Slowing Cataract Progression: Evidence-Based Natural Remedies

Cataract Remedy Cautions
Posted by Richard P. (Warminster ) on 03/18/2023



I have been researching cataracts for the past 2 years and the best solution would appear to be those in drops tested NIMMH or other pdf clinical trials on a wide variety of solutions etc, one must first know what the underlying cause is, what cataracts are in principle and then go about investigating possibilities, NOT just apply solutions ad hoc. This is dangerous and unproven. There needs to be some study somewhere to back up you need to check the safety of use ie, DMSO on the skin is very drying some dilute it 70 %. Even then it is a solvent that is ok in the eyes? I am currently using the well known isotonic solution from India, but reversing cataracts isn't easy, keep sugar and salt intake down use other supplements to boost antioxidants raise zinc levels etc . Rosmarinic acid was used in trial, but please everybody do some online research first. It is VERY easy to make the situation ten times worse and even blind yourself.