Natural First Aid for Wounds

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Miracles (Santa Monica, Ca, United States) on 07/11/2013
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So I've used Earth Clinic for a few cures since I discovered it and loved it! I even turned on my clients to this wonderful site - as I totally believe in holistic healing & alternative medicine - and would prefer to do something natural than put chemicals into my body!

But something happened this past week that made me think, I must first listen to and follow my intuition! In my excitement to "test out a remedy" from EarthClinic, I ignored my intuition and pain - I have a high tolerance for pain!

One week ago, I was not paying attention to where I was going (another message to pay attention and stay in the moment! ) - and I slipped on asphalt while wearing my barefoot tennis shoes. I scraped both knees and they were bleeding profusely. I cleaned it up with apple cider vinegar (or so I thought! ). And put comfrey and calendula on the wounds. Then I went about my merry day working out and having fun! I wasn't sure whether to keep the wound dry or wet so I kept a bandage on it and then, removed it to let it air out!

A week later --- one of the knees healed beautifully and started scabbing. The other knee, however, got infected and it was hurting even more. I was tempted to not go see a Western medicine doctor - but when I visited a homeopathy pharmacy, both technicians there recommended I go see one as it looked infected. I immediately went to Urgent Care!

The Urgent Care doctor said I must keep my knee wet at all times - covered by a bandage - and clean it with just water and soap three times a week - then, apply the antibiotic ointment he prescribed (stronger than Neosporin which I had been using as well).

In short, all is great and healing - but I just wanted to let everybody know - first and foremost, run every remedy by your intuition - and don't risk your health or anybody else's. Each person must listen to his/her intuition when it comes to his/her body's wisdom.

Thank you so much to Earth Clinic and everybody who writes in with their remedies/cures!