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Natural Remedies for Back Pain

Posted by Alex (Thessaloniki, Greece) on 05/14/2018
4 out of 5 stars

I should have put five stars but I didn't have much time to experiment about the truth of magnet therapy. My bracelet with small magnets failed completely to to any good to my acute back pain but after reading this

I decided to put a very strong magnet about 1cm in diameter exactly where the root of my problem was in my back. I was careful with the polarity. Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) explains it very well in page one of my above link. I had already a biomagnetic bracelet so the pole that repelled the magnets on the bracelet was the bio-North. In the first ten minute of application I felt some instances of big pain as an electric shock exactly at the problematic area but after a while there was a permanent and noticeable reduce in pain and tension in the muscle. I decided to wear it for hours. I had stabilized the strong neodymium magnet on my back with tape for injuries. The funny thing is that I felt some leftover pain at the other side of my lower back (the left one), the area which was far away from the magnet but also affected with pain and muscle spasm. I will definetly buy some strong neodymium magnets (>=1000 gauss) and self-experiment again.