Natural Remedies for Sepsis (Blood Poisoning)

| Modified on Nov 24, 2022
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When treating a condition as serious as sepsis, we suggest utilizing a holistic approach - combining conventional medical treatment with natural cures for a balanced treatment plan. Additionally, you need to seek medical attention as soon as possible to prevent further progression of your condition. In addition to professional medical care, turmeric, garlic, and even honey are effective natural treatment options.

What Is Sepsis?

Sepsis, also known as blood poisoning, is a potentially life-threatening complication that results from an infection. The condition occurs when chemicals that are actually released into your bloodstream to fight the initial infection cause inflammation throughout your body. This inflammation typically triggers a torrent of symptoms that compound the harm done to your body. Additional symptoms include a drastically increased or decreased body temperature, fast heart rate, high respiratory rate, changes in mental status, abdominal pain, and decreased urine output.

Do I Need Medical Treatment for Blood Poisoning?

With a condition as severe as blood poisoning, medical treatment is necessary. You should seek expert care as quickly as possible to prevent further development of the condition.

Are There Any Natural Remedies for Septicemia?

According to Dr. Paul Haider, a number of different herbs are effective for supporting care and treatment of septicemia. Three of the fastest and easiest options to try are turmeric, garlic, and honey. However, the condition can also be treated using lime or lemon juice, tea tree oil, and even a multi-tiered treatment regimen of aspirin, hydrogen peroxide, and oregano oil – a remedy supported by our very own Ted of Bangkok, Thailand.

1. Turmeric

A study published by Oregon State University in 2012, presented an important finding that regular consumption of turmeric, or more importantly the compound curcumin found in turmeric, causes an increase in protein levels in the blood. When your blood contains greater amounts of protein, it is more able to fight and prevent infection, making turmeric an effective option for treating septicemia. Additionally, turmeric helps reduce redness, swelling, and pain and functions well with antibiotics. Take 2 grams a day by mouth or diluted in water for the best results.

2. Garlic

Garlic is another effective treatment support for sepsis. This herb contains a compound known as allicin, which helps reduce inflammation throughout the body. It also helps fight infection and boost your immune system. To employ this remedy, peel a clove of garlic, chop it up, and mix it with a tablespoon of honey. Eat this mixture each morning to improve your body’s ability to fight infection and to treat your sepsis.

3. Honey

A separate study conducted by the University of Malaya suggests that even honey is an important treatment option for sepsis. Research suggests that honey acts as an immunomodulator or modulates the immune system, which could significantly improve treatments for sepsis. Take at least 2 tablespoons of honey by mouth each day, and apply a poultice of honey to the affected wound at least once a day for the best results.

4. Slippery Elm and Lobelia

Slippery elm and lobelia are effective wound treatments.  Make a paste with equal quantities of the herbs and a little water.  Apply this paste to a bandage and change as required.

5. Vitamin C

Boost your immune system with vitamin C, either as citrus fruits or as a supplement.

While sepsis is a dangerous condition, aggressive, immediate treatment increases the odds of your full recovery from the condition. Try these treatment suggestions in addition to conventional medical treatment for a balanced treatment approach or continue reading below for more suggestions from our readers who have tried different natural remedies to cure blood poisoning.

If you have treated blood poisoning with a natural remedy, please let us know.

Great Herbs for Preventing and Curing Septicemia
Honey as an immunomodulator during sepsis in animal model
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Bentonite Clay Poultices

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Posted by Dianna (Austin, TX) on 02/07/2009
5 out of 5 stars

In reply to Marc (Jacksonville, Fl) on 02/04/2009: "possible blood poisoning. I scratched my arm with a piece of metal about a week ago. Now in that area it is swollen and red. I have my tetanus shot, what will bring the swelling down, and heal my arm?"

The first thing that comes to my mind is a bentonite clay poultice. mix up some clay and glob it on and let it dry. if you get red stripes on your arm or it continues to hurt and stay red go to the ER.

