Bed Bug Bite Remedies

Steamer, Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Leah (Tx, United States) on 01/06/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, I had a very bad bed bug infestation, so I went and got me 3 steamers, bed covers, and tea tree oil. They were in all of the beds and couches it was so bad! I had no idea why we were itching so much, but soon seen this blood filled bug crawling on my shirt! I was so grossed out, I went and got a clothes/furniture steamer (combo), a detail/kitchen steamer (combo), and a regular compact carpet steamer. Well, I first started with two of the steamers, and I could not believe what I was seeing! There were hordes of them on the mattress lining, so I had to go to the store again to get bed covers. I steamed the beds with the furniture steamer, and then with the kitchen steamer, I poked and prauded as much steam as I could to kill them all off, then covered the beds with the bed covers. I then went to the couches, they were horrible there too! So I again pushed as much steam as I could into any cracks of the couchs I could find, plus the cushions and legs of it. Its to bad we have carpet, because theres were I was next with the carpet steamer. I steamed all the carpet in the house, living room, den and a bedroom. To my surprise, it worked, BUT not overnight. I had to do this over and over again, and I got tea tree oil to spray on everything. I did not care at that point, so I put tea tree oil on pretty much everything, diluted in a spray bottle of course. I also steamed the base boards, anything that I thought they could hide, I was steaming it! I got rid of them within two weeks, I did this DAILY to make sure we did not get a re-occurance, I also steamed the clothes and put them in the dryer at high heat. Then vaccumed the place to pick up their little corpses. I have to say the steaming did the job, and kept our clothes wrinkle free lol!