Natural Cures for Cardiac Arrhythmia

Apple Cider Vinegar, Chilli
Posted by Gayle (Perth, Western Australia) on 08/11/2021
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Hi y'all. I'm a retired Registered Nurse and have noticed irregular heart beats from time to time - like at present. About to turn 87 in a few weeks I am disgustingly fit and active with a fault that I tend to push myself to the limit. I have an excellent relationship with my Dr for the past 23 years as we talk the same lingo and she respects my dislike of medications (I tell her as a nurse I gave out pills - I did not take them).

Also had life-threatening anaphylaxis from a new pill. About 20 years ago I was diagnosed with severe, and potentially crippling osteoporosis. I decided I am going to beat this and over several years my scans showed a back to normal bone density. I ate oily fish every day like sardines, mackerell and herrings and still do. I take a bone and muscle supplement daily which contains 50mg magnesium.

I am not sure what cayenne is (maybe what we call capsicum and what you call bell peppers) but I eat a curry almost every day which of course has chili and many spices. I find a beef dish once a week is beneficial or even lambs fry very occasionally (I had to have it as a child as I had a B12 deficiency). I enjoy a low alcohol red wine just a few times a week, but can live without it.

My evening meal consists of a fresh salad with local olives and a gherkin. I sprinkle with ACV the sort with the sediment and local olive oil. I prefer to buy what is produced locally and in season. Sounds all good, hey. I have trouble getting to sleep and must get back into meditation. Love to freestyle solo dance, archery, and late afternoon walks in the local bush. Never sit for long but yesterday spent 12 hours straight at my computer without food or drink. Crazy, but as I said I push myself to and beyond my limit. Probably that brought on the missed beats I noticed this morning. Blood pressure is OK. So, maybe I should increase the magnesium from 50mg, get back into meditation (I taught it long ago) and SLOW DOWN! Great site this.