Bread Poultice

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Posted by Paul (Midland, Ontario) on 12/19/2009
5 out of 5 stars

When I was nine, I stepped on a rusty nail while at summer camp. I didn't tell anyone and by the time I got home my foot was sore. The next morning I woke to find that a red streak had appeared all the way up my inner thigh almost to my groin. We had no health insurance at the time and my mother (God bless her) took me down to the kitchen where she pulled out a bag of dried bread loaf ends that were being saved for turkey dressing, boiled some water, dripped just 6 or 8 drops of the boiling water onto the middle of the very dry bread. She then taped the wet spot of the bread over the opening left by the rusty nail. The sore was open and running. She then put on my socks and shoes and told me to go out and play. It hurt a bit to walk on at first but as the day wore on I forgot all about it until after supper when my mom asked me how my foot was doing. When she took off the shoe, sock and poultice the red streak had retreated to just above my ankle and the piece of bread had a handful of green puss on it. Another piece of bread was applied that night and when I got up the next day the red streak was gone and the bottom of my foot was pink and healthy instead of angry red. I have used this remedy throughout my life and on one occasion actually extracted a living parasite from my leg that I had picked up on an adventure trip to Belize.

The way it works is very simple. The bread is very poreous and by dripping water onto the middle of the bread, capillary action moves the water through the bread. Attach that wet spot to an OPEN infection and the water in your body joins the parade along with the poisons from the infection. When the drops are applied they also turn the bread that gets wet into a kind of sealing paste around the wound to ensure that the "cyphon" works properly. If you don't believe me just try this on your body (somewhere discrete).with the bread taped on but exposed to the air. You will give yourself a "hickey".

Live long and thrive! Paul

Replied by Katrin
(New Zealand)

I just put some bread on my sleeping son's nail puncture and one on my arm for the hickey. We run a little sourdough bakery and am very intrigued about breads potentuality. If this works I eat a broom.

Replied by Gloria
5 out of 5 stars

So glad you posted this. I used this remedy a few years ago. It was amazing! God Bless!

Dr. Marik Protocol

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Posted by Nonnie (Canada) on 07/29/2019
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Dr. Mercola wrote an article about sepsis a few years back regarding Dr. Marik's protocol. Here is the link:

Dr. Paul Marik's protocol is a combination of:

1) Intravenous vitamin C 1.5 grams every 6 hour until ICU discharge

2) Intravenous vitamin B-1( thiamine) 200 mg every 12 hour until ICU discharge

3) Hydrocortisone (low-dose) 50 mg every 6 hour until ICU discharge followed by a taper over 3 days

Here is a YouTube (posted July 1, 2019) about Dr. Marik (the person interviewed in the Mercola article): Sepsis, Coma, Emergency/ICU Patients: DEMAND your doctor for Dr. Marik's VITAMIN C Protocol

Press the "show more" link under the description. There is information for doctors who want the research behind it.

As for garlic, make sure it is organic. The regular garlic found in supermarkets can be irradiated which destroys the health benefits of the garlic.

Epsom Salt Poultices

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Posted by Joyce (Joelton, Tn) on 02/07/2009 509 posts
5 out of 5 stars

In reply to:

Marc (Jacksonville, Fl) on 02/04/2009: "possible blood poisoning. I scratched my arm with a piece of metal about a week ago. Now in that area it is swollen and red. I have my tetanus shot, what will bring the swelling down, and heal my arm?"

Hello Marc,

If you haven't gotten started on that swelling/redness by now, run, don't walk to the nearest Dollar Tree or such and get a 2 lb. carton of Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) and start doing hot epsom salts compresses 4 times a day to take care of it.

Mix it about 1/4 cup per quart of water as hot as you can stand to wring the cloth out without burning your hands.

Replied by Jane
(Richland, Washington)
5 out of 5 stars

Agreed on the epsom salt hot packs for possible blood poisoning. My Mother did that when she saw the line running upward toward the heart and said it was deadly. She did that many times for me. I was bare foot and fancy free. Such a simple remedy.

Garlic Tea Enemas

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Posted by Sue (PA, USA) on 01/20/2020
5 out of 5 stars

The article asked if I had ever used a natural remedy to treat sepsis. Yes. I have used garlic tea enemas successfully to treat sepsis.

Replied by Makayla
(Fort Worth, Texas)

Could you please post the recipe for this? I have a horrible case of sepsis but couldn't afford a pick line.


Garlic Enema Recipe:

1.Boil 1 liter of water on the stove

2. Turn off the stove but leave the pot there

3. Add in three to six crushed garlic cloves (three for beginners, then work your way up)

4. Let the water cool down to room temperature by letting it sit for just over an hour

5. Strain the garlic out, using the remaining liquid to fill an enema bag

6. Apply enema and try to hold the concentrate internally for 10-15 minutes to maximize it's effectiveness

Video tutorial – How To Do A Garlic Enema - Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal Amazing Healing Modality

Also drink Garlic tea internally. Add ½ tsp turmeric powder to the tea.

