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Natural Remedies for Back Pain

Dietary Changes

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Posted by James (Countryside, Ga) on 05/06/2018

Had back pain, Chronic but not acute for 30+ years started making homemade beef bone broth and consuming at least 8 oz per day. after 2 months no more chronic back pain.

Also recommend Dr. D'Amado's book Eat right 4 your type.


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Posted by Katzie (Calgary) on 04/04/2021

After taking Xrays with my first chiropractor after a bad fall, he showed me how I had almost no cushioning between my discs and that he estimated I had 6 more months without pain before I felt it. Well, 5 1/2 months later I had what felt like a toothache on each side of my lower back. I was like, "hell to the no" and ran for my DMSO bottle.

I like to use it straight and not watered down. I use a thin layer of Castor Oil first as it is the only oil viscous enough to protect the skin. I started with 7 drops on each side, 2x per day. DMSO actually heals on a molecular level, so I needed less and less as time went on.

A few weeks ago I was telling a friend about what DMSO did for me, and suddenly realized I had not put any DMSO on my back in 2 months! So from now on, I will just apply a "maintenance dose" 1x a month to keep things good. So, know how much you started with and be prepared to cycle down by either using fewer drops per treatment or skipping days, etc. It's not like a big Harma med where you have to take it forever and usually need more to get the same result, DMSO is the opposite!!

Happy healing, everybody!

Posted by Sarah (Spain) on 11/20/2016

I use DMSO for back pain or if I get pains from working out and it works great. I also used it in a spray bottle with coconut oil to get rid of an abscess and both every time I use it, it's worked great. I have been using a mix of 50-50 ratio. After a bit of research, maybe this is too strong? The only things I don't like about using this product is, it makes my breath smell garlicky or toxic my partner would say and my skin on my lower legs gets really dry, does this happen to anyone else?

Posted by Benjamin (Ontario) on 04/27/2015

Dmso is amazing for stiffness and pain. Totally helped me with my back pain. I had horrible stiffness in morning mid back and could hardly get out of bed and after a few weeks of 1 tablespoon every other day it was gone. It is totally safe...

Posted by Cfb933e2 (North America) on 09/01/2014

I have a question. I did some labour one day a week ago and think I may have over done it. I felt a pain in my lower back on the right side at the time and I thought to myself that I had done some kind of over exertion and hurt myself.

The pain in the lower back region began getting worse and worse and I could barely move to get out of bed after I lay down. I had to urinate into a bottle because of pain when I tried to move my hips off the bed.

I broke out into a sweat when I finally was able to stoop and thought I was going to pass out so I lay back down again.

Early this morning I had to get up out of bed because the urine bottle was full and I had terrible cramps in my legs so I thought to get some magnesium into my body.

I got to the chair where the DMSO gel container was on the desk and thought to try applying it to the lower back region. It was almost immeadiate that the pain was manageable for me to walk up stairs.

This pain does not feel like back pain of which I am familiar.

I can move my legs and arms just fine.

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile , Tn.) on 02/13/2014

HI U GOOD FOLKS DOIN, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

I am not up to snuff. Had a fall this week while stacking firewood and my chiropractor is having little effect. I am turning on my back FIR EMITTERS and painting my lower back with 70% DMSO gel. That is helping mor' better , which is Southern for better. Dang, just because you are hurting there is no reason you can't have fun with it.

Cleaning my arms of sun damage is on the back burner. Again a Southern term. Save your Confederate money because the South is going to rise again. Just messin with you. What I am learning after these falls is that I can't do what I did as a youth. That is hard sayins.

It means that I got to start acting like an old person and that brings tears to my eyes. I know I'm on the shady side of the mountain but that is not where I want to be. I jus got to slow down and do what my ole body allows.

You young whipper snappers need to appreciate where you are and take advantage of Earth Clinic to keep yourself young. When it goes, then it goes and you can't bring it back. Most of us will not have pain in the next life. We will be dancing on the streets of gold.

Sorry for this pitty party, but I ain't feel too good.

========OLE ROBERT HENRY==========

Replied by Mama To Many
(Tennessee, Usa)

Dear Robert Henry,

I am so sorry you are feeling poorly! I will be praying for your recovery.

