Natural Remedies to Detox Heavy Metals

Posted by Faithinhealing (Forest Park, Ohio, Usa) on 02/27/2010

I'm using the selenium to detox the heavy metals, but I also use brazil nuts which are rich in selenium. I love them and use them as a snack daily.

Posted by Georgia (Duluth, MN) on 02/27/2009

Selenium for mercury poisoning:

Selenium binds with mercury in the blood & escorts the mercury out to urine, bowels.

The amalgam fillings in the mouth releases mercury vapor & is absorbed through the saliva, open cavities,

How? Under pressure, like during chewing, the grinding process friction under certain psi (per square inch). During this process the mercury molecules goes up to the surface of the tooth causing again the Hg(mercury) to get absorbed through the food ,saliva & so we sawllow it. Imagine the accumulation each time we eat & masticate with those bony chicken. The first & foremost lethal dose of Hg poisoning is through the tooth fillings.

Search more about this topic before you take action. There is so much research supports this theory. In Europe amalgam fillings is banned since 1992.

Google Sweden Geotechnical Institute or Cecilia Toomvalii

I'd like to make it clear that when you decide to get rid of amalgam fillings, you will face a very hard decision. B4 you start the decision making, see how the specialists get the amalgam out. It is cautiously, very very intricate process. The clinic has to be ventilated, & the dentists/specialists/staff looks like astronauts. They look like they are going to another planet looking 4 for weapon of mass destruction.This is b/c of the vapor that is released, during again, the grinding.

This is not a complete protocol in the treatment of HG poisoning. Please read as much as you can. Filling it in is equally dangerous as
getting it out.

My decison was to pull them b/c they are too many.(7+ not surfaces/huge fillings.

It is a huge controversy right now but hopefully the NKIDD/NIH will get rid of it. HG+ Lead( pipes H2O) + other metals is a ticking time bomb.

I am so grateful for the sore throat, IC remedy. My deepest Gratitude to all.

A grateful dentist. I have all the symptoms due to my profession.

Posted by Lance (National City, California) on 11/23/2008

to take heavy metals out of the body - selenium asorbs heavy metals from the body silver fillings in your mouth contain mercury it can cause harding of the arteries. selenium is one way of absorbing mercury.