Natural Bed Bug Remedies: Homemade Sprays & Bite Treatments

| Modified on Dec 28, 2023

Bed bug infestations, an increasing concern for many households, are not limited to untidy environments. These pesky insects can hitch a ride from various places, including upscale hotels, library books, second-hand furniture, and even adjacent apartments, making their way into your home.

Homemade Bed Bug Spray: A Natural and Effective Solution


  • 1 ounce of cinnamon essential oil
  • 8 ounces of witch hazel
  • 1 gallon of water


  • Mix the cinnamon essential oil with witch hazel.
  • Add this mixture to a gallon of water.
  • Transfer the solution to a spray bottle.
  • Shake well before and during use.
  • Apply as a light mist on mattresses, bedding, under beds, baseboards, other furniture, and carpets.
  • Avoid soaking; a light mist is sufficient.
  • Repeat every three days for two weeks, then reduce to weekly or monthly applications as needed.

Cedar Spray: An Alternative Bug Repellent

For those who prefer a different scent, cedar oil can replace cinnamon oil in the recipe above. Homemade cedar sprays or pre-made versions are equally effective against bed bugs.

Diatomaceous Earth: A Non-Scented Option

Food-grade diatomaceous earth, available at farm and home stores or online, dehydrates and kills bed bugs. It's ideal for those sensitive to scents and can be sprinkled on and under furniture, carpets, and along baseboards. Though effective, it may take longer to see results compared to oil-based remedies.

Hair Dryer Technique: Heat Treatment

A hairdryer set to the hottest temperature can eradicate bed bugs and their eggs when applied to infested areas.

Natural Remedies for Soothing Bed Bug Bites

1. Apple Cider Vinegar Solution

Mix equal parts of apple cider vinegar and water. Apply with a cotton ball to reduce itch and inflammation from bed bug bites.

2. Turmeric: Internal Relief for Multiple Bites

For extensive bites, mix one teaspoon of turmeric in a glass of milk. Drink this followed by a glass of water to prevent constipation and alleviate itchiness and speed up healing.

3. Baking Soda Paste

A paste made from baking soda and water relieves itch and irritation from bites.

Your Experiences and Success Stories

We welcome your feedback and personal experiences with natural bed bug remedies and bite treatments. Share your stories to help others combat these unwelcome guests.

Continue reading below for success stories from our readers in their battle against bed bugs!

Apple Cider Vinegar

3 User Reviews
5 star (3) 

Posted by Jessie (Long Island, Ny) on 10/31/2012

Traveling this summer my husband and I stayed in a hotel that had a five star rating, and I was bitten by bed bugs. To releive the itching and burning I used Apple Cider Vinegar. It worked miracles immediately!

Replied by Anita
(Philadelphia, Pa, US)

I tried apple cider vinegar and it worked right away on my skin for bed bug bites. Thank you so much. I couldn't sleep at night but the Apple cider vinegar is great.

Replied by Naila
(Orange County)

How do you suggest to use the ACV? Drink it? Rub it with a cotton ball directly on our skin bumps?

Replied by Mama to Many

Dear Nailia,

When we use Apple Cider Vinegar for bug bites, we use it topically. I use it straight. But if the skin is broken it burns a little. But it usually relieves itching for hours. For children or sensitive skin, we dilute it with half water. Or even more.

Turmeric internally may also help the itch as it is an anti-inflammatory. 1 teaspoon twice a day for adults.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Asiyah

Thank you so much. I needed that bit of information. I recently moved with my Aunt. Her home is infected. They've really had a feast on me. The itch feels like someone put a germ under my skin.

Replied by Julie
(Lavergne, Tn)

How did you use the apple cider vinegar for bed bugs? Do you pour in a bowl and soak your foot in it?

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Julie,

When I use Apple Cider Vinegar for bug bites, I put it into a spray bottle and spray it onto the bites. Alternately, dab some onto a cottonball. If you are dealing with a sensitive skin area, dilute with water at least 1/2 and maybe more if that seems too strong for your skin.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Arclight
(Calgary, Ab)

Take a bath with apple cider vinegar as it balances out the ph level in your skin and gets rid of your bed bugs..

Replied by Lisa

Can I use white vinegar instead of apple cider vinegar for bedbug bites?

Replied by Mama To Many

It wouldn't hurt to try white vinegar instead of apple cider. My husband has used white vinegar topically in the past for athlete's foot. He did dilute that and used 1/2 vinegar and 1/2 water.

Baking Soda

1 User Review
5 star (1) 

Posted by Mariana (Va. Beach, Va.) on 08/23/2017

I have found total victory over bed bugs with baking soda! I found it on a Facebook post, and figured I had nothing to lose after having bed bugs in my home for 3 years already. I had tried bug bombs, sprays, you name it!

I wrapped the beds in plastic drop cloths that you can buy at the Walmart paint department and used clear package tape to tape the sides together. Then sprinkled baking soda on the bed frames and floors all around the beds and at the feet of the bed frames so the bugs would have to crawl through it. It kills them when they come in contact with it. I put baking soda in and around the couch and lazy boy, and kept adding more every week or so. It worked!! We are completely bed-bug free now for 2 years!!

Of course, you have to completely keep all clothing and bedding washed and floors vacuumed as well. It kills the eggs too! Freeeeedom!

Calamine Lotion W/ Zinc Oxide

4 User Reviews
5 star (3) 
1 star (1) 

Posted by Stephanie (Toledo, Ohio) on 04/06/2011

I stayed at a hotel in New Orleans for a conference and was bitten by bed bugs all over my face, arms, legs, and chest. (We caught one and were able to take it to the front desk so it was definately bed bugs.) It took several days for the welts to appear, but when they did, they were bad. I looked on-line for 2 weeks to find help to reduce the swelling, redness, and itching. During those two weeks the bites continued to look and feel worse. I looked and felt terrible. I tried witch hazel, aloe, coconut oil, camphor, hydocortosone creme, antibiotic cream.. Nothing worked.

