Effective Natural Treatments for Bursitis Relief

Blackstrap Molasses

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Posted by Linda (Orlando, FL) on 03/05/2007

On the acv and baking soda page, Katie from Santa Ana was asking about her chronic shoulder pain and what to do. I had a severe rotator cuff injury about 3 years ago. I could not even lift my arm. Initially I took glucosamine and chondroitin, which helped a lot with the healing and the pain. I was taking two pills per day for about 2 years, and then 1 pill a day for the past year. If I stopped taking the glucosamine and condroitin the pain would return. I found this site a few weeks ago and have begun taking molasses with my morning coffee. I read (on a different page) that it helps with inflamation and pain. I have not needed the glucosamine and condroitin ever since!!

Replied by dan

Hi Linda,

Which brand of molasses did/do you use?

Thank you

Blended Whole Lemon

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Posted by Jon V. (Austin, Tx) on 10/20/2022

For the last month, I have suffered from constant chronic right shoulder pain that started about a month ago from what I believe is a sluggish gall bladder (possible gallstones) as I do have tenderness under my right ribcage when I press the gall bladder area. It has severely affected my sleep as I am a side sleeper and sleeping on my side is so painful that I am forced to sleep on my back which sets off a mild case of sleep apnea.

While searching YouTube for health videos concerning a different health issue, I came across a video titled Amazing Benefits of Eating WHOLE Lemons – Peel, White Part, and Seeds by Dr. Eric Berg DC. I remembered that the bitterness of real squeezed lemon juice is very good for a sluggish gallbladder and healing a sore gallbladder (tender to the touch) which often also results in chronic right shoulder pain as the inflamed gallbladder impinges on a nerve that runs up from the torso and into the right shoulder area that causes deep throbbing pain. Dr. Berg's simple explanation of “why you should consume the whole lemon” (video time 1:44 to 6:22 minutes) provided enough similarities with what was going on with me that I decided to give it a shot. I drove to my local supermarket that carries a small organic section (most nationwide grocery stores carry organic lemons and or limes– usually a bag of 10 for under $5) and bought organic lemons. It must be organic lemon or limes as non-organic citrus fruit is heavily sprayed with pesticides which you will consume if you eat the whole non-organic lemon. When I got home, I cut one lemon into 10 equal parts, threw the parts into a tall quart size wide mouth mason jar, filled with around 12 oz of water, and used a hand immersion blender for 3 minutes (enough time to make sure everything was really cut and blended – no big pieces especially any seeds or peel parts.

A counter blender or bullet type blender will work as well). You can watch the video to see how to blend the lemon and drink. I didn't have any liquid stevia at the time, so I just drank it straight in one go. It was bitter but not so bad where I gagged. I can see where the liquid stevia could help offset the bitterness. To be honest it wasnt bad tasting and from start (cutting lemon) to finish (cleaning the blender) was roughly 5 minutes.

The only side effect was I had diarrhea that night and I could see bits of the lemon pulp floating in the water. Other than that, no problems. I drank a blended lemon for the next 3 days and by the fourth day I noticed that my shoulder pain was lessening. It wasn't the constant throbbing pain anymore. In fact, it felt like it had reduced in pain by 60% and now really only hurt when I moved my arm back or above my head. That night I was able to sleep on my left side for the full night and actually got restive sleep. By day six, all pain was gone from my right shoulder; I could now sleep on either side; and the tenderness under my right ribcage at where my gall bladder is located had vanished. It's now been 12 days of consuming a whole blended lemon and I really feel good. I have tons of energy, my outlook on life is good, and I am pain free throughout my entire body. I no longer have to take any kind of pain medication. I cant tell you how awesome that is. So give it a shot. You will be pleasantly surprised. I have gotten so many additional benefits that I am beginning to wonder if drinking a blended lemon a day, might not be just the panacea we are all looking for in this day and age.

Borax Poultice, Avoid Dairy

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Posted by CJG (Ohio) on 11/21/2021

I had very bad bursitis in my shoulder. I used a solution of borax and water (1 tsp / 1 liter) and soaked a cotton cloth and applied it to my shoulder several times a day.

