcome side effect is you start to feel a little better.

Stay with me here we haven't said anything yet that you can't do, all too often when a person suffers from heavy metals toxicity it's a real effort to stay focused without becoming overwhelmed.

So let me recap, we are going to assist the kidneys and the ideal product to do that you will find at Granma's, a decent Milk thistle you will find on Amazon, do these two things until you feel a little more prepared for the fight ahead of you. This can take as long as you feel comfortable with, it's not hard or fast.

Once you get to a point where you feel your life is improving we can start to take a new product called Chlorella. Small but regular doses of Chlorella are a God send, a good size is quarter of a tea spoon 3 times a day.

Once you feel you have your life back under control there are many numerous and wild paths available to you but I really want to make your life and path to healing very simple.

I feel it unwise to go on in great detail writing about too many products or speak about those important areas such as the blood brain barrier when at this moment in time all's you really you need is a fix right? (Please take note I did not say quick fix)

Of all the products out there some are expensive some are darn right dangerous but one in particular is extremely useful.

The name of this product is Chelorex and it was designed by Dr. Alan Greenberg. It takes all of the guess work out of removing heavy metals. It's really not that expensive and I know that it works

With heavy metals there is a healing triangle consisting of 3 things, Chlorealla ALA and Cilantro, get these 3 things in the wrong balance you will wish you never started, cilantro on it's own will only serve to stir things up, Chlorella as we learned earlier will only bind up metals in the gut, ALA will indeed cross the blood brain barrier but these need to be in the correct balance. Fortunately this combination has been calculated for you in the Chelorex formula.

I am a firm believer in starting anything new with a small test dose, so I would suggest for the first few weeks doing a half of what it says on the label. I have suggested this product on several people and all have come back to me with positive results. I have personally used Chelorex to astonishing effect,

So your path to healing is fairly simple, Yes there are many other ways but all too often people become confused by the mountain of information out there, they go off and try a little of this and a little of that and it ends up not working.To make it easier I am again going to recap below. If you stay on this path health is yours to claim back, from then on it's up to you to keep it.

Step 1. Get your filters working again (liver/kidney) do this slowly and gently, this is not something to rush. Only move to the next step when you "feel" it's right to do so. This might take 8 weeks or more. You know your own body far better than me or anyone else.

Step 2. Start a small but regular dose of Chlorella, quarter of teaspoon 3 times a day. Again stay at this point until YOU feel it's within you reach to move forward.

Step 3. Order Chelorex and take it at half the recommended dose, do this for several months or simply stay there until you get back to a reasonable form of health.

Step 4. You should by now be reducing Heavy metals faster than they are coming into your body. This is great but in order to win this battle you must now start to be pro active and stop new toxins entering your body.

Stay away from fish, ignorant dentists, most household chemicals (do some homework on this) and question the over use of vaccines. They have the potential to a great deal of harm. Your Doctor has the potential to make incredibly poor judgement calls that can have long term affects on you and your children.

Step 5. I urge you to question what has always been, do your own independent research BEFORE you go to the doctors or the dentist. Go that extra mile and be comfortable in your knowledge of such things rather than accepting some one else's word. Above all else take responsibility for your own health.

Step 6. Change your diet, it might seem strange leaving this so late on this list but it's far easier for me to overwhelm you than it is to get you to listen.

Had I started talking about the importance of diet earlier I'm sure you would have jumped to so many conclusions that I would have lost your interest and wasted my time.

I hear you Diet, yup Blar Blar Balr. But the absolute truth is diet is critical . We all think we have a good diet but people with great diets rarely get sick. If you take home one message from this section let it be this, Green to detoxify, greens are your friend, greens will help you, greens will keep you from slipping back. EAT THEM!

Step 7. In a world of too much information I can reveal in one word the diet you should follow. Paelo. It's the way your ancestors used to eat and it's really very easy to follow, There are no calories to count, you just eat as many fresh vegetables as you want, as much fresh fruit as you want and as much decent quality meat as you want, yes its important to combine them but I will save that for another topic. Yes, I know organic is expensive (but so is ill health) so if money is tight I would still urge you to make that first step and start eating greens, fresh fruit and decent quality meats. (grass fed would be awesome) This is a process and you shouldn't need to feel the added pressure of me forcing a new diet on you. Take it a step at a time, try to improve your diet a little at a time.

Step 8. Last but by no means least, once you are back on your feet remember there are people out here willing to give up their time to help you, a complete stranger. We don't seek any recognition reward or gain.