This is just a suggestion, I am assuming you have a bacterial infection that has gone sepsis. You can try/build a “zapper” at home according to Dr. Hulda Clark specs in a pinch. Incorporate this with the garlic enema.

According to Dr. Clark's research, the zapper is a simple but very effective electro medicinal device. It is based mainly on the research of Dr. Hulda R. Clark and her son who has published her findings in the book "The Cure of all Diseases" and other subsequent books. Dr. Clark like many other researchers has found that a weak current of pulsed DC current kills parasites in the body. The machine is designed to kill parasites, bacteria, viruses, molds, and even fungi as well as cancer cells and other pathogenic tissue using electrical charges.

When used appropriately, the mechanism eliminates viruses and bacteria within a mere 3 minutes; tapeworms, roundworms, and flukes in 5 minutes; and mites in 7 minutes. Do this in sets of 3. I've seen and done up to 7 sets. Along with using a herbal parasite cleanse. You can build a simple zapper using a fresh 9-volt battery, alligator clips, 2 pieces of copper tubing or wire.

How to build and use a zapper for killing parasites bacteria and viruses – Video

Watch Bacteria being killed under a microscope while being zapped – Ação do Zapper Concebido pela Dra. Hulda Clark sobre o Paramecium – Video

Hulda Clark Documentary Video - The Cure


The Cure of all Diseases PDF: Https://

Replied by Lina

Did you use organic garlic tea? I just have regular garlic from the supermarket. Please let me know if I can use it in to do my enema.

Heated Clay

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Posted by Elizabeth (Wolfville, Ns Canada) on 06/04/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Before antibiotics, we had boils (staph infections) and my mother would get Antiflogistene at the drug store (a clay like product ) heat a handful in boiling water and apply it as hot as we could stand and keep it on as long as it was hot. The heat would draw out the infection. One time the doctor came and stuck little pointed scissors into the boil which was on my eyebrow and then opened them to let the matter out. I will never forget that pain!

Use heat for that kind of infection, but be careful not to let it get worse. It is serious to have blood poisoning.

Liposomal Vitamin C

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Posted by Toni (Uk ) on 06/13/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I was recently lay in hospital at death's door with sepsis and necrotising fasciitis. I was told it is rare to get it but even more so to survive. Large amounts of flesh were removed resulting in massive wounds. During my recovery I took 2 sachets of Liposomal vitamin c a day. I am diabetic I.e. By all means should be a slow healer and I am in my sixties.

The consultant who specialises in wounds told me he had worked in this field for 30 years and had never seen anyone heal as fast as me. I do not see myself as super woman, I most defiantly put this down to the Liposomal vitamin C.

Oil Pulling

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Posted by K Ndra (Haiku, Hawaii) on 08/01/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Oil pulling helped my sick blood. Helped my blood clear out poisons after being sickened by pesticides.

Replied by Barbie
(North Carolina)

What is oil pulling? My daughter was just diagnosed with sepsis. Please advise. She is on traditional med, but I want her doing more to strengthen her mind and liver and kidney. Thank you.

EC: Please see our page on Oil Pulling for more info here.

Replied by Deb Curtis
(Rancho Cordova, Ca)

Oil pulling is usually used to extract toxins from your teeth and mouth, but since your teeth are gateways to your organs and your oral skin is very absorbent, it's a great way to administer healing elixers or remove toxins.

Take about a tablespoon or so of room temp organic coconut oil. place it in your mouth and let it liquify. DO NOT SWALLOW!! Swish the oil very gently in your mouth for as long as you can stand it (15-20 minutes is best) but however long you can do it. Then spit it out into a tissue and into the trash can (cooled oil can eventually clog your drains).

The oil pulls toxins from your system and it's a great preventative for everyone to do every day BEFORE you brush your teeth... just like dry brushing your skin to remove toxins before you take a shower.

If you are very toxic, Oil pull 3-5 times per day brushing teeth with non fluoride tooth paste afterward and dry brush your skin every day. Also eliminate any new toxins from food, water, pollution, etc.

Check into essential oil uses, cleansing herbal teas and nourishing bone broths to help recover.


