Anal Fissure Remedies

Dietary Changes
Posted by Kat (Washington DC, DC) on 03/31/2009
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Anal Fissure - Change in diet helps

I had an anal fissure that kept bleeding everytime I did #2. I figured out that this was due to constipation. So I looked for remedies to fix constipations. I found out that constipation can be helped if you add fiber to your diet. So I started eating lots of things with fiber (high fiber cereal), vegetables, beans, etc. I also found out that my constipation might be related to a yeast infection that I had. Yeast infections are caused by candida, which feed on sugar. (You can easily find many anti-candida diets on the internet). So I started to eliminate sugar from my diet. I had the anal fissure for about 3.5 months. After 1 month on the anti-candida/high fiber diet, I am happy to see that my stools are a lot softer and I am not getting anal fissures any more. I am not sure if this is due to the high fiber are the lack of sugar in my diet. Either way, I am happy with my results. I am not sure how long I'll stay on the anti-candida diet. I am thinking at least 3 months total, and I'll introduce a few sweets back slowly. Hopefully my fissures won't return then. I hope my story helps someone.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Kat (Washington DC, DC) on 03/31/2009

It also helps if you take your time when you do #2. Don't rush it. Don't force it out so quickly. Also putting your body in the "scared cat" aka pushing your back out as you go to the bathroom might help the stool pass easier.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Nunya (San Diego, Ca) on 11/03/2010

Follow this and you should be happpy again within the first week you stop the meat eating...

1) drink mineral oil to help against hard stools at the very beginning or if possible before your new eating habits plan(eating fruits, vegies)

2) eat veggies and friuts, be creative or you will get bored.! Try oatmeal you can toss differnt berries differnt days use water not milk milk is allso tough on the stomach.

3) buy baby wipes, can you say comftrable.

4)buy preperation h with pain relief just in case you get sensitive. If you get inflamation stop use. Or if you pass a succesfull bowel movement without pain do not use.

5)seriously this is very important you need to relax when you B.M. But only when you feel the pain from a previos B.M. Is not as bad as now that you have made the proper dietary changes.

6) take a nice long hot shower or bath. Try wash your butt thoroghly when showering to keep it clean and prevent infection.

7) when you feel like your fissure is healing stay on your diet for as long as you can so your butt can completely heal... You can introduce meats to your diets within a month but make sure to take plenty of fiber or you will end up where you started. I think within one month of being heal you should be able to eat meat again, but for the next 6 months watch how much meat you eat.

Things to consider... Most of todays foods are junk foods. EX. Soda, burgers, cheetohs, twinkies(my favorite) most lemonaids ect all the things that taste great tend to be reasons why america is overweight. If you can manage to stop eating these junk foods you will most likely lose some excess weight so do yourself a favor and eat proper foods. Try to think healthy and you will change your life. Ps if this helps you spread the word there are people out there with the same problem, all you have to do is copy and paste.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Fran (Perth, Western Australia) on 10/05/2011

Using organic coconut oil works wonders :) A great stool softener. Get it at health food shops. Also great as a body moisturiser.

Witch Hazel
Posted by Shelley (Mississauga, ON) on 02/22/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I suffered from anal fissures for years and discovered an amazing way to eliminate them. By applying witch hazel with a Qtip after bowels or before bowels will greatly reduce any pain or discomfort from the fissures. Witch hazel is a cleansing astingent that does not cause over drying. Try it, it works for me, and I will never stop using it!

Posted by Payal (Pensacola, Florida) on 12/24/2010

Did you use this for fissures or hemorrhoids? I have painful and bleeding fissure, wanted to know if this would work.

Mineral Oil
Posted by Peggy (Prince George, Bc Canada) on 02/21/2012

I have diverticulosis and I've tried everything this sounds good I hope it works :)

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