I was hesitant to drink the solution, so decided applying it topically would be OK (not sure why I thought that, the skin is a huge organ which absorbs all kinds of things, including Epsom salts and baking soda in a bath) The application at room temperature felt so good and relieving. After about a week, the swelling in my shoulder had diminished and pain was greatly relieved. I kept it up for weeks, and the bursitis went away. My orthopedist wanted to inject cortisone. I said I would consider it if taking glucosamine and condroitin didn't help and that I would let him know. He actually told me that some of his patients had good results from quitting dairy consumption since dairy is an inflammatory...so I did that, also.

Castor Oil

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Posted by Meghan (Hanover) on 09/30/2017

I was diagnosed with bursitis in my knee years ago. I have fluid in my knee, too. Mostly it doesn't bother me, but when it does, I massage castor oil into my knee and that always seems to help. If it is really bad I use castor oil on a cloth with plastic wrap and a heating pad at night-time and always feel better by morning.

Castor Oil
Posted by Jwb43 (Gilbert. Az) on 12/01/2013

When you do the castor oil compress do you leave the heat on it overnight as well?

Replied by Blanche
(South Louisiana)

I wouldn't leave any kind of external heat such as a heating pad on it overnight.

Castor Oil
Posted by K.C. (Portland, Oregon) on 06/25/2007

I had a calcified bursa on my right shoulder that had become so painful that, after six months of physical therapy, it was no better and I was scheduled for cortisone shots. I did not want them because of the immuno-suppressant tendency of cortisone. One night I had the impression to try a castor oil pack on it, just out of the blue. So I did. I wrapped my shoulder and underarm (after washing it) and left the pack on all night. In the morning the problem was 95% better. I did it four more nights and have not had the problem since. About five years now.

Replied by Lance
(Redding, Ca)

Hello I just wanted to know how you made your castor oil pack?

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi Lance, Castor oil packs are easy to make. You need to get yourself some wool flannel which can be found at most health food stores. (They give you a substantial amount. ) And get some castor oil. This can be messy so you'll want to use a bowl or a glass container big enough to hold the flannel wool. Cut enough to cover the body part you are using it for and fold it into a square. Then you want to saturate it with the castor oil but it doesn't need to be dripping.

What I do is then put my pack on and cover it with plastic so it doesn't stain my clothes. Castor oil does stain so make sure you wear clothing that would be okay if that does happen. Then, I put a heating pad over it. You should have it on for at least 45 minutes for it to be effective. When you're done you can store it in a plastic bag and keep it in a cool place or in the refrigerator.

Hopefully, I've made these instructions clear enough for you. Wishing you the best, Lisa

Replied by Kay
(Santa Cruz, California)

thanks for the directions. I was thinking there was NO way I was getting my BFF to Drink Castor Oil. I may get some ACV down their throat if I sweeten it enough. We are trying anything at this point to avoid Doctors and shots thank you again ~Kay in Cali

Replied by Cory
(Los Angeles, Ca)

I've read that it's not advisable to drink castor oil. It used to be recommended for internal use, but no longer. Just as a pack (as describe above). Also is helpful for eyes.

Replied by Jo

Why is wool flannel required? Could you not just use as a regular terry washcloth or face towel from the bathroom cabinet?

Replied by Mama To Many

I do not know why wool flannel is required. To be honest, when I make castor oil packs, I just use old pieces of cotton flannel, and I have positive effects.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Sandra
(Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

I just used a thick paper towel and it worked great, I don't have a heating pad so I put a hot hand towel over the paper towel and then a plastic bag over that. It worked fine.


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Posted by Richard (Winston Salem, North Carolina) on 06/23/2008

cayenne pepper rememdies: cayenne pepper foot baths will completely cure bad feet, although if you continue to work on hard floors the cure might need to be repeated every so often. also, cayenne pepper does wonders on hemorrhoids when mixed with an otc ointment (not vaseline). go very light on this one and be ready to wash it off yourself if you cant stand the burning. i've also tried cayenne pepper in a vaseline salve that i made on the cookstove that completely cured the bursitis in my shoulder.

Replied by Bill
(Kerrville, Texas)

I'm very interested in the Cayenne & Vaseline preperation mentioned that healed Bursitis in the shoulders. My 18 year old daughter has been suffering with it for about 3 or 4 years. She had to give up competative swimming and violin, both of which she loved. Tried many natural things. Nothing made much of a difference. Please send info on this preparation or any other for Shoulder Bursitis.

Replied by Jr
(Coloma, Mi)

I'm also interested in the bursitis ointment and the foot bath.

