Bed Bug Bite Remedies

| Modified on Jul 08, 2021

Posted by Tara (Tn) on 11/18/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Bed Bug Spray

  • One ounce of cinnamon oil
  • One small bottle of witch hazel to make the spray shelf stable
  • One gallon of distilled water

This solution misted by a spray bottle on fabric, mattress, couch, walls, furniture, and floors will kill all bed bugs. Shake the solution before and during use as the oil rises to the top of the container. I spray every thing with a fine mist. I am the only person in my apartment building that does not have bed bugs anymore. Too kill the eggs that will hatch, spray every three days for two weeks, then once a week for four weeks, then once a month for three months and then every three months. Misting works fine. No need to soak. Dries clear and will not stain. If you live in an apartment complex, spray outside your door and along common walls. This worked great for me and now I sell the spray to the owner.

I buy one ounce of cinnamon oil at a health food store. You can also order it online. The cinnamon oil is much more powerful than the cinnamon powder and does not stain. After handling the oil or the spray, wash your hands as the oil will sting if you touch your eyes or genitals. Good Luck. It worked for me. You can also put a quarter cup of the spray in your wash cycle or rinse cycle and it will kill any bugs or eggs in your clothes. I prefer the rinse cycle as it leaves a more concentrated solution in your clothes and smells nice. Spray your air filter. Use it in your car. From what I have read it is the aroma in the oil that overwhelms the exoskeleton system of the bed bug and poisons them. It worked great for me and I sprayed the way I described and still spray once every three months. If I see a bed bug after a neighbor leaves, and sometimes they walk in and sit on my furniture, I just mist everything again. I cannot tell you just how well this works. I pay less than ten dollars for one ounce of cinnamon oil, a dollar for witch hazel and a dollar for distilled water. This makes a gallon and will last a very long time. Also, now, I do not have problems with roaches or ants.

Good Luck. I did a great deal of research to find this recipe and it has worked for me and everyone else that I have shared it with.

Baking Soda
Posted by Mariana (Va. Beach, Va.) on 08/23/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I have found total victory over bed bugs with baking soda! I found it on a Facebook post, and figured I had nothing to lose after having bed bugs in my home for 3 years already. I had tried bug bombs, sprays, you name it!

I wrapped the beds in plastic drop cloths that you can buy at the Walmart paint department and used clear package tape to tape the sides together. Then sprinkled baking soda on the bed frames and floors all around the beds and at the feet of the bed frames so the bugs would have to crawl through it. It kills them when they come in contact with it. I put baking soda in and around the couch and lazy boy, and kept adding more every week or so. It worked!! We are completely bed-bug free now for 2 years!!

Of course, you have to completely keep all clothing and bedding washed and floors vacuumed as well. It kills the eggs too! Freeeeedom!

Posted by Michael (New Zealand) on 04/24/2018

Hi Claudia,

Oh boy-have you got a problem! You will only win if you pull out all the stops and dedicate your waking hours for a week to waging war on them.

I remember when we went through this a few years ago. We had to track down the SOURCE of the infestation (important). We found a few insects in the folds of the mattresses with the help of a torch and a special magnifying glass with a light incorporated in it. Nifty gadget! They (or their eggs) must have arrived two or three weeks prior to our guests being bitten (whereupon we were first made aware that something was amiss!! ).

Some folks swore it was bed bugs and others insisted it was a flea. We had to refund our Family's accommodation charges and they left in a huff!! (Just kidding there! ).

There was no blood on the sheets so we think it was a flea. Bone up on the facts on the web / Wikipedia etc. BUT we had to assume it might be BB's after all to be safe. Don't give them time to spread.

1) We inspected all the bedding, carpets and BEDS. Looked in ALL the seams and any folds where they love to hide.

2) Got all bedding, mattresses etc etc out in the sunshine for many hours over several days. They do this in the Cook Islands (no pun intended ).

3) Placed stuff in BIG, BLACK, plastic seal-able bags and stuck them out on hot concrete and inside sealed up car to cook in the sun. Great plan!

4) Purchased a steam gun and steamed around bed seams/folds and around edges of all carpets. Great gadget-every home should have one. Deals with carpet beetles too.

5) Wash all the linen and bedding in water as hot as you can do it in the machine.

6) Stick it all in the drier and run it until they cook. My personal favourite .

