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Posted by Julie B. R. (Phoenix, Az) on 09/23/2011

I just realized that I most likely have small cell lung cancer. It took me over 6 months to figure out because I attributed my muscle weakness and pain to (what looks like but isn't) Rheumatoid Arthritis which is the worst in my fingers and wrists (but also knees, feet, jaw and neck).

The borax cure magnesium had no results after several weeks. Have not gone back to it.

I have gone from being able to carry 2.5 gal water jugs in each hand to needing both arms/hands to handle a 1 gallon jug, sometimes even a glass of water. I thought the arthritis had moved into my rotator cuffs but the muscles were so weak I started searching for other answers.

I finally figured out that I have LEMS (Lambert-Eaton Myasthenia Syndrome) which is usually caused by small cell lung cancer. No surprise, I have been a smoker most of my life. While I realize I simply ought to be shot, I'm kinda fighting that option.

I "came down" with the arthritis about 8 months ago and started losing my hair at the same time. Tests were negative for RA & Lupus, and thyroid tests were within normal range. (I did have a chest x-ray 6 months ago that showed a small nodule. ) My inflammation has been constant and increasing since the onset of symptoms, as has my hair loss (top of my head is 1/2 bald now). Prior to this, I had unintended weight loss for a few years and now weigh 104 rather than my normal 125.

I was unable to pursue further medical tests because I was no longer insured, so the CT scan for my lung was never done but I figured it was just a benign COPD nodule anyway - no symptoms. Oops.

So... Add 2 2 and lung cancer appears obvious. Figured this out just a couple of days ago, despite over 6 months of symptoms & signs in my arms.

I have started serious alkalizing, and am taking the following:

- 1 T. Lemon juice w/baking soda water 2x/day

- 2000 mg sodium ascorbate in water 4x/day (twice with 1/4 tsp cayenne added)

- 1 tsp turmeric in water w/600mg bromelain crushed 1x/day

- 10,000IU D3 w/180mcg vit K daily (D3 level was 45 - not terrible, not great)

- 5,000 MSM 2-4x/day

- 500mg dandelion root 3x/day

- 1-2 cups ginger tea (1" crushed slices) daily

I would be taking NAC but ran out and I will run out of all other supplements soon, will have to depend on diet alone. I am unable to work (I am an independent artist) so income is zero.

What am I doing right or wrong - or not enough/too much? Do you think the arthritis & hair loss is related? If I have to depend on diet alone, what are my best options? I would sure like to get back to painting and earning money!

Replied by Gavin
(Manganui, Northland, New Zealand)

I would seriously consider taking 400mg. of Cayenne the hotter the better along with the diet that you are already doing, and a couple of if not three cloves of raw garlic a day. If this works you should see a dramatic improvement in about a week. Garlic protects against lung cancer and the latest on cayenne is that it causes cancer cells to commit suicide. The phlegm should start coming off the lungs fairly quickly. Also watch out for lead glazes if you're an artist, a friend used to mix them in a cup then wash the cup out and have their tea in it. She got similar symptoms.

Replied by Julie B.R.
(Phoenix, Az)

Thank you, Gavin. I am already taking 500mg cayenne powder twice a day (per my original post, mixing it with the sodium ascorbate - 1 tsp of cayenne powder = 2000mg). So, that's good.

I also eat raw garlic regularly but not as much as you are recommending. Will increase my intake of that as well. Thank you.

I haven't done any ceramic artwork in 15 years but I do work with soft pastels and that probably doesn't help. :-( My living room is my studio, so I'm sure the dust floats around constantly. Nothing I can do about that at the moment, unfortunately. Cooler weather is coming here, so I am airing out as often as possible these days.

My father (not related to me, thank goodness) died of lung cancer. He went the conventional route and died from the radiation. Docs said it was from all his work with canvas - had asbestos in it for years, and I was forced to work in his sweat shop as a teen. Another contributor, no doubt.

Thanks again, Gavin. I will report results after a week or so.

Replied by Gavin
(Manganui, Northland, New Zealand)

Good luck with that, Julie.. Stress is the worst thing for hair loss, .. Also hormone drops. Dipping the wet finger into the mule team borax and swishing it around in a glass of water, then drinking it, acts as a natural hormone replenishment if you are of a certain age as well. (boron) A lot of people over this way after the Christchurch earthquake are loosing their hair. But any stress out will help.