Hope you feel lots better soon. I trust you will keep us posted!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Rsw
(Uniontown, Oh)

Hi Robert Henry,

So sorry to hear you are not feeling up to snuff right now, but you will figure this out and be back to your old ornery self soon.

I pinched a nerve in my neck about a month ago for the first time, and was pretty miserable myself. Nothing helped - ice packs, heat, DMSO, Frankincense, CS, etc. Finally, my husband made a plank type ramp out of wood, about 3 feet tall that I used to lay upside down on and stretch my neck and back out for about 5 minutes at a time, especially right before bed. I held on by a strap on my feet at the top. It helped more than anything! Still hurts but I can see the light! What caused this? I bent over and picked my cat up, something I have been doing my whole life. Not great to get older but we're not done yet! Hang in there and let us know what you figure out. I guarantee it will be an original and be something from which we can all learn something. Best wishes.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile Tn.)

HI U Rsaw, , , , , , , , , , What your husband is doin for you is what my chiropractor calls de-compression and that opens up your vertebrae, so it appears that you chose a smart mate. He must like you. All married folks love one another, but most just don't like one another. Married folks stay together longer if the like one another.

I thank you for your concern and yep, I'll have a story after this episode. You learn from experience and I did not get smart at 65 nor 75 and hoping I make it at 85. It appears that the FIR Sauna back heat along with the 75% DMSO gel is going to do the job. I also use magnets at night.

Thank you for your concern and my wife read your onery comment and said, "she has your number".


Replied by Mike62

Robert Henry: Being a laid back easy going fella like myself, I figure you might not be getting enough nourishing roots because they are hard to chop so you can try this remarkable recipe. Items need to be organic. Put variety of whole roots in water. Add fresh squeezed lemon juice and ACV. Soak for 1 day. Drain water and drink in small doses several times/day. Repeat procedure. Acids extract delicious goodies from remarkable roots into water. When colorful phyto chemicals are not being extracted anymore chop up, they'll be easy because acids soften tough cellulose, put into blender, grind up and eat. From all us mild mannered ordinary folk living here in rocky mountain high hope this makes you feel better.

Replied by Rsw
(Uniontown, Oh)

Hi Prioris and Robert Henry,

How many IU or FU of Serrapeptase or Nattokinase would you recommend per day? Is a single dose OK? My understanding is that Serrapeptase is more for inflammation but also clears out debris, (is this also in blood vessels?)while Nattokinase is good to keep the blood vessels clean. Is this correct? Can they be taken together or are they better taken one at a time? I notice that K2 supplements generally also contains K1, and I am concerned about blood clotting. I usually take a fermented cod liver oil/butter blend for the K2, since it seems more of a food to me. Thank you. (Robert Henry - My back still hurts, too, but it's getting better! Been using bio available curcumin and fresh ground ginger in my tea, but still having trouble looking down and combing my hair. Dr. said it should take at least 8 weeks. My husband appreciated your comments. Your wife sounds like keeper, too! )

Replied by Prioris

Serrapeptase does also include some fibrinolytic enzyme but can clear out debris. Yes, you can take nattokinase and serrapeptase at same time. The two enemies of these enzymes is acid and food particles.

I take K2 during the mid day with main meal. There are different theories on how K2 works. One says it goes to the liver and only is used if needed but don't know for sure. Nattokinase has a 3 to 8 hour window in which it is active. I take it morning and bedtime. So I just take K2 during my evening meal so outside the 8 hour windows.

My plan is to take K2 for 2 or 3 months - sort of like doing a cleansing of calcium from the arteries - then take it every second or third day dor maintenance. I'll experiment.

I would take a strong antioxidant like astaxanthin with your cod liver oil and butter. Fish oil without antioxidant protection can damage your brain.

Here is general guideline for the nattokinase

In regard to what dosage one takes with nattokinase and serrapeptase, it really depends how sick and symptomatic one is. Also age is a factor. As one ages, one can build up a lot of gunk in the arteries. Another factor is the profile of ones disease.