Someone mentioned Calamine lotion (make sure to get the one with Zinc Oxide in it) and within 24 hours of using it the swelling was gone, the redness was less than half of what it was, and it itching stopped. After 2 weeks the bites are finally healing instead of getting worse!!!! Thought I would share it here. Thank heavens we knew what happened and were able to treat our stuff with heat upon returning home so we didn't bring them home with us!!

Replied by Daniel A
(Los Angeles, Ca)

This is great stuff..!! The store brand worked wonders with just one application. Must use the calamine w/zinc oxide. My skin cleared overnight after having been bitten by bed bugs. To get rid of them I grinded some silica gel crystals (the kind that comes on cat litter) and powdered the whole apartment with a garden duster. The roaches in the kitchen died within a couple of hours. The bed bugs died also within a couple of weeks due to their habit to hide. Once the powder gets on them, they can't shake it off and it cuts their bodies and sucks all the water off of it. Once powdered they die in a couple of hours as promised. I recommend these two effective methods to anyone. The powder can be a hassle, and is like powder glass, so it may scratch you; but once the pests are gone, it is easily picked up with a vacuum cleaner.

(Bristol, Ct)

I would be very concerned about yourself and any animals that will breathe this stuff in. Silica is very bad for lungs.

Replied by Joshharrington
(London, Uk)

Really good stuff. Booked a hotel and picked a bad one. Full I tell you, full. But this stuff cleared everything within a few hours. Very effective!

Replied by Sara
(The Beach)

Industrial silica is dangerous to inhale but food grade isn't. diatomaceous earth food grade is safe for human consumption and will safely rid you of bed bugs and ants and other exoskeleton bugs :)

Cat Litter

1 User Review
5 star (1) 

Posted by Tam (The Valley, Ct, Usa) on 05/17/2013

I got rid of my bed bugs fast using cat litter. One web source said to crush the crystals with a mortis and pestle, but, time must have passed and I found a brand of cat litter that has micro crystals of sylica gel at the grocery. :-D The silica gel dries out bed bugs.

Place a container (I used the plastic ones we get when we order Chinese take out, they have a good footprint for furniture legs and are shallow, and free) under the most human/animal occupied furniture legs first. Bed bugs will die soon after they pass through the silica gel. Bed bugs can hibernate for up to 18 months, so keep the silica litter under the furniture legs for that long.

Also, that oil soap made for wood kills bed bugs on the spot. I used more than a healthy dose in several gallons of water. I have a back pack sprayer. For the wood bed frame (mattresses removed) I just sprayed away and watched them come out from every crack. After all was flooded and I saw no more movement, I used a towel on the bed frame and a mop on the wood floor. We let the frame sit for two days to dry then wrapped in saran wrap.

I do still have upholstered furniture wrapped in plastic. When 19 months pass since I saw the last bed bug, I will remove it. I wish I had known about the cinnamon, my kids would have appreciated that.

Within my first 10 days of panic, I bombed the house, and then lay DE all over the floor. Both were very bad ideas and in response to feeling desperate. My son did not breathe well with the DE (he has asthma) on the floor. My kids are older so I was not concerned about them ingesting the silica litter. In the containers placed under furniture legs it poses no harm compared to DE constantly being disturbed into the air.

We read some funny writings, it helped to laugh. The guy that wrote about the cat litter wrote that he missed his bed bugs, and, like him, I still have about half a bag (was $11.00) of the litter left.

Replied by Laurel

Cat liter is bentonite clay--I keep food grade and do lots of things with it.


14 User Reviews
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4 star (1) 
1 star (1) 

Posted by Claudia (Ontarii) on 04/22/2018

Sadly the cinnamon oil didn't get rid of the bed bugs. I sprayed bedding, bedroom and whole house day and night, put it in the final rinse, and it didn't finish them. They kept on biting me. I did find 14 dead during the first week of applying the cinnamon oil and was so excited, but they kept on biting. I would even spray myself, my pijamas, bedding, floor, night stands every night before going to bed. I also bought Vaseline and mix the oil in it and apply it on my wrists, ankles and neck...nothing. I'm desperate!!!

Replied by Anon

Sorry to hear about your bed bug problem.

If you can, either buy or rent a vapor steamer (not a carpet steamer). It's a "dry" vapor that won't leave everything wet. Steam cleaning may be the only thing that kills them and their larvae (steam over 300 degrees). You may have to do it a few times but it will be worth it. Good steamers are expensive but, with all of the attachments, you can use it for deep cleaning on upholstery, beds, carpets, curtains, baseboards, crevices in your couch, in your car, floors, etc.

Look for companies that sell industrial steamers as well as machines for home use (e.g., Dupray - there are others). They know the business while some of the cheaper flimsier models (e.g., Shark) aren't effective and won't last.

In the meantime, keep up with the cinnamon oil spray. Also, when you wash your bedding, clothes, etc. add about a cup of borax (20 Mule Team).

I hope you get rid of these nasty critters soon. Take care!

Replied by Teena
(Melbourne, Australia)
233 posts

Hi Claudia, there was a post which stuck out to me for bed bugs, the poster added cinnamon to yoghurt daily and ate, having read how difficult it is to radicate bed bugs, I held onto that info, it took 3 months however, to eradicate totally, but they did, remember you've got the laid eggs hatching and I think the eggs can hatch 21 days after laying. And they do need to bite to ingest the poison, unfortunately. If me I would order neem capsules, powder, oil. Neem when eaten by these types of bugs, lice fleas etc affects the reproductive cycle and their ability to lay eggs. For this reason you may want to use it externally only, if me however I would ingest, also borax and the cinnamon, to make myself less palatable, spread cinnamon, neem powder and pure salt under and over my bed sheet, yes sleep in it. I'm sure there are other suggestions on the bed bugs pages, these would be my go to. Oh cinnamon for ingesting medicinally should be Ceylon from Sri Lanka, there is concern over the cassia. Best to you.

