Anal Fissure Remedies

| Modified on Jan 03, 2023
Rutin & Psyllium Husk
Posted by Ken (England) on 10/02/2022
5 out of 5 stars

Tried many different things over 12-18 months, olive oil, creams, drinking more water and dietry changes. None of these worked for me. I had bad fissures to the point where there was quite a lot of blood when it was time to go. Anyways, what worked for me was 500mg of Rutin and 1000mg of psyllium husk. Five greens do a good psyllium husk mixed with dandelion extract. Those two things taken every day and within a week I was all good. Would recommend to anyone as it was a quick fix for me I just had to find what worked for me. A couple months since I started and not a single occurrence since.

Carmex Ointment
Posted by Lee (Atlanta, Ga) on 09/02/2022
5 out of 5 stars

Carmex works miracles believe it or not. I did the research on the skin surface type around the Anus. It is mucous same as your mouth or oral skin. Same as lip therapy, Carmex really helps to lubricate and form a protective shield along the fissure. I added Carmex to my arsenal. It really helps.

Manuka Honey
Posted by Katzie (Calgary) on 07/20/2022

Re: buying only the best / highest grade Manuka honey would be best. Let's face it, not many of us can afford it.

I sustained an incredibly bad scrape on my right knee, with no skin left on it. The only Manuka I could afford that day was a Manuka/blend available at superstore in canada (it was a pc product) available for 5.99 at the time. That honey was runnier than high grade Manuka and did not have the same medicinal smell either, but it still had Manuka in it. That scrape healed beautifully, with no debriding or infection; there is and never was a scar. It was a mammoth healing project of 6 weeks, 2 bottles of that manuka/blend and 25+ boxes of the largest bandaids you can buy, as I needed two just to cover the wound. The cheap stuff did this.

So yeah, high grade us best, but buy what you can afford, or just a really a small jar, but the stuff is worth having. I hear a certain warehouse-store sells big plastic jugs of the lowest grade Manuka available, and it would be a worthy investment. I have cured toothaches, burns, sores, boils, rashes, etc, with the power of Manuka, even in its weakest (cheapest) form.

Happy healing, everyone. Manuka will be a powerful ally for you. The cheap stuff did not let me down, and I believe it can help you, too.

Manuka Honey
Posted by Nicetothinkso (NYC ) on 07/20/2022
5 out of 5 stars

MANUKA HONEY UMF + 15 and above for anal fissures

Hello community,

just want to give some back as this site has saved me many times from myriad aches and pain. Caught Covid, got real sick quick as I've underlying co-morbidities. By 2nd day could hardly breathe so began paxlovid. Felt much better breathing by day 3 but suddenly anal fissures presented and I believe I was getting PTSD just from the idea of thinking about going to the bathroom. The pain during and after BMs has few equals in my 51 years. Olive oil helped via a q-tip. But then I also read about manuka honey as the olive oil required 4 Tylenol to help ease the out. After 5 days I began to put Manuka Honey UMF +19 on rectum with Q-tip best I could and in two days all the pain was gone even without Tylenol. By day 3 it is like a bad dream and all back to normal. The Manuka Honey caused some burn but well worth the quick recovery.

UMF +15 and above is medical grade - but do your reading and homework first. Regular manuka honey below UMF +15 may not have the same restorative powers but do your homework. A little extra money for the higher more powerful manuka may save you a world of hurt.

St John's Wort
Posted by Annmarie (CT) on 04/29/2022

Hey! Did you take it internally as a tincture or did you apply internally into the rectum? Thanks for your help!

Posted by Ammazurin (London, UK) on 04/13/2022
5 out of 5 stars

This is an update to my previous post. My fissure improved with a better diet and lubrication with oils but it didn't heal fully. Whenever I was constipated it would return.
My long-term cure that has lasted over a year so far with no recurrence was the addition of borax.

Just a daily pinch in a glass of warm water or food is enough. It will kill the Candida that may be keeping an infected abscess under the skin from healing. It's usually this abscess that ruptures when constipated. You can tell you have one by the mild pain you will feel if you press on the anal area. Keep up your protocols but add borax and you'll be amazed. I've even hard quite severe constipation recently and had no sign of my decade-long fissure.

