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Health Warnings
Posted by Michael (New Zealand) on 06/21/2022
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Hello Earth Clinic Editors,

I am wondering if it would be a good idea to have a Dedicated Section of WARNINGS about certain substances that could cause Health Problems in (some OR all) people.

For example, under MSG as a title one could list:

"Can cause Heart Rate Accelerations, High Blood Pressure or Palpitations in some people". They would need to avoid eating foods prepared using MSG, especially in restaurants, where they may be blissfully unaware of the preparation techniques possibly?

There could be many more entries other than the above - quite interesting proposition I would have thought?:-

2) Mushroom OR Toadstool?? Identification issues for the unwary!

3) Rhubarb Leaves - can they be safely composted?

4) Wear a mask when composting to avoid inhaling fungi etc

etc. etc.........

Just an idea for you to ponder upon!

This would aid poster investigations.

Always happy to help!


Michael from Down Under

EC: Hi Michael,

Thank you for your feedback! We already have a medication side effects page, a medical alerts page (where we have put this post), and an MSG side effects page where we put things like that. 

Grapefruit Contra-Indications
Posted by Michael (New Zealand) on 12/13/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Hi there,

The following is an interesting guide by the BBC on the history and possible contra-indications associated with eating Grapefruit if you are on certain medications.

Some of these have been discussed previously on Earth Clinic.


Medical Alerts
Posted by Gwormwood (UK) on 11/19/2021

Sarapin is used medically for pain and other things, from sarracena purpurea (pitcher plant). Traditionally used for smallpox, research has confirmed this. Other than by injection for horses, it seems to be hard to source though.

Also I've read that wormwood is what ivermectin is made from, not researched this yet.

Medical Alerts
Posted by Betty (CA) on 11/18/2021

I haven't found the blood markers smallpox would affect yet.

We know its a virus, respiratory entry, inflammatory, Interferon blocking. I think Lugol's Iodine, high dose vitamin C and high D3 levels would help. I'm still researching though.

Medical Alerts
Posted by Steph (California) on 11/18/2021

Were you able to find information on old remedies?

Posted by Betty (CA) on 11/17/2021

I also read on a news site possible smallpox vials have been found at a lab in PA along with potential anti-dote vials. I need to dig in more about this. The CDC has confiscated the vials for further investigation. Only 2 places in the world are supposed to have it and keep it contained, CDC Atlanta and Russia.

You may be onto something to be prepared possibly. We need to do our research just like with this pandemic.

Posted by ShawnMorris (Houston, Texas ) on 11/14/2021

It is my understanding that not 1 person under the age of 30 has any immunity toward smallpox. Is there a protocol to help protect against smallpox, specifically? I find it alarming that several prominent people have been referring to smallpox as an example of future "pandemics".

Energy Drinks
Posted by Hisjewel (America, New York) on 05/20/2017

Hi Mama to Many and EC,

We Mama's are watchful, and we work hard to raise happy, healthy children.

If I thought anything might hurt my daughter I would not let her have it. But I went to sleep on the energy drink. My daughter told me how good they were for her. And just accepted it.

She loved the company she bought from so well she talked my mother into trying it. My mother tried it one time and said, "it didn't give me any energy" and never tried it again. However my daughter continued get at least one a day these were her college years (she takes breaks). One day she came home and said, today when I had my energy drink my heart started beating real fast. This was the same brand she had always bought.

Long story short, that sudden racing heart cured her of drinking energy drinks. I was no help to her, because I did know the danger of excess caffeine. She was about 28, my mom was about 78 and both of them thought they were grown, so they may not have listened to me anyway, but I could have warned them in love like mothers do.

Though things affect us differently, It's just good to know what to watch out for.

Thanks Mama,


Energy Drinks
Posted by Art (California ) on 05/17/2017 1386 posts


I have had a few energy drinks over time and I would tend to agree with you. I think some people are very sensitive to some of the ingredients in energy drinks and this is something you might not realize until it happens to you.

