Natural Remedies for Bursitis, Including Hip, Shoulder and Knee Pain

Magnesium Oil

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Posted by Rose (Oregon) on 03/08/2019
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Bursitis Pain:

Magnesium Oil (Magnesium Chloride Brine) rubbed deeply into my increasingly painful shoulder & upper arm for about 5-10 minutes, reduced incapacitating pain 90%! Thanks to all who posted your experiences with bursitis improving with magnesium!

I had no Milk of Magnesia, but realized the Magnesium Oil in my cupboard massaged directly where it hurt might work even quicker. Almost immediately I began to get pain relief, so I just kept spraying on more, and massaging it in (including under the arm) until the pain largely disappeared. I plan to keep doing this daily. (Had it not worked, I would have added a little DMSO, but that was not necessary.) Recent slight Charlie Horses should have been my wake up call that I needed Magnesium.

I'm thanking God, Earthclinic, and all of you who share your knowledge! I trust this works for others!

Replied by Vanessa
(Las Cruces, NM)
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Thank you, Rose!

After two weeks of pain I tried this tonight and my pain is almost gone! I plan on doing it again in the morning.

Replied by Kristi
(Pittsburgh, PA)

Wow I am going to try this ASAP. I have been having MAJOR "itis" of some sort the past few months in BOTH my shoulders, my clavicles, my breastbone, etc. The reason I believe it to be BURSITIS is I read on this website that if you rub your arm and get red splotches that's a major sign. It's significantly worse on the right-hand side to the point where I get severe swelling under my arm pit. It just hurts and it's uncomfortable. I have been taking ACV, doing cold packs at night, trying to stretch it, etc and nothing seems to work so I have just been dealing with it. I have magnesium oil; I use it for Art Solbrigs solution for insomnia so I will DEFINITELY be rubbing some of this on my shoulders! I hope it works as quick and good as you say!

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Hi Kristi,

You said you are using the mag oil as I suggested for sleep. Is it helping you to get to sleep and are you applying it to the areas I mentioned?

Thank you for the feedback!



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Posted by Jedi757 (Portsmouth, VA) on 08/10/2014
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I used manganese to heal my bursitis. I took a mega dose every morning for two weeks and I no longer have any pain in my elbows or my knees. I'm going to continue to take it until the bottle is gone but I don't think I'll renew the bottle unless the bursitis comes back.

Posted by Denis (Luo Dong Township, Taiwan) on 05/12/2007
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Some years ago I had a hair mineral analysis done. In general, the profile of minerals was on the low end of the normal range. However, copper was only about 85% of the minimum considered normal and manganese was only about 50%. I have severe food allergies and apparently the inflammation is interfering with normal mineral absorption. I have always been athletic and have more or less kept up a regular schedule of aerobic exercise for the last 38 years or so. One type of exercise I have had trouble doing is dips. Beginning in my late teens, whenever I started doing dips, I would get severe bursitis and have to quit. It was not until I was in my late forties that I had this hair mineral analysis done. I went to a local chemical shop and bought the purest form (high quality lab chemicals manufactured in Japan) of Manganese Chloride I could find. I began taking small quantities, only a few tiny crystals a day. Before long, for the first time in my life, I was able to do dips without getting bursitis. Now, caution is warranted. I knew I was low in manganese. However, it is a trace mineral, and too much can cause nervous system damage. After several years, I more or less forgot about it and my shoulder joints starting getting weak again. Two falls on two separate occasions resulted in dislocating both of my shoulders within the last year. Now, I am taking a little more, about 90 mg a day in order to strengthen my shoulder joints. I also have a very weak liver, and I suspect that manganese deficiency is a big part of this as well. If you want to try manganese chloride, first make sure you have a deficiency and then, take no more than 50 mg a day of the pure manganese, i.e. you must figure the weight of the choride and water molecules attached.

Replied by Anon

A Tablespoon of ground cloves has 2 milligrams of manganese (98%DV). Cloves will make you very thirsty which orange juice is an excellent remedy for. Water just doesn't seem sufficient.

Damaged my knees with too much jogging years ago. Gelatin did not fix them. Whey powder? Nope. Calcium/magnesium/d3 pills gave severe lower back pain (an earlier post elsewhere) and did not help.

Kefir seems to be working finally! The knees used to make a frightening scraping feeling. Now it is more smooth, and a quiter crunchyness when I take the stairs. My lower back and hips are feeling improved, too.

