Anal Fissure Remedies

Potassium Permanganate
Posted by George (Liverpool, Lancashire, UK) on 05/21/2009
5 out of 5 stars


1 go to your chemist and buy a small jar of potassium permanganate,also called condys crystals

2 buy a tube of haemorhoid ointment you only need the applicator tube that comes with it,you may have one already

3 take a new sterile handkerchief or similar piece of cloth and wrap it around the applicator and covers the tip of the applicator as well.

4 get a small empty glass or jar and put about a heaped teaspoon of the condys crystals in the jar, now add a little water at a time until you get a mix which looks like pale ink,if you test it with your finger it should stain.

5 get a condom and go all around it and make holes from from the bottom to about half the way up, these will allow the mix to leak out in to the fissure.

6 now take your cloth wrapped applicator and dip it in to the mix until well soaked, you might put on plastic gloves for this job or your hands will be stained,

7 next when your cloth is really wet with the mix slip your condom with the holes in it over your assembly and tie the end off so nothing can leak an elastic band will do, and smear baby oil or vaseline on the condom.

8 now insert condom in to anus a short distance and then wiggle it about and the mix will leak in to the area of the fissure and enter the fissure....

9 I did this every day for 3 days on the third day i was pain free and it never returned,beforehand i was in agony and due for surgery, the relief of the cure was amazing

10 my doctor gave me the tip about condys but i had to work out how to get it in to the right area of the fissure because the doctor told me to sit in a bowl of it, that didnt do any good because it has to get inside so i had to brainstorm a bit to come up with my method..

11 dont treat yorself with this method unless your doctor has diagnosed you as having a fissure, and ask if this is a suitable treatment for your case, all i can tell you for sure is if you have a fissure this works and it is a permanent cure and fast, i have changed my diet since and make sure i eat fruit and drink more water.. good health