I've also figured out that dehydration and too much fibre in my diet was causing the constipation. Everyone is wrong about fibre in your diet. You don't need it.

The Japanese and Eskimos have very little fibre in their diet but paradoxically have the lowest incidence of bowel ailments in the world.

St John's Wort
Posted by Charity (faithville, Us) on 03/08/2022

Home Remedies For Anal Fissure – Bitkisel Ortam

St John's Wort
Posted by Annmarie (CT) on 03/08/2022

Hi! Did you take Saint johns wort orally in a tincture or did you apply it directly in rectum? Thanks for any help!

Posted by Ammazurin (UK) on 04/12/2021
5 out of 5 stars

This is an addendum to my original post... Olive oil and apples were great to ease symptoms and give the impression that a fissure has gone, but I only really managed to eradicate my chronic fissure with borax.

When the majority of fissure symptoms subside, if you have a skin tag, slight tenderness, and pain when pressed, it's probably a chronic fissure that hasn't fully healed. It's a highly understood area but I believe Candida is what's preventing your fissure from healing fully and a low sugar diet with borax should finally work, as it did for me. I take one-eighth of a teaspoon with any hot drink on weekdays only. Your body needs a break from it so leave it out at the weekend.

Anal Fissure Remedies
Posted by Ingo (Los Angeles) on 02/22/2021

Was it just tightness or was there swelling, I feel like my anus is so swollen it's about to burst. And yes I can barely get a finger in it's extremely tight. Planning on visiting the doctor although I hate going to the doctor, but I've had it for weeks and it doesn't seem to be going away by itself

Posted by Christina (UK) on 12/23/2019
5 out of 5 stars

I would just like to say I have started taking turmeric capsules for an unrelated reason just over a week ago. To my complete amazement my anal fissure has cleared on its own with no other treatments. Amazing.

Castor Oil
Posted by Mike (Idaho) on 11/01/2019
5 out of 5 stars

I suffered from an anal fissure for a year and a half. The fix that I found was under hemorrhoids on EC. A ball of cotton soaked with castor oil and inserted onto the fissure at night time just before bed. I was healed in 5 days. Good Luck

Posted by Ammazurin (London) on 06/06/2019

I've had chronic anal fissures for about 10 years and have tried every treatment and protocol out there. The pain has been unbearable at times and often debilitating, you end up not even leaving the house! What I've found helps the most for long-term healing is simply a change of diet and lubrication. Keeping active also helps with bowel movements but isn't key in my experience. Cut all grains and dairy, eat plenty of apples or pears as well as any other fruits or vegetables (apples and pears have been the best for me as they result in nice soft, comfortable and fluffy bowel movements!) and use only raw coconut oil, pure ghee, butter and cold olive oil for eating. Lubricate after every bowel movement and at night with plenty of good quality olive oil. Smearing it around the outside of the anus and probing internally gently with your little finger works best if in severe pain but don't go too deep as your finger and even suppositories can make the fissure worse.

Once pain subsides and healing begins (after a few days of eating better) you can go deeper with the olive oil. Apples and olive oil are the way to go, simple and uncomplicated but extremely effective.

Olive Oil
Posted by Urussah (Mauritius) on 06/09/2020

Hello.. can I put the extra virgin olive oil directly in my anus .in a site I read, its not so advisable to do so ... won't it burn? I will also try to use manuka honey ... I hope it works for me ..Ii have been suffering for 5 years with 3 surgeries done.. but fissure re occured and my life quality has been greatly affected due to pain... now I'm turning to natural meds though I'm so hopeless.

Anal Fissure Tips
Posted by T (Edmonton) on 08/07/2018

That's the worst, for a female try this, push up using both hands finger tips, push along the outer wall side on both side of the anal hole, around where stool is sitting, especially if you have a dropped bowl, the pressure will help muscle push out stool. Not sure for male not sure as scrotum in the way. I found this online forgot what it's called.

