Effective Natural Remedies for Bronchitis Relief


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Posted by Judy (Seattle, Washington) on 03/31/2007

My Dr. suggested adding 1 minced garlic clove to 1 tablespoon UNpetroleum jelly...apply to bottome of feet, wrap in plastic bag then put on socks...over night. This helped the bronchitis problems we were having. 1 night and I am much better!

Posted by Michelle (Albuquerque, NW) on 01/09/2007

Fresh Garlic cured my Bronchitis and Sinus Infection. 1 finely diced clove (not the entire bulb) 3x's daily with any complimentary food that has been cooled almost to room temp (eg. diced tomatoes, avocado, chicken noodle soup, spaghetti sauce, pizza, or even apple pie.) Garlic is a natural antibiotic and antifungal. Within an hour or so, easier to breather and think, in 4 days cleared up symptoms. Took for 7 days to eliminate any chance of becoming ill again. Drawbacks: odiferous breath, and the odor also emanates from the pores of the skin. Use strong breath mints/cologne/essential oils to your liking.

Replied by Saoirse
(Ny, NY, Usa)

Here's the way without any odour--

Get a clean, small jar
Dice up a clove or 2---
Put it in the jar
Juice a fresh lemon or might need 2
Put the fresh juice in the jar with your garlic-

You want to have more juice than garlic, like a 50-50 or one third garlic....2/3 lemon juice--simply eyeball it-
Now you're ONLY going to take the liquid, not the diced garlic! Somehow the lemon juice extracts the potency from the garlic. Take one tsp 3-4 times / day always followed by water. Keep it refrigerated

And make a new batch every other day as needed, usually about a week at the most- can be used for insect bites---you see the swelling go down in under 5 minutes, etc

Try it
No garlic breath and the benefits of citrus together with it.


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Posted by Dawn (Graham, Washington) on 08/28/2018

My 87 year old Mother had bronchitis for a year and a half. I tried everything for her. We cut about an inch of raw ginger off and added it to about one cup water and blended it in the Vitamixer. We did this twice per day...morning and night! She is fine now....amazing! She still takes ginger every night before bed and has not been sick since. Just wanted to share!


Posted by Diey (Morocco) on 03/07/2016

I had a severe bronchitis with severe cough at night for 5 days. I went to my aunt one night and she gave me a solution she tried.

Mix one tablespoon of FRESH ginger and one tablespoon salted fermented butter.

I live in Morocco so it's pretty easy to find it here. The moment I took this mix the cough I was able to sleep again.

High Dose Vitamin D and Magnesium

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Posted by Andon Science (Limassol) on 01/10/2023 21 posts

I am a researcher, thus I can suggest this curement, since currently it had amazing results on bronchitis.

For coronavirus curement, simple cough, severe bronchitis or pneumonia I can suggest you try using these ingredients. This curement was developed by me.

I suggest using this:

a) 30,000IU vitamin D per day (notice here the dosage is 30,000IU and not 3000IU) for three days (in case symptoms persist, take for another two days).

b) 600mg Magnesium Citrate per day

Probably you will see amazing results, since already in two different occasions, it eliminated cough in 2 days and on another occasion it eliminated cough in three days.

Use this curement completely on your own responsibility or inform your doctor as to supervise supplementation.

Replied by Sam

High dose vit D must be taken with Boron, K, and A vitamins along with Magnesium.

Andon Science
21 posts

Personally I used very high dosages and never took vitamin A or K. Perhaps sometimes rarely magnesium.

Homeopathic Remedy

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Posted by Diana (San Diego, CA) on 09/27/2007

I have found that if I eat anything with corn in it I will get a sinus infection I have alway thought it was the high frutose corn syrup because if I eat or drink anything with the corn syrup in it I get sinus infections. Also just corn tortillas will do it. I don't know if it is just all the altering of the corn to to enhance the growing process but something is wrong with corn now. Also, when something tends to be in everything...just the amounts that are consumed can create allergies to it. All I know is that Corn is one of my biggest factors in getting sinus infections and bronchitis. If it does go into my chest... Lymphomyosot by Heel is a good homeopatic remedy for it. I can alway clear up the bronchitis within 24 hours with it. Just take it every 20 minutes until you feel it getting better then do it 2 to 3 time day until well. I don't get bronchitis anymore since using it. I use to get bronchitis 2 to 3 times a year before.

Replied by Don Matteo
(London, UK)

It is possible that you are reacting to the corn because it is in all likelihood genetically modified. The biotech industry downplays adverse effects to GMOs, but in truth you are eating something that has been genetically altered using viruses and bacteria. They rigorously deny the possibility of horizontal gene transfer, but the presence of BT toxins in the blood of 93% of a sample group of Canadian women belies that. There's already plenty of evidence that the Bt-toxin produced in GM corn is toxic to humans and mammals and triggers immune system responses.