It would really mean a lot to me personally if you once you are well you could in turn find the time to help someone else.

Be Well

Kindest Regards, James222

Replied by Rebel
(Somewhere, Usa)

One word James222. AWESOME! Please become a regular contributor here on Earth Clinic.

Replied by Nicole
(Chantilly, Va)

Wow. Excellent post. Thank you so much for that valuable lesson on detoxing and healing the body. I will apply it to my daughter who's been having on and off migraines, dizziness and nauseousness for the past year.

Thank you again.

Replied by Jennifer
(Sydney Australia)

Thank you


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Posted by JMichael (SF, CA) on 06/21/2009

Hi. I have seen it asked a few times, with no responses from anyone: How does taking selenium to detox your body of mercury effect one's dental fillings? Will it make the fillings loose and cause them to fall out? Will it pull more mercury from the fillings to absorb into your body and defeat the purpose of trying to detox?

Replied by Samlaunch
(Knoxville, Tennessee)

I've been reading about how Selenium provides a cure for my previous thyroid problems. Began taking Selenium on June 7, 2009. I had no idea that over a lifetime mercury had been accumulating in my brain. One atom of Selenium binds with one atom of mercury to form a biologically inactive complex. Basically, Selenium neutralizes mercury. There are so many health problems that accompany mercury poisoning that we receive through vaccines and our environment. Gray hair, tachycardia, disruption of mitochondria function/neuro transmitters, destroys neurons, causes shakes, dangerous to developing babies, makes kids dumber are all affects of Mercury. I add in the part where it makes kids dumber because it really makes us all complacent and subservient. Selenium, Selenium, Selenium: get some! Neutralize the toxins, get better and smarter!!!

Replied by Jen

does selenium also bind with aluminum? as i am toxic in aluminum.

Replied by Hotlava

Selenium might act as a chelator in its own, but its best role in detoxification is as a cofactor for enzymes needed to activate glutathione, our most natural, potent heavy metal chelator in our cells. Without enough selenium in our diets, glutathione will be activated less, and not do its detoxifying, free-radical-neutralizing role as much. My understanding is that selenium is first used in the body as a capillary antioxidant, and if there is enough left over, it's sent to glutathione reactions within the rest of our body cells. this would suggest people with metal toxicity would benefit from supplementing with a selenium product, whether food or mineral compound.

Glutathione does naturally chelate with toxic metals, when it's hydrogen group gets spliced off revealing a free sulfur (by the enzyme glutathione peroxidase, requiring selenium)... Mercury loves sulfur, binds fairly well to it (not cemented, but okay enough for detoxing), and I would imagine that aluminum, lead, cadmium, arsenic, and any other heavy toxic metals would as well.

Selenium is also required for the enzyme that converts T4 to T3 in target hormone locations throughout the body, and a defeciency would likely cause high T4 and low T3 levels. Iodine is needed in these reactions as well, so a selenium defeciency is not always the cause...

sign of too much selenium is garlic breath (the body releases it in our breath).

Posted by Georgia (Duluth, MN) on 02/27/2009

Selenium for mercury poisoning:

Selenium binds with mercury in the blood & escorts the mercury out to urine, bowels.

The amalgam fillings in the mouth releases mercury vapor & is absorbed through the saliva, open cavities,

How? Under pressure, like during chewing, the grinding process friction under certain psi (per square inch). During this process the mercury molecules goes up to the surface of the tooth causing again the Hg(mercury) to get absorbed through the food ,saliva & so we sawllow it. Imagine the accumulation each time we eat & masticate with those bony chicken. The first & foremost lethal dose of Hg poisoning is through the tooth fillings.

Search more about this topic before you take action. There is so much research supports this theory. In Europe amalgam fillings is banned since 1992.

Google Sweden Geotechnical Institute or Cecilia Toomvalii

I'd like to make it clear that when you decide to get rid of amalgam fillings, you will face a very hard decision. B4 you start the decision making, see how the specialists get the amalgam out. It is cautiously, very very intricate process. The clinic has to be ventilated, & the dentists/specialists/staff looks like astronauts. They look like they are going to another planet looking 4 for weapon of mass destruction.This is b/c of the vapor that is released, during again, the grinding.

This is not a complete protocol in the treatment of HG poisoning. Please read as much as you can. Filling it in is equally dangerous as
getting it out.

My decison was to pull them b/c they are too many.(7+ not surfaces/huge fillings.

