Natural Cures for Cardiac Arrhythmia

Magnesium with Potassium Aspartate
Posted by Ruth (Pahrump, Nv) on 02/06/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I just started with irregular heart beats (last 3 weeks), pounding, then skipping. I am 69 yrs old. It starts and I feel faint, short of breath, weak, overall just bad. At my worst, I was on my way to the emergency room, but couldn't find the hospital, so went on to the health food store and bought magnesium with potassium aspartate, took 3 and felt better in about 10 minutes. I am now taking 3 (300mg) 3x/day with meals and I feel like my old self! Until I found this website I didn't know about the other things I could try, but will give it a go to improve my heart health. I too cut down on my evening wine (now 1x/wk) and have decaf 1 cup in the morning. It has made such a difference I can't tell you!