Replied by Maria
(Gippsland, Australia)

Hi Julie, To get the best out of your turmeric bring the water to the boil then add the turmeric and boil for a few mins. Also have some fat (butter or coconut oil) with it, a teaspoon will do, or take it with a meal. This way you get the water soluble as well as the fat soluble components out of it. We find a cheap way to have it is at meal times, we get a pkt of cheap frozen mixed veg and boil our serving serving size in a small amount of water add the turmeric (once it has started to boil) as the water reduces to almost nothing add sea salt and butter. With the ginger do Gavin's great suggestion of soaking it overnight first before heating. Plantain is good for lungs and is usually growing as a weed, if so you could add that and thyme to the dandelion tea.

Iodine would be worth looking at as it can remove heavy metals, if you have lugol's you could take it internally or the cheaper iodine could be used in the painted on method. Don't throw the lemon pith out as it is full of bioflavinoids so eat it when you next eat. I would also keep up with the boron (as recommended here on EC 4 days on 3 days off) and magnesium as mag is involved with so many proccesses in the body.

Dr. Johanna Budwig's cottage cheese with flax seed oil could form part of your diet and as a bonus may work on the cancer. One essential point with it is to mix them with a blender to a mayonnaise consistency. Essiac tea would be very worthwhile if you were able to get it.

Replied by Gavin
(Manganui, Northland, New Zealand)

Oh and sorry I forgot to mention this one as well.. Having been a smoker all your life.. you have to remember that you have been getting good amounts of B3, from the nicotine. Then getting a scare and stopping also means you are probably having B3 deficiency.. Which can give a lot of the symptoms you have decribed. If you take the raw garlic and smoke about five rollups a day, it won't do any harm. But if you check out B3 deficiency, you might have an answer.

Replied by Julie B. R.
(Phoenix, Az)

Gavin - Thanks again. Will go back to the borax (still have a box). I have been super-stressed the past 3-4 years. Have to say, though, that it was not helping with the hair loss using either of Ted's remedies (oral or on hair). Thanks for the tip on the B3 - will stay vigilant.

Maria - Thank you. I do sometimes do the boiled version of turmeric, will try to be more patient and do it more often -- and will try adding coconut oil as well. Currently taking dandelion root capsules, not tea, but will try to find a way to do the plantain & thyme. Can't afford iodine, but I had some Betadine lying around. Tried painting that on my scalp a few times (left overnight or longer) but it didn't stop the hair loss. May try again. Getting desperate (and balder). Magnesium also not in the budget so I try to get it and manganese in my puny diet. Sunflower seeds & romaine lettuce are my main sources for those. Same budget problems with flaxseed oil & essiac tea. :-( I've read about the Budwig diet but I just will not go near dairy anyway. I'm a vegan.

Forgot to mention I am also taking 2-3 tsp/day of organic gluten-free cornmeal (per Ted's recommendation for cancer/anti-fungal).

Replied by Maria
(Gippsland, Australia)

Hi Julie, I nearly added Vit B's to my post, if you are under extra stress you need a good supply of B's. Not sure if you pre soak your nuts and seeds but it is worthwhile doing so. Soak times vary from 6-12 hrs, generally 6-8 for seeds. Doing this increases the nutrition dramatically and you tend to eat fewer. Fermented foods are a good source of Bs and pro-biotics, using recipes off the net you could make sauerkraut. Rejuvalac is also a source of Bs and pro-biotics. It is usually recommended to throw the wheat/rice away after the 2nd or 3rd batch but some people because of finances do 4 or 5 batches although they are much weaker.

Epsom salts is a very economical form of magnesium. I have read that 1 teaspoon contains approx 500mg of Magnesium so even 1/2 a teaspoon a day is about 250mg. With the iodine I would just paint a small patch on the sole of one foot. All the best.

Replied by Gavin
(Manganui, Northland, New Zealand)

Vegan!!? Then definitely, a B-12 alert as well.

Replied by Linda
(York County, Southern Maine)

Julie, please email your mailing address to me at tarb58(at) I have some Essiac tea herbs I will send to you if you will use them. I got them for my sister, but she was too sick & ran out of time to take full advantage; the herbs have been in my freezer for a little over a year so I think they'll still be fine - anyone here have thoughts on that? I have enough for two full batches & am happy to send it to you. Best, Linda

Replied by Carole

So d3? I understand 5,000 IU recommended but so 10,000 was recommended to daughter who is breastfeeding to help vitamin d3 levels for baby.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Jamescollier (Tucson, Arizona, Usa) on 03/26/2010
4 out of 5 stars

First I want to say this is the only post I am going to post here as being a cancer victim (through spouse) I had way to much information to have to read.