7) Get a special BB mattress cover and leave it on for 400 days (and nights! ) and NO that is not a typo. They can survive in your house for over a year without food - you are their food!! No good leaving for Hawaii for a month - they will happily await your return.

8) There are sticky patches you can get that may trap them on the way between the floor/carpet and your mattress. These monitor and trap utilizing a lure/attractant. Things you can place under bed legs too I believe.

I wish you the best of luck with your battle.

Problem is, people movements facilitate their travel and infestations have soared in recent years. You are not alone with this problem and it's a biggie. We should all stay home and not move about so much!!

Cheers, Michael

Diatomaceous Earth
Posted by Suzie (Los Angeles, Ca) on 12/27/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I just want to say that I love earthclinic! I come here often just to learn new things!

I also want to let people know that there is an easy solution to bed bugs. It is a growing concern, there are so many people that are getting them! Including me! I am sorry to say. I did everything right, I checked when I was at a hotel, I never put luggage on the floor, I sprayed concoctions in any hotel room that I stayed in. But I got them anyway, and I don't know how. The good news is there is help. The first thing I did when I thought I had them was to wash and dry all bed linens and while that was drying I vaccuummed my bed and steamed the mattress then I encased the mattress and pillows with allergy and mite control encasements, (I will do the box spring tonight), even with a partial effort its helped immensely. I bought a large mattress bag for dust mites not for bed bugs because mites are smaller and put alot of my clean things in there. Next which is very important, I put diatomaceous earth (FOOD GRADE) in the encasement, just a tablespoon spread around on the mattress. Then I dusted the bed frame, my bed room and around the floors with the D earth. I used a thick make up brush to spread it. I dusted the couch and love seat and every chair. I sit on only one barstool. Yes its a pain but so are bed bugs. I bought a few clothes hanging racks at walmart and after I dry clothes I hang them up or put small items in plastic bags. I thought I would go crazy and I panicked for a few hours in the last week I even cried a time or two....but I will win!!!! The main thing is to learn all you can then go forth and conquer!!!!

Posted by Maxine (Ca) on 06/18/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I had very high hopes for this remedy to work, and it work faster than the store bought product. I have not seen or felt one from day one of using this. I spray in the morning and again at night THANK YOU SO MUCH. You saved me from all that goes along with having bed bugs

Posted by Ricky Bobby (Salt Lake, Texas) on 11/15/2017

I found that using cinnamon powder combined with salt, D-earth, and baking soda, allows for better pest control over bugs. The fact of the matter is using it in a dry environment only. ( you want to dry and kill these bed bugs by lowering the water in the air.) Use it in-between your mattress, in the couch and other places. just keep in mind that you're using powder, (it gets everywhere if you don't use the right applicator.) To cover the top of everything else without a mess, I recommend using the cinnamon oil bug spray in areas where you can't use the powder mixture.

Re-apply every 2 weeks - a month by using a vacuum cleaner to pick up the powder if its pasted together. (only happens if the powder gets wet or picks up to much water from the air)

Another tip is using soapy water. The best I found that worked is dawn dish soap with enough water to spray it out. ( not to much water) When the soap dries on the surface of a bed bug, it clogs it ability to maintain water and slowly dies by drying out.

Bed bugs are easy to kill, but you must search both high and low in order to find them. Think like a bed bug and you shall kill a bed bug.

Posted by Ms Y (Phoenix) on 11/03/2013
4 out of 5 stars

Cinnamon in mattress seams - has helped seemed to be gone except for egg droppings. Used food grade hydrogen peroxide on walls/base baords. Also sprayed green rubbing alchol - haven't bothered me since - saved extermination fees apt wanted to charge me. going to do Apple Cider Vinegar and neem. None in couch that was neemed months ago- for fleas. Doesn't seem any went in couch.

Posted by Ann (Houston, Tx ) on 04/19/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Tried the mixture for getting rid of bedbugs. I put several bugs on the counter and spray lite mist on them. They died in less than 30 seconds. I proceeded to spray my bed mattress, box springs. The room smells great. Hope this rids the problem that I picked up from a cheap hotel.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Mystic Gardener (Central Ohio) on 03/26/2016

Another update on my previous posts. After 5 months, I once again cut a slit in the plastic and set off a bomb. The next day I bravely removed the plastic. I found 6 dead bugs. I have seen none since then and I did this almost a month ago. I keep a big flashlight beside me when I sleep and every night when I get up at 3 am to use the bathroom, I look for them. Nothing. So I didn't have any in the walls, in the TV, behind pictures, etc. Like I said earlier, some of this stuff you read about this problem really sounds like a stretch to me. Now my problem is not letting the people visit me that I believe brought them to me in the first place!