I am a grown man and weigh 180 lbs. I had never had a problem with the energy drinks I had tried, but I decided to try a new one that I had not seen before. It came in a large 16 ounce aluminum can and it tasted like a fruit punch soda. I had purchased 6 to give it a try and had been drinking them more as an experiment to see if it was any different than others I had tried before. I will say that it had the best taste of all I had tried before, but on my 4th can, my heart started racing and I felt light headed and slightly dizzy all at the same time. I drank these 4 cans days apart from each other over a two week period. The first three were no problem, but the fourth one did scare me as I had not had that reaction before. I didn't drink the last two. Imo, not all of these energy drinks are the same, so you can't assume that just because you have had energy drinks before without a problem, that it will be that way for every energy drink out there. Btw, I noticed that I stopped seeing that particular energy drink shortly after that incident.

I think parents should pay close attention to their children when it comes to consumption of energy drinks.


Energy Drinks
Posted by Diane (Southern Ca.) on 05/17/2017

"Energy drinks and whiskey"

I was checking out at a local store when a lady working there told me that she was stressed out.

I asked her why and she said her family had to rush her 23 year old grandson to the emergency room due to a racing irregular heart beat! Seems he was told he could get a bigger high drinking Whiskey with an energy drink! Well this family has had to rush him to the emergency room more than once!

What the doctors want to do is use a defibrillator (called a counter shock) to bring his heart back to normal. The young man and his family were afraid to do this. I don't know what happened to this man and the problem, but don't mix energy drinks with alcohol. You may never be the same again.

Energy Drinks
Posted by June Bug (Maryland) on 05/17/2017

When I was a teenager many years ago, I bought a pack of white caffeinated pills at the grocery store (snuck them into my mother's cart). I think they were called STAY AWAKE. Something like that. I took just one pill in the morning before high school and had the worst day of my life. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I went to the nurses station in my school. It was very scary. Since then I stay away from all things that come in a packet or small bottle that has high doses of caffeine. Like the 5 hour energy vials you see sold in gas stations. From personal experience I can tell you that children should NOT consume that much caffeine. It is a danger. Poor boy.

Energy Drinks
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 05/17/2017 2075 posts

~Mama to Many~

I will take the risk of criticizing your post which caught me as suspicious first because it's an article/propaganda from the mainstream big corp, big gov run media dinosaur NBC.

Let me back up a bit and first say that in today's information age of global proportions, it is very important to not subscribe to "general" info fit for the masses. The liberal acceptance may be ok for many, but for the unfortunate few, like this youth, it's tragic. I am still alive after a series of misfortunes do to many factors but mostly because of being very specific in terms of identifying cause & effect. So, to eliminate any error, one must identify the problem exactly and apply a cure exactly, which is what I must always do for myself and what I do here on E.C. for others.

Case-in-point, concerning this lad, what strikes me first as a possible major culprit --Toxic Vaccines. Add on a bad modern diet of adulterated foods, fluoridated water, plus the caffeine and boom, he's gone. Because of "patient confidentiality" we don't know if he was taking any otc or rx drugs. It is very common for many kids to take multiple rx which combined with the above danger items, is like a walking timebomb (cardiac arrest).

I cannot, for one minute, believe this lad was otherwise a very healthy condition. Check out Mike Adams the Health Ranger, broadcast or archives and you will soon agree on my observation. There is way to much going on beneath the surface of every persons life to make a general and easily false assumption.

Now for the cure exactly yet generally. Good, conservative parenting, good, conservative diet & lifestyle. Moderation in all things.

Back in my adolescent days (1970's) with some friends feeling very frolic and wanting to go do anything with extreme excitability of any 16 yr old, and somebody doled out those "yellow jackets" otc caffeine pills, we make it to the theater and tried to watch a movie but my friend took way too many pills and was "freaking out" so we had to leave and did the best we could for him for a few hrs until he was ready to go home again, but still had to deal with parents that didn't know what to do for him or understand the situation. I would guess he took upwards of 1 or more grams of caffeine but didn't have a heart attack and die, but did undergo a major panic attack which lasted several hrs and soon completely recovered. Conclusion, he was generally a healthy individual without major preexisting conditions, unlike the boy, IMHO, in this report.

Energy Drinks
Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 05/17/2017

Dear all,

Another death from energy drinks.