Replied by Margaret
(Redford, Michigan)

Can you give me the information about the cayenne pepper in the vaseline salve that you made on the cookstove that completely cured the bursitis in your shoulder? I have been bursitis in my shoulder.

Replied by Michele

Would love for you to post the remedy or how you made your salve for bursitis. Thank you so much

Replied by Mama To Many
(Tennessee, Usa)

Dear Michele,

The person who wrote the original post has not been around for a while. Here is a recipe for cayenne salve that you can try.

Cayenne Salve

½ cup oil (olive, coconut or a combination)

1 Tablespoon cayenne pepper powder

½ ounce beeswax

Mix the cayenne into the oil. To make an infusion of the oil, heat this in a double boiler for an hour or two. You can also just let the cayenne sit in the oil for a week, but that takes longer, obviously. Strain out the cayenne through a couple of layers of cheese cloth and discard the cayenne. Melt the beeswax into the oil. You can use your double boiler again. When the beeswax is melted, pour into jars or tins. If it ends up too hard, melt in a little bit more oil. If it is too soft, add a little more beeswax. You can add the contents of a few vitamin E capsules (Just cut them open and squeeze out the vitamin E) to help preserve it. It should stay good for about 6 months.

I would use extra virgin coconut oil (6 Tablespoons) and 2 Tablespoons castor oil, since both of those have healing properties. If the beeswax is difficult to get, you can skip that step and just have cayenne oil.

Let us know if this helps!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Michele

Thankyou so much for the reply! I will give that a try for I have bursitis in my shoulder. The doctor gave me a infammatory and it has helped some, though still hurts. I can't sit in my lazy boy recliner..It hurts my arm to much. Appreciate again!


Michele from Ohio

Replied by Mama To Many
(Tennessee, Usa)

Dear Michele,

You are most welcome. I hope it helps a lot. Turmeric is also a great anti-inflammatory. I am amazed at how much it helps. 1 teaspoon twice a day, in milk. Or 4 capsules.

Let us know how it goes--I hope you can get back into your recliner soon!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Lisa Marshall
(Fort Myers Fla)

Beeswax can be found at hobby lobby or any hobby stores, yes

Replied by Jillery
(Rawlly, Nc)
88 posts

You can get bee wax pellets via Amazon. :-)

Check for Infected Teeth

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Posted by Jess503 (Salem, Or) on 03/31/2017

Many years ago my mother suddenly started having severe shoulder pain, so bad that she sad she barely felt the needle when she got a cortisone shot. The shot didn't help much and the doctor had nothing else to offer. It wasn't until my mother went to the dentist for a checkup that it was discovered she had an abscessed tooth on the same side as the bad shoulder. When she had the abcessed tooth pulled the shoulder pain went away and never came back.

Coconut Oil

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Posted by Saysouda (Nashville, Tn) on 10/09/2009

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil for bursitis, joint pain.

I'm 36 yrs old and for 3 yrs I have bursitis on the should area and pain in my wrist. I decided after reading on earthclinic to give VCO a try. In one week I noticed the pain went away and I have more energy. It really really WORKS!

I take a 1 Tablespoon/day. Put in coffee, spread it on toast instead of butter, put some in my soup, add to my pasta sauce. I love the smell. I even use it as a cold cream to clean my face at night. I even give VCO to my dogs and cats and their coats are shiny and soft! I will continue to take this the rest of my life. I love VCO! Thank you earthclinic.

Cold Laser Therapy

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Posted by Robyn (Perth, Western Australia) on 08/19/2016

I was wondering if anyone has ever used Cold Laser Therapy or otherwise known as Low Light Laser for any sort of condition and has it made any difference? I am trying it for a bursitis in my shoulder and while there has been improvement, I have also been working with a chiropractor so it is not possible to tell how much of the improvement is coming from which therapy. I now have most of my range of movement back but still suffer daily pain (bearable) which wakes me at night every night (discomfort mostly). I would be interested to see how many others have used this non-invasive therapy and to what effect.

Replied by Julie

I did 6 sessions of Cold Laser Therapy for bursitis in my shoulder and whilst I feel it did help with the pain and there was slight improvement, I am still dealing with the pain. I didn't continue further with treatment as I didn't feel like it was doing anything. I was wondering if seeing a chiropractor or acupuncturist might help. My range of motions seems to be decreasing and I'm getting more pain in my arm and bicep. I've had the bursitis for over 4 months and it mostly seems to have gotten worse. Trying to decide what my next step is. Has the chiropractor worked for you?