Steamer, Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Leah (Tx, United States) on 01/06/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, I had a very bad bed bug infestation, so I went and got me 3 steamers, bed covers, and tea tree oil. They were in all of the beds and couches it was so bad! I had no idea why we were itching so much, but soon seen this blood filled bug crawling on my shirt! I was so grossed out, I went and got a clothes/furniture steamer (combo), a detail/kitchen steamer (combo), and a regular compact carpet steamer. Well, I first started with two of the steamers, and I could not believe what I was seeing! There were hordes of them on the mattress lining, so I had to go to the store again to get bed covers. I steamed the beds with the furniture steamer, and then with the kitchen steamer, I poked and prauded as much steam as I could to kill them all off, then covered the beds with the bed covers. I then went to the couches, they were horrible there too! So I again pushed as much steam as I could into any cracks of the couchs I could find, plus the cushions and legs of it. Its to bad we have carpet, because theres were I was next with the carpet steamer. I steamed all the carpet in the house, living room, den and a bedroom. To my surprise, it worked, BUT not overnight. I had to do this over and over again, and I got tea tree oil to spray on everything. I did not care at that point, so I put tea tree oil on pretty much everything, diluted in a spray bottle of course. I also steamed the base boards, anything that I thought they could hide, I was steaming it! I got rid of them within two weeks, I did this DAILY to make sure we did not get a re-occurance, I also steamed the clothes and put them in the dryer at high heat. Then vaccumed the place to pick up their little corpses. I have to say the steaming did the job, and kept our clothes wrinkle free lol!

Diatomaceous Earth
Posted by Karen (Salisbury) on 10/03/2013
1 out of 5 stars

Diatomaceous earth does not work on bedbugs! I covered my couch with it. I sprayed the inside, outside, underside, opened the seams, around the feet and still have bedbugs. I have also tried sprays which are only a temporary fix for one night, steamed everything for a one night fix. Is there anything else to try? I read cinnamon but is it a temporary fix as well? I will write this because I experimented with it myself: a mixture of pickling salt and creole mix stops them in their tracks but wasn't able to finish my experiment because my son went and sprayed it with 91% achocol, the bug died. An exterminator told me achocol will kill them but again it's on contact like many of the products being sold. Once it dries it no longer is effective. Any advice is helpful and should I experiment again with a different product I will let you know. Thanks to all

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Gerry (Sudbury, Ontario, Canada) on 12/07/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I recently, read about some Natural-Home-Made Bedbugs remedies, people have used & tryed.

I tryed one such remedies. As, Super of 2-12 Unit Bachlor Apts. We had BBugs problems with one of our Apts Units that a tenant, left us to cleaning out. After multi-sprayings by the Pest-Control man. We finally had got this under-control. I later sprayed apt, with home-made remedy with combinations I. E. (2-8oz-cups-Apple-Cider Vinager, 2-80z Cups of Rubbing Alcholo, and 2-3 Cap-fulls of Eucalyptus Oil from 50ml Bottle I purchased. I put and poured all this into a Large 32oz(948-ml) Plastic-Spray-Bottle. This is all Natural and non-toxic, home-made remedy.

I first sprayed the entire bachlor empty apt bed-area, all around all apt base-board trims. And the walls, wipeing down the walls as well, with damp cloth and dry cloth. I sprayed the entire living-room, base-boards trims as well, closet, kitchen and bathroom, and apt-door entrance area as well. I also did this to my own Bachlor apt. Bed-room sleeping area where my mattress is and was, I sprayed my comforters and pillows, this does not do no-harm, nor not any discolourations , nor damages to your sheets, comforters, nor to your pillows. I just has bit of smelly smell for a few hours, best to open windows for few hours, the smell goes-away after few hours, Note: After you Spray your Apt. Bed-room, and or house area, keep door closed for few hours or go take a good walk for a few hours. If after a week, you can apply a second-applications or 3rd application, if you wish. But, one application does it. it does not hurt to doing a second application, best to be safe than sorryful.

But, I will tell you this. This method really works, have not seen not any BedBugs, in other apts which I have washed down and cleaned out. And that I have Sprayed with the Home-Made Combinations Remedy, of Apple-Cider Vinager, Rubbing Alcholo, Eucalyptus-Oil.