Replied by Michael
(New Zealand)

Hi Claudia,

Oh boy-have you got a problem! You will only win if you pull out all the stops and dedicate your waking hours for a week to waging war on them.

I remember when we went through this a few years ago. We had to track down the SOURCE of the infestation (important). We found a few insects in the folds of the mattresses with the help of a torch and a special magnifying glass with a light incorporated in it. Nifty gadget! They (or their eggs) must have arrived two or three weeks prior to our guests being bitten (whereupon we were first made aware that something was amiss!! ).

Some folks swore it was bed bugs and others insisted it was a flea. We had to refund our Family's accommodation charges and they left in a huff!! (Just kidding there! ).

There was no blood on the sheets so we think it was a flea. Bone up on the facts on the web / Wikipedia etc. BUT we had to assume it might be BB's after all to be safe. Don't give them time to spread.

1) We inspected all the bedding, carpets and BEDS. Looked in ALL the seams and any folds where they love to hide.

2) Got all bedding, mattresses etc etc out in the sunshine for many hours over several days. They do this in the Cook Islands (no pun intended ).

3) Placed stuff in BIG, BLACK, plastic seal-able bags and stuck them out on hot concrete and inside sealed up car to cook in the sun. Great plan!

4) Purchased a steam gun and steamed around bed seams/folds and around edges of all carpets. Great gadget-every home should have one. Deals with carpet beetles too.

5) Wash all the linen and bedding in water as hot as you can do it in the machine.

6) Stick it all in the drier and run it until they cook. My personal favourite .

7) Get a special BB mattress cover and leave it on for 400 days (and nights! ) and NO that is not a typo. They can survive in your house for over a year without food - you are their food!! No good leaving for Hawaii for a month - they will happily await your return.

8) There are sticky patches you can get that may trap them on the way between the floor/carpet and your mattress. These monitor and trap utilizing a lure/attractant. Things you can place under bed legs too I believe.

I wish you the best of luck with your battle.

Problem is, people movements facilitate their travel and infestations have soared in recent years. You are not alone with this problem and it's a biggie. We should all stay home and not move about so much!!

Cheers, Michael

Replied by Cats

The 14 dead ones is a good sign though, spraying should be the final step after washing bedding, seeking hiding places and constant vacuuming. Try it again after de- cluttering, cleaning etc. I'm your case, the problem may be they are coming from areas not treated. Definitely make a barrier around where you sleep so they have to cross it to get to you. The downside to cinnamon is that they can smell it and simply walk around it. That just means you have to spray everywhere and evenly

Posted by Tara (Tn) on 11/18/2016

Bed Bug Spray

  • One ounce of cinnamon oil
  • One small bottle of witch hazel to make the spray shelf stable
  • One gallon of distilled water

This solution misted by a spray bottle on fabric, mattress, couch, walls, furniture, and floors will kill all bed bugs. Shake the solution before and during use as the oil rises to the top of the container. I spray every thing with a fine mist. I am the only person in my apartment building that does not have bed bugs anymore. Too kill the eggs that will hatch, spray every three days for two weeks, then once a week for four weeks, then once a month for three months and then every three months. Misting works fine. No need to soak. Dries clear and will not stain. If you live in an apartment complex, spray outside your door and along common walls. This worked great for me and now I sell the spray to the owner.

I buy one ounce of cinnamon oil at a health food store. You can also order it online. The cinnamon oil is much more powerful than the cinnamon powder and does not stain. After handling the oil or the spray, wash your hands as the oil will sting if you touch your eyes or genitals. Good Luck. It worked for me. You can also put a quarter cup of the spray in your wash cycle or rinse cycle and it will kill any bugs or eggs in your clothes. I prefer the rinse cycle as it leaves a more concentrated solution in your clothes and smells nice. Spray your air filter. Use it in your car. From what I have read it is the aroma in the oil that overwhelms the exoskeleton system of the bed bug and poisons them. It worked great for me and I sprayed the way I described and still spray once every three months. If I see a bed bug after a neighbor leaves, and sometimes they walk in and sit on my furniture, I just mist everything again. I cannot tell you just how well this works. I pay less than ten dollars for one ounce of cinnamon oil, a dollar for witch hazel and a dollar for distilled water. This makes a gallon and will last a very long time. Also, now, I do not have problems with roaches or ants.

Good Luck. I did a great deal of research to find this recipe and it has worked for me and everyone else that I have shared it with.

Replied by Beth
(Las Vegas)

Is this safe for cats? I really hope so, but I need to know for sure before I use it . Thank you

Replied by Malaysia

Will ground cinnamon work as well?

Replied by Mrshussein
(Chicago , Il)

Thank you so much for sharing this!! And thank you Earth Clinic for existing, lol. The other day the neighbors from downstairs threw their blankets and pillows away, and days after me and my husband started getting bitten. I'm pretty sure the bugs came from their apartment. I used cinammon leaf oil and follow this recipe. It really worked because we didn't get bitten. I also sprinkled cinnamon all over the bed one day, and that worked too.

Replied by Ann
(Houston, Tx)

Tried the mixture for getting rid of bedbugs. I put several bugs on the counter and spray lite mist on them. They died in less than 30 seconds. I proceeded to spray my bed mattress, box springs. The room smells great. Hope this rids the problem that I picked up from a cheap hotel.