I soaked in the tub with several drops (really too many, I was FREEZING! In a tub of hot water! ) of peppermint essential oil and baking soda/borax/epsom salt the other day, and after I got out I had no pain in my hips.

I'm thinking the pain is from poor diet and an abdominal infection/toxins, bv or an std. Oregano oil is antibacterial and milk of magnesia may be if it contains sodium hypochlorite (bleach). These have both relieved hip pain for people.

For bv I tried douching with plain water and putting a piece of peeled turmeric in my yoohoo after sex and so far no bv symptoms. I read douching can be bad so I was trying to find another way to control the problem while I try to persuade my man to try some remedies.

So! If you are experiencing hip pain you might try antibiotic/antifungal/antiviral measures. Or kefir :)

Keep the remedies coming!


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Posted by Alice (Tucson, Arizona) on 08/02/2009
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Bursitis? Muscle/joint pain, swelling massage helps

I have severe pain in my right arm. It began in the middle of the arm, feeling as if it was where the muscle or ligament attaches to the arm. It felt as if suddenly that was torn. The pain also appeared in the shoulder joint. It appeared suddenly, without any apparent reason. Pressure on the spot seemed to help. Also using therapies such as gentle touch.

However it began to spread. It felt as if different muscle areas would bunch up and become hard and painful. The pain would occur if moving the arm in one specific way or another, frequently associated with twisting the arm. For example, I could not reach behind my back to pull up my pants.

I discovered if I deeply massage the hardened area, it relieves the pain. It feels as if there might be fluid in the cells or the area which somehow gets massaged out, and then the muscle cells relax and pain goes least for a while. Flexibility is then restored, at least for a while. It does not feel exactly like a cramp, though I suppose that is possible. However, it seems to me that the relaxed muscle or ligament or whatever areas then begin to atrophy, although I don't know if that is due to probable less use.

Range of motion is limited: I cannot raise that arm straight up in the air. I have been to the doctor, who sent me for xrays to see if the ligament is lifting from the bones. But I don't think it's just ligaments, because of the hardened areas that are larger sections of muscle tissue, and because deep massage to the painful portion removes the hardness and restores flexibility. If I slide the fingers of my left hand over the affected area of my upper right arm, I can feel the muscles lumped up and hard. Again, though: massage removes the hardness and restores flexibility. The pain is definitely associated with the hardened muscle or ligament or attachment.

However, the pain is sudden and excrutiating when moving in a suddenly "wrong" direction.

Also the problem is spreading, though still confined to the right arm. Plus I can feel the ligaments or whatever getting caught on the bone at the shoulder joint.

When this began to be an obvious problem, drinking 2 teaspoons of soda in juice of four lemons, allowed to foam, then added to 20 ounces of water, seemed to be helping. It actually tasted good. I drank it once a day. I stopped because the price of lemons skyrocketed and while it seemed to temporarily help and maybe be actually getting better, it seemed maybe I needed to take even more. Or that it wasn't really curing it, just slowing it down. Also I was about to have to go to the doctor, so I became discouraged and stopped the remedy.

The range of motion is greatly improved over what it was, mostly seeming as a result of deep massage. However, the problem is spreading to more of the arm. Also I've noticed that if I relax my arm at my side while sleeping on my back, there will be a painful accumulation of fluid in places like immediately next to the outside of the bone in the elbow joint. This pain can be removed by deeply and carefully massaging the affected area, which seems to remove the fluid along with the pain, and then movement is no longer painful, and so flexibility is restored to wherever the pain was.

It's difficult to research this because I have no idea what it really is, though bursitis sounded like a possibility. I am going to try the lemon/soda "cure" again, using even more lemons and soda, to see if that helps. If not, I am going to try some of the remedies for bursitis listed here.

If anyone has had a similar problem, or has ideas as to what might be causing this or what might help it, I'd be interested in hearing. Thanks

Replied by Shaun
(York, UK)

My guess is you have a nerve issue (from a pressing/herniated disc pad) in your neck. Check out Cervical issues at C5,6 & 7. I am having similar problems. It should go away in time. Well, I hope so anyway.