But, still if your not totally convinced, still call in proffessional-Pest Control. Sometimes this can be and get very expensive to treating bed-bugs problems inside your home. I waited 7-days after Pest-control sprayed our apts, I sprayed apts with this home-made Natural Remedies for bedbugs. I have not encountered not anymore bedbugs problems and not recieved any more tenants complaints from them about bed bugs.

I hope this works for you, give it a try. Good Luck People

From A : Superitendant whom has used this combination Home-Made Natural Remedy For BedBugs. Its worked for me. Its bit smelly at first. but open your windows, it will go away after-few-hours.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Finally Relief (Springfield, Mo) on 10/01/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Finally, Relief! I tried everything from professionals to every home remedy I found on the internet, but nothing worked until I combined plans. It was impossible to treat everything as I have a large home and there are too many places for them to hide and impossible to treat it all. If this is your case, then the only way to get relief is to starve them to death. First, disassemble your bed(s) and liberally spray the frame, headboard, footboard with a good egg/adult bed bug killer like Bedlam (available at Amazon). It's expensive, but it works. Next, invest in box spring, mattress, and pillow case covers that are bed bug proof. Again, expensive, but necessary. You will never get them all out by vacuuming, etc. (1st stage bed bugs can fit inside a needle hole along the seams, so you have to seal them in) Last, purchase heavy bottomed "rocks" glasses to place under EVERY leg of the bed, including any legs touching the floor from the bed frame. The glasses I used were from WalMart ( You get 8 glasses for 13.00. Make sure you use heavy bottoms. Nothing, I mean NOTHING! Can touch the floor except these glasses. No dust ruffles, long spreads, etc. Launder all linens and dry on a high heat at least an hour. When you put the bed back together, keep it at least a couple of inches away from any walls.

At this point, the bed should be free of bugs and the only way for more bugs to get back onto your bed is up the legs, but they are unable to climb glass. I had relief the first night, and haven't had a bite since. It's been 4 months. I know some of these items are pricey, but you will lose your mind and more money trying to get rid of these. If you have problems other than in the bedroom, use this method of cleaning and spraying the any furniture and raising it onto glass. The key here is keeping them from getting to you to feed. Do not wear clothes or bring any other items into bed with you unless they have been heat treated or you could reintroduce the bugs that way.

Diatomaceous Earth
Posted by Bed Bug Hugs (Burbank, California) on 09/07/2013

How to get rid of bed bugs without pesticides. You must hunt them down with soapy water and a shop vac.

Get a gallon sprayer, fill it with half a bottle of dawn dish liquid or Murphy's oil soap. Inspect all surface area for bugs like around the mattresses, box spring, head boards. If you find them, spray the he'll out of them.

Next take apart the bed. Spray everything and watch them run. Spray then vacuum them up. They should die on contact when sprayed.

Make sure the shop vac is sealed and has a small bit of soapy hot water for the bugs to fall into.

You have to hunt every one of those little bastards down and kill them. Look everywhere they hide which is usually near the place their meal ticket sleeps.

Completely seal mistress and box spring with plastic bags from home depot or if you are rich and can afford a 40$$ vinyl bedbug cover from target then get it. If not get a few cheap mistress bags from HD. Sometimes the bag breaks over time. Have one ready just incase. Before sealing, pat the bed down with DE (diatomaceous earth).

Toss more DE around and under bed frame. Pat it into carpet with a flip flop. Smear it into wood bed frames.

Pat some into your bed cloths. About a hand full sprinkled then patted in should do.

Inspect and wash anything left on the floor or dark coloured as BB are attracted to dark things to hide in.

By this point you WILL still be getting bit but far less.

Let new bites be a message that another bed bug hunt is in need. Again, hunt those little a-holes down and kill them. Tape up holes in wood bed frames, move bed away from walls and night stand away from bed. Smear DE around base boards and use a paint brush to smear some o the walls around the bed or anywhere you think needed such as places you don't want them to come to.

More bites? Hunt, seek, Respray, kill, revacuum and 're apply DE.

For added insurance, buy neem oil (the real stuff with Indian writing on it usually under 10$$ 100ml size) and pennyroyal oil and mix it with water. Use best judgement on amounts. Shake well and spray likely places they access to get to you. Spray places you don't want them like in couches, upholstered chairs. Both oils make them unable to reproduce.

