Alternative Treatment for Lung Cancer

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Marko (Slovenija) on 05/30/2018
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Hello! I'm writing about my father. A year ago he suffered a stroke and was diagnosed with lung cancer that spread to bones and liver. He was positive for mutations so the hospital gave him Giotrif, now they changed it to Tagrisso. We also went to Hoxsey clinic in Mexico, his lung cancer shrunk from 8 cm to 1,8 cm, the mets in bones are gone, liver mets as well. He has been, a few months ago, diagnosed with mets to the brain also. We started adding frankincense oil before sleep, but otherwise we use hoxsey tonic, B17 pills (2 pills per day) from Novodalin (Hoxsey center gave us that), Yewtips capsules from Pacific Yew (also Hoxsey), lately also Artemisinin with cottage cheese and a lot of food supplements:- acidophilus probiotics,- cruciferous pills,- flavonoid pills,- 2g of vitamin C per day,- Beta guard for immune system,- once a day Curcummin and black pepper in a capsule.

We have also changed the diet according to Hoxsey.

One cancer survivor said that we should use B17 (2x2 pills), digestive enzymes (2x2 pills) and DMSO to the forearm. Is that okay or do I have to watch out for contraindications as he takes also blood thinners, diabetes pills and pain killers? Since around we started that, he started feeling dizzy and feels pain in the groin and lungs where he had pleural effusion a month ago before they changed his meds to Tagrisso. Or should we put the DMSO on his chest and head where the tumors are and the locations of pain?

I know that this may be a bit confusing but any help is much appreciated, most of all if there are any dangers to using DMSO, digestive enzymes and B17 at the same time?

Kind regards, Marko

Thank you!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Jamescollier (Tucson, Arizona, Usa) on 03/26/2010
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First I want to say this is the only post I am going to post here as being a cancer victim (through spouse) I had way to much information to have to read.

To make a long story not so long. I researched this site a couple years ago, instituted some therapies here. My wife had outlived her prognosis of Adenocarcinoma of the lung,...she was non smoker. Two years past first prognosis, but then she got worse.

I have college education so when i researched I read way too much, and was so overwhelmed by testimonial crap that I could not make an intelligent decision on natural medicine and could not afford natural paths. Everybody has a rememdy! Can't institute it all. So, logic and common sense dictated to me... as my wife had outlived her prognosis,.. two years,..until the cancer changed it's metabolic patterns and geared up again.

My Mom went through chemo and i got to watch her die. My wife, not to be,... yet. Her cancer grew very slowly, did not spread through venous system,.. over two years though, lymphatic involvement was extensive on that fateful day our doctor cried. Doctors stated chemo would give her three more months,... maybe? We were devasted and my in laws said I killed their daughter. Ha!

That was over a year ago, now she is three years past original, and 7 months past hospice recommedation! I broke down and sought guidance through non profit research firm which basically adopted and common sense approach to this disease. Believe it or not, it involved chemo because my in laws claimed I was sentencing her to death by not gong through it, but it was interval and not intravenous chemo which has higher efficacy and lower side affects.

Strategy: Utilize every tool in layed fashion not fragmented nor scattered. "Complimentary" our cancer consultant stated chemo might be able to be logically applied but not until we reached some basic goals. Lowered blood sugar, alkaline ph, and detox plus immune stimulants.

Diet: Atkins-like,.... using organic dairy, produce,and meats, targetting blood sugars to be below 80. This lowers blood sugars raises tri-glycerides in blood stream. Anyone here think cancer burns fat for energy, (lactic acid is the only fatty acid it burns.)

Now my alternatives became more selective now with a common sense approach, I had direction after already using various protocols,...difference now those things that support lower glucose improved fat metabolism were in and high oxygen high alkalinity were in. Next, (at the same time) we sought to exploit the respiratory preferences of cancer,...anaerobic metabolism! Now oxygen therapies were in but our cancer advisor showed us studies that proved oxygen doesn't even enter cancer cells unless their is a ph and polarity shift inside. This is done with alkaline salts. Very convincing phosflourescent and radio frequency testing to prove this also proved sodium is pumped out, enters poorly, calcium isn't pumped out, enters only when cancer reaches metabolic peaks. Bicarbonates are ok for neturalizing lactic acid and uric acid that leaks into cellular spaces, phew,...less pain,... but I had been using this baking soda for two years, and is probably why it never spread venously and she outlived her prognosis until that horrible doctors visit. So, yes baking soda ok! But wasn't the magic bullet but better than traditional medicine,...what a brain number that is that baking soda was better than modern science!

So we then used intense alkalinization using very heavy buffers that were very harsh and alkaline, very dangerous stuff if not instituted correctly. Also, DMSO- cant say enough about this, if you don't put a few drops in your supplements, are just plain naive, foolish, haven't read enough research yet. In the End, we layered alkaline, oxygen, blood sugar strategies all at once, immune boosted and detoxed using chlorophyll, and then went in for chemo,.....and my wife breezed through, although first two were rough, but they all got easier. (Thank you dmso and chlorophyll)

I demanded markers and current baseline pet scans right before chemo and already the markers were down and her uric acid, lactic acid were up, (indicating aptopsis was happening) her pain had already gone away.

Conclusion: My wife looks as good today as the day I married her! She is willing to send her scans and markers to anyone who doubts this story and we will discuss with anyone our situation,...after all, today she is cancer free after considering hospice and planning her will. My crying doctor was in denial until last update. You will be happy to know that Half of what we instituted can be found on,... which just proves that this stuff has anti-cancer activity. The trick is to combine therapies that have logical applications toward cancers basic processes.

If a disease loves glucose,... give it fats and triglycerides and then deprive it's glucose anyway you can. Inhibbit fermentation anyway you can, which by the way, acetate, malic acid in apple cider vinegar can do,...the trick is to dose up on the malic acid as this concentration is too low in ACV. We still used baking soda to acitivate these acids and anti oxidants in ACV.

Jeeees! Common sense peopl! Read a little then,... if a disease ferements glucose, restrict its glucsose, and inhibbits ability to ferement what glucose there is. If a disease hates oxygen,....give it oxygen but don't make that one common FATAL mistake about oxygen therapies,... for all the oxygen in the world means little if the oxygen can't enter cancer cell and can't be burned!! No Brainer there!

Thank you to Ted, we believe your protocols got my wife through first two years of her death sentence. We just needed to learn how to support them better. Once chemo was started cancers were completely unable to detoxify themselves and were unable to become resistant to the chemo like all cancers do after the first dose. Phew, the in laws stated I was killing her by delaying chemo, they don't have too much to say any longer,....and I got my wife back....thanks again Ted.