It is sad that another young life is gone because of an overdose of caffeine.

Please be careful with caffeine consumption. Just because you can buy something anywhere does not mean it is safe.

~Mama to Many~

Moldy Coffee Imports
Posted by Barbara (Aiken, South Carolina) on 04/12/2017 23 posts

Thanks, Robert Henry. This topic almost made me give up coffee. It's kind of like picking weevils out of flour I guess, but at least you don't eat the weevils.

Moldy Coffee Imports
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile , Tn) on 04/11/2017

YEP, BARBARA, that's the one.


Moldy Coffee Imports
Posted by Barbara (Aiken, South Carolina) on 04/11/2017 23 posts

Is this the coffee named Rich Rewards?

Moldy Coffee Imports
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 04/10/2017


HI BIRDS DOIN,,,,,,,,,, have used this organic coffee before, but it was for coffee enema's because you need organic for that deal. After much study, it seems that you need to drink good coffee also....... least the mycotoxins will consume you. They sent a bunch of South Georgia folks to the pen a few years back for selling moldy peanuts, but I've never heard of our Gov going after the moldy coffee people. Guess they just go after Redneck farmers.

Anyways, we have decided to pay the price and buy Life Extension's organic whole coffee beans. They can be bought on Amazon and others, but the best price is from Life Extension. Will do whole beans because the smaller any product is, the faster it deteriorates .

Hope I've not violated any of EC's rules......... far be it from me to violate a rule. I try to live at the foot of the cross. Just hope my ditty has sparked an electron or two in your grey matter.

ATS ======ORH=======

Moldy Coffee Imports
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile , Tn) on 04/05/2017

HI U GOOD PEOPLE DOIN,,,,,,, as all know I squeeze the pig until I get the last squeal. Well, I found a company that runs a rigorous mold test on their coffee beans. Some how or nother, I violated an EC rule because that post was not published. Not a deal. What I have learned is that you contact the individual coffee suppliers and they will produce that test or tell you to " Trust them". So we are where I know where to buy mold free coffee and you don't. That is called TOUGH SHIDSKEY. "Have a good day", which is Southern for ...... Go to............


EC: Hi ORH, you attached .pdfs to your previous post and they would not upload to our database. If you can turn them into .jpgs we can post them. Or send us a url to the .pdf.

Moldy Coffee Imports
Posted by Janet (In) on 04/03/2017

Robert Henry I live and breathe mold education. I belong to facebook groups. They will make your hair stand on end.

I have been referred to by moderators and administrators as many things. "Watch taking advice from people you would deem...The crazy witch that lives down the street" my personal favorite.

At least you can fix your coffee issues pretty simply, I think. It probably is not the Mercola way. Yet it seems pretty satisfactory for home purposes.

Run vinegar through your machine. Then run a 5% solution through of white ammonia and water. Then a water run through. Then my coffee water or my completed pot of coffee ( in the case of a Bunn coffee pot) gets 1 scant drop of white ammonia. I used to make Teds ammonium chloride, but I found a clean, extra other chemicals, free brand here.

I am on the floor from any mold exposure and must be diligent. The coffee machine itself can develop mold. Kureig (sp) is out completely. They have opened enough of them to lambasting amounts of mold after use.

We are a 3 shift family of six. Coffee goes on 24 hours a day. Not all the family has my mold problems. We all drink it. I based it on Teds internal mold remedies. Janet

Moldy Coffee Imports
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 04/03/2017

HI U GOOD PEOPLE DOIN,,,,,, may have to walk my rant back as our politicians do when they get caught with their britches down. On further inquiry it appears that we are on our own, just like when we buy peanuts. The situation is far more complex than I realized, but I did learn that caffeine itself prevents mold. So the literature says you are better off with full caffeine coffee as far as mold is concerned.

I would apologize for stirring the pot, but sometimes you 'bout asleep and need a jolt. The situation still bothers me. Not to worry as we have robots replacing us and the only way us humans will exist is to live like our Great, Great, Gand Paw did, and that is off the land.