Replied by Ericab
(Atlanta, Ga)

Sound like I have the same exact thing! I went to a sport medicine clinic and their pre-diagnosis was bursitis, but still waiting for X-rays results. Anyway my description is identical to yours. I tried the massages, but like you've said, its temporary relief and the pain has spread. I'm going to start the ACV with molasses today & perhaps a pineapple, ginger, turmeric juice mix. Also, I'm going to take some liquid magnesium as well. All of these treatments have been list on this site. I'll let you know how it goes :)

Replied by Bee
(Nannup, Wa)

I think lemons might work but I am worried about the bicarbonated soda part of this cure. I read about soda years ago and put it on my list of things to avoid. Cant remember the details. MAybe just try the lemons first and research soda.

Milk of Magnesia

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Posted by D (Usa) on 03/21/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you to all the posts about Milk of Magnesia for Bursitis. It works, and works quickly. Thank you to everyone who said this may be from a calcium/magnesium imbalance, ie., magnesium deficiency. In my case it definitely was.

I took one teaspoon of MOM every 8 hours, and it worked so well. I also tried taking magnesium supplements, (chelated form) but the MOM worked far better.

Replied by Natalie

After suffering with hip bursitis for around 8 months, I am now trying milk of magnesia after finding information on this site-I do physio exercises and have tried apple cider vinegar (which relieved it for a while but then it came back! And it doesn't seem be working at the minute) Ice does help but I am desperate to get rid of the daily pain so I am going to try the MOM-thanks for all the comments on this site and fingers crossed it helps me.

Replied by Louise
(Dewy Rose, Ga)

I have severe Hip Bursitis that has been getting progressively worse over the years. It is not unbearable. I'm going to try this. Thank you so much!

Milk of Magnesia
Posted by Isabel (Tampa, Fl) on 01/26/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I had used for bursitis milk of magnesium. Take a teaspoon in the morning and one at night with a glass of water you will be fine in 24 hours. I had migratory bursitis and that's all I use.

Replied by Edye
(Sarasota, Fl)

Is this a diuretic? A laxative? I'm very sensitive to those as I'm a paraplegic and I can't take laxatives. Is there anyway to take a small dose? Sounds so promising.

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Edye,

Milk of Magnesia does have a laxative effect and too much could cause diarrhea.

Transdermal magnesium therapy - applying Magnesium Oil (which isn't really an oil) to the skin is a way to get magnesium into the body bypassing the digestive system and allowing the body to get the needed magnesium without affecting the bowels. But, some people do report diarrhea from the use of magnesium oil on the skin.

Whichever way you decide to take magnesium, start slowly and see how it affects you.

Likely it would take a lot more Magnesium Oil to cause a laxative effect than just about any other method.

~Mama to Many~

Milk of Magnesia
Posted by Sammer (Clevedon, Uk) on 10/24/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Hi one and all, very new here and already very glad I came.

I'm 40 years old and a keen cyclist. I recently started up running and basically overcooked it too soon...and after seeing the physio, he told me that I had inflammation of a bursa, or bursitis as I have come to know it.

The damage was caused on a 17km run the monday before last and I tried everything, ice, ibuprofen, rest, turmeric for its anti-inflammatory properties. Now, I'm not saying these didn't have any effect - the ice was soothing, the Ibuprofen killed the pain (I needed full dosage) and I have every faith in turmeric but the Milk of Magnesia - I believe - has done the trick. I started taking MOM yesterday morning - 1 x10ml which I repeated twice more so I had 30ml. This morning I had 10ml and another 10ml this afternoon and the improvement is significant. The pain is bearable - I've had no painkillers since 4pm yesterday and the affected area no longers hurts as much to the touch as it did yesterday...I'd say by about 50% at least.

This could be down to a variety of factors but there was no progress being made before I had MOM and whilst I'm not out of the woods yet I have every faith that I'm getting there.

One other problem in England - MOM is very hard to get hold of due to EU legislation which says it contains too much sulphate! Old stocks are all that is available and most of those are found In Boots the Chemist.

There are side effects, - the laxative (and diuretic) properties have well, flushed me out and I am having intermittent headaches which I think is down to dehydration.

Either way, I'll report back when I get more of an idea...

Replied by Sammer
(Clevedon, Uk)

Okay, been away since Friday but can confirm that the following day I had the same dosage - 3 x 10ml totalling 30ml a day for two days and the pain was gone by Friday morning - 48 hours after first dose.