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Posted by James (NSW) on 06/22/2022
5 out of 5 stars

Potato for Blood Poisoning - Yes absolutely works well,

The Potato Poultice cured my mom's infection in her foot completely in 5 days, prior to starting, the infection had spread up her leg and turned into cellulitus, the potato poultice freshly applied daily cured her completely.

Posted by Deb (Nantucket, Ma) on 12/08/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you for this wonderful site. I'm just using it now for earache but want to share my potato story as I've found the personal commentaries so helpful.

Last summer, I stepped on a scallop shell (on our street) & within a few days was limping and in pain with a 1 inch gash in my heel. A few days later, my husband noticed 2 4-inch long red streaks running up my leg from my heel. I had begun to experience sharp stabbing pains as well.

Since I haven't had an antibiotic in 20 years & see a naturopathic doctor as my primary physician, I wasn't anxious to go to the ER (it was also a weekend) but knew I needed help; sepsis is very real... I found your site & since I had some organic yukon gold potatos called my auntie who confirmed my grandmother used to use crushed potato to draw out boils. I decided to give it a try.

I chopped finely a potato, packed it onto the wound, wrapped w/ Saran wrap, elevated my leg/foot & lay down to focus on healing. My husband photographed my foot at intervals thruout the day. (Well-intentioned neighbors were waiting to drive me to the ER. )

Within hours the red streaks had begun their retreat & the sharp stabbing pains literally "rounded" over. I was very much present w/ this journey. Within 6 hours, the red streaks were gone completely!! I changed the potato 3 - 4 times over the course of the day/night & by morning, the layers of my foot had turned outward. I wish I could put the photos on this site. It was truly remarkable.

One word of caution: Potato juice stains are challenging to remove from fabrics so just make sure you have an old sheet or towel under the site of the potato....!!

I've told SO many people about your site & so many people witnessed first hand the amazing healing property of the simple potato that day... My neighbors thought I was crazy at first! Thank you for providing this forum... It's truly a gift & how we can keep alive these old home remedies. They WORK!

Posted by Nancy (Mt. Airy, NC) on 05/26/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Hello, I just love your website and I just wanted to tell your readers about another wonderful old-time remedy for blood poisoning and infection. We have used this many times in my family and I couldn't tell you how many times I have seen it work.

For a nasty infected cut or in my worst case a nasty puncture wound from a rusty nail. Within about 6 hours I had a red streak going up my leg from the blood poisoning. My mother took an Irish potato and washed it, cut it in half and scraped out a pile of mushy raw potato. She put it on a piece of plastic bag to hold in the potato juice and wrapped it around my foot. The next morning the red streak was gone and my foot was healing with no sign of infection. Over the years I too have used this folk remedy on my family. Just make the potato poultice leave it juicy and use it inside bandaging for an infected wound. Plastic helps to keep it wet and keep you dry. Leave it on the wound overnight. Then take it off and examine the wound if it's still infected clean it off again and reapply the poultice. Somehow it draws the poison and infection out.

Mother nature is simply amazing!

Replied by Shayden

What's the difference between an Irish potato and a regular Russet or Idaho potato? To heal the sepsis, do you have to use a Irish potato?

Replied by Mama

Any potato will do!

I have used a russet potato to draw out infection.

~Mama to Many~

Remedies for Recurring E. Coli After Sepsis Poisoning

Posted by Irene (Windsor ontario canada) on 09/13/2019

Two years ago I had sepsis poisoning. I almost passed away. This last year I have inflammation in stomach. Cannot take pills because of pain and puking. I have e coli every month returning. I have been on liquid antibiotic meds each time called certifiable l gm for seven days. Infection clears only to come back again. Drs can't seem to help. I am feeling very ill with no energy and too much anxiety. Please can you help me I can't keep doing this. I just want to be well I also have cystitis so painful

Sepsis Remedies

Posted by Heidi (Usa) on 01/13/2014

Sepsis: My friend is in the hospital with toxic blood and the doctors are giving her a 60% chance of survival. She always died last year around this time of the same thing. Once she leaves the hospital, what are some natural remedies I can recommend for her. When I think of toxic blood, juicing beets comes to mind- but I don't want to tell her wrong. Any suggestions??

Replied by Mama To Many
(Tennessee, Usa)

Dear Heidi,

I am so sorry about your friend! She is blessed to have you watching out for her!