It is a huge controversy right now but hopefully the NKIDD/NIH will get rid of it. HG+ Lead( pipes H2O) + other metals is a ticking time bomb.

I am so grateful for the sore throat, IC remedy. My deepest Gratitude to all.

A grateful dentist. I have all the symptoms due to my profession.

Replied by Tiffany
(Avon Lake, Ohio)
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so, is it pointless to detox the mercury if you can't get your fillings removed??


Yes. It is pointless and can be harmful to do a mercury detox when you still have mercury fillings in your teeth. You can have fillings removed and replaced much more economically in Mexico. I went to Tijuana and had nine large fillings removed for under $5000. Hal Huggins certified too.

Replied by Ryanc
(New York)

I'm confused too... as I can't afford to get my fillings removed/replaced... is it safe to use EDTA for chelation if I have fillings?

Replied by Saul42

Look up American Dental in New York CIty or go to a university where the students are almost ready to graduate as dentists. Under the supervision of a dentist they perform work on you at a very very cheap price. In NYC I had each filling removed for between 40-50 bucks at American dental. At the university my friend had all his fillings taken out for roughly 90 bucks and he had about 5 of them.

Get that crap out of your system. The cost down the line is extremely huge.

Replied by Silvermist
(Downeast, Maine, Usa)

I didn't go to a special dentist becasue of cost and also we don't have one near me. I just had them all removed by a regular dentist. I drank bentonite clay before going, made sure not to swallow during the procedure and not even breathe when he was grinding out the filling. Brought the clay w/ me and swished and spit in the parking lot bushes when I left (sorry). Did the clay the rest of the day as directed on the bottle.

I HIGHLY recommend spending the dough- I felt better right away and it has continued for 4 months now. I don't feel like I got worse at all after the procedure- so I'm guessing not more than my usual amount of mercury got absorbed from the process.

Posted by Lance (National City, California) on 11/23/2008

to take heavy metals out of the body - selenium asorbs heavy metals from the body silver fillings in your mouth contain mercury it can cause harding of the arteries. selenium is one way of absorbing mercury.

Replied by B
(SF, CA)

How does this affect the fillings in one's mouth?

Replied by Faithinhealing
(Forest Park, Ohio, Usa)

I'm using the selenium to detox the heavy metals, but I also use brazil nuts which are rich in selenium. I love them and use them as a snack daily.

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Just wanted to say that an extremely effective way to remove heavy metals is to take in cilantro also known as coriander. You can eat it in many ways- add it to salad, guacamole, soups, etc. Juicing it in a green juice is very effective. This herb is very easy to find in the grocery store. It is accessible to almost everyone. Hope this helps. Lisa

Replied by Moi
(V Ville, Ca)


Be careful, as too much selenium is toxic.


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Posted by Anthony (Philadelphia) on 04/30/2013

Heavy Metals/Colitis

Hi, I have some issues going on. Any advice or help is welcomed. Let me first state the facts: I have ulcerative colitis/proctitis/IBS from symptoms and several colonoscopys done. Now I have always had blood work done, some urine test from idependent companies, and recently hair analysis from Analytical research labs. So, my test are off but I really dont know where to start or what to do. Besides the stomach issues some other issues I have and feel are: Extreme Fatigue, bone/joint fatigue/pain, Calcium/keratin buildup on face and scalp, dry, but oily skin (Seb Derm), Cold and or hot hands, I get hot and then cold with my body, Memory Loss (short term), Burp and gi issues like Extended belly, either constipated or runs, fat malabsorption, horrible sinus issues, always clearing my throat, headaches.... So, abnormal labs or tests that have come back are: Blood Test showed consistently low vit D (25-30 range - I supplement with 5,000 iu daily but never any difference), High FSH (means no sperm). Urine test showed C. Diff toxin, and heavy metals in my system (Thallium was 0. 8mg, which is high - I dont smoke at all - Could it be from filllings in my mouth??), and mercury was high also in urine test. Now, recently my hair analysis (I would post my actual result page but dont know how, I'll email to anyone that can help or like to see, send me your email) showed ALOT!!!

