Natural Treatments for Cellulitis

Dietary Changes, Natural Remedies
Posted by Tinkerbell (Michigan, USA) on 11/19/2014

I applaud you all for trying to use natural remedies but please be careful. I did the same as you all and thought I had gotten rid of my cellulitus but had not. I am extremely overweight due to the steroids I take daily for my lung disease. My mobility is null so I sit a lot at my desk. I can not lay on my back to elevate my legs because I can not breathe so I can only prop my legs in a recliner with pillows off and on all day. I tried the natural way after the third time of breaking out with cellulitus and I made the problem worse. I also have edema in my lower body which after the blisters of the cellulitus break they turn into ulcers (which they did because I did not get the infection under control with antibiotics). I have severe pain, my legs are now discolored in a black hue from the damage to the skin. What you are all missing is if you have cellulitus more then once you can have a medical underlying problem. I get the cellulitus from the edema getting out of hand. It is not just from getting bitten from a bug. Please research some more and talk to a skin doctor before you do what I did and make it far worse then it could of been.