If you are able to juice beets and get that to her, that would be great! Adding fresh garlic to that mix with a little cayenne pepper would be good.

Turmeric, Burdock root and Dandelion root are all good blood purifiers. If possible, try to get 1 teaspoon of turmeric into your friend 4-5 times day, with plenty of water. (Turmeric can be constipating.) You can mix 1 teaspoon into water or juice or have your friend take 5 capsules each time.

You probably know that most hospital food (at least, in the USA) is not helpful at all to healing. If your friend could stick to just juice (especially fresh) that would be best. Organic carrot is also good to juice.

Hmmm...I just realized you said what can you do to help your friend when she is out of the hospital. Well, all of the above would apply. Perhaps getting these things to her in the hospital is not an option, especially if you do not live nearby.

Please keep us posted.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Mike62

Heidi: Make green smoothies from organic baby leaves with any blender and take organic berries, expeller pressed coconut oil, black chia seeds, colostrum, and non denatured whey. Watch raw food videos.

Replied by Blanche

Something has always puzzled me. What do people mean when they talk about a blood purifier? And how do they know when their blood needs purifying?

Ted's Remedies

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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 11/10/2011 383 posts
5 out of 5 stars

In reply to:

Posted by Jackie (Knysna) on 11/10/2011:

Ted, please help... my friend literally has hours to live. She has septicemia/blood poisoning and is in a coma. She has suffered lupus for 15 years. Please give your advice urgently.... can I give her DMSO and how much? This is a last effort and I know it it is a long shot. PLEASE HELP.

Get clove oil spray 5% the other 95% is alcohol, or similar. Spray the body with this, legs etc. Give colloidal silver 1 teaspoon every hour. Give hydrogen peroxide 3% one cap to two capful of per liter of water, and give 1/2 glass every hour. After 6th dose most of septicemia will be under control.

You can give any hydrogen peroxide 3% in this dire emergency, such as pharmacy grade. Aspirin is usually good choice also it digests these septicemia.

If fever does not reduce by 3 hours, I will be forced to give 500 mg of aspirin every hour for 4 hours. It works like antibiotics by digestion. The other is lysine every hour for four hours also. These can be given at the same time. So one can do all of it -- h2o2, aspirin, lysine, and clove -- if you want.


Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Well, you are asking for last ditch efforts. IF SEPTICEMIA is a virus that has a coating that contains lipids BHT [ butylated hydroxytoluene ] MIGHT help. This BHT has proven to be a compound that in some way has a profound effect in destroying such viruses. The only website I found that discusses this virus`s structure is NOT clear about whether it is such a virus or not. Here is that website. It seems to say it is : septicemia a lipid coated virus&source=bl&ots=mYe

BHT MIGHT help. I do NOT know....Oscar

Replied by Kumrao
(Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India)

Holistic healing method can work for your trouble.. It may take 30 to 45 days... I am from India.. You have to avoid milk products, sweets, nonveg, fish, eggs, cashewnuts, almonds,

pulses, alcohols for 45 days.. You should daily eat 30 gms of bittergourd and 20 gms of ginger.. you can eat rice and wheat items of food...kumrao99[at]

Replied by Redcairo
(Miami, Ok)

Research on sepsis and other unrelated research on Ascorbic Acid suggests that intravenous vitamin C in very high consistent dose might be the only thing strong enough to battle something like that.

Replied by Sylvia
(New York)

I know this post is very late, but this is for anyone else who may need the cure for sepsis aka blood poisoning.

There is a Dr. In Norfolk Virginia that has used a natural cure for sepsis in a hospital there. His name is Dr. Paul Marik.

He uses a combination of vitamin c, hydrocortisone and thiamine in an IV.

Even though it has not really been tested that much he has used it even on patients that he expected to die and they survived well. The hospital has adopted the protocol and used it to save, last I heard, 150 people's lives!! There are YouTube videos, check them out! God Bless!

Vitamin C Infusion

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Posted by Michael (New Zealand) on 06/01/2022
5 out of 5 stars

Septicemia Treatment

Hello All!

I hope you are well.

I have just this minute been advised that someone over there in Australia had been treated for septicemia by many doctors for a long time with no result until a new doctor decided to give the patient an infusion (maybe several?) of Vitamin C and that made all the difference!


Any profound thoughts on this subject?

Cheers from (the other) Down Under