Natural Relief and Prevention: Effective Remedies for Anal Fissures

Wheatgrass, Vitamin E
Posted by James (Sterling, Va) on 10/19/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I had a anal fissure for decades. The worst was when I had toilet bowl water red with blood and allways blood when I wiped. It would seem to heal and then would retear. I tried oils, and lotions, even one gaget you freeze in the freezer. I came across Wheat Grass website that sells wheatgrass cream. I couldnt find any other supplier. I bought 3 of the creams. Then bought Carlson vitamin e suppostories 3 packs of 24. You coat the suppositories with a large amount of wheatgrass cream and insert. Using a finger also get a large amount on that tear. Dr wheat grass recomends their product for fissures so its ok to use internally. I used it after a bowl movement in the morning and at night. On weekends 3 times. And never wipe with a dry tissue I use witch hazel or water and soak the tissue. The healing factors of both the wheatgrass and vitamin e will heal that fissure. keep hydrated and use a stool softener because a hard stool with retear the fissure when healing.