To make a long story not so long. I researched this site a couple years ago, instituted some therapies here. My wife had outlived her prognosis of Adenocarcinoma of the lung,...she was non smoker. Two years past first prognosis, but then she got worse.

I have college education so when i researched I read way too much, and was so overwhelmed by testimonial crap that I could not make an intelligent decision on natural medicine and could not afford natural paths. Everybody has a rememdy! Can't institute it all. So, logic and common sense dictated to me... as my wife had outlived her prognosis,.. two years,..until the cancer changed it's metabolic patterns and geared up again.

My Mom went through chemo and i got to watch her die. My wife, not to be,... yet. Her cancer grew very slowly, did not spread through venous system,.. over two years though, lymphatic involvement was extensive on that fateful day our doctor cried. Doctors stated chemo would give her three more months,... maybe? We were devasted and my in laws said I killed their daughter. Ha!

That was over a year ago, now she is three years past original, and 7 months past hospice recommedation! I broke down and sought guidance through non profit research firm which basically adopted and common sense approach to this disease. Believe it or not, it involved chemo because my in laws claimed I was sentencing her to death by not gong through it, but it was interval and not intravenous chemo which has higher efficacy and lower side affects.

Strategy: Utilize every tool in layed fashion not fragmented nor scattered. "Complimentary" our cancer consultant stated chemo might be able to be logically applied but not until we reached some basic goals. Lowered blood sugar, alkaline ph, and detox plus immune stimulants.

Diet: Atkins-like,.... using organic dairy, produce,and meats, targetting blood sugars to be below 80. This lowers blood sugars raises tri-glycerides in blood stream. Anyone here think cancer burns fat for energy, (lactic acid is the only fatty acid it burns.)

Now my alternatives became more selective now with a common sense approach, I had direction after already using various protocols,...difference now those things that support lower glucose improved fat metabolism were in and high oxygen high alkalinity were in. Next, (at the same time) we sought to exploit the respiratory preferences of cancer,...anaerobic metabolism! Now oxygen therapies were in but our cancer advisor showed us studies that proved oxygen doesn't even enter cancer cells unless their is a ph and polarity shift inside. This is done with alkaline salts. Very convincing phosflourescent and radio frequency testing to prove this also proved sodium is pumped out, enters poorly, calcium isn't pumped out, enters only when cancer reaches metabolic peaks. Bicarbonates are ok for neturalizing lactic acid and uric acid that leaks into cellular spaces, phew,...less pain,... but I had been using this baking soda for two years, and is probably why it never spread venously and she outlived her prognosis until that horrible doctors visit. So, yes baking soda ok! But wasn't the magic bullet but better than traditional medicine,...what a brain number that is that baking soda was better than modern science!

So we then used intense alkalinization using very heavy buffers that were very harsh and alkaline, very dangerous stuff if not instituted correctly. Also, DMSO- cant say enough about this, if you don't put a few drops in your supplements, are just plain naive, foolish, haven't read enough research yet. In the End, we layered alkaline, oxygen, blood sugar strategies all at once, immune boosted and detoxed using chlorophyll, and then went in for chemo,.....and my wife breezed through, although first two were rough, but they all got easier. (Thank you dmso and chlorophyll)

I demanded markers and current baseline pet scans right before chemo and already the markers were down and her uric acid, lactic acid were up, (indicating aptopsis was happening) her pain had already gone away.

Conclusion: My wife looks as good today as the day I married her! She is willing to send her scans and markers to anyone who doubts this story and we will discuss with anyone our situation,...after all, today she is cancer free after considering hospice and planning her will. My crying doctor was in denial until last update. You will be happy to know that Half of what we instituted can be found on,... which just proves that this stuff has anti-cancer activity. The trick is to combine therapies that have logical applications toward cancers basic processes.

If a disease loves glucose,... give it fats and triglycerides and then deprive it's glucose anyway you can. Inhibbit fermentation anyway you can, which by the way, acetate, malic acid in apple cider vinegar can do,...the trick is to dose up on the malic acid as this concentration is too low in ACV. We still used baking soda to acitivate these acids and anti oxidants in ACV.