Most importantly, sleep only in the same spot/bed and never move locations or make them spread out of the infested locations with foggers. You, their food source are their bate and you want them to come to you through the DE.

Some medical research journals indicate the drug ivermectin medication in the bloodstream kills bed bugs every time in a matter of hours. If you have pets switch them to ivermectin based anti parasitic monthly medications. Ivermectin can be prescribed to humans for scabies and for lice. Though a safer alternative is olive leave extract and neem leaf capsules before bed. This may not kill them but make them sick and unable to reproduce.

Far more effective than laying any substances around and hoping they walk through it and die is the hunting method. Seal all cracks and crevices after blowing DE into them and start hunting, kill spray with soapy water, and spray tons all over.

If you plan on using tons of water and concerned with moist surfaces milldo-ing, add laundry borax to the soapy mix. Prevents mold.

If you live in an apartment, pass along this knowledge, share some of your DE and use of your gallon sprayer AFTER all bug entry points have been sealed by everyone. Everyone will have to make the same effort and help out those who may not have the resources or youth to do so.

I gave out the DE and oil mix and was reported back they were bug free for a few neighbors even though I know they cut corners. Sadly some trashy tenants don't seem to mind the bugs and refused assistance. It's been going on 2 years and I have only had 1 bite and I'm note even sure it was bed bugs and that was 4 months ago.

I'm fairly sure a few units upstairs and down the hall have them. No one that I gave the oil and DR have them and I have been 99% bug free all this time in spite of the people upstairs.

Remove Clutter and Vacuum A Lot
Posted by Jody (Australia) on 06/24/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I've had the unfortunate experience of having bedbugs when I lived in a large apartment building.

First, REMOVE CLUTTER. What I did was put a large amount of my belongings in storage. Yes, I kept these items in storage for longer than the 18 months required to ensure that all bugs are killed (so I didn't have to discard them all).

After removing clutter, this is what worked for me. I read a lot about bedbugs. They can be anywhere in your home, but they are MOST likely to be near the headboard of your bad. If it's a small/minimal infestation, you may be able to clear it simply by vacuuming deeply and regularly around the bed, particularly all the nooks and crannies near the top/headboard of your bed. Do this regularly, ideally daily, and make this the area of focus.

It's important to empty your vacuum cleaner after every use. If your vacuum uses bags and you can't afford to replace them every time you vacuum, you can throw them in the freezer to isolate any bugs so they can't crawl back out and reinfest your home. This is important.

So, vacuum vacuum vacuum and empty the vacuum afterwards or take out and isolate the vacuum bag.

Posted by Teena (Melbourne, Australia) on 04/23/2018 236 posts

Hi Claudia, there was a post which stuck out to me for bed bugs, the poster added cinnamon to yoghurt daily and ate, having read how difficult it is to radicate bed bugs, I held onto that info, it took 3 months however, to eradicate totally, but they did, remember you've got the laid eggs hatching and I think the eggs can hatch 21 days after laying. And they do need to bite to ingest the poison, unfortunately. If me I would order neem capsules, powder, oil. Neem when eaten by these types of bugs, lice fleas etc affects the reproductive cycle and their ability to lay eggs. For this reason you may want to use it externally only, if me however I would ingest, also borax and the cinnamon, to make myself less palatable, spread cinnamon, neem powder and pure salt under and over my bed sheet, yes sleep in it. I'm sure there are other suggestions on the bed bugs pages, these would be my go to. Oh cinnamon for ingesting medicinally should be Ceylon from Sri Lanka, there is concern over the cassia. Best to you.

Posted by Cats (Redding) on 09/17/2018

The 14 dead ones is a good sign though, spraying should be the final step after washing bedding, seeking hiding places and constant vacuuming. Try it again after de- cluttering, cleaning etc. I'm your case, the problem may be they are coming from areas not treated. Definitely make a barrier around where you sleep so they have to cross it to get to you. The downside to cinnamon is that they can smell it and simply walk around it. That just means you have to spray everywhere and evenly

Peppermint Oil
Posted by Aussiejan (Flaxton) on 09/04/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I always carry peppermint essential oil with me and was able to stop bedbugs in a motel room one time by smearing the peppermint oil on the lower sheet. No more problem. They disappeared quickly. I also placed some on myself.