What has aggravated the situation is my young son - bless him - who likes nothing more than to pullme around when he doesn't like the plan! That and having to walk everywhere. But the pain has gone and I believe it's in large part down to MOM, despite the side effects.

Nice one Earth Clinic!

Replied by Carla
(Houston Texas)

I'm glad you mentioned sulfates, sulfur got rid of a ganglia cyst I had. Same as bursitis, just on my wrist. I'm glad you mentioned it, because I have some in my medicine cabinet :) thanks

Milk of Magnesia
Posted by John (Siren, Wisconsin) on 09/20/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Bursitis: Milk of magnesia the best pain cure. I had painted 2 bedrooms and overdid it on my right elbow. The pain was excruciating. MOM took it way down in less than 8 hours. Thanks everyone for the great site and info.

Milk of Magnesia
Posted by Betsey2u (Troy, Mi) on 02/21/2013
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

I have been down a rocky road recently, .. Spine issues and arthritis, .. Weeks before this I had a painful shoulder, .. In between appts I mentioned it to my doctor who advised me to do physical therapy. Bursitis, Tendinitis he told me and that I didnt want to get frozen shoulder. And I said no to physical therapy and he gave me exercises to do. Fine and well. But one day I woke up and felt like my arm was going to fall off. I think I actually did get frozen shoulder, .. I dont know. And I noticed my right upper side the affected shoulder area was in major pain and was starting to look deformed! I found this site and the MOM idea and I did 2 tblsp, .. At first when I went to the store I thought this was a heartburn medicine and then when I saw that it was a laxative!! I was like whoooooooooooooaaa because that is the least of my problems. And I took 2 tblsps. Was in the bathroom within a couple hours but I was moving my arm and shoulder around like crazy. It was like pain relief. Major. Next morning I felt a little weak and was also drinking gatorade.. But now I am waiting a day and will try maybe only 1 tblsp. tomorrow. I have to wonder what a person is depleting by useing Milk of Magnesia???? That stuff flushes you out major, . But I swear my arm feels atleast 50% or more better today. And what I couldnt move I can move today and now am hearing clicks in my shoulder. Which would have never been there if I couldnt move it at all lol. So I think it is good!

sounds like a good thing! Buttt, . As I told my friend about all this she mentioned her constipation issues and I told her from what I read magnese (magnesium?) in vitamin form at certain levels are laxative effect also and she said that explained her all of a sudden regularity. And she asked about my vitamins. And I had read that iron may effect that as that is what I found in my multi vitamin. so I wont take that anytime soon.

So all I am saying is for people like myself coming across this information, .. Please be careful. My unaffected arm was shaking this morning because it may have dehydrated me. So I dont know how people could take 2 tblsp of this stuff twice a day! I dont have that much stuff to evacuate to begin with lol. If anyone has any info on what to replenish besides gatorade, . Or what to eat while doing such a thing I would love to hear about it. When I looked up gatorade and MOM I got nothing but what one would do before having a colonoscopy! But I have to say thumbs up because I havent felt this good in months!!

Replied by Susan

Take coconut water for dehydration

Milk of Magnesia
Posted by Sarah (Birmingham, England) on 05/01/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I read the write ups on milk of magnesium for bursitis and couldn't believe it. I have suffered for nearly a year in my hip, I have had two coritisone injections and taken anti inflammatories but still in terrible pain! So I started taking milk of magnesium on Thursday it is now Sunday and I have virtually no pain! I am so pleased I have found this cure!

Replied by Bonnie
(Venice, Louisiana/usa)
5 out of 5 stars

I tried the MOM because it was the easiest to obtain. I had immediate relief from hip bursitis from which I had suffered for a year or more. I had tried several things: light exercise and stretching (when I could), corisone shots, naproxan sodium, acetiminophen, rest... The MOM work immedately to relieve pain so I can returned to a better quality of life! Since I didn't need the laxative effect, I have had to cut back to 2 T. once a day, right after work. I am amazed at how well it works! Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this!

Replied by Tammy
(Viborg, Sd)

I was just wondering if you are all still pain free after taking MOM I started taking it yesterday, and woke up this morning without pain.. It did return this afternoon but I have only been taking it for a little over 24 hours.. I am starting to get bursitis in both hips, I am very active and only 45, it has been going on for 4 months and the pain has been unbearable. I have seen two chiropractors and had one cortisone shot.. Nothing has helped. I am just hoping this is the answer to my prayers.. I would love to know if any of you that have been doing the MOM for bursitis in the hip are still pain free..