If your under 40 and relatively healthy, ones arteries are generally going to be in decent shape so I don't think one needs it. If one is relatively healthy and over 45, I would say 2000 FU on empty stomach before bed is all you need for preventative measure.

If one has anything related to heart disease and you are symptomatic, it means there are more serious problems going on. So probably a good idea to take higher dose just to be sure. I would dose nattokinase at dosage of 6000 FU 2X per day.

Whether one needs serrapeptase is not clear but it can't hurt and may help. PLus it works a little different than nattokinase. I'd go 80,000 IU three times a day. Take it with nattokinase. In my particular situation, I found I needed it.

You do this for 1 to 3 months. If you think you may have clots that need dissolving, it usually takes 2 to 3 months to take a lot of the clot away. Any symptoms you have should be gone within one month. For maintenance, taking 2000 FU when going to bed and upon wake. It's really ones call to decide whether serrapeptase is right for you and also length of time.

If one has cancer, i'd look into enzyme therapy also.

If one has a chronic illness then besides the aforementioned factors, you have to look at the profile of your disease. If people with your disease are dropping dead from heart disease or show any signs of blood coagulation then I would do a 1-3 month cleansing of your arteries then go on maintenance. So I'd follow what I said about heart disease and adjust it for ones age and other factors. i'd look into enzymes in general and experiment with them.

Everyone's situation can be different so the above is just some framework to operate within. you adjust it accordingly for your risk factors.

There are some rare blood clotting disorders that nattokinase doesn't treat so be careful. nattokinase can replace things like tpa, coumadin etc. It doesn't replace something like heparin. heparin by the way seems like one of the few positive prescription drugs that actually addresses the underlying problems.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

HI U OLE PATOOTS DOIN,,,,,,,,,, me, I'm a little better and don't know why. This will be one of my sagas so get in a comfortable position. All know I fell in Feb '14 and crushed my T 12 Vertebrae. From there it has been about as exciting as I can stand. I have been to Spine MD's, Chiropractors, taken Ozone shots, lots of DMSO w/ liniment. Now taking Hemp oil as recommended by Rsw and Timh here on EC. My latest toy is a spine decompression machine. I spent several sessions on it to no avail. Finally, I asked my Tractor Driver to run our hi-dollar vibrator on low down my back while on this machine. All of a sudden I heard and felt a loud pop. Scared my mule and told her to stop.

The next morning my feet and legs no longer looked like they belonged to an elephant. Wow, what is going on? My back pain is still there, but less, and moved up my spine from my L 5. I knew that our lymph system going down each leg come out at our T 12 Veb, and figured that it was restricted and that is the reason I can't get my feet and legs to normal size. Am I making progress? Yep, but not enough to get out of pain. The procedure I did broke some hung up vertebrae loose. I've had numerous MRI's so why did not my doctors see my problem? What I've learned at 79 is that no doctor is as interested in your health as you. Also, no Finance guy is as interested in your wealth as you. After a lifetime, I learned to look after my own health and my own money.

The only time I have ever heard the term FOUR SCORE is in Lincoln's Gettysburg address. Well in a few months, that is how old I will be. Was hoping to go out without a lot of pain and suffering but guess us old folks just have to grin a bear it. If you follow my diatribes then you know that I fought cancer to a stand still after 5 years and will whip this problem also. Persistence will solve all of mankind's problems. Guess what US President said that? Not going to tell you.......... LOOK IT UP.

LOVE YOU ALL ===========ORH=============

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

What a lucky break, ORH! Hopefully the healing will continue well now that the "blockage" is gone!

Age is in one's attitude, so going by that, yo still one mean whippersnapper!

The persistence blurb is from Calvin Coolidge, says the Google maven!

Replied by Keiko


I have been reading your posts for many years and enjoy your sense of humor and fond way of teaching on earthclinic. I have gone through many health issues too, and this site has been a blessing in my recovery and I presume many others too. Thank you earthclinic team.