Replied by Maxine
(San Pablo Ca)

How much distilled water and how much witch hazel-bed bug spray

Replied by Maxine

I had very high hopes for this remedy to work, and it work faster than the store bought product. I have not seen or felt one from day one of using this. I spray in the morning and again at night THANK YOU SO MUCH. You saved me from all that goes along with having bed bugs

Replied by Ricky Bobby
(Salt Lake, Texas)

I found that using cinnamon powder combined with salt, D-earth, and baking soda, allows for better pest control over bugs. The fact of the matter is using it in a dry environment only. ( you want to dry and kill these bed bugs by lowering the water in the air.) Use it in-between your mattress, in the couch and other places. just keep in mind that you're using powder, (it gets everywhere if you don't use the right applicator.) To cover the top of everything else without a mess, I recommend using the cinnamon oil bug spray in areas where you can't use the powder mixture.

Re-apply every 2 weeks - a month by using a vacuum cleaner to pick up the powder if its pasted together. (only happens if the powder gets wet or picks up to much water from the air)

Another tip is using soapy water. The best I found that worked is dawn dish soap with enough water to spray it out. ( not to much water) When the soap dries on the surface of a bed bug, it clogs it ability to maintain water and slowly dies by drying out.

Bed bugs are easy to kill, but you must search both high and low in order to find them. Think like a bed bug and you shall kill a bed bug.

Replied by Rhea

How do you mix this since all of this won't fit in a spray bottle? Can I mix just enough of it to fit in a 24ounce spray bottle what would the amounts be?

Replied by Claudia

Thank you Tara,

I have been using the spray for a week. I've found 2 adult bedbugs and 4 smaller ones dead. The itching continues, could it be older bites manifesting later on?
Any particular difference between the regular oil or te essential oil? Thank you so much.

Replied by Alyshafei

Hi, I want to make this bed bug spray. I can't find witchhazel where I live. What would be a substitute for it? Thank you

Replied by Tessa
(Loveland, Oh)

What did you use to mix this in? Since it makes slightly over a gallon it won't fit in a gallon jug. Just wondering what you mixed it all in and stored it in.

Replied by Anonym
(United States)

Please do not use cinnamon oil if you have cats!!! Can be toxic to them. Many other essential oils are toxic to them also.

"Many liquid potpourri products and essential oils, including oil of cinnamon, citrus, pennyroyal, peppermint, pine, sweet birch, tea tree (melaleuca), wintergreen, and ylang ylang, are poisonous to cats. Both ingestion and skin exposure can be toxic...Essential oils and liquid potpourris contain chemicals that are rapidly absorbed orally or through the skin. Many of these chemicals are metabolized through the liver. Cats are particularly sensitive to essential oils as they have a decreased number of certain liver enzymes necessary to effectively metabolize these oils." (from VCAhospital website)

Replied by Phoebe

Hi Tara and Earth Clinic, Thank you so much for the cinnamon oil, witch hazel, distilled water recipe to get rid of bed bugs. It helped me A LOT a few years ago. Last week bed bugs came again to my apartment. I still have some distilled water, but distilled water is now very hard, or maybe impossible, to find in any store in my area, and I think Amazon is charging about $10 for shipping! Is there any other kind of water you could recommend I use, instead of distilled water? Or would plain tap water be ok? Thank you for considering this message. I think the recipe is GREAT!


Food grade diatomaceous earth will kill the bed bugs! Sprinkle around the perimeter of the room and around the legs of your bed.


If you cannot get distilled water, use the purest water you can get. Don't let the search for perfect prevent you from doing the good enough. Personally, I would use tap water--I'm wanting to kill bedbugs, not do what is best for their health. And the tap water where I live is pretty clean, I can go online and see the test results.

Replied by Linda
(Charleston SC)

Is the Cinnamon mixture for BedBugs safe to use around dogs?

Replied by Christie

How do I know which witch hazel to use and I'm confused about the amount till I use the whole bottle like 16 oz or just an ounce of it how does it work there's so many witch Hazel's I don't know which to do


Food grade diatomaceous earth will kill bed bugs. Put it around the perimeter of each room, and under each leg of the bed.

(Kitchener On)

Hi Christie

Sorry to hear about your problem with bugs. I have learned of the best and safest bug killer.

It is Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth,

every health store should have it. Also it will kill internal parasites for adults, children 10 amd older as well as pets. To use properly every night have a warm glass of water -put 1/2 teaspoon of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth and drink it all - tastes chalky. Do this every night for 90 nights. To kill bugs, sprinkle little where you think they might be, It will kill ants, red ants, spiders and bed bugs.I wouls sprinkle every day for 4-5 days. Make sure it is Food Grade.

Take Care


Posted by Anne (Las Vegas, Nv) on 11/30/2012

I told my apt mgr that i needed a new sofa, they gave me one from another apt instead that had bed bugs in it.

they were driving me crazy. tried spraying it with rubbing alcohol, but did't help much.

bought a new sofa and mattresses with a cover covering both of them (it's just impossible to put a fitted sheet over both of them) but bugs evently got on those.

i read about the cinnamon. put an entire bottle all over it, and then realized it was nutmeg. so i added cinnamon over it and haven't had a bite since

first put some of the mixture all over the mattress and then put on sheet and put mixture all over that. and no more bites.

before you do this you might invest in one cover that covers both mattresses.

Replied by Ms Y

Cinnamon in mattress seams - has helped seemed to be gone except for egg droppings. Used food grade hydrogen peroxide on walls/base baords. Also sprayed green rubbing alchol - haven't bothered me since - saved extermination fees apt wanted to charge me. going to do Apple Cider Vinegar and neem. None in couch that was neemed months ago- for fleas. Doesn't seem any went in couch.

Replied by Cassandra
(Atlanta Ga.)

It works. I used it and it worked for me and my family.

Replied by Paulany
(Niagara Falls, Ny)

I used cinnamon and had a Great nights sleep after staying awake for 48 hours afraid of being attacked. Does anyone know if I need to reapply the cinnamon and what the time frame is?