Olive Oil
Posted by Bojan (Vienna) on 05/16/2018

Hello. I will try this olive organic oil option as for anal fissure. I have problem since more than 6 months but from 20 february . I am doing fiber diet but also glycain what doc prescribed. They want know to come 3 week to they put gel in my anus. I decided not to come.I just want to know which type exactly olive oil to make subsidaries in frigde. Btw how oft to use enemas? I am losing my mind from problem, live in vienna am 35 and invited to wedding in canada am 30, july
So I want badly to heal. But my work is contstant standing and moving. Seling tickets tours and driving richsaw. Problem is a cam stop more then 2 weeks. Thanks what about fissure oil from optimal network?

Olive Oil
Posted by Sally (England) on 03/13/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Hi! May I share with you an alternative to a olive oil dropper method for anal fissures.

I have been making my own olive oil supposutories using a rounded ice cube tray .. the smallest ones in the middle.

  • Fill each one with olive oil and freeze for several hours until solidified.
  • Removing them is easiest if it's a bendy tray .. push them out onto a plate and keep in a freezer bag.

I pop one in every night and sometimes after a bowel movement. My fissure has healed and I no longer need stool softeners...the oil does it all!

I find this method easiest and the cool feeling when inserted is wonderful.

Obviously be quick to insert before they melt .. but they go up so easily.. bliss!

Olive Oil
Posted by Umah (Malaysia) on 02/20/2018

Hi.. Can u pls brief me how to get rid of this anal fissure pain? Im suffering with for 2 yrs rdy.. I cant bear it anymore.. Pls help me...

Dietary Changes
Posted by Not For Profit Health (Pennsylvania) on 10/27/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I was juicing then went vegan last year cold turkey (pun intended), took up powerlifting/olympic weight lifting and accidentally swallowed a whole habanero all within a few months of each other. I couldn't remember being constipated and was lost as to what was causing my fissure. I made it a habit to go in the morning and thought maybe I had mild impaction since it was only hard to start but apparently it's okay to go the next day.

I knew my diet was very grain heavy as I was eating mostly rice, beans, potatoes, peanut butter and other thick dry heavy things almost every day when this all started. I would make a batch to have prepared meals ready to go. Vegetables were also in there but while my goal was to have a heavy carb diet, it ended up being a heavy grain diet. My first adjustment was to start using more oil in my mixed rice as I was also experimenting at the time with limiting fat which was creating a perfect storm of "dryness". While the re-addition of fat helped I was still suffering. I began limiting rice to 3x per week max and having pasta/spaghetti, soups, salads and other "moist" foods the other days which only reduced the frequency of pain.

Then after eating a giant plate of leftover spaghetti on an "off grain day" I had trouble starting my B.M. again the next day. I started paying closer and closer attention to the conditions in my environment causing the fissure and ended up focusing more on what is preventing the healing instead. This change in mind helped me realize that it wasn't specifically the exercise intensity since I stopped that activity and have not eaten spicy items yet still suffered which means at one point or another I strained harder than I thought. (Spicy food and exercise will worsen symptoms but are not the cause).

Eventually I realized that my full dependence on my toaster oven was drying all my meals out! This is important for all those that realize the dangers of and abandon microwaves. Now I reheat things on the stove and have mastered the art of re-hydrating leftovers. All my life my mother did this to our food and I had no idea!

After fearing all kinds of other ailments it finally hit me that I'm simply suffering from perpetual constipation and the fissure is merely the symptom. I wasn't listening to my body and wanted to feed it what was convenient and available. So after a year of short painful bouts and a mild sense of not fully evacuating I started eating bananas, drinking water and moving around every morning whereas before I would just go immediately after waking before my body was awake. I rehydrate my meals and try to eat the veggies raw instead of cooked in rice cooker with the rice. Heat was my enemy! I now know why Afghans use so much oil in their rice as constipation is a common problem in the middle east and asia!

The point is none of the treatments on this page will help you in the long run if you don't cure the cause. The solution is to change your diet to be at least 50% moist. This chart I attached is the secret to avoiding fissures forever and will be your daily test on the effectiveness of your diet. Type 4 is your goal.

