Bed Bug Bite Remedies

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Gerry (Sudbury, Ontario, Canada) on 12/07/2012
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I recently, read about some Natural-Home-Made Bedbugs remedies, people have used & tryed.

I tryed one such remedies. As, Super of 2-12 Unit Bachlor Apts. We had BBugs problems with one of our Apts Units that a tenant, left us to cleaning out. After multi-sprayings by the Pest-Control man. We finally had got this under-control. I later sprayed apt, with home-made remedy with combinations I. E. (2-8oz-cups-Apple-Cider Vinager, 2-80z Cups of Rubbing Alcholo, and 2-3 Cap-fulls of Eucalyptus Oil from 50ml Bottle I purchased. I put and poured all this into a Large 32oz(948-ml) Plastic-Spray-Bottle. This is all Natural and non-toxic, home-made remedy.

I first sprayed the entire bachlor empty apt bed-area, all around all apt base-board trims. And the walls, wipeing down the walls as well, with damp cloth and dry cloth. I sprayed the entire living-room, base-boards trims as well, closet, kitchen and bathroom, and apt-door entrance area as well. I also did this to my own Bachlor apt. Bed-room sleeping area where my mattress is and was, I sprayed my comforters and pillows, this does not do no-harm, nor not any discolourations , nor damages to your sheets, comforters, nor to your pillows. I just has bit of smelly smell for a few hours, best to open windows for few hours, the smell goes-away after few hours, Note: After you Spray your Apt. Bed-room, and or house area, keep door closed for few hours or go take a good walk for a few hours. If after a week, you can apply a second-applications or 3rd application, if you wish. But, one application does it. it does not hurt to doing a second application, best to be safe than sorryful.

But, I will tell you this. This method really works, have not seen not any BedBugs, in other apts which I have washed down and cleaned out. And that I have Sprayed with the Home-Made Combinations Remedy, of Apple-Cider Vinager, Rubbing Alcholo, Eucalyptus-Oil.

But, still if your not totally convinced, still call in proffessional-Pest Control. Sometimes this can be and get very expensive to treating bed-bugs problems inside your home. I waited 7-days after Pest-control sprayed our apts, I sprayed apts with this home-made Natural Remedies for bedbugs. I have not encountered not anymore bedbugs problems and not recieved any more tenants complaints from them about bed bugs.

I hope this works for you, give it a try. Good Luck People

From A : Superitendant whom has used this combination Home-Made Natural Remedy For BedBugs. Its worked for me. Its bit smelly at first. but open your windows, it will go away after-few-hours.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Finally Relief (Springfield, Mo) on 10/01/2012
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Finally, Relief! I tried everything from professionals to every home remedy I found on the internet, but nothing worked until I combined plans. It was impossible to treat everything as I have a large home and there are too many places for them to hide and impossible to treat it all. If this is your case, then the only way to get relief is to starve them to death. First, disassemble your bed(s) and liberally spray the frame, headboard, footboard with a good egg/adult bed bug killer like Bedlam (available at Amazon). It's expensive, but it works. Next, invest in box spring, mattress, and pillow case covers that are bed bug proof. Again, expensive, but necessary. You will never get them all out by vacuuming, etc. (1st stage bed bugs can fit inside a needle hole along the seams, so you have to seal them in) Last, purchase heavy bottomed "rocks" glasses to place under EVERY leg of the bed, including any legs touching the floor from the bed frame. The glasses I used were from WalMart ( You get 8 glasses for 13.00. Make sure you use heavy bottoms. Nothing, I mean NOTHING! Can touch the floor except these glasses. No dust ruffles, long spreads, etc. Launder all linens and dry on a high heat at least an hour. When you put the bed back together, keep it at least a couple of inches away from any walls.

At this point, the bed should be free of bugs and the only way for more bugs to get back onto your bed is up the legs, but they are unable to climb glass. I had relief the first night, and haven't had a bite since. It's been 4 months. I know some of these items are pricey, but you will lose your mind and more money trying to get rid of these. If you have problems other than in the bedroom, use this method of cleaning and spraying the any furniture and raising it onto glass. The key here is keeping them from getting to you to feed. Do not wear clothes or bring any other items into bed with you unless they have been heat treated or you could reintroduce the bugs that way.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Angie (Berkeley, Ca) on 08/05/2011
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I tried almost every methods that are not toxic and safe. It took two weeks to get rid of bedbugs -- actually I am not 100% sure if they were bedbugs, fleas, or mites. I got more than 70 bites all over my body and my bites look like those bites. Anyway thanks to Earth Clinic for helpful information!

1. Spray the bedbug killers (environmental friendly, non-toxic, safe blend) on fabrics and furnitures.

2. Spray the mix of rubbing alcohle, viniger, and eucalyptus oil to fabrics.

3. Spray insectside (non-toxic blend as well) on front yard (especially near the main door)

3. Discard my old comforter and seal the matress completely with vinyl zip cover.

4. Diatomaceous Earth under the bed and under and above the matress -- then I covered matress with two cover sheets to make sure D-earth comes out.

5. Add Borax when doing laundary. Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil.

6. Vacuum frequently.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Yhwhshalomjr (Hampton, Va) on 02/26/2011
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Baby Powder..!! And Bedbugs don't mix

It is the cheapest method that I have found.! And it smells wonderful too.. Just try not to inhale the contents while using this method, can be a little messy but not anbything major that a wet cloth can't clean up... Anad it only cost a "buck" at the local dollar stores :^)

It asphyxiates them, dust the mattress box spring mattress cover and bed covers, this works exceptionally well in a hotel environment, and any transient lodging, this is the first thing I do before I sit down or unpack my things are left at the door or in the bathroom area, foyer, or any hard surfaced area away from the sleeping quarters, the reason is that I carry a trial sized plastic container with a little household bleach with me to sanitize everything just in case. (toilets and shower/tubs)..hope this helps

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Thelma (Brooklyn, NY) on 05/25/2009
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I used all the recommended remedies. 1. Hair dryer 2. Vaccuum 3. Soapy suds to get at eggs along wall. Scrub with very rough cleaner, wash clean.

I added ironing (couldn't hurt), I ironed the mattress, blankets quilts. I even ironed the floor a little.

Right now I do not see any bugs. But I intend to check every day for at least a month, and reapply.

It was SUCH a relief to find this method. All I was finding otherwise was poison sprays & dust sprays. I am so grateful