Replied by Karen
(Clarkston, Mi)

We need to stick to organic pure food. Bahumbug on the ones trying to make a profit at the expense of our health!

Replied by ORGANIC GAL
(Clearwater, Florida)

Hello Diana

Most corn is GMO now,

which is Bioengineered, and NOT natural

Monsanto is the company that is responsible for this

That could be the reason for your allergies to corn..

God Bless

Hot Cooking Spices

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Posted by Rick (Boscawen, NH) on 06/22/2009

Spices and COPD, Chronic Bronchitis:

A year ago, I was diagnosed with chronic Bronchitis - COPD, so severe that my ears turned blue from lack of Oxygen. My blood pressure was very high, too. The DOT immediately yanked my Health card for driving truck. When I went to the Dr. my Oxy saturation level was 81. He put me on an inhalor and I had to use a Nebulizer several times a day. Nothing really changed. I could breathe a little better, but was still able to walk only for short distances. I love to cook, and tried to think of the healthiest people that I know. I started cooking with spices from China, India, and other Asian areas. I use curry powders (in various heat ranges), Tumeric, Cayenne, Garlic, Ginger, Paprika, Mustard, Wasabi, and others. I use one or more of these ingredients in every meal, and most snacks, that I cook. About two months ago I had a physical, blood work, and EKG in preparation for surgery. My lungs no longer "wheeze" (I do have a bad day once in a while...but not DAILY); my blood pressure was normal; my Oxy sat level is 95 to 97 percent; (both) Cholesterols were at healthy levels, and, except for my COPD, I am as healthy as can be! The best result of eating all that good, spicy-hot, healthy food is that I can walk at least a half a mile without "running out of breath." I have NEVER posted to any Website but feel that people should be aware of the benefits of spices and herbs. I have now found a local store that sells 1 pound packages of spices, instead of paying $4 to $7 in grocery stores for those little bottles. The savings are phenomenal. This is the best site that I have found that re-enforces my belief in hot foods. Thank you EARTH CLINIC

Replied by Citygirl27
(Richardson, Tx, Usa)

About 10 years ago, I had a severe chest 'cold', not sure if it was bronchitis or not but it felt like it. I went to an Indian restaurant (actually it was Pakistani cuisine, of Balti style), and got a chicken fal. It was recommended to me, someone knew what they were talking about. It is hotter than vindaloo, hotter than tindaloo. I was completely cleared out within 24 hours. I had lots of water, rice, naan and mango lassi to go with it, to be able to finish it. If you can't get to an indian restaurant or an asian grocer, make your own with coconut oil, lots of garlic cloves, chopped spicy peppers, and spices like black pepper, cayenne, fennel and lots of turmeric.

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method

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Posted by Victoria (California) on 04/01/2021

I use straight 3% - the cheap non food grade type from the drug store in a nebulizer full strength or occasionally diluted with distilled water when starting. I have done so for many years. I have administered the same with my teens since they were little and have had no problems. Cured the respiratory problems in my home...started it when I had bronchitis for 4 months and was about to get a COPD diagnosis (I have never smoked.) That bronchitis strain put my mom in the ICU and almost killed her. The nebulized H2O2 killed my bronchitis in 3 days after starting! Since then I use it for all respiratory and viral infections. I've read the nebulizing is a systemic mode of action so it may be beneficial for issues beyond the respiratory system.

Since my remarkable recovery, my whole extended family uses nebulizers with H2O2 when they get respiratory bugs.

Replied by Roger
(Houston, Texas)

How much, and how often daily?

Thanks in advance👍🏻

Replied by Gemma
(Lancashire, England)

I love this website and have used many remedies from here over the years and direct my loved ones to do the same. I must encourage you to proceed with caution over using 3%. I used 1.5% and felt it was too strong. I then read that Mercola suggests 0.1%. Please be careful. God bless you.

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method
Posted by Sonico (Us) on 11/15/2014

I have been using an ultrasonic humidifier for $30 at Walmart for over a year now and I am amazed at the results of using 3% H2O2 + distilled water together.

I've always had lung problems and get bronchitis 2-4 times a year as well as sinus infections perhaps more. For the last year+ now I have had NO bronchitis and sinus infections are minimal.

I do about a 50/50 mix of water + peroxide most nights when I sleep. It has lightened my hair significantly, but I can't complain about the results. I am amazed at how much healthier I have been.

I believe that this may also help with general energy levels and perhaps helps prevent other illnesses. Frankly I have not been seriously sick one time even with sick kids coming into the house! Everyone's pretty shocked by these results.