Jeeees! Common sense peopl! Read a little then,... if a disease ferements glucose, restrict its glucsose, and inhibbits ability to ferement what glucose there is. If a disease hates oxygen,....give it oxygen but don't make that one common FATAL mistake about oxygen therapies,... for all the oxygen in the world means little if the oxygen can't enter cancer cell and can't be burned!! No Brainer there!

Thank you to Ted, we believe your protocols got my wife through first two years of her death sentence. We just needed to learn how to support them better. Once chemo was started cancers were completely unable to detoxify themselves and were unable to become resistant to the chemo like all cancers do after the first dose. Phew, the in laws stated I was killing her by delaying chemo, they don't have too much to say any longer,....and I got my wife back....thanks again Ted.


Replied by Jamescollier
(Tucson, Arizona)

Contact information -- I forgot to give my phone to those wanting pet scans and blood work,

602 754 1584

Replied by Doug
(Clinton, Ontario)

To Jamescollier: I'm glad to hear that your wife is doing great, that is an awesome thing you did for her.

What did you mean when you said that that Oxygen does no good if it can't enter the cells? What prevents it and what can one do to help it get through? I am doing h202 and am now wondering if it is getting into my cells.

Thanks, Doug

Replied by Vivi
(Atlanta, Ga)

James- my husband has high blood pressure and he is type 2 diabetic. In last 3, 4 years his diet is mainly protein with some vegetables and fruits to keep blood glucose at low level, which on average in the morning is 90-100. Since august he lost apatite, cannot have BM for 4, 5 days, has a lot abdominal pain, and lost over 20lb during last month. Last week he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I am spending a lot of time to read EC forum, Ted's recommendations, follow many links cancer related, so much to research. He is already on protein diet, which is acidic, and based on Ted's recommendations and your experience, he needs to alkaline to prevent cancer fermentation.

Can you please help me, how much of malic acid did you use and how often? Did you use combination of baking soda and malic acid? For oxygenation it was recommended to his to use about 5grams of buffered vit C. Can you please share more information about the preparation for chemo? My email is irahat4atyahoodotcom. Big thanks James

Replied by Nv

James, can you explain more in detail what you used and exact dosage you gave to your wife? Thank you.

Replied by Elaine
(Durban, South Africa)

Hi what would you suggest for stage 4 secondary lung cancer. My father is struggling in alot of pain. His lungs very sore. They said there is nothing he can do. He to weak for chemo radiation. They do give him the chemo tablets. Please we will try anything to ease the pain. To give him a few more years.

Replied by Jim


Look up the Budwig Protocol; then follow it to a "T". Read the testimonials throughout the web.

Replied by Timh
2075 posts

Soak a cotton washcloth with Epsom Salts and warm water, and place directly over affected area several times daily.

After several days of the above try vaporizing or breathing the vapors of natural agents like Tea Tree Oil, Camphor, Eucalyptus.

Replied by Amelia's

Hi, it has been 6 years since r Wife got cancer. How has she been? My mum just got diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. It has spread to her brain. She's still active but once on the geotrif medicine, she becomes frail and side effects is not pleasant. Could u share with me on what complementary treatments shld I do on her so as to prolong lifespan??

Replied by David

One of the best posts I've seen, a remarkable story. Congratulations. Unfortunately, it is useless until you layout explicit directions -----what, how often, how much. If you will do that, you will be helping so many people. Thanks, David

Replied by Laura

“... for all the oxygen in the world means little if the oxygen can't enter cancer cell and can't be burned!! No Brainer there! ”

Do you think JamesCollier was referencing the DMSO here in 2010?

Replied by Gavin
(Manganui, Northland, New Zealand)

The mole rat is the only mammal presently known not to get cancer.. This is due to a gene p16.. This gene stops cells going into the prolific growth mode. In fact its almost impossible to grow mole rat cells in the lab. The funny thing is that garlic also slows down cell growth. It's been proven that regular garlic ingestion protects against bowel and lung cancer.. It also cleans heavy metals from environmental polution from the body this is proven.. But it's only down in folk medicine land that these things will be aired. Simply because you can't patent a vegetable and make money out of it.

Stage 3 Lung Cancer Remedies

Posted by Shekar (Mumbai) on 01/07/2014

My father, 78 yrs, was diagonised to be having Lung Cancer. It was detected in May 2013 and the tumor is big. Went for conventional theraphy but doctor advised not to go for same due to his age and advanced stage ( 3) of his illness. He has been undergoing aurvedic treatment for the past 7 months. He appeared to be better during Sep and Oct, ie after 4 months of treatment, but fell ill during Nov and Dec. Looking for any remedy which can help me to see my father recover. Thanks and Regards.

