Natural Treatments for Cellulitis

Coconut Oil
Posted by Christy (Austin, Indiana) on 09/11/2013

First just want to say I am 22 years old when I was 6 months pregnant I got bit by a bug then a blister formed. And while I was working at my nursing home because I am a certified nursing assistant (cna) the blister popped. And the cellulitis started and I've had this infection ever since and every time I'm working I'm always on my feet so I get blisters on the same toe and my cellulitis starts and it's very painful. The worse my cellulitis has gotten my leg was inflamed up to my knee, and my limp nodes were swollen. I had to stay at Nortons hospital for a week dealing with this painful infection. Every time the doctors wanted me to stand up I would cry so hard and had to have help from the nurses, to lean on them because I couldn't move. I have cried myself to sleep praying this infection would go away but I learned I'm stuck with it the rest of my life. I have went to the doctors 7 times since I got pregnant within this year and my son is 1 year old now. I have tried every antibiotic the doctor has given me and nothing has helped but I recently heard of coconut oil helping. I just started using it last month. I love it so much but since I'm a cna I can't escape being on my feet and dealing with the blisters. I'm so glad I found this site and seeing everyone find these remedies helping I heard tea tree helps with the coconut oil. I will say I don't want any more antibiotics from the doctors they say it helps and then I get discouraged because it doesn't.