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method
Posted by Eliza (Tampa, Fl, Usa) on 10/25/2011

I've been reading the posts here on use of HP since last night. Have used a nebulizer with albuterol off and on for several years. This is my allergy season and I'm congested and coughing. I was about to use the neb as usual this morning and instead took a look at the bottle of HP tucked away in a cabinet. It's 3% and label says okay to use as a rinse. So I put 1/8 tsp in the neb and used it. Nothing happened, no sudden upchuck, but I will continue using the hp instead of the drug and I will add updates.

Nice web site Earth Clinic! I'm passing it on to friends!

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method
Posted by Marleyzhipz (Nevada, Mo) on 07/26/2011

I used to have bronchitis 2-3 times a year and it would last up to 2 months. I read on this site that you could inhale hydrogen peroxide to cure bronchitis. I bought a bottle of saline nose spray, dumped the contents and filled it with 3% peroxide. Now the moment I feel congestion in my throat, I spray 3 sprays in my mouth and breathe it deeply into my lungs. No more bronchitis for the last 4 years. This is an amazing remedy that works quickly.

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method
Posted by Jay (Altoona, Florida) on 05/16/2008

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation: While in Tucson, Arizona for an extended stay I caught a respiratory virus that nearly stopped my clock. The coughing was so severe and so frequent that I feared I would have a stroke. It was so bad that I literally could not sleep and was declining in health rapidly. I tried every over the counter cold medication I could buy with no improvement. Finally in desperation I bought a "Ocean Saline Nasal Sprayer Inhaler" --emptied out the contents --and replaced the saline with Hydrogen Peroxide 3% straight from the drug store shelf.I sprayed the H202 both in my throat and nose and relief was immediate. Within 3 hours the cough was under control. I continued using the spray for a week until the virus was killed. The only negative part of the cure was I lost my sense of smell and taste for several months. My taste and smell slowly returned to normal over a 6 month period. To say that I was scared by this virus, would be a gross understatement. To say that I am THANKFUL for H202, would also be an understatement. I am convinced it truly saved my life. 55 year old male.

Replied by Deb
(Pg, Utah)

I did the Hydrogen Peroxide method and eventually my brochitis was cured but lost my sense of taste and smell for a year now and it never did come back completely the way is was before I got sick. Was it worth it? well yes because I thought I was going to die if something didnt change. I was sick on and off for over a year. I had mold in my house and believe that was causing it. I am sick again and trying it again but not in my sinuses this time just as an inhaler for my lungs. Hope I do not lose my taste and smell completely again.

Replied by Jeff
(Cebu City, Philippines)

Hi Deb from Pg, Utah! I read on this site that you can create a borax solution which you can spray on the parts of your house which has grown molds. I think you should try that so you won't become sick.

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method
Posted by Joe (Wedgeport Nova Scotia, Canada) on 02/20/2008

I was getting phumonia two or three times a year and that eventually turned into a disease called copd.Severe bronchitis so off to the doctor AGAIN and they sell me more and more drugs AGAIN puffers and machines with mists and nose sprays and no cure just slowly dying not much of a life until one day on the computer I see your hydrogen peroxide page and can't believe something like this thats been around for a hundred years or more could possible work but would try about anything at this time so started spraying 3% hydrogen peroxide in my mouth and within two days started spitting up stuff you only see in horror movies and within a week and a half I was a different person altogether I could breath again and my lungs were clear something I haven't seen for many years. I haven't felt this good in years thank-you soooo very much for this information and please keep up the fantastic work Your friend for life .

Replied by Giada
(New York, New york)

Question; how do you spray it in your throat? What do you use and how much do you spray at a time and how often?? Thank you!

Replied by Artemis

You should all be using the Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide which is 35% and must be diluted to 3% for use. It is a ratio of 1 part H202 and 11 parts distilled water. The other store brand which you seem to be using has stabilizers and chemicals in it.

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method
Posted by Doug (Denver, Colorado) on 01/27/2008

I came down with pneumonia Jan 2007. Doctors at the urgent care gave me Factive and it cleared up the pneumonia at first. Then around summertime (same year) I developed a chronic cough which I felt was from the initial pneumonia. Around Novemeber I came down with full blown bronchitis, or some kind of a lung obstruction. Iran into Bill's HP treatment protocol and everything is fine now. What a rough year I had in 2007 regarding my health. This was especially difficult for a guy that has never been sick in his life. I will never stop using HP again. All of this suffering could have been stopped months ago. Thanks again Bill and Earth Clinic...