Posted by Anonym (United States) on 07/08/2021

Please do not use cinnamon oil if you have cats!!! Can be toxic to them. Many other essential oils are toxic to them also.

"Many liquid potpourri products and essential oils, including oil of cinnamon, citrus, pennyroyal, peppermint, pine, sweet birch, tea tree (melaleuca), wintergreen, and ylang ylang, are poisonous to cats. Both ingestion and skin exposure can be toxic...Essential oils and liquid potpourris contain chemicals that are rapidly absorbed orally or through the skin. Many of these chemicals are metabolized through the liver. Cats are particularly sensitive to essential oils as they have a decreased number of certain liver enzymes necessary to effectively metabolize these oils." (from VCAhospital website)

Diatomaceous Earth
Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 10/03/2013

Hello Karen from Salisbury:

About the infestation... Yours being "bed bugs"... I've had great success with cedar oil. It's been used for at least a thousand years that can be documented.

A human can get it onto skin and no harm; in fact it works as an insect repellent.

It works against spiders, bed bugs, ants, fleas... Ah! Fleas. A quick story on a flea infestation in a rental home I once had. Renters had left a big flea infestation. I don't just mean a few fleas in Room 1, and a few fleas in Room 2 etc. I mean when I walked into the living room with no shoes and bare legs, you could actually see movement toward my legs!

In seconds my leg had a dozen fleas and quickly I sprayed my leg with the cedarcide spray (in a cannister like you use in the yard... With a little hose and nozzle) and that spray on my legs killed those on me and protected me from further attacks. I then sprayed my hands and applied the cedarcide over my arms and neck and even face as I recall. Well, all through the house I went spraying the floors and walls and left over furniture.

Prior to this experiment in cedarcide, we'd tried everything to rid the house of the fleas. Twice the professionals had come to fumigate and in no time the fleas were back. I'd put out 20 bombs and again, they were back in days. So I did a web search and read about cedar oil. Ordered two gallons.

I sprayed twice with the cedarcide and the second time as I walked through without spraying my legs (a human white strip) one flea made it to my leg.

After the second application I walked again with bare legs and feet and, yeah, no fleas. As I recall, I did have to spray into an air intake to make sure the fleas were killed in the vent system.

And I have a niece living in Peru and she was having a terrible time with Brown Recluse spiders in her home/apartment. I shipped her a gallon of cedarcide and after spraying no more Recluses.

Sometimes if I get a mosquito that is in a room and I can't locate it; I'll use the hand held sprayer and spray. I can even spray on furniture. You can see the "oil" but it absorbs. If on hard floor it's slippery until it drys. Then no marks or stains is evident. Oh yes, the mosquitos are killed too.

Talcum Powder
Posted by Charles (Bangkok, Thailand) on 03/11/2013
5 out of 5 stars

For small ants or mites, or other things that itch in bed talcum powder seems effective as have used it for years. Always have a small bottle when travelling throughout Asia and always comes up trumps when the critters are out to bite. Not every night but quite frequent in my experience.

Posted by Anne (Las Vegas, Nv) on 11/30/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I told my apt mgr that i needed a new sofa, they gave me one from another apt instead that had bed bugs in it.

they were driving me crazy. tried spraying it with rubbing alcohol, but did't help much.

bought a new sofa and mattresses with a cover covering both of them (it's just impossible to put a fitted sheet over both of them) but bugs evently got on those.

i read about the cinnamon. put an entire bottle all over it, and then realized it was nutmeg. so i added cinnamon over it and haven't had a bite since

first put some of the mixture all over the mattress and then put on sheet and put mixture all over that. and no more bites.

before you do this you might invest in one cover that covers both mattresses.

Posted by Scott (Ontario) on 11/14/2016

I believe the article mentioned "Oil of cinnamon". I intend to try the oil. I moved and my couch is full of them. No one mentioned before I moved in that there were bed bugs. I am 75 years old and this is the first time I have ever encountered this. Fought fleas, but this is worse. I am allergic to the bites so am going to try the cinnamon. Unfortunately I thought it was fleas at first and spent a lot of money on pesticides. And then I saw one. Awful things.

Posted by Joan (Ferndale, Wa) on 03/19/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I sprinkle powdered cinnamon on my oatmeal every day, and include it in every recipe that it works with. The bedbugs don't bite me anymore. They have all died of starvation. I figured that if bedbugs hate cinnamon, then why not get it into me, to make it even more effective. It's tasty, and good for you, too. I ingested some cinnamon every day for about three months to totally get rid of the bugs. WARNING: We're only talking about the powdered cinnamon that you buy from the spice shelf at the grocery store. (NOT the concentrated oils in Rest Ease which would be highly toxic.)