If you're suffering right now then buy a bag of prunes and a few bundles of bananas. Eat 1 to 3 ounces of prunes (they might say dried but they should be moist/juicy) before breakfast and with your dinner and try to eat 3 bananas a day. It's funny because Type 4 is shaped like a banana too!





Pro Tip:

Switch your dinner to lunch and eat lunch at dinner. By eating your biggest meal in the middle of the day when your digestion is at its peak your body will have a much easier time with evacuation. Eating at its core is about digestion and evacuation. The faster you evacuate the healthier you will be. I suspect a large portion of people suffering this have a similar extreme diet!

Horse Chestnut, MSM
Posted by Vikas (India) on 05/06/2017

Were the two medicines suggested by you taken separately or were they mixed together?

Anal Fissure Remedies
Posted by Vikas (India) on 05/05/2017

Which noni juice you are talking about. Kindly share the exact name

Anal Fissure Remedies
Posted by Lynda (Central Us) on 12/02/2016

Anal fissures are not boils that bore holes in the anal tissue. That's a Fistula. Big difference. An anal fissure is a tear in the anal tissue. Another reason to get them, besides the list at the top of the page, is "bracing". If you have pelvic floor tightness your muscles will "brace" and tighten up the opening and then it's like a trying to squeeze a zucchini through a keyhole....which does't work and then we tear. If you have pelvic floor tightness (dysfunction as well), you may also get anal spasms from time to time. My body is so used to being "braced", as soon as the urge hits, the involuntary muscles tighten up on me. I try to go before the urge hits. Squatty Potty position really helps (you can turn a trash can on it's side or a stepping stool ..look up squatty potty). I have had surgery before to cut the sphincter but that doesn't stop the body from bracing so I still get fissures. I can go for a long time and then something will cause my muscles to tighten again and I get another fissure. Currently, it's due to a chest cold and constant hard coughing. I have even been to a physical therapist who helped a LOT but it never lasts and I end up with another fissure. She suggested I do my own internal work (a really thin dialator that is thinner than a finger) but I just can't bring myself to do that. The anus was tight that she could barely get her fingertip in and when she showed me her finger after, the end of her pinky was bright red from being squeezed! I could swear she was putting a baseball bat up inside but it was just her pinky! UGH..... Anyway...that's some TMI. It took about a month of 2x weekly visits to finally be able to not bind up as soon as she started her work. I then did one more month of 1x weekly. I also hear there is valium suppositories to help relax the area as well now. Don't know much about them. I just wanted to let others know that pelvic floor tightness is a big reason to get continuing and chronic anal fissures as well. While I still get fissures after surgery and PT, I don't get them as often and they don't last as long as they used to.

Olive Oil
Posted by Anon (Anon) on 05/30/2016

You might have an infection. You may want to look into goldenseal, raspberry leaf, echinacea, thuja, yogurt, activated charcoal. If you mix the olive oil with crushed garlic it may work even better.

Olive Oil
Posted by Harry Oo (Florida ) on 05/26/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Why haven't I ever heard of olive oil to help with this darn suffering that I've had for the last few years. I'm 40 years old and suffer from chronic back and neck pain and I truly wanted to shoot myself with this added discomfort. I shot the olive oil up with an enema pump and if feels better already. Please make this be the end of this fissure pain this is so brutal I could only imagine how bad things get when I reach 70.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 05/18/2016 2073 posts

Not simply Water in these toxic times, one must drink purified water. Looking back in the days before using a carbon filter for tap water, I say "I can't believe I drank that tap water". For many yrs I have used the carbon filter and only recently figured out that it was not sufficient in removing Fluoride as my metabolism was very bad ... until I started ozonating the filtered water, and both me and my Kitty have more energy and feel better. I use a 500mg per hr Food & Water Ozone Generator with a diffuser ball and only takes about 30 secs for 1 gal jug.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Ben (Bremerton Wa ) on 05/17/2016

You've got to drink water, it's the most important thing for your body. 50 ounces is not enough for an adult. The colon saves water as if you were in survival mode in a desert. It extracts every drop of water possible from the feces. Is there any wonder why anal fissure occurs with hard brick like feces?