Replied by Melanie
(Ankeny, Iowa)

I tried inhalation, and it seemed to make things better for a few hours, but after a day of spraying hydrogen peroxide into my lungs (5 sprays 3x a day for one day) my throat got really sore. I don't think it's worth it to be burning the back of my throat. Am I doing something wrong?

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Melanie: I hope you are diluting the H2O2. And do it only ONCE a day for a start to see how it goes.

Replied by Robertapate
(Port Orchard Washington)

Be sure to use FOOD GRADE H202 to inhale. The drug store H202 is stabilized with heavy metals. You can use drug store H202 to Kill the mold and for cleaning non food areas like the bathroom or for laundry instead of bleach.- it works far better than anything else for mold.

Replied by Sage
(Chesapeake, Va)

No should should take anything other than good grade HP & you should buy the book one minute cure to get correct dosages for the nebulizer.

Replied by Joanne
(Ventura California)

Spraying in nose and throat directly may be too harsh. I mix saline and hydrogen peroxide food grade in my nebulizer and increase the peroxide as I get used to it.


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Posted by Renee (Boston) on 09/07/2022 41 posts

Acute Bronchitis and Ivermectin

Today is day 10 since I started with a dry hacking cough after almost getting over a common cold. I have had bronchitis in the past and do tend to have lingering chest congestion after colds that can last for months but this time was a doozy. I have never felt that I couldn't breathe, like each breath was thru a straw. The uncontrollable cough was hurting my ribs so bad but for the first the 3 days it was all an unproductive cough.

The only thing I took for the first 3 days was Mucinex and Tylenol or Ibuprofen. I used a humidifier and was already taking Zicam since my cold had started. I couldn't think straight, I was exhausted. I could barely blow my nose because I didn't have enough air. I kept wondering if I should go to the emergency room, call my doctor or something, but what kept me from doing that was that I was worried they would kill me. Seriously.

A friend of mine's brother had gotten a little dizzy in the shower and fell, he hit his head and his wife made him go to the hospital to make sure he didn't have a concussion, he supposedly tested positive for covid so they admitted him, started him on Remdesivir and to make a long story short, he died of kidney failure. Hospitals make $35,000 for every COVID DEATH, they don't get paid to save you.

So anyway by day 4 I wasn't getting any better and I decided to come onto earth clinic and look for remedies other than Mucinex. I tried several so I can't say which ones have worked. I made concoctions with garlic, ginger, ACV and Cheyenne pepper. I stood over boiling water with baking soda and sprayed peroxide down my throat, I gargled with salt water and covered myself in Vick's vapor rub, etc etc.

So all of that probably helped but I also realized that my bronchitis is from a virus, it's inflammation, and it somewhat has similar characteristics of covid. So I started taking ivermectin as well, I used the Zelinsky protocol for active covid. (I can provide that if anyone is interested) You pretty much double everything you usually take for prevention, double zinc, C, etc. The ivermectin was double too. I have taken ivermectin monthly for about 6 months as a preventative and to also see if it would help with my arthritis inflammation but this time I decided to attack this bronchitis with everything I had.

By the first day I started to hear and feel my check loosen, I started having productive coughs, finally! Now it very well could be that the virus was on a scheduled course anyway and it was time to loosen up or the Mucinex started working or the other home remedies, who knows? All I know is that I feel 90% better today, slept thru the night the past few nights, hardly cough at all now and when I do I have a productive cough. I was still feeling tired during the day, but today I don't!

So I'm sorry that I don't know what actually worked but I do know that we need to be active in our own care because Drs only tell you what big Pharma wants them to tell you.

I will continue taking garlic, ginger, AVC, and all of the wonderful remedies I found on Earth Clinic until I have no signs of bronchitis left but I will also keep taking ivermectin for another day or 2 as well.

FYI: Ivermectin cuts down the viral load.

I am a dog breeder who has given my dogs monthly ivermectin for yrs. I take the same one I buy for them since that's all I can get. 1% liquid.

Replied by RB
(Somewhere in Europe)
84 posts

> they admitted him, started him on Remdesivir and to make a long story short, he died of kidney failure.

Renee, I'm sorry to hear about the death of your friend's brother.

However, your friend is no alone. There are lawyers who might be able to help your friend.

May I suggest you, or your friend, Google it, or more specifically search for that video on alternative media sites like Bitchute and Ugetube. About 2 weeks ago I came across a video; in it a law firm was being interviewed; they were looking for family members of hospital patients who got killed after some corrupt M.D. gave them Remdesivir, a medication that is known to kill up to 46% of patients in 14 days.

Replied by Nate
(San Diego, CA)

Thank you for posting this. I had the hunch that ivermectin would be very useful in treating a condition like acute viral bronchitis. As it is an antiparasitic and antiviral med. Thank you.

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