Posted by Agnes (Vancouver, Bc, Canada ) on 10/16/2012

More information is needed in regards to length of time of this expriment. Bed bugs have been known to live up to a year without food. They also feed on dead skin cells in between feeding on blood so it is possible that, though they have stopped feeding on you, they are still active in your unit.

Posted by Pipi (Lakewood, New Jersey) on 09/12/2010

Cinnamon took away my ant problem. Ants hate the smell of cinnamon. I told my friend, who had a problem with ants too, about it, and she sprinkled some cinnamon in the place where they were coming from. The ants didn't come back. My other friend had a cockroach infestation in her home and I figured if cinnamon could work on ants why wouldn't it work on cockroaches. A few weeks later she came back to me and she was like "you know, Pipi, I think your cinnamon worked because I haven't seen a cockroach since I put it out." I was really happy for her. Anyway, a lot of people in my town are having problems with bedbugs and I really think cinnamon could work to eliminate them. I mean, if it could work on ants and cockroaches why wouldn't it work on bedbugs. If you're having a ant or cockroach problem figure out where they are coming from and sprinkle cinnamon in that place. For bedbugs, maybe you could sprinkle cinnamon directly on the mattress under the sheet. I don't know if that might ruin the mattress. I guess whatever you feel is right, do. If you get results with bed bugs let me know: [email protected]

Posted by Andrea (Burlington Wi) on 09/08/2015

My cousin moved into as apt last year and keeps getting bites. she is a super clean person but the previous tennants were nasty filthy. She changes her bedding twice a week. She has inspected the mattress and can't seem to find any in the creases. She has sprayed everything with bug spray made to kill them, but every night she is getting new bites! Cinnamon seams like it would leave a horrible mess and stain everything reddish brown. But she might be willing to try this. Maybe eating it would help. I'm not sure she has them maybe they are dust mites.

Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 09/08/2015

Hello Andrea,

Re your cousin and the bed bug issue...

I have found "cedarcide" to be a wonderful bug killer and harmless to humans. I'd spray the whole apartment including sheets and entire walls etc. Once I had a really bad flea infestation in a rental home and even professionals could not kill them....then I found on the internet "cedarcide" and ordered a gallon. I sprayed the whole house walls, floor and air ducts. Second spray....all gone. Same story at another house similarly infested. Will it work on bed bugs? Well, the marketers say so and I'd be willing to try. Look also on EC's Bed Bugs "Remedies" section and look at "Ailments" because other remedies have been suggested also.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Yhwhshalomjr (Hampton, Va) on 02/26/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Baby Powder..!! And Bedbugs don't mix

It is the cheapest method that I have found.! And it smells wonderful too.. Just try not to inhale the contents while using this method, can be a little messy but not anbything major that a wet cloth can't clean up... Anad it only cost a "buck" at the local dollar stores :^)

It asphyxiates them, dust the mattress box spring mattress cover and bed covers, this works exceptionally well in a hotel environment, and any transient lodging, this is the first thing I do before I sit down or unpack my things are left at the door or in the bathroom area, foyer, or any hard surfaced area away from the sleeping quarters, the reason is that I carry a trial sized plastic container with a little household bleach with me to sanitize everything just in case. (toilets and shower/tubs)..hope this helps

Hair Dryer
Posted by Stephanie (Chicago, IL) on 01/07/2008
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Bed Bugs Cure- HAIRDRYER! A friend of mine traveled through Africa and brought back bed bugs! I tried to help her for months trying to get rid of these creatures with every kind of spray, buying new mattresses--it was a total nightmare. They were biting her son almost every night--it was disgusting and frustrating. She spent a lot of money and time with all kinds of products and professionals and they would the bedbugs would just return. She was becoming very discouraged and depressed over it. Finally, I read online(after searching for months for a solution) that blowing a HAIRDRYER on the infected areas on high heat would kill them--permanently. Just use an ordinary hairdryer on HIGH HEAT all along the edge of the mattress and carpet, and anywhere you think they could be hiding(usually no deeper than 1/4 inch into the mattress so you just need to heat this up good). Putting the dryer on high heat, blowing the hot air closely for several minutes will kill the bugs and any eggs before they hatch. Do this BEFORE buying a new mattress so your new one doesn't get infected! This is the ONLY thing that actually worked, it's been several months now and no bugs have returned. Don't spend your money on services or expensive solutions that promise results--complete waste of money! Congratulations, you've just found the cure--and it's free!

