Bed Bug Bite Remedies

Hair Dryer
Posted by Altaf Hussain (Jubail, K.S.A) on 10/29/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Hello, Its 99% true I tried myself before reading this article just 3 months back it really works.
I will add two more steps.

Step 1) use high heat hair fryer.

Step 2) use vaccun cleaner immediately to suck the dead bugs and eggs.( not to forget clean the filter bags of Vacuum cleaner after)

step 3) I used Kitchen cleaner spray (EASE YOUR BAM which is available in grocery store) on Bugs and eggs on infected or hide place and wipe out with rough cloth, on spraying the Buggs egg get carbonize.

try once, it really works.

Hair Dryer
Posted by Stephanie (Chicago, IL) on 01/07/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Bed Bugs Cure- HAIRDRYER! A friend of mine traveled through Africa and brought back bed bugs! I tried to help her for months trying to get rid of these creatures with every kind of spray, buying new mattresses--it was a total nightmare. They were biting her son almost every night--it was disgusting and frustrating. She spent a lot of money and time with all kinds of products and professionals and they would the bedbugs would just return. She was becoming very discouraged and depressed over it. Finally, I read online(after searching for months for a solution) that blowing a HAIRDRYER on the infected areas on high heat would kill them--permanently. Just use an ordinary hairdryer on HIGH HEAT all along the edge of the mattress and carpet, and anywhere you think they could be hiding(usually no deeper than 1/4 inch into the mattress so you just need to heat this up good). Putting the dryer on high heat, blowing the hot air closely for several minutes will kill the bugs and any eggs before they hatch. Do this BEFORE buying a new mattress so your new one doesn't get infected! This is the ONLY thing that actually worked, it's been several months now and no bugs have returned. Don't spend your money on services or expensive solutions that promise results--complete waste of money! Congratulations, you've just found the cure--and it's free!