Most people do not know this but 50% of the fecal mass is not food waste, it is bacteria. When your intestinal bacteria diminish constipation becomes a problem. When good intestinal bacteria is low bad organisms flourish, wastes products accumulate and your intestines become far more toxic. It is conditions like this that give rise to colon cancer

Reverse the trend towards disease by drinking lots of water, frequently replenishing the good bacteria and eating raw organic foods with living enzymes and lots of fiber then your body will be much cleaner and less likely to develop cancer.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Cassandra (Detroit, Mi) on 05/16/2016
3 out of 5 stars

Worked Temporarily

I had what I thought was hemorrhoids for about 2 weeks now. Come to find out, I also have anal fissures. I was treating my hemorrhoids with a remedy I found from this site - Apple Cider Vinegar- which did wonders for them (applied externally for 45 min a few times a day). Now, all that I have a problem with are fissures and the apple cider vinegar made them worse. I have 2 fissures one on the side and one at the bottom. It is the worst pain I have ever experienced. I would cry from the pain, would go days without sleep it was unbearable. I found this cream called Calmoseptine and it had a cooling effect which worked to ease the itching. I tried coconut oil as well but the moisture just made the itching worse. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow to see what they can prescribe to help the healing process. What I found that works...

1. Stool softeners- I take 3 Colace in the morning but make sure you eat a little something because they make me somewhat nauseas.

2. Fiber- I ate healthy before so it is easy for me to stick to this diet.. Vegetables like carrots broccoli sweet potatoes and green beans. Also I take 4 fiber gummies a day.

3. Water- If you take or eat a lot of fiber and don't drink enough water, you will just be bloated and gassy and will constipate you even more. I never drink water so this was a hard one for me try to drink at least 50 ounces a day.

4. Flax seed- I mix some flaxseed in some water and put it in a container in the fridge and in the morning I take about a tablespoon of it. Within 20 min I am going to the bathroom. Even though its painful, being regular is important to heal..Constipation is harder on the fissures.

5. Coconut oil- Every time I feel the need to go, I hurry and put coconut oil on the anus (quite a bit) because it is not as painful when it comes out.

6. Warm bath- Before I go to the bathroom, I start filling up the tub (mainly so my family can't hear my painful screams). I use wet wipes after I go to the bathroom, not hemorrhoidal ones as these burn the fissures) and hop into the tub right after. I get immediate relief from the pain I endured. I sometimes take a bath 3 times a day for 30 min. It relieves the itching, burning, and pain.

7. Lastly, there is a cream called Calmoseptine. This helped temporarily for the itchy (my itching was crazy.) Caffeine, sugars, and spicy foods contributed to the itching so try to avoid those foods as well as binding ones like white rice.

8. Benadryl (pill form)- I had many sleepless nights because of my hemorrhoid/fissure duo and lately I started taking Benadryl to sleep. It makes me drowsy enough that I can forget about to constant itching and pain.

I hope these remedies help all of you who are suffering as well because I know exactly what you're going through and nobody should have to live this way. I am a very active person and haven't been able to work out for almost a month now. I hope the doctor tomorrow will prescribe me something to further help the healing process!

Coconut Oil
Posted by Notsohapppy (New Jersey) on 04/13/2016

Is there a specific type of coconut oil or brand that you suggest?

Anal Fissure Tips
Posted by Xyzzzz (India) on 03/02/2016
4 out of 5 stars

Hi all, I was sufferring from fissure for like 3yrs+

Doctors asked me to get operated.

Here is what I did to heal it.. it may not be applicable to all cases..but you can try.

1-walk/run for 30 min daily.

2-have a set routine, sleep properly on time.

3-include fibers, plus followed with light & early dinner.

4-also at the time of passing stool, support ur skin around ur anal it will not stretch much. If you feel the stool coming hard.. you can press to break it from outside skin of your anal. This sounds gross, , , but worked for me, , , I can't guarantee this trick. Please use with your decision.