Posted by Anon (Canada) on 04/23/2018

Sorry to hear about your bed bug problem.

If you can, either buy or rent a vapor steamer (not a carpet steamer). It's a "dry" vapor that won't leave everything wet. Steam cleaning may be the only thing that kills them and their larvae (steam over 300 degrees). You may have to do it a few times but it will be worth it. Good steamers are expensive but, with all of the attachments, you can use it for deep cleaning on upholstery, beds, carpets, curtains, baseboards, crevices in your couch, in your car, floors, etc.

Look for companies that sell industrial steamers as well as machines for home use (e.g., Dupray - there are others). They know the business while some of the cheaper flimsier models (e.g., Shark) aren't effective and won't last.

In the meantime, keep up with the cinnamon oil spray. Also, when you wash your bedding, clothes, etc. add about a cup of borax (20 Mule Team).

I hope you get rid of these nasty critters soon. Take care!

Posted by Mrshussein (Chicago , Il) on 04/01/2017
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Thank you so much for sharing this!! And thank you Earth Clinic for existing, lol. The other day the neighbors from downstairs threw their blankets and pillows away, and days after me and my husband started getting bitten. I'm pretty sure the bugs came from their apartment. I used cinammon leaf oil and follow this recipe. It really worked because we didn't get bitten. I also sprinkled cinnamon all over the bed one day, and that worked too.

Posted by Claudia (Ontario) on 03/01/2018
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Thank you Tara,

I have been using the spray for a week. I've found 2 adult bedbugs and 4 smaller ones dead. The itching continues, could it be older bites manifesting later on?
Any particular difference between the regular oil or te essential oil? Thank you so much.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Mystic Gardener (Central Ohio) on 09/27/2015

I panicked when I found out I had bed bugs. I spent a lot of time and money uselessly, then I calmed down and actually used my brain. I think there may be a lot of fear mongering out there, possibly perpetuated by the pest control companies. No matter where they are hiding, they will come to you, the food source, during the night. I put all clothing and other soft items in plastic bags and left them in my car in the hot sun for an afternoon. The inside of my car reached over 140 degrees. I understand only 120 degrees is needed. In the winter you could use a dryer or even a warm oven. During that time, I bombed the house. Get the kind that says they are for bed bugs and roaches. I believe that killed all the bugs that weren't deep within the couch. Then I inspected all dresser drawers and vacuumed everywhere, emptying the canister outside immediately in a zip lock bag. I bought a big roll of 4ml plastic at Home Depot and some gorilla tape. I spread DE on the plastic, set my couch on it, wrapped it up and taped it completely with Gorilla Tape. Then I threw a pretty quilt over it. My couch is where I sleep, but for those of you with beds, you'll want to do those of course or buy the ready made mattress covers. I haven't seen a bed bug since, it's been 2 weeks, and I've been looking. Yesterday I turned my couch on its side, cut a slit in the plastic, put a bomb in there, set it off and quickly covered the slit with a patch. I did that just in case. I'm letting my quilt touch the floor so they CAN get up to me at night if there are any that weren't already in the couch when I wrapped it. Then if I see any, I will just throw that quilt in the dryer, or spray them with alcohol, but I haven't seen any! YOU are the lure. So if they are "in the walls" (doubtful), they will be coming out to feed. I will probably leave my couch wrapped for 6 months. Also, the information that they can live for up to 18 months with no blood supply (their food), really sounds like a stretch to me. I'll find out in 6 months and will update this post.

Diatomaceous Earth
Posted by Prioris (Fl, Usa) on 10/03/2013

Diatomaceous Earth may be killing them but you don't notice. If they are inside the couch and not coming into contact with DE then they will be protected. They can go without food for a very long time. Also remember it takes a week before you see any effect. If they are breeding, they may be replacing the ones killed. I used DE with an insecticide that I bought at Lowes.

When bed bugs were effecting my bed, I just put a thick double ring around bed and room. I vacuumed and washed in hot water everything also.

Given you have so many, they are probably everywhere in house. It may be that you are dealing with large numbers.

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