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Natural Remedies for Back Pain

Coconut Oil
Posted by Morgan (Henderson, Usa-48 Contiguous States) on 09/05/2012
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I have a deformed transverse vertebrae, from time to time it pinches a nerve in my low back and I am in severe pain for 1-2 weeks until I can manage to get several massages, stretch, etc. I read on this website that coconut oil works well for such a problem, so I decided to give it a try. I have used many other remedies on this site with great success, unfortunately it was not the case with the coconut oil. I purchased high quality organic coconut oil at whole foods, rubbed it very liberally on the effected area, to no avail. The pain is still very much there. At least my mom can use the coconut oil for her hypothyroidism, otherwise it would have been a complete waste of money!