Replied by Mike 62
(Denver, Colorado)

Shekar: He can fully recover very rapidly because wonderful E.C. has the best remedy in the whole world. Water is non contaminated spring, artesian, volcano, or distilled. All of the following are raw, organic, grass fed, wild harvested, or/and live ferments. This is for a 180lb. lean man of moderate activity. Hourly take 6oz. home brewed water kefir, 6oz. green smoothie from baby leaves and chili, 10g sugar from whole cane, date, palm, fruit, honey, expensive blender required for starchy veggies like carrots and beets, 1g expeller pressed coconut oil, 2g black chia seeds, 1g tomato paste, 3g from a mix of 7g Hawaiian spirulina, Indian is contaminated, 3g Korean, Taiwan, or Japanese chlorella, 10g desiccated Argentina liver, 20g cocoa powder, 10g whey, 5g colostrum, and 3ml the best Thai fish sauce. 80% carbs, 10% oils, 10% protein. Less oil and protein are better than more. Daily take 1ml. fermented cod liver oil and 1ml fermented skate liver oil 2x, 1 cup ceremonial grade Japanese matcha 4x, and 1 cap 17 mushroom blend extract from Washington 4x, 1g freeze dried 4:1 extract goji 2x. Put 4oz kefir, 10g fresh whole turmeric, 3g cold processed maca, 3g yucca powder, 5g jiaogulan powder from Thailand, and more adaptogens in 12oz water, brew for 1 day, drink 4x daily. The continuous flow of all the most active nutrients with the highest energies provide well being.

Replied by Shekar

Dear Mr.Mike,

Thank you for your immediate response. However, the ingredients you have mentioned are not available in India, even in big stores. Is it possible to give alternate ingredients available in India?

In the mean time, my father was admitted in the hospital in the last 4 weeks, Once for severe breathing problem and next time coughing up blood. we admitted him on 10th Feb when he coughed blood and thereafter coughing blood continued next 4 days. Today he was discharged out of hospital. His Xray shows spread of disease, as per doctor.

Could u pl advise me a remedy taking in to consideration the above inputs please?

In addition, I plan to start BS nebulization tomorrow. I am confused about the dosage. If I prepare a 8.4% BS soution, it will b 100 ml solution with 8.4 gm BS. How many ml of this solution I should use for a single nebulization dose and how many doses in a day I should give?

I am desperate now. Pl advise.

Replied by Mike62

Shekar: Yes you can get produce from Organic India. There is a company that delivers. Berries are the best fruit. Baby leaves are the best veggie. The nutrients are locked up in the cellulose so grind them up in the blender with water. Drink the green smoothie and eat the berries every hour. The continuous flow of nutrients and water simultaneously nourishes and detoxes. Cancer does not eat sugar in the presence of insulin and nutrients when fat is below 5%/g. For every 20g sugar you can take 1g fat. Take 1/2 saturated and 1/2 unsaturated. Get some omega 3's from plants. Here in America we take hemp, chia, and flax. Take 10% raw protein. 10g sugar 1g protein. You can make home brewed water kefir from 75g organic whole flour/quart. You can eat other fruit. Veggies have cellulose so juicing or blending with an expensive blender is required. Get lycopene from tomatoes and watermelons and c from citrus, strawberry or amla. Take 3000iu/day of d3. You can take 120g/week raw grass fed beef liver or 360g chicken liver if you take the d or the a to d ratio won't be right. You can grind them up in the blender with veggie juice for a better taste. You can eat raw pastured eggs. Take unrefined sea salt or Himalayan salt. I am not sure on the BS because I mostly study food.

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Shekar, read up on Bill Munro's inhalation of H2O2.

Replied by Baldev
(Mumbai, India)

Hi Shekar,

I agree, lot of things suggested are not available in India. You can try Budwig Protocol for your father, in that what you need is Flax seed oil and cottage cheese and flax seeds, which are easily available in Mumbai. The Dr. Budwig protocol is explained on this site, if need be you can get flax seed oil from Mr.Seth from Jaipur. There is a good success rate of this protocol. No harm in trying.

Good Luck

Baldev (09322887066)

Replied by Mary

Please make sure he does not have lung flukes in lungs instead of tumors, happened to me.

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