Replied by Paula
(Buffalo, Ny)

I put cinnamon on my mattress and been sleeping pretty good for the last couple of nights but my concern is that I still find one or two bugs on the bed when I go to turn in at night. Does anyone know if I need to repeat application of the cinnamon?

Replied by Jean

So with the cinnamon do you sprinkle it on the bed and then vacuum it off, will it stain?

Replied by Kim

It did work for me.

Replied by Scott

I believe the article mentioned "Oil of cinnamon". I intend to try the oil. I moved and my couch is full of them. No one mentioned before I moved in that there were bed bugs. I am 75 years old and this is the first time I have ever encountered this. Fought fleas, but this is worse. I am allergic to the bites so am going to try the cinnamon. Unfortunately I thought it was fleas at first and spent a lot of money on pesticides. And then I saw one. Awful things.

Replied by Claudia

Lol. You made laugh with the nutmeg :D

I do need some humor! I hate bedbugs. I've been bitten since Dec 15th when I went to help a friend's friend. I cleaned her bedroom, didn't think of anything. Next morning I got bitten like crazy.

I used some cinnamon that helped for a couple of days, but they seem to be back with vengeance. I will double check the method and try again. How long to get rid of them? and how exactly do I apply it?

Posted by Joan (Ferndale, Wa) on 03/19/2011

I sprinkle powdered cinnamon on my oatmeal every day, and include it in every recipe that it works with. The bedbugs don't bite me anymore. They have all died of starvation. I figured that if bedbugs hate cinnamon, then why not get it into me, to make it even more effective. It's tasty, and good for you, too. I ingested some cinnamon every day for about three months to totally get rid of the bugs. WARNING: We're only talking about the powdered cinnamon that you buy from the spice shelf at the grocery store. (NOT the concentrated oils in Rest Ease which would be highly toxic.)

Replied by Yeag
(Louisville, Ky)

Need more feed back on whether or not eating cinnamon every day really works... I drink it in coffee & tea often & no bed bug bites from recent bug citings.

Replied by Agnes
(Vancouver, Bc, Canada)

More information is needed in regards to length of time of this expriment. Bed bugs have been known to live up to a year without food. They also feed on dead skin cells in between feeding on blood so it is possible that, though they have stopped feeding on you, they are still active in your unit.

Replied by Bcaru
(Bristol, Ct)

If you're going to eat cinnamon, you should research which has the actual good benefits. I believe Ceylon cinnamon is the correct one to use, especially if you're using it to eat, it helps lower blood sugar naturally. Also whole I the subject of cinnamon, please be aware that all food is irradiated. Irradiation takes away it's benefit. There are places that you can research online that sell herbs, spices and essential oils. I'm not sure if I can mention the name or not, so rather than mention it, I'd rather make sure this post is here than take a chance. Good luck

Posted by Pipi (Lakewood, New Jersey) on 09/12/2010

Cinnamon took away my ant problem. Ants hate the smell of cinnamon. I told my friend, who had a problem with ants too, about it, and she sprinkled some cinnamon in the place where they were coming from. The ants didn't come back. My other friend had a cockroach infestation in her home and I figured if cinnamon could work on ants why wouldn't it work on cockroaches. A few weeks later she came back to me and she was like "you know, Pipi, I think your cinnamon worked because I haven't seen a cockroach since I put it out." I was really happy for her. Anyway, a lot of people in my town are having problems with bedbugs and I really think cinnamon could work to eliminate them. I mean, if it could work on ants and cockroaches why wouldn't it work on bedbugs. If you're having a ant or cockroach problem figure out where they are coming from and sprinkle cinnamon in that place. For bedbugs, maybe you could sprinkle cinnamon directly on the mattress under the sheet. I don't know if that might ruin the mattress. I guess whatever you feel is right, do. If you get results with bed bugs let me know: [email protected]

Replied by Teresa
(Ft. Wayne, Indiana)

Also cucumber peelings work to get rid of ants. I thought that my mom was joking when she told me to peel a cucumber and throw small slices in the corners of rooms but it worked great and after 12-24 hours not an ant in sight! You'll notice in 3-5 days when the cucumber slices dry up and need replaced because the ants will come back.

Replied by Dani
(Miami, Fl)

I sprinkled cinamon everywhere in the bedroom, and it's been a few weeks. Things look OK.

Replied by Kevin
(Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Cinnamon helped me eradicate every single one :)

Replied by Bitten Up
(Cal., US)

To Kevin

did you use cinnamon to get rid of bed bugs or roaches? And how did you use it?

Replied by Franco
(San Diego, California)

I was thinking, if you ingest powdered cinnamon in food. What do you think of boiling cinnamon sticks and drinking the water concentrate as a tea? Also when you boil cinnamon in the house, the house really smells like cinnamon. They might not like the smell, either. What do you think?

Replied by Andrea
(Burlington Wi)

My cousin moved into as apt last year and keeps getting bites. she is a super clean person but the previous tennants were nasty filthy. She changes her bedding twice a week. She has inspected the mattress and can't seem to find any in the creases. She has sprayed everything with bug spray made to kill them, but every night she is getting new bites! Cinnamon seams like it would leave a horrible mess and stain everything reddish brown. But she might be willing to try this. Maybe eating it would help. I'm not sure she has them maybe they are dust mites.

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Andrea,

Re your cousin and the bed bug issue...

I have found "cedarcide" to be a wonderful bug killer and harmless to humans. I'd spray the whole apartment including sheets and entire walls etc. Once I had a really bad flea infestation in a rental home and even professionals could not kill them....then I found on the internet "cedarcide" and ordered a gallon. I sprayed the whole house walls, floor and air ducts. Second spray....all gone. Same story at another house similarly infested. Will it work on bed bugs? Well, the marketers say so and I'd be willing to try. Look also on EC's Bed Bugs "Remedies" section and look at "Ailments" because other remedies have been suggested also.

