Natural First Aid for Wounds

Black Pepper
Posted by Doris (Orange County, CA USA) on 01/06/2009

Black Pepper is loaded with vitamin E. It is a great healer for cuts and scars. Hiking and camping friends all take a shaker along. Once at campout, a climber cut along his finger while climbing. Looked like it could ahve taken 2 or 3 stitches. We watched him pull his salt and pepper shakers from plastic baggies in his backpack. He sprinkled just a dash of table salt in center of his palm, put canteen water in his palm and rinsed it over the cut (stung briefly he said). Then he spriinkled ground black pepper right out of the shaker right onto the cut (said it really stings, but only for a moment, then is numb). He wrapped a clean gauze 2inch square and taped it on (all we had was duct tape!). Next morning changed the bandage (no need to reapply pepper). Cut was half healed. Headed home, 3 days later his cut was gone - and no scar, no pain, full use of finger. Changed dressing daily or as needed. He didn't mess with or touch the wound, just re-dressed it and kept it clean. I wet a washcloth, sprinkled some on, and gently rub it over my old childhood leg injury scar. So far, scar looks stronger healthier, skin not so pale, frail, thin anymore.