Vitamins C and E
Posted by Michael (Sacramento) on 10/01/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Additional Vitamin C and Vitamin E for Anal Fissures

I made smoothies in the morning and at night with 1/2 cup orange juice for vitamin C and 1 ounce raw almonds for vitamin E and 1 ounce raw pumpkin seeds for zinc and my anal fissure healed completely in about 4 days.

According to the website: proteins, carbohydrates, arginine, glutamine, polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, magnesium, copper, zinc and iron play a significant role in wound healing and their deficiencies affect wound healing.

Coconut Oil, Antibiotic Ointment
Posted by Dee (Lawrenceburg, Tn) on 08/02/2015

What type of antibiotic ointment did you use?

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Homer (Tex) on 07/03/2015

Thanks Jennifer, I have been suffering from this for over a year, will try this . Question, the vitamin E and coconut oil supplements , did u buy them separately?

Anal Fissure Remedies
Posted by Dr Howard (Torrance, CA) on 06/29/2015

Calcium fluoride 30X as the anus is weakened from lack of elasticity thus it protrudes. Silica 12X from strength and tone. Both work well together.

Anal Fissure Remedies
Posted by Drcc (Usa) on 06/26/2015

Can you explain how the botox works? That is something I was thinking about. Thank you.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Marilee (St. George) on 06/14/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I have made coconut oil suppositories by rolling it up in wax paper and putting it in the freezer to use for my anal fissures. I have been in pain for 2 months with this anal fissure and the coconut oil really seems to help heal them and keep them moist..and help heal them..... Yes, you break off about a half inch piece and insert it...about every 3 hours.

Anal Fissure Remedies
Posted by Ev (Australia) on 05/07/2015

Botox injections cured my fissures after 20 years of pain.

Epsom Salt Sitz Bath
Posted by Revite (California, US) on 12/07/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Epsom Salt sitz bath for Anal Fissures: Put 2 lb. of Epsom salt and mix with 2 inches of warm water. Sit in it for 20 minutes. Repeat daily.

Olive Oil
Posted by Mary (California) on 11/21/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I had fissure & hemorrhoid for about 4 weeks. As one of the contributor on this site said, it felt like I was pooping blades. Horrible pain. By the end of the 4th week I was at the fag end of my hopes for cure. This could have easily been a emergency or surgery situation by prevailing practices. But I firmly believe in natural cures. So I was surfing the web and bumped into this site.

I first thought it was hemorrhoid only. I tried out quite a few treatments mentioned on this site and some other. Didn't work. But from my symptoms, when my doctor friend told me over the phone that I had fissure as well, I searched for fissure treatment on this site. I came across extra virgin organic Olive oil treatment.

Boy it worked wonders for me. I started with oral intake that didn't do much for me. But as I started generously putting it deep inside the rear end with a dropper 3-4 time a day, it gave me immediate relief. The pain started subsiding rapidly. It took about 3 days to cure 80%. And about 7 days to fully recover. I still kept putting it at least once before the bedtime for a few more days so that it didn't recur. In the mean time I had ordered fully ozonated Olive oil. But by the time it arrived from amazon, I was almost cured.

From other mentions here, my guess is any healing oil like, castor or vitamin E should also work. But make sure you keep the anal passage(from deep inside) oiled all the time until it heals.

I am so grateful to the site owner and everyone contributing on this site. I had to share my experience as well for others to benefit. Please keep it up.

Anal Fissure Remedies
Posted by Kauser (India) on 08/11/2014

Did you drink chlorophyll or apply on the area? I have been anal fissure and piles for last eighteen years and have undergone for three surgeries but not effective. I would appreciate your response. Thanks again.

Olive Oil
Posted by Patricia (Texas, US) on 06/05/2014

sorry about previous post typos and post poorly stated. I can report, pain free day, all day! Remember I had multiple BM earlier today, normally pain would last from AM thru PM.

What I learned:

1. Keep rectum clean throught out the day, use baby wipes soaked in witch hazel and apply organic coconut oil, I sit on heating pad for blood flow.