Diatomaceous Earth

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Posted by Suzie (Los Angeles, Ca) on 12/27/2014

I just want to say that I love earthclinic! I come here often just to learn new things!

I also want to let people know that there is an easy solution to bed bugs. It is a growing concern, there are so many people that are getting them! Including me! I am sorry to say. I did everything right, I checked when I was at a hotel, I never put luggage on the floor, I sprayed concoctions in any hotel room that I stayed in. But I got them anyway, and I don't know how. The good news is there is help. The first thing I did when I thought I had them was to wash and dry all bed linens and while that was drying I vaccuummed my bed and steamed the mattress then I encased the mattress and pillows with allergy and mite control encasements, (I will do the box spring tonight), even with a partial effort its helped immensely. I bought a large mattress bag for dust mites not for bed bugs because mites are smaller and put alot of my clean things in there. Next which is very important, I put diatomaceous earth (FOOD GRADE) in the encasement, just a tablespoon spread around on the mattress. Then I dusted the bed frame, my bed room and around the floors with the D earth. I used a thick make up brush to spread it. I dusted the couch and love seat and every chair. I sit on only one barstool. Yes its a pain but so are bed bugs. I bought a few clothes hanging racks at walmart and after I dry clothes I hang them up or put small items in plastic bags. I thought I would go crazy and I panicked for a few hours in the last week I even cried a time or two....but I will win!!!! The main thing is to learn all you can then go forth and conquer!!!!

Diatomaceous Earth
Posted by Karen (Salisbury) on 10/03/2013

Diatomaceous earth does not work on bedbugs! I covered my couch with it. I sprayed the inside, outside, underside, opened the seams, around the feet and still have bedbugs. I have also tried sprays which are only a temporary fix for one night, steamed everything for a one night fix. Is there anything else to try? I read cinnamon but is it a temporary fix as well? I will write this because I experimented with it myself: a mixture of pickling salt and creole mix stops them in their tracks but wasn't able to finish my experiment because my son went and sprayed it with 91% achocol, the bug died. An exterminator told me achocol will kill them but again it's on contact like many of the products being sold. Once it dries it no longer is effective. Any advice is helpful and should I experiment again with a different product I will let you know. Thanks to all

Replied by Prioris
(Fl, Usa)

Diatomaceous Earth may be killing them but you don't notice. If they are inside the couch and not coming into contact with DE then they will be protected. They can go without food for a very long time. Also remember it takes a week before you see any effect. If they are breeding, they may be replacing the ones killed. I used DE with an insecticide that I bought at Lowes.

When bed bugs were effecting my bed, I just put a thick double ring around bed and room. I vacuumed and washed in hot water everything also.

Given you have so many, they are probably everywhere in house. It may be that you are dealing with large numbers.

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Karen from Salisbury:

About the infestation... Yours being "bed bugs"... I've had great success with cedar oil. It's been used for at least a thousand years that can be documented.

A human can get it onto skin and no harm; in fact it works as an insect repellent.

It works against spiders, bed bugs, ants, fleas... Ah! Fleas. A quick story on a flea infestation in a rental home I once had. Renters had left a big flea infestation. I don't just mean a few fleas in Room 1, and a few fleas in Room 2 etc. I mean when I walked into the living room with no shoes and bare legs, you could actually see movement toward my legs!

In seconds my leg had a dozen fleas and quickly I sprayed my leg with the cedarcide spray (in a cannister like you use in the yard... With a little hose and nozzle) and that spray on my legs killed those on me and protected me from further attacks. I then sprayed my hands and applied the cedarcide over my arms and neck and even face as I recall. Well, all through the house I went spraying the floors and walls and left over furniture.

Prior to this experiment in cedarcide, we'd tried everything to rid the house of the fleas. Twice the professionals had come to fumigate and in no time the fleas were back. I'd put out 20 bombs and again, they were back in days. So I did a web search and read about cedar oil. Ordered two gallons.

I sprayed twice with the cedarcide and the second time as I walked through without spraying my legs (a human white strip) one flea made it to my leg.

After the second application I walked again with bare legs and feet and, yeah, no fleas. As I recall, I did have to spray into an air intake to make sure the fleas were killed in the vent system.

And I have a niece living in Peru and she was having a terrible time with Brown Recluse spiders in her home/apartment. I shipped her a gallon of cedarcide and after spraying no more Recluses.

Sometimes if I get a mosquito that is in a room and I can't locate it; I'll use the hand held sprayer and spray. I can even spray on furniture. You can see the "oil" but it absorbs. If on hard floor it's slippery until it drys. Then no marks or stains is evident. Oh yes, the mosquitos are killed too.

Replied by Andrea C

Hi, here in UK the old tried and true remedy for Bed Bugs is, put a moistened bar of soap in the bed at night, as it's body heat that attracts them at night, or even something to warm the bed up. They then come out, and stick to the bar's of soap, and they can live up to two year's under wall paper waiting for dinner to arrive!

Are you sure it's bed bugs? I am asking because when I and my friend and her kids were getting bitten to death at night in bed in her home, the DR said it was Bed bugs. It wasn't, it was Scabies caused by a mattress given to her by someone else!! And it's so infectious the whole Housing Estate were rampant with it, and all of us were tearing our skin off, any thing with an abrasive surface was worn away on our bodies. Another friend's DR told her, the bites on HER kids were Gnat bites (scabies again). My friend was too embarrassed to warn everyone as the week before, she went door knocking to tell all the parent's her kids had head lice so everyone could treat the kid's at the same time, it gets worse!! A lot of people on the Estate worked at the local Paraplegic Hospital and all the Patients and staff there got infected as well, and it made the National News as these Staff also stood in for sick staff at other Hospital's. And everyone in the other Hospitals got infected, school's Clinics, in fact everywhere people integrated with each other, so I had the unenviable job of ringing News stations up and telling them it was 'Scabies' because the Hospital's thought it was Bed Bugs and were treating for it, as Bed Bugs are sneaky and you rarely see them, but you soon know when your on the menu!!! And if it's definitely Bed Bugs your home will need to be sprayed as they love to hide in padded headboards, stuffed toys, wall skirting, in clothing, loads of places I'm afraid, but the Bar of Soap method I mentioned has been used for ever to get them in the bed. Love Andrea C xxxxxxx

Replied by Cathy

It's not going to be overnight you have to give it time to work I suggest putting the powder down everywhere throughout your couch on the inside and out and they will die I guarantee you just give it some time please.

