Natural Remedies to Detox Heavy Metals

Poor Methylation / Mineral Imbalances
Posted by Sam (HAWAII) on 07/23/2022
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OK so a lot of people in our community may not "methylate" well in the first place and what this means is our bodies do not process heavy metals well, making it more problematic for some. It's a test your naturopath can give you. As well some heavy metals can knock your minerals way out of whack. Magnesium controls electrical impulses to the heart so you need to make sure what type of metals toxicity you have before supplementing. I had a thallium poisoning (TI) which functionally made me allergic to magnesium so my epsom salt baths nearly stopped my heart. Yikes. It took a long year to figure out I needed to double down on potassium (K) instead, which along with sodium controls cellular pumps and that I had general terrible nutrient absorption so everything needed boosting. Everyone is different. Get an RBC mineral test if you can.

Best of luck! Sam