Natural Treatments for Cellulitis

Dietary Changes, Soap
Posted by Angie (Los Angeles) on 10/08/2016
5 out of 5 stars

For cellulitis, I began showering my body with Zest bar soap. I would leave the foam on the infected cellulitis areas for a few minutes, rinse and repeat five more times. This helped dry out the skin from the outside. I cut out all sugar from my diet. It FEEDS of sugar. You need to cut it out!! I mean everything including fruits, bread, pasta, starch vegetables everything!! Every morning I would drink a green smoothie consisting of red chard, spinach and dandelions. I also took two garlic capsules, B vitamin and folic acid capsules every day. Within 4 months my skin was healing and my body was EXPELLING the bacteria from my body!!! I have been suffering from this for 8 years and after so much trial and error I finally found my cure.