Replied by Marilyn
(Lakewood, Ca)

I would recommend going to your MD and having him/her put you on physical therapy. My Shoulder pain has been helped immensely by that. Others I know who had shoulder problems, went for 6months PT and are now without or mush less pain and increased mobility. All anti-inflammatory herbs, colostrum, and acupuncture have helped me.

Replied by Colleen
(Toronto, Canada)

I tried 3 sessions of the cold laser therapy on my hyperextended knee problem and it was cured from over 20 years of pain... they called it Theralase cold laser therapy and it worked for me...


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Posted by Deva (England) on 05/25/2014

Hi. Please help me I am 28 years old, I am suffering from right Shoulder bursitis, I shot one steroid injection doesn't help, I try lots of anti inflammation tablet doesn't help this pain killing me its almost 8month now it's start to pain left shoulder as wel, feel frustrated to go to doctor please me, I apply dmso gel 70% doesn't help I burn my skin, it's irritating my skin I stop using

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

HI U DEVA, , , , , , , , , , Experts tell you to use only 50 % DMSO above your waist. If I had your problem, I'd investigate Ozone. Spent 5 years messing with Allopathic doctors on my knee. One shot of Ozone and all has been good for the last 2 years. Out of my back brace after 2 months, but still have pain. Meditating on having my Atlanta Integrative folks see if Ozone with help in this case. A little nervous because a knee and a back are two different things.

Guess folks should not get old. That's not allowed at the VA. Their situation should not be too hard to understand. Doctors are like teachers. The " C " students just get a job where they can. Most times it's a "Govment" job.

ATS =========OLE ROBERT HENRY============

Replied by Rsw
(Uniontown, Oh)

Hi Robert Henry,

Glad to hear you're out of the brace and on the road to recovery. Your back is bound to be sore with what you were put through with the chiropractor. Maybe give the Atlanta guys a call and see what they say, or give them time to think about it before you make the trip. What would knit those vertebrae back together solidly? Oxygen in the area seems like it could be a good choice. Boron? Best wishes!

Replied by Andrea
(Wales, Uk)

Hi, when I had a Bursitis in my shoulder to the point I couldn't lift my arm up and it stuck out to the side and the pain made me feel sick too. I spent mega buck's at the Chiropractor's and it still wasn't getting any better.

So I bought an Inversion table and hung upside down and gently stretched using my body weight without pulling or putting anymore pressure or damaging the shoulder. I just hung upside down and let gravity push it while allowing my arm to work its own way downward.

I did this after having a warm shower to relax the muscles first, then went to the Chiropractor an hour or two late. Success!! The first time I went after doing it once as she was able to manipulate my shoulder much easier and my neck which was locked with the muscle spasm.

I only went twice after I started doing the Inversion therapy and the inversion table sorted it out by itself completely. Before this, for months I was going twice a week, paying LOTS of money and getting nowhere.

The next time it started, I just used the table for a couple of times a day over a few days and job done!! Love Andrea xxxx

Posted by Alice (Tucson, Az) on 08/04/2009

I just tried DMSO spray, about 4 hours ago. Other than sting the skin, so far it has done nothing. I'll keep trying it and will post later if there is any change or not.

Replied by Alice
(Tucson, Arizona)

Update on DMSO use: I continued spraying DMSO once a day on the affected areas and the muscles began more and more to stop bunching up in painful lumps, range of motion began to largely increase..a lot... and pain in general began to disappear. However, it seems there were still areas that would suddenly attack with horrible pain should I move my arm in the wrong position.

BUT those places seemed to be getting less and less, the muscles were returning to a more normal feeling when I move my hand over them, and the range of motion definitely was increasing.

Yesterday I missed spraying the DMSO. I had wondered if perhaps the problem was resolving itself naturally and I only thought the DMSO was helping. This morning the problem has definitely worsened, so apparently the DMSO was helping to resolve it. I am going to resume using DMSO until the problem goes away. I may try other things, like the milk of magnesia, because this problem is not the result of a DMSO deficiency, but for now I will use the DMSO, plus the apple cider vinegar, and lemon soda.

I really appreciate this site. While my experience is probably different than someone else's, it helps to see what results other people get, so I can make intelligent decisions regarding taking care of me. Even though I still go to the doctor, here I am having gone but for results I find I must do my own research along with seeing doctors. It gets me that I am forced to spend a lot oof money monthly for "insurance" and then, after paying that and going to see the doctor, I go here and other places to find out what really works, carefully try it, and so cure myself. I spend zero a month here. Hmmmmm......