First, the final result is Adrenal Fatigue in exhaustion stage along with heavy metals. Now, specifically some HIGH values are: Calcium, Copper, Cadium, Arsenic, and Aluminum. Some LOW values are: Sodium, Iron, Manganese, Zinc, Chromium, Selenium, Nickel, Colbalt, Molybdenum, Lithium, and no Boron at all in my hair anaylsis!!! I really wish I could actually post this page??!! It would make more sense. Then, at the end, there are mineral ratios and there way outta sort: CA/MG is high, CA/K is super high, NA/MG is super low, NA/K is super low, Zn/Cu is low, Ca/P is high. And, finally, I'm a slow oxidizer!!! So all my ratios are outta wack. I need to resolve my hair anaylsis results because my whole body seems outta wack and this does support it. I just need help; This Hair Anaylsis gives recommendations for supplements but it's not making much difference at all. I feel awful but do have some good days.

Now, supplements I take: Zinc, multivitamin, Cysteine, Lysine, MSM, Ca, MG, boron supplement, biovine supplement for adrenals, and I spray magnesium oil every night on my body. I do take prescription drugs for my colitis - Lialda and canasa suppository. I do think I covered everything. I will add another post if I forgot anything. The hair anaylsis really said to me I have to get myself together fast!!!! But I need alittle help.

Is it smart to get my metals in my fillings removed???? I have about 6 in my mouth! Thanks!!!

Replied by Anthony

Hi. I'm sorry, I'm confused with what you want me to do? Thanks!

Replied by Leah
(Philadelphia, Pa)

Dear Anthony from Philadelphia,

From what I have read on Dr Mercola's website, you should get your detox pathways opened again before you have the fillings removed. This is because at the time of removal some mercury vapour or crumbs might still get into your system, so you need to be stong and healthy to withstand that and you need it done by a trained biological dentist.

If you have a naturopath, homeopath, or chiropracter who does nutitional counseling, I would expect them all to recommend certain basic changes in your diet: avoid tap water, juice and soda (fluoride poisoning can cause a host of debilitating chronic illnesses including digestive problems), avoid hyper-processed foods (fried, baked, preserved with chemicals etc), and focus on a paleo-type diet rich in spring water, organic fruits, vegetables, raw milk, eggs, pastured, grass fed meat, healthy fats like coconut, olive, cod liver oil, and grass fed butter etc.

If your digestive tract is really causing you problems with whole foods you could try veggie juice fasting. You also need vitamin B12, C, selenium and sulphur to open you detoxification routes ( I have mentioned in the Crohn's page that DMSO, B12, melatonin and pig duodenum ( have worked for that condition and I suspect you would benefit too.

You mentioned that you are taking calcium even though your cal to mag ratio is off. I think you should stop the Cal. To slowly detox heavy metals eat cilantro, spirulina and chlorella. Also the zero sperm count to me indicates you need lugol's iodine which will also help flush bromine, fluorine, chlorine and other heavy metals out. Take it slow so you don't detox too fast. Diatomaceous earth is also another really good detoxifier. Aloe vera is an other fabulous detoxifier. Look up liver cleansing and coffee enimas on this site too. May be a good option for you. All my suggestions should be researched further and discussed with your naturopath to make sure you are getting the right kind of each and not detoxing too fast.

I am concerned that you are still taking Lialda because it can cause side effects such as kidney-liver damage and UC ( If I were you, I would work with my Dr/naturopath to get off meds. It is highly likely they are contributing to your ill health, especially if they are capable of causing kidney/liver disfunction and UC.

I hope this helps and I wish you well again soon.

PS you can find raw grass fed milk at Reading Terminal Market and Mama's Wellness Joint in downtown Philly.

Replied by Jane

Anthony, your symptoms are all consistent with mercury poisoning. Andrew Cutler's protocol for metal detoxification has really helped me. I recommend Mercury Poisoning: The Undiagnosed Epidemic for information on heavy metal toxicity and a guide to treatment.

Posted by Lisa (Coto De Caza, Ca, Usa) on 09/06/2010

I've been following the Andrew Hall Cutler approach for chelating heavy metals and much of my Chronic fatigue and headaches are gone. He mentions that Alpha Lipoic Acid, DMSA, or DMPS with chelate Mercury from your body. Take small dose (25 mg) every 4 hours for 3-4 days then take 4-5 day break. It will take many rounds to get all the mercury out. Your amalgams must be out of your mouth before you do this. Before chelating with Alpha Lipoic Acid using his method and supplement ideas, I could barely get off the couch. Now after a few years, I am much more active and don't need to take naps anymore. Also, no more daily headaches and migraines only every 2 months instead of a few times a month.