Diatomaceous Earth
Posted by Yeag (Louisville, Ky) on 06/11/2012

I can not get rid of bed bugs... I just sprinkled diamaceous earth everywhere & they are still here... Just killed 3 adults @ 2:45 am... I tried soapy water, insecticides, & diamaceous earth... No luck!!! ... please post this on your page asap in order for me to get a remedy to kill them...thanks!!!

Replied by Yeag
(Louisville, Ky)

Replying to Steph. From texas... A few hours after dusting house, the 3 of us were sitting in the floor that was dusted a few hours before & were attacked by the bugs... Of course I killed them with my bare hands as I saw them. I killed about 10 throughout the night... Threw out all the couch covers to be hot washed later & dried.. Around dawn, I put a clean white sheet on love seat, & couch & laid down... It is now 5:20pm EST. & there are no signs of the bugs on the sheets so far... I pray DE works... I picked up a 4 pound bag of DE at Home Depo for $9.. So, I would assume a store similar to Home Depot would be the place for you to buy it cheaper... thanks for your reply...Yeag.

Replied by Dawn
(Reno Nv)

You need to try high heat steam cleaner. It help and is the key to begining the killing them all. High heat on everything and baking soda left on carpet. I wrote my treatment on this blog. Read it and see if it helps you. I saw suggestions of soap mixures sprayed around house - good idea lots here to try. Find the source. Remember to sanitize your walkway and shoes.

Diatomaceous Earth
Posted by Stephanie From Texas (Plano, Tx, Usa) on 06/10/2012

I recently read about food-grade diatomaceous earth for getting rid of all kinds of creepy-crawlies, including bedbugs, fleas, etc.. The great thing is that it is completely safe for use in kitchens, on pets, etc. , and I would assume around small children. According to the ad I read, it can be put on the rails of the bed, dusted even on the mattress, I think, and so on, where it microscopically scratches the soft bodies of the bugs, causing them to dehydrate and die. Apparently it is not an instant fix, but an effective and complete cure, lasting months if not vacuumed away. I sent my daughter the info because her cat has fleas, and the testimonials I was reading indicated it could be rubbed on the animal as well as being worked into the carpet. Directions were given for use against bedbugs, and I made a mental note in case I ever need it. It was being sold for $16 for over 4 pounds, and the folks being quoted said that it goes a long way and lasts a long time. I assume there are a variety of websites that offer it, though I have not found it yet in two or three natural foods stores I have checked locally. Apparently the place to look would be in pet care, but you do want the food grade so that it can be used throughout your home as needed - I'm going to get it for the little ants who sometimes visit my kitchen! I hope you get relief right away, having a little one in the house!

The other thing you might look into is having an ozone machine run in your home, which would kill all bugs, fungus, etc, and not result in any toxicity or residue, but I have only hearsay info about that, and I would imagine it would be pricey.

Replied by Darlene

I buy DE to deworm and delouse my goats and try to keep the fly population down in the barn by sprinkling it on the manure periodically. Periodically I also put in something I'm baking for the family to also keep the humans free from worms. It costs me about $30 for 50# and, yes, it does go a very long way. You might try a feed store to see if they sell it. I don't think I've ever seen it sold in a natural food store, but most of the ones I frequent are small businesses.

Replied by Dee
(Jeffersonville, Indiana)

You can buy food grade DE from a pet supply store like Fedders Supply, under $15 for 4 lbs. Good luck with the bugs, I'm 9 months rid of them so far so good.

Replied by Bed Bug Hugs
(Burbank, California)

How to get rid of bed bugs without pesticides. You must hunt them down with soapy water and a shop vac.

Get a gallon sprayer, fill it with half a bottle of dawn dish liquid or Murphy's oil soap. Inspect all surface area for bugs like around the mattresses, box spring, head boards. If you find them, spray the he'll out of them.

Next take apart the bed. Spray everything and watch them run. Spray then vacuum them up. They should die on contact when sprayed.

Make sure the shop vac is sealed and has a small bit of soapy hot water for the bugs to fall into.

You have to hunt every one of those little bastards down and kill them. Look everywhere they hide which is usually near the place their meal ticket sleeps.

Completely seal mistress and box spring with plastic bags from home depot or if you are rich and can afford a 40$$ vinyl bedbug cover from target then get it. If not get a few cheap mistress bags from HD. Sometimes the bag breaks over time. Have one ready just incase. Before sealing, pat the bed down with DE (diatomaceous earth).

Toss more DE around and under bed frame. Pat it into carpet with a flip flop. Smear it into wood bed frames.

Pat some into your bed cloths. About a hand full sprinkled then patted in should do.

Inspect and wash anything left on the floor or dark coloured as BB are attracted to dark things to hide in.

By this point you WILL still be getting bit but far less.

Let new bites be a message that another bed bug hunt is in need. Again, hunt those little a-holes down and kill them. Tape up holes in wood bed frames, move bed away from walls and night stand away from bed. Smear DE around base boards and use a paint brush to smear some o the walls around the bed or anywhere you think needed such as places you don't want them to come to.

More bites? Hunt, seek, Respray, kill, revacuum and 're apply DE.