This is not to insult my doctor. He actually listens. He also discovered that giving up processed foods helped him lose weight and get off blood pressure medications, and he had wanted me to use the machines for breathing to bring down blood pressure. I had wanted to use them before he suggested it, but never could afford them, so this site then connected me to the place that sells the exercises without the machines, which worked for me and others I got it for.

So this is a great site. As adults we need and have a right to discuss our experiences, so thanks for being here.

Replied by Elaine
(Edmond, Oklahoma, Usa)

Try using DMSO with other topical remedies. DMSO helps penetrate and take whatever you are using deeper into the tissue.

Posted by Barbara (Davis, Ca USA) on 07/06/2008

DMSO: I know, I know, it's a solvent, used to clean aircraft and electrical parts. It has an odor, but what cure doesn't come with a drawback or 2?

This stuff literally can work in an instant, long term...I don't know the effects, but then, we all KNOW that Motrin affects the liver directly too.
So, I woke up this AM with shooting electrical pain in my left shoulder again, just wanted to go right back to sleep, couldn't hold it straight without weakness and shooting pains, feels like something is pinched or going wrong.

Swipe some of this DMSO clear liquid on my shoulder muscles, and poof! the sensations went away until right now and it is almost 18 hours later!

Now, what shall get rid of the pain in my hand and finger joints? I am awake tonight because of the intense pains in them, so I am on the internet here reading more about ACV and honey to relieve this, I had a good friend tell me about it years ago, before I needed to use it. Good skin and no pain in the old guys I worked with who all tried it one month on a dare...me being young, stored the info away in my brain....for the future. And my auntie, she told me her momma had poured it in drinking water of the hired milkers who they had working in their dairy. Problem is that she thought her mother was being mean in fact her mother was helping them to produce more work/milk in their cows.

Replied by Travelgirl
(Salt Lake City, Utah)

I had bursitis in my shoulder and followed this suggestion from Dr. Weil. It took one week of doing dmso and applying ice just as he said and my bursitis was gone. I bought dmso in an aloe vera gel solution at the health food store.

What natural treatments for bursitis does Dr. Weil recommend? Beyond rest to prevent further irritation and allow healing to begin, apply DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide), a chemical made from wood pulp that penetrates the skin and promotes healing of pockets of inflammation. Use a 70 percent solution of DMSO and apply it to the affected area with absorbent cotton. Let it dry. Apply the solution three times a day for three days. If you don't see any improvement, stop using it. If you do notice improvement, cut back to twice a day for three more days, then once a day for a final three days. After that, your body can continue healing on its own.

DMSO can cause a sensation of warmth or stinging and may give you an odd, garlic-like taste in the mouth. There's no cause for concern about either of these reactions. DMSO will also dissolve synthetic fibers, so be careful not to get it on clothing or upholstery. You can buy DMSO at most health food stores. Dilute 100 percent or 90 percent solutions down to 70 percent with distilled water. The mixture will get hot; allow it to cool before using.


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Posted by Gary (Scott, Louisiana) on 11/29/2006

Knox Gelatin cured my bursitis of the shoulders. it works on the joints. i mixed the gelatin in a glass of grapefruit juice. then drink up.

Replied by Paul
(Magalia, CA)

hi i am curious does gelatin really worked for bursitis?

Replied by John
(1wis Usa)

How much gelatin did you use?

Replied by Dennis
(Waukesha, Wisconsin)

How long did you drink gelatin before bursitis was gone?

Replied by Marilyn
(Lakewood, Ca)

Any specific nutritional reason for the grapefruit juice or just taste preference?

General Feedback

Posted by Wendy (Redondo Beach, Ca) on 02/20/2011

My bursitis of the hip was diagnosed in August 2010 along with mild arthritis, a year after the initial spasm on my left hip after a routine run. My 10 hr/day desk job wasn't helping my condition either. The pain would go away while I was on vacation, so stress also plays into my aches.

I changed my job, so that has helped. Nonetheless, the pain has come back. I'm only 30 and don't want to feel like I'm 90. Stretching certainly aleviates the pain, but it still remains which is why I just gulped some Turkish grape vinegar. Wish me luck. Thanks for recommending alternate medicine.

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