Milk of Magnesia
Posted by Paul (Port Jefferson Station, Ny) on 07/20/2010
5 out of 5 stars

After being hit with my first and hopefully only bout of very painful hip Bursitis I came here for some advice. Tried the Milk of Magnesia 2 TBSP twice a day for 5 days and I was 90% better. In addition, seeing the post stating that when calcium is high magnesium is low and understanding the relationship Vitamin D also has with calcium I added (1) 2000 Unit vitamin D tab to my diet. I did nothing else and felt tremendous relief and was not about to go for Cortisone injections as suggested by others. When my Hip was about 95% better I felt some sharp pain in my knee causing me to limp again. I took another 2 doses of Milk of Magnesia, my knee feels much better, and my hip bursitis is GONE!!! Thank you.

Milk of Magnesia
Posted by Isabel (Tampa, Fl) on 08/08/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Yesterday I woke up with bursitis on my left elbow,I hardly can move my fingers, Immediately I took a tablespoon of milk of magnesia with a glass of water, one in the morning and one before going to bed, today I feel great no pain at all, all my life I suffered from migratory bursitis, I had been doing this for more than 30 years and never fail, just remember when calcium is high your magnesium is low, and bursitis is an accumulation of calcium

Replied by Wilson
(Calgary, Alberta)
5 out of 5 stars

I have suffered with hip bersitus for almost 2 years now. I stumbled on this web site and started taking Milk of Magnesia yesterday in the pill form. I took 2 pills 3 times yesterday and I have taken 4 pills so far today. OMG! I can't believe the difference in that short time (better). It is really working for me. Thank you all so much for the relief of pain in the last 2 day! I will contuinue to take this for another few days and I am confident it will be totaly GONE!

Milk of Magnesia
Posted by Isabel (Tampa, Fl USA) on 12/21/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Milk of magnesium cured my bursitis, I had suffered from it for many years, sometimes I saw a Doctor 6 times a year, he told me that I had migratory bursitis, one time I went to the hospital for bursitis on my shoulder, luckily after 3 days the calcium dissolved, my italian neighbor told me that she can't believe I would go to so much trouble knowing that I can get relief taking milk of magnesium.

I used it and within 24 hours I was cured 90%. this was about 20 years ago and it has work for me and my friends, usually when I have bursitis immediately I take a tablespoon of milk of magnesium (I don't care that it will upset my stomach) and 1 teaspoon before I go to bed then for the next 3 days I take on teaspoon in the morning and another before I go to bed,after that I am 100% cured, this year I had to take it 3 times and always works, the only time that I have to go and see a Dr. was when I had the bursitis in my hips (2 times) mybe if I had waited long enough would had work but after a week of pain I had no choice.

One time I was on vacation and I had a bad sunburn since I only had milk of magnesium I used on my back and I was able to sleep.

Your web site is wonderful, I am addicted to it. For the last 3 months I had been doing the oil pulling and ACV, thanks to everybody for their feedback.

Replied by Dave
(Huntington Beach, California, Usa)

How does this work to cure the bursitis?

Replied by Ndj
(Socal, Ca Usa)

So is 2 tbs the suggested dosage? once a day? I am have been suffering for over a month from hip pain and need help.

Replied by Alex
(Latin America)

Does anybody knows what would happen if instead of taking 1 table/teaspoon of MOM twice a day, only 1 is taken for several days? Would it still work?

I took two tablespoons yesterday, and 1 tablespoon the day before, but it seemed to be too much for my stomach, plus the bursitis is not much better.

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Lisa (Ma) on 04/13/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I got bursitis in medial inside ankle... burning crushing pain...I soaked in Epsom salts and oregano oil and cayenne pepper! helps! Take it internal too a bit...also drink fire cider and my number one is chlorella - it has RNA also called chlorella growth factor.. I'm off crutches and yes as it resolves the pain lessons it is a stubborn angry swollen angry illness!

Oregano Oil

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Posted by Janis (Boston, Ma) on 01/28/2015
5 out of 5 stars

6-8 drops of oregano essential oil mixed with a carrier oil such as or coconut, rub directly into effected area. This remedy worked so quickly, within 15-20 minutes. I was amazed. I later found many testimonies of oregano oil for arthritis, bursitis, fibromyalgia.

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