2. 1-2 Tablespoon organic olive oil at bedtime.

3. 1/2 tblsp manuka honey, 1/2 tsp coconut oil, 1/2 tsp organic aloe Vera juice, mix well, insert with a syringe at bedtime

4. Bath increase from 1-2x, to 3x daily, sitz bath when time allows.

5. exercise - walking helps.

6. Sit in over size firm pillow, at home and work; in car.

Olive Oil
Posted by Psr (Texas, US) on 06/05/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I currently fissure, had H for over 30 yrs with no real issues, about 6 months ago pain started, thought it was my H, after colon test now at 58 have a fissure. I have prescription for antibiotics and anal cream now taken 5 days, after completion of antibiotics, pain back not as bad , but still cannot sit , drive etc. normally hurts only after BM, hurt all day finally went to sleep after sitz bath and apply cream, within 2 hours woke up in severe pain, found this site.

1. Drink 3 tablespoon of olive oil,

2. (Did not have Manuka honey; used organic honey use enema bottle and mixed 1/2 tablespoon of Manuka Honey (100% pure) with about a 1/2 teaspoon of Virgin Coconut Oil and a splash of Aloe Vera juice. Once it was well mixed I took as much of it as I could get into the syringe (which I had first coated the outside end of the syringe with coconut oil). Had a BM immediately, then 3 more, to be honest pain is gone, I thought the mix was suppose to stay, so I mixed a second batch, imnediately 2 BM, little to no pain.

3. Clean area with witch hazel in baby wipe, then applied organic coconut oil to rectum, resting comfortable at this time.

what I learned:

1. I will take1-2 tablespoon organic olive oil at bedtime

2. Clean area with baby wipes soak in witch hazel and then apply organic coconut oil.

3. Will use honey mixture as enema as needed

I update


Aloe Vera Gel
Posted by Klano Portous (Cyprus) on 05/19/2014

Farai please read.aloe vera is skata mou!! Eat dates for ten days at least. emai palavi.

Clove, Coconut Oil and Eucalyptus
Posted by George (Cape Town, South Africa) on 04/25/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I have been suffering for 5 months with anal fissures. Very painful during stool movements, also followed by bright red blood when wiping and itchy burny pain afterwards for hours. I tried rash ointment, cortisone creams and vaseline... Nothing worked. Then it became almost impossible to pass a stool it felt as if I was pooping razor blades everytime.

I started applying some clove oil straight on my anus and it was very burny, but brought immediate relief after a few seconds. I then made an easily concocted ointment with a teaspoon of clove mixed in with a table spoon of coconut oil (melted) and a table spoon of eucalyptus ointment (zambuck or cuticura). Once it set as an ointment, I applied it everytime I used the toilet, and made sure I got some inside where the fissures are with my (clean washed) finger.

It is now a week since I started using it and the fissures are almost completely healed. I had a movement just now and only had mild discomfort, with no pain or bleeding. I alternated the ointment and the raw clove oil on the days I had more than one visit to the loo. The morning I would apply my magic ointment and in the afternoon or evening I would apply the clove oil straight out the little bottle, dabbed on my finger and applied directly on and inside where the fissures are.

This remedy cost me very little and it has made me feel really positive about the future. I thought I would share this with people that might have tried EVERYTHING else. This might also work for you, it is all natural and non toxic remedies, so you have nothing to lose by trying. good luck, I hope it works for you too!! Regards, George

Botox, Multiple Remedies
Posted by Jpl (Los Angeles, CA) on 04/17/2014

Eat organic yogurt. I only eat wallaby from whole foods or Ralph's or sprouts. No I'm not a seller. Just someone with more than 10 years experience with this problem. And having tried most everything. The wallaby will cure the cut from inside. But you still have to keep stools soft. And sometimes I add coconut oil or neosporin to the outside, especially at night and before going to the bathroom. If wallaby ever goes out of business I'm in trouble. 100 million probiotics in one cup. And no the pills with billions didn't work. For some reason it has to be yogurt.

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