For added insurance, buy neem oil (the real stuff with Indian writing on it usually under 10$$ 100ml size) and pennyroyal oil and mix it with water. Use best judgement on amounts. Shake well and spray likely places they access to get to you. Spray places you don't want them like in couches, upholstered chairs. Both oils make them unable to reproduce.

Most importantly, sleep only in the same spot/bed and never move locations or make them spread out of the infested locations with foggers. You, their food source are their bate and you want them to come to you through the DE.

Some medical research journals indicate the drug ivermectin medication in the bloodstream kills bed bugs every time in a matter of hours. If you have pets switch them to ivermectin based anti parasitic monthly medications. Ivermectin can be prescribed to humans for scabies and for lice. Though a safer alternative is olive leave extract and neem leaf capsules before bed. This may not kill them but make them sick and unable to reproduce.

Far more effective than laying any substances around and hoping they walk through it and die is the hunting method. Seal all cracks and crevices after blowing DE into them and start hunting, kill spray with soapy water, and spray tons all over.

If you plan on using tons of water and concerned with moist surfaces milldo-ing, add laundry borax to the soapy mix. Prevents mold.

If you live in an apartment, pass along this knowledge, share some of your DE and use of your gallon sprayer AFTER all bug entry points have been sealed by everyone. Everyone will have to make the same effort and help out those who may not have the resources or youth to do so.

I gave out the DE and oil mix and was reported back they were bug free for a few neighbors even though I know they cut corners. Sadly some trashy tenants don't seem to mind the bugs and refused assistance. It's been going on 2 years and I have only had 1 bite and I'm note even sure it was bed bugs and that was 4 months ago.

I'm fairly sure a few units upstairs and down the hall have them. No one that I gave the oil and DR have them and I have been 99% bug free all this time in spite of the people upstairs.

Replied by Candance

Just need to make sure the Diatomaceous earth is "food grade", as there is also a type they use for pools and it is not safe to be around. You can usually find the food grade fairly cheaply at a feed supply store as some farmers add it to their cattle feed. I picked up 50# for less than $30 that way.

Replied by Tom
(Fort Worth, Texas)

To: Bed bug hugs... you wrote in getting rid of them to... "completely seal mistress and box springs with plastic"

...ah.....actually a great post, and a reminder for all of us to proof carefully.

Replied by Sandra

Thanks BedBugHugs, I want to try your method but I'm not understanding about spraying with soapy water or the essential oils of neem and pennyroyal after applying the DE. Won't this make a muddy mess, and render the DE ineffective? I have tons of DE down and still getting bites. I'm thinking of taking it all up and having someone come in to steam clean with dry heat, then put the DE back down again. Did you mean to apply DE to your sheets and pajamas and sleep in it? How much of the essential oils would one put into an 8oz bottle? I purchased the Neem Oil on line, it came as a Carrier Oil, did I get the right stuff?

Replied by Sheri
(Minden, La.)

Bed bugs have gotten smarter than we know, ears and nose both infested with the silicon white substance they lay eggs in. Nightmare is all I can say, fighting the battle of my lifetime. Anyone who says they don't live in their host, is either a fool, or too afraid to admit the unthinkable. When we are their blood supply, is it really so hard believe?

Diatomaceous Earth
Posted by Zander (Cincinnatti, Oh) on 12/04/2011

We had a bed bug infestation from a guitar case which we had loaned out and retrieved.

We self treated with DE [you have to be VERY careful with this, protect your respiratory system with a respirator, not a paint mask and it must be food grade, not swimming pool filter type] and, at a separate time, yes kerosene. We have an all wood ceiling and floors. We used a nasty, non-natural insecticide in the kerosene and mopped the floors and ceiling with the mixture. Obviously, one must exercise common sense caution with the use of kerosene [as with any flammable liquid], which is the centuries old treatment for bed bug destruction and repulsion [old timers would place their bed posts in cans of kerosene to prevent them from scaling the posts].

A thorough examination of the bed frame and bedding--under mattresses particularly, must be done as well as under lamps, particularly floor lamps, furnishings, book cases, behind switch plates and outlet covers. Remove such covers and paint the backs of each with DE bound in a bit of soapy water. Allow to dry completely before replacing.

We made the fatal error of using bug "bombs" at our first discovery of these creatures which spread them and caused us to have to battle them for months, rather than the day or so it might have taken to eradicate them. The bug bombs spread them. They are much easier to find and eliminate if they are not spread.

The last bed bug we saw was 3 months after the search and destroy measures faithfully followed as described above; however, I experienced what I believed were bite marks for ..... two years afterwards.

I went to extreme measures and actually slept in a diving suit! When "bite" marks appeared inside the covered areas I tried to determine if these were delayed skin reactions to previous bites that had perhaps occurred elsewhere in the home. That was so much fun to wonder about.

After leaving my home for three months, I came to suspect MRSA as the source of the "bite" marks. The marks were typically MRSA like "spider bite" in appearance.

I began a natural protocol for MRSA which included zinc, turmeric and coconut oil. The "bites" then disappeared.

I believe that what I had was MRSA carried by the bed bugs. I would like to confirm with a home test kit, if possible. If anyone has information about where such can be ordered online, I would be truly grateful.

Diatomaceous Earth
Posted by Heather (Katy, Tx) on 05/20/2011

We used this with AWESOME results. Get food grade DE (it's relatively cheap), and sprinkle around the beds and baseboards. No type of DE is safe to inhale, you can use a mask if you like, but I didn't bother.... There weren't clouds of it wafting up or anything.... It's like a powder. Bugs were gone that night and haven't come back. It's been over a year, and we're bed bug free. But if you have animals you may want to try a different method, or lock them out of the room if you're lucky enough to only have one room infested. The other grades of DE are heat treated or have additives, and the shape of them has changed so they don't work as well, but they work wonders for pool filtering and agriculture. And the food grade DE is supposed to have other health benefits if you add it to your diet.... Just don't be stupid and snort it.... Very bad for your lungs!

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