Sorry to hear you are in much pain! Have you tried craniosacrial balancing? If you are not familiar it's an energetic form of clearing and healing the body. There's a book Wisdom in the Body by Michael Kern which describes the method of craniosacrial approach. I'm not a doctor, however, I can confidently say this approach has helped me clear two epidural spots in my back after having two c-sections (fifteen years later). This method worked while in massage therapy classes. If you are interested, try to find a specialist who is certified by the Upledger Institute. Or, a body worker who is familiar with this approach. It may take a series of sessions to release your back. As always check with a medical doctor too.

Also to ease your pain organic or wild crafted St. John's wort with frankincense - boswellia carterii and German chamomile- matricaria recutita ( 1 ounce, 5 drops frankincense 4 drops g. Chamomile (from Nepal)) . When purchasing essential oils I suggest only buy oils which have been gc/ms tested.

This is my two cents worth for the day!!

Many blessings to you and your tractor driver!!

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile , Tn)

HI U KEIKO,,,,,,,,,,, Thanks, copied your post and will research. Back is improving as I said. Problem with my shot gun address is that you got to guess as to what has helped.

Saw my Pharmacist friend after church and she told me that a worm pill that once sold for $ 5/ pill was taken off the market. It is back and now sells for $700/ pill. These folks need to attend church with me and read Revelations Chapter 16.

ATS ======ORH===========

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

Finished the bottle of Canabis oil that Rsw and Timh recommended. Might have helped, but did not leave me pain free. Canceled my next ozone shots as they do not appear to be helping. My next issue is to change up my bed. I will put plywood on my mattress and a 1 1/2" memory foam over that.

Went to the farm today and planted part of our fall garden. I worked until I could not stand the back pain and then sat down for about 10 minutes and was good to go. That procedure is a mystery to me. If we have someone on EC that can explain this to me I will dance at their next wedding. It has to be a lumbar thing from my crushed T 12.

Taking our Rat Terrier pup to the farm and she is in P pore condition. Soon her tongue is as long as her ears trying to keep cool. Once back home she sacks out for the rest of the day. She is a hunting dog, but our daughter in law kept her for over a month and turned her into an A/C lap dog. Dogs need to be treated as dogs.

Head back to the farm tomorrow to finish planting our fall garden. Wish we could share our figs, apples, pears and muscadines with all you city slickers. Fall tomatoes are starting to ripen. Old tomatoes vines are dying. If you read what is going on down in Venezuela, then you will figure out how to grow a garden regardless of where you live. Freeze dryer to be delivered Monday. This device will allow us to keep fruit, meat, and veggies for 25 years. Life is fixing to get about as interesting as we can stand.

BE PREPARED ==========ORH================

Replied by Janet

Robert Henry. I was thinking about your condition. We cured my husbands spinal stenosis. His c7 c6 discs were blown.

Instead of surgery we went through each of Ted's remedies 1 by 1.

1 whole lime squeezed 1/2 tsp bakiing soda 2x a day 1/2 hour after food. We have done the Apple Cider Vinegar too. My favorite adds 1/4 tsp potassium bicarbonate to the lime remedy.

2nd and probably the most important was the lysine remedy. Ken is a big guy so our lysine remedy is 1000mg of lysine powder in a glass. 500 mg of vit c as sodium ascorbate or vit c a pinch of baking soda. 5 drops of methylene blue. I make it all in a 10 oz water bottle, mark 4 sections pour out the first one into a glass. Adding 1000mg of l threonine and 1/4 tsp of humic acid mix to the first dose. Then he takes the 3 remaining doses hourly. This we did for two full weeks as the nerve path can have a virus alongside the injury.

Humic acid 2 tsp 1/2 tsp sea salt 1 and 1/2 cups of distilled water for this and one other remedy making. Blend or leave overnight on the counter.

Hyaluronic acid 20 capsules opened in blender. Add 1/2 tsp sea salt 10 oz distilled water blend. Take 2 tbsp 3x a day.

For further pain relief what we affectionately call lick the mower. But is so effective for pain. This is Tony Pantellarescos controversial dose. 1 1/2 tsp of liquid chlorophyll 1/2 tsp of trisodium phosphate tsp. 1 liter of water. Shake, take 1 oz as often as needed. Tony uses distilled waterr.

Our topical remedy every day during the healing. A thin layer of dmso add magnesium oil then hyaluronic acid mix. 2x a day if we can on Ken's spine and hips.

