Effective Natural Remedies for Bronchitis Relief


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Posted by Susan (Knoxville, Tn) on 10/28/2014

Quercetin is a compound found in onions and some other fruits and veggies and it is anti-inflammatory and great for helping clear out mucous that is starting to accumulate in the chest. My son and I are both prone to getting bronchitis out of a cold, and he has issues with mucous gradually traveling down toward his chest during allergy season too because he sniffles a lot and everything drains down his throat and eventually finds its way into his bronchial tubes. Take a quercetin capsule 2 to 3 times a day. They are usually ~ 250 mg and you should notice an improvement in your symptoms the same day you start taking them, but it may take a few days or even a couple weeks of this regimen to eliminate the problem, depending on how bad it was when you started. You can find it at just about any health food store and online. The powder in the capsules is yellow, and quercetin is often packaged as a complex with bromelain, a compound in pineapples, with similar anti-inflammatory properties, and also with vitamin C.

Raw Mushrooms

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Posted by Mary (Logansport, Louisiana) on 09/16/2008

Hi, for years I had very bad bronchitis every year, usually during allergy season, seems all year long to me. But I havent been to the doctor for three years now for it. The only thing I can think of is that I added to my diet raw mushrooms which I find I love dearly. I eat them in salads, soups or right out of the package.

Steaming the Lungs

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Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 11/04/2022

Question - How much mucus can the human body produce? Apparently, ALOT! In the past, I used a pot of water on the stove and a beach towel to cover my head and make a tent and inhaled the hot steam. I don't do it as often as I should because I don't like it because of the heat rolling over in my eyes. I then tried putting the hot water into another pot and inhaling but the water became cold a did not produce any more steam after a few minutes.

Then I found a little machine called The Vicks Sinus Steam Inhaler sold at Wally-World. This has made a BIG Difference in my sinus and lungs congestion and thick mucus. The hot steam liquifies the thick mucus coating the membranes of the sinus and lungs similar to thick molasses coating the inside of a jar. Add hot steam and the molasses liquifies to run out of the jar.

The instruction state not to put essential oils in it but I do. The top is removable exposing the water fill base so I put 1 drop of thieve's blend in there and inhale for 15 minutes per setting.

Sources of these Steam Vaporizers:

Dr. Trust 3-in-1 Steam Vaporizer in India

Vicks Sinus Steam Inhaler in USA

Note: Do not use just steaming alone to fix the problem. Use multiple remedies at one time to attack your illness.

Vitamin C

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Posted by Karen (Cincinatti, Ohio) on 03/11/2014

I got a virus a couple weeks ago and unfortunately had to turn to a 5 day dose of antibiotics to help me when it turned into acute bronchitis. No supplements or home remedies helped me as I tried to battle the bronchitis. I took oregano oil, apple cider vinegar, colloidal silver, vitamin e and a few other supplements.

What's been helping the lingering cough and constant sinus drip is high doses of vitamin c. I am taking 1,000mg 4 times a day, with about 4 hours in between. What amazes me is how much vitamin c my body needs right now. Normally anything over 1,000 mg a day causes diarrhea. Now I'm up to 4,000 a day without any problems. It's rapidly healing the bronchitis cough and constant sinus drip. Amazing.

Next time I start to get a cough, I am going to go the high dose vitamin c route first and hopefully won't have to take antibiotics.

Vitamin D, Magnesium, Turmeric

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Posted by Science (Cyprus) on 04/24/2022 21 posts

I am a researcher, thus I can suggest this curement.

For coronavirus curement, simple cough, severe bronchitis or pneumonia I can suggest you try using these ingredients. This curement was developed by me.

I suggest using this:

a) 30, 000IU vitamin D per day (notice here the dosage is 30, 000IU and not 3000IU) for three days (in case symptoms persist, take for another two days).

b) 600mg Magnesium Citrate per day

Probably you will see amazing results, since already in two different occasions, it eliminated cough in 2 days and on another occasion it eliminated cough in three days.

Use this curement completely on your own responsibility or inform your doctor as to supervise supplementation.

Water Consumption and Bronchitis Link

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Posted by Directrice (Mo. County, Maryland) on 04/16/2008


We know that athletes and small babies are subject to potential illness and even death because of too much water in a short period of time. But I have this theory that when I increased my water intake it predisposed me to Bronchitis.

I am not a "respiratory person" meaning, that is not an area I have ever had a problem with. My issues are more circulatory, and digestive. So when I got Bronchitis, not once, but twice, in 2 months I was surprised. Yes, it was going around and is contagious. But neither my husband nor my daughter caught it. I think my body was more hospitable to it for some reason.

Let me explain: I have edema. I am overweight, and that is a contributing factor, but I noticed it gets worse when I don't drink and become dehydrated. For some odd reason, I just don't like to drink. I never drink sodas or other soft drinks, mostly tea, and water, small amount of orgnic milk. I just resist drinking especially cold drinks (unless it is really hot). Part of this may be due to the fact that I have a cold body (chronic hyperglycemia). My average temp is around 97 degrees, when up. Morning, basal temp can be as low as 96.5. I am aware of thyroid indicators and will talk about that on the thyroid thread.

At any rate, I know when I am getting dehydrated, skin stars to dry up (I am only 34) so that prompts me to drink. So I read this book, forgot the name, about the value of water and how many illnesses it can cure and I decided to up my water intake. Knowing I am overweight and might need more than the average person, I forced myself to drink 5 times the amount I normally drink. I wasn't measuring but it was probably at least 12 glasses. When normally I may drink 3-5 glasses of total liquid.

That's when I came down hard with bronchitis. Lowered my drinking during illness, recovered and went back to my routine. I started drinking large quantities (and these were large amounts in one sitting, not slowly sipping, I was gulping, I hate it and had to force myself). I got hit with Bronchitis again!

I have since healed and since gone back to my typioal liquid intake, incrasing slightly due to warming weather, and mostly drinking herbal tea to avoid dehydration. I have been fine.

Another note, I saw a connection to salt and the bronchial tubes. I eat VERY little salt No chips, no fast food burgers, pickles, pretzles, rarely fries. I might add half a tsp to a whole baked chicken.

I found this on the net, (not endorsing their products AT ALL) just thought it makes an interesting connection to edema, dehydration, water intake and respritory issues.

This is the reason why in severe dehydration we develop an edema and retain water. The design of our bodies is such that the extent of the ocean of water outside the cells is expanded to have the extra water available for filtration and emergency injection into vital cells. The brain commands an increase in salt and water retention by the kidneys. This is how we get an edema when we don't drink enough water.


"Initially, the process of water filtration and its delivery into the cells is more efficient at night when the body is horizontal. The collected water, that mostly pools in the legs, does not have to fight the force of gravity to get onto the blood circulation. If reliance of this process of emergency hydration of some cells continues for long, the lungs begin to get waterlogged at night, and breathing becomes difficult. The person needs more pillows to sit upright to sleep. This condition is the consequence of dehydration. However, you might overload the system by drinking too much water at the beginning. Increases in water intake must be slow and spread out until urine production begins to increase at the same rate that you drink water."

I wonder if it would be beneficial for me to increase my salt a little and I guess it would have to be the right KIND of salt. I will look through Ted's suggestions on this.

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