Bed Bug Bite Remedies

Remove Clutter and Vacuum A Lot
Posted by Jody (Australia) on 06/24/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I've had the unfortunate experience of having bedbugs when I lived in a large apartment building.

First, REMOVE CLUTTER. What I did was put a large amount of my belongings in storage. Yes, I kept these items in storage for longer than the 18 months required to ensure that all bugs are killed (so I didn't have to discard them all).

After removing clutter, this is what worked for me. I read a lot about bedbugs. They can be anywhere in your home, but they are MOST likely to be near the headboard of your bad. If it's a small/minimal infestation, you may be able to clear it simply by vacuuming deeply and regularly around the bed, particularly all the nooks and crannies near the top/headboard of your bed. Do this regularly, ideally daily, and make this the area of focus.

It's important to empty your vacuum cleaner after every use. If your vacuum uses bags and you can't afford to replace them every time you vacuum, you can throw them in the freezer to isolate any bugs so they can't crawl back out and reinfest your home. This is important.

So, vacuum vacuum vacuum and empty the vacuum afterwards or take out and isolate the vacuum bag.