He saw a Palmer school chiropractor.

He now has little to no problems. Ken works 7 days a week 12 hour a day. Hard physical work on cement. He has thrown it out 1 or 2 times but the chiro puts it back and he is good.

I have found as we have become immersed in alternative medicine we forget the basics. You know all of this like the back of your hand. Thought a review might help. Janet

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

HI U JANET,,,,,,,,,,,,, thank you for your input. As you know I's getting lots of suggestions and can only do so much. I will add your post to my file and get to it when others fail.

What is messing up my mind is that sitting cures my pain. Standing or sleeping causes my pain to come back. Need a really smart dude to figure this one out. It seems to be a structural thing.

The spine doctors have no clue, except shots.


Replied by Kennywally
47 posts

Rsw, what you did was made your own TEETER HANGUP, to relieve the back of the daily compression you get from ordinary life. They claim it gives relief and your relief is their confirmation that it works. I wanted one but my place is so tiny.....maybe I can make a subsitute like you did!?

Posted by Matt (Millbrook, Ny) on 12/26/2009

I had slept on a bad mattress for one night too many. I woke up one day with sharp pains in my back. It made work very difficult, but I figured it would eventually go away on it's own. No dice. One day, after a week of back pain, I took about 1/2 teaspoon of DMSO to help my immune system recover after Lyme. I didn't realize it at first, but the back pain was gone within hours (probably sooner), and it NEVER came back! I even slept on that bad mattress again! lol not smart...

I should also add that some people are very sensitive to the smell of DMSO, and I "offended" at least one person.

Posted by Lucinda (Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, USA) on 01/04/2009

Found some roll on DMSO in a closet I was cleaning out and found your website. I have lower back pain and I put some on it. Already, it feels good! Thank you, Lucinda

Posted by Jodi (North Fork, California USA) on 12/07/2008

My husband has been having upper back and shoulder pain so bad that he can't sleep at night. He's tried all kinds of pain killers without any effect. Last night I put some DMSO on his back and his skin blistered up and his pain doubled. Can anyone tell me what we did wrong? I used a roll-on applicator that the DMSO came in and didn't put much on at all. I did, however, buy it at a feed store. Did I buy the wrong type?

Replied by Rex
(Laffayette, La)

Sounds like he has sulphur allergies. DMSO is Dimethyl sulfoxide; so every absorbed molecule carried a sulphur atom with it.

Replied by Tapike
(San Augustine, Texas)

I don't seem to have any sensitivity to DMSO, but for those of you who do, try looking for it with Aloe Vera added to it. The Aloe Vera seems to help in counteracting any redness, itching or blistering that the DMSO may cause. If you can't find the combination (usually found at local ranch/agricultural feed stores), then just buy some pure Aloe Vera juice or gel & stir in a little DMSO before applying. In buying DMSO, look for a 70% DMSO/30% Distilled Water ratio on the bottle. Try a 50/50 mixture of Aloe Vera & DMSO & if that's too strong, adjust the ratios accordingly until you have one that works best for you. Someone else may have better predetermined ratios than I do, however.

Posted by Wes (Woodstock Ont., Ontario Can.) on 09/22/2008

I have had 5 degenerative discs in my lower back for about 5 years. The Drs say go home and live with it Surgery is to dangerious. I have been taking corizone injections every three months, but they only last a short while.

My brother-in -law told me about DMSO and he had some on hand. I tried it by putting some on a peace of gauze and appling it to my lower back. I then covered it with saran wrap. After 24 hours the pain was gone and i did this twice a day for 4 days. Since then i only use it when i feel my back starting to hurt. This pain was also causing my right testicle to swell and was very painful. Since using DMSO, I now have relief again and the testicle has gone back to normal.

By the way I'm 79 years old.

Thankful for DMSO and my brother-in -law for telling me about it.

Replied by Donna
(Yuma, Arizona - USA)

I don't mean to sound like a dork, but what is DMSO? Thank you. PS I found this website a week ago and I LOVE IT!!!!! Will send some feedback soon.