Posted by Patrick (Bell Island, Newfoundland) on 10/29/2009

why you never posted these best detoxs

hello, if its Ted that reads these letters or whoever. Have you ever heard of chlorella or spirulina. they are both blue and green algaes that the Chinese been using for years. it is suppose to be able to repair your genetic code, remove and metals out of your system, etc. They both contain all or most of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients,etc. i've been looking up health stuff since i'm been in grade 7, i'm 18 now and by far your site is the best. anyways just thought you might want to look in to these algaes that keep the lifespan of the chinese the greastest out of all races in the world. please write back to let me know what you guys think or what you know about this, thank you Patrick


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Posted by Ariel (Las Vegas, NV) on 05/14/2024

Chelate Metallic Smell From Underarms With a Turmeric Tincture

Some years ago I remember buying a shirt from a secondhand store and noticing that it had what looked to be deodorant caked on it. I felt weird buying it but it was a really nice shirt so I did with the thought that I could wash it off and remove the metallic smell that it had in the left arm of the shirt. I wore the washed shirt and took it off after realizing that under my left arm, it started to have the same metallic odor. For years, my left arm continued to smell like metal. Recently, I began to feel the worst pain under my left arm that traveled deep into the left upper part of my chest. I read that turmeric could be used to chelate heavy metals, and so I decided to take the tincture I had and rub some under my arms and chest to see if the metallic smell would go away, and it did! It took about half an hour for me not to feel the throbbing pain. I smell normal again and after some days of treatment the pain is gone.


Posted by Eveline (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on 03/07/2010

I'm interested to find out if anyone is using zeolite for safely removing heavy metals and toxins (like chelation therapy but done at home). I have been taking this for about 10 days and they say you need to give it 90 days to really realize results. I would love to hear from our EC community about people's experience with this. Thanks. Eveline

Replied by Liz
(Houston, Tx)

Today is Day 5 for me on zeolite. I've heard many exciting reviews and testimonials about it, and I can't wait to reap great results! I'm consuming 10 drops 3x a day. I've talked to several health care professionals who swear by zeolite for detoxing.

Replied by Jessaka
(Tahlequah, Ok)

This is scary. I have about 16 mercury fillings, and I have been using Alpha Lipoic Acid for years as recommended by my doctor, but not for mercury poisoning. Can I expect to never get mercury out of my brain? I can't afford to have my fillings removed. What about juicing with cilantro daily? Wouldn't that safely remove mercury from the body?

Replied by Robin
(Melbourne, Australia)

I have been detoxing for years - its very confusing and theres so much conflicting info. I can see from hair analysis all metals have halved BUT that is disappointing for how much detox Ive done. I think a lot of them dont take it out of the body safely, stirs it all up and it reabsorbs elsewhere. Zeolite - I had a pre & post urine test. It showed no metals coming out. Therefore I dont believe it works. Does anyone have any info on alpha lipoic acid as sherry rogers recommends in detox or die?

Replied by William
(Charleston, Sc, Usa)

The cheapest method for chelating according to Dr. Bate is with Vitamin C. He says it acts as a chelator of all minerals, the good and the bad. For each 50 lbs of a person's weight one should take 1 gram of Vitamin C. I tried this recently and had a bad headache in the night, but the next day woke with more clarity, like something has been lifted. I was also chewing one garlic clove a day and eating liver detoxing foods like grapefruit and apple juice.

I believe the Vitamin C and the zeolite worked best for me. Also it is best to take Vitamin C by itself so it won't deplete the other vitamins or medications you may be taking. Wait up to four hours before taking your multi-vitamin (which you probably should take to restore mineral balance) or medication. Dr. Bate said if a man weighs 200lbs than he should take 2 grams in morning and 2 grams in the evening.

It also helps to align our lives with God's Word, so that when we pray to Him, he will recieve our prayer. It is said that the Lord hears the prayers of the righteous. Some of us can have miraculous healing, but maybe others will be lead to the right road for healing. God Bless you all. Make sure you believe in your heart that you are healing. Just Believe.

Replied by Barry

URGENT! Anyone concerned about being poisoned with toxic heavy metals that include mercury, lead, lead paint and cadmium should really be doing a detox with the natural mineral called Zeolite that has been proven to safely remove these toxic heavy metals from the body of humans and animals! For more information do a search for the single word Zeolite.


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Posted by Jenjen (Bath, Banes) on 06/24/2012

Zeolites are excellent for removing metals from the body. Ideally the mercury fillings should be removed if possible. Mine were done by an excellent 'alternative' dentist who used kinesiology and homeopathy in the process.

Thank you all so much for the info on this site.

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