Replied by Tony
(Feltham, Middlesex)

I have severe back pain. Where do you buy DMSO? What type of DMSO, what brand of DMSO etc etc??

DMSO & Castor Oil

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Posted by Katzie (Calgary, Canada) on 04/21/2023

After starting to feel a "toothache"-like ache in my lower back, I started applying a thin layer of Castor Oil first, then 7 drops of DMSO on each side. You need the oil to protect your skin as DMSO is a solvent and very drying. I made the mistake of applying the DMSO "raw" (no oil), and the resulting rash disabused me of the notion of ever doing that again.

As the days went by, I needed fewer drops and less frequently since it actually heals! It took just a few months to take care of the issue. That was 3 yrs ago and have had no recurring disc pain. DMSO doesn't just treat, it heals.

Dowager's Hump

Posted by Barb (San Jose, Ca) on 03/13/2012

I had a headache and nausea at work. A coworker (who used to work in a chiropractor's office) gave me a massage. He said I had a dowager's hump- probably due to my being hunched over while working on my computer. I can feel the hump and was wondering how if there was a natural remedy to get rid of it.

I am going to be taking vitamin D3 daily and add calcium and magnesium as well. I had been diagnosed with osteopenia a couple of years ago. But my doctor never really explained anything about it to me. I just had an annual exam and she just reviewed my lab results and that's it. I need to find a new doctor, but in the mean time I want to get rid of this hump at the base of my neck.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Thank you, Barbara

Replied by David
(Anchorage, Ak)

With a dowagers hump, think fascia. I'd look into Rolfing, as well as Facial Stretch Therapy as possible solutions.

Replied by Carly
(Seattle, Wa - Usa)

Humped, hunched over upper backs tend to be inherited in my family. I also have slight scoliosis of my upper spine which doesn't help matters much.

Below are the things that I have found to be of help for it, and for the spine in general.

Things to research using:

  • 1) Inversion table
  • 2) Foam roller
  • Both are great for stretching out the spine.
  • 3) Orthotic inserts for your shoes.
  • RE: Back brace. I asked my Dr. if a back brace might be of help when they found the scoliosis, but he said at *my* age it would not. sigh. Braces are for the younger crowd. ;)
  • Supplements to Research:
  • 1) Magnesium Citrate 400 mg day
  • 2) Boron 3 to 6 mg a day
  • 3) D3 - 5,000 iu minimum a day
  • 4) Zinc - 15mg day
  • 5) Calcium - not daily, perhaps every other day at 600 mg. This is only if you do not eat vegetables or dairy. If you eat a lot of either, no calcium supplement. See Teds thoughts on Calcium on Earth Clinic. Supplements are usually NOT needed.
  • 6) Vitamin C - 1,000mg x 4 a day or to bowel tolerance (as with Magnesium, you WILL know if you have had too much! Start with less, work up to more).

I am 51 now, and my hump doesn't seem to have progressed in the past decade, it is holding at a slight outward curve.

When I see elderly women very hunched over, it just looks so painful. Julia Child had a pronounced back hump also. Running off subject here, so will close by saying....

Good Luck! Carly

Replied by Catherine
(Wellington, New Zealand)

Check for B12 levels, methylcobalamin in sublingual drops is good.. Adelle Davis ascribed bent over posture in older people caused by b12 deficiencies. Happens to vegetarians as they don't eat red meat. You can check out the relationship between b12 and stooped posture on internet.

Replied by Rob
(Manhattan, Ny)

Similarily I suffer from poor posture from over 20 years of hunched over computer work. The solution is unfortunately not a quick fix but steps can be taken to improve the condition over time with lifestyle changes. In addition to the above recommendations I would add yoga to your weekly practice.. If you can't find a local class there are online programs and videos to help you, but a skilled yoga practitioner could give you some corrective poses. (be cautious however as many yoga poses are in fact too extreme & unnecessary) Simply placing a yoga mat near your work area (I work out of home) and taking frequent breaks by just lying on your back and doing some simple exercises and breathing can help break your routine of hunching over at the computer. Making something routine is key in correcting this... I purchased a simple chin up bar... Placing near or on the bathroom door.. And ever time I use the bathroom I give myself a body stretch... Not necessary to do a chinup but just to grab onto it and release my weight enough to stretch my spine.. In addition to the above nutrition tips I would add Natto.. (if you can enjoy its unusual consitency) In Japan it is often eaten for breakfast... (I have it with eggs when I eat them)..

here is a link about yoga & dowagers hump:

& about Natto & osteopenia

Egoscue Method

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Posted by G (Oregon) on 10/25/2019

I suffered an injury over 30 years ago which resulted in years of crushing pain in my lower back and hips and stiffness and pain throughout my entire body from misalignment. I have tried everything from yoga, Kriya yoga, pilates, chiropractic, osteopathy, massage, foam rollers, coconut oil, hyralauric name it. Some of these worked for a short while, but what never disappeared was the awkward feeling and stiffness from being misaligned. The only thing which finally worked was the Egoscue Method. The first day I felt a shift. The crushing pain vanished. Even much of stiffness was gone - the feeling of a body so misaligned it was fighting itself just to stand upright. I am only a few days in, but everything feels totally different. I cannot remember what it was like not to drag my body around kicking and screaming day after day, year after year. I am excited to rediscover freedom from pain and mobility again.

EC: The Egoscue Method, founded in 1978 by Pete Egoscue, focuses on a series of exercises and stretches to correct misalignments in the musculoskeletal system.

Eliminate Dairy

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Posted by Boblack (Germantown, MD) on 07/20/2009

I have experienced bad back pain ever since junior year of high school where during a heavy lifting session I injured my back. After spending a lot of money on drugs and physical therapists, I can truly say nothing works better than just eliminating diary from my diet, sleeping on the floor, and doing several ab exercises. I have been doing these three things for the last two months and have noticed a significant reduction in my lower back pain. For those of you who complain they can enjoy the favorite breakfast foods without milk I suggest trying rice or soy milk or If you don't care like me just use water.

Eliminate Dairy
Posted by Chris (Atlanta) on 02/18/2007

Had crazy making lower back pain from age 14(!) to 25 when finally my new therapist told me to go off dairy and give it a chance for only 3 weeks. I gave it a chance although my "diet" up to then was probably made out of up to 60% dairy products. after 3 weeks my back pain was COMPLETELY GONE! dairy sucks!!!

Replied by Oly
(London, United Kingdom)

I am a 53 years old woman I was diagnosed with lumber prolapse about two years ago and have been living with pain on my back as well sciatica pain down to my legs. I came to this site in my quest for cure or management. Please can anyone tell me what I can do to get rid of this pain. I have spent money visiting chiropractors, chinese acunpuncture and massage, several heat pads and regular pain killers which does not have effect. Please help god bless you


Replied by Phil
(Dearing, Ga)

Hello Oly, You stated you have seen chiropractors for your condition. Well in my opinion there is only one type of chiropractor that actually works... The practice you will be looking for is called the GONSTEAD.

Ask your chiropractor what method he or she uses. Find one that does the Gonstead method. The older the chiropractor usally the better.

You can research it yourself using Google, But there is a big difference in the Gonstead method and other chiropractor treatments. If a Gonstead practicing chiropractor can't fix you, then it may be DDD.

There is also some stuff on here already under the Ailments section but one thing that comes to mind is magnesium. I believe Ted, somewhere on here recommended magnesium for back related issues. The key in the magnesium seems to be its ability to make the muscles stregthen add hold the bones in thier proper places.

Stretches and stregthen the Ab muscle will also help.

My chiropractor told me the Key to a healthy back, Is a strong core ( Midsection of a person )

Ab muscles equals strong back.

I hope you DO NOT have degenerative disc disease, because my mother had sciatica problems and found out she had DDD. She had to have surgery and has never fully recovered. Her bones never fused back together. It has been two years now.

Replied by Phil
(Dearing, Ga)

Oh and Oly, NEVER EVER use heat pads instead always use ice packs.

My father always believed in heat, But again My chiropractor always told me to never use HEAT. Heat can temporally paralyze you. Make your condition worse... You want to Ice for 15 minutes on and 15 minutes off, repeated for maybe say an hour.

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