ATS ====ORH====

Moldy Coffee Imports
Posted by Ian Noelle (Franklin, Tn) on 04/03/2017

Hey, Robert Henry. Perhaps you could find a local farmer who roasts coffee beans obtained from a clean, mold-free source. I've got one here in middle Tennessee that I meet up with once a week. Try asking around at your farmer's markets. Keep your hand to the plow and don't give up! You are an inspiration.

Moldy Coffee Imports
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 04/02/2017

HI U GOOD PEOPLE DOIN,,,,,, most on EC work their tales off to try and stay healthy while our U. S. government allows the moldy coffee to come in. I just learned this today and am pissed. So far I've contacted Life Extension and Community Coffee and ask them to send me a test of their coffee. Will not ask a test from the big boys because the are the guilty parties. It's the $ they are interested in. Moldy is cheaper.

This makes me want to cry. I try my best to eat right, only to be done in by our corrupt government. Would grow my own coffee if I could. I learned this today watching a Dr. Marcola U Tube interview.

Excuse my rant, but that's the way I am ......


GMO Sugar
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 09/16/2016


GUESSS ALL HAVE SEEN THE HEADLINES............... no doubt GMO's are dangerous to your health so it does not matter what label they come under. All cotton is GMO so when you buy vegetable oil, you are using 100% GMO because all vegetable oil is from the cotton seed. If you eat any soy then it's all GMO, along with corn. All remember my spat with Walmart? Guess what........ they now have their own brand as Pure Cane Sugar. Beet sugar is 100 % GMO. Sometimes you have to show your ass to change things. This along with other things I stress about our little farm. I'll be 80 in December. Ya'll follow my saga and see how long I live. 78 is the norm for men. If I keep on keeping on....... then monkey see, monkey do. Maybe you need to plant your own little garden and put EC out of business.

Been on SGI beach for a week and head back to the hills of Tenn tomorrow. That means peanuts need to be pulled and dried, figs, apples and muscadines are all loaded and must be addressed. Will stop in at a farm in Ga and buy a bushel of peanuts to can. That will last us about a year. If you have never eaten boiled peanuts then you have missed some good eating. While on the Gulf, we bought 11 # of shrimp and froze. That will last us about half a year, but we have a January Gulf trip planned and will restock again.

With a little effort, you don't have to eat so much processed food. =======ORH===================

Supplement Alerts
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, Usa) on 07/26/2016 337 posts

Just a notice that some quite trusted "natural" brands for herbs and herbal preparations are now partnered with or have actually been purchased by pharmaceutical companies. Pay attention! Make your own stuff when you can!

Tattoo Toxins
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn.) on 07/13/2016

HI U GOOD FOLKS DOIN,,,,,,,,,,,,, oldest granddaughter visited us last week. She is almost 24 and has been from can to can't. She had a basketball scholarship to a college and quit after one year. She is the typical millennial. When in HS she got a tattoo and that caused me grief, but I let is pass. On this visit she went down our water slide as she did 20 years ago. What I learned is that now she has numerous tattoos. We discussed the toxins in tattoos and I cautioned her to not get any more.

When she left, I researched the toxin effect of tattoos. It is not good.

I know we were dumb when young, but I don't think we were as dumb as what's now coming down the pike.

============= ORH ===========

GMO Sugar
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, Usa) on 07/13/2016 337 posts

Worrying about things like this is not good for your HEALTH. Instead of seeing it as "bad", try to see the good in it. What these kinds of things are doing is forcing people to become more aware and more self-reliant and this is a GOOD thing because the world's economy is collapsing under its own weight which means it will HAVE to be replaced with something else and these shenanigans are HELPING to propagate ideas about better ways of doing things. Without all of this rigmarole, a sudden collapse would be devastating but BECAUSE they're playing this sort of sneaky game, people are exploring other ways of doing things which is going to make the transition - when it DOES come - a WHOLE lot easier.

GMO Sugar
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 07/12/2016 2075 posts

"that's the power of money - paper blood " E.L.P.

GMO Sugar
Posted by Rsw (Oh) on 07/12/2016

Again we are shown that our so called "representatives" should be collecting their paychecks from Monsanto or any one of the thousands of corporations that work against us, than from the people of America. Do we actually have any true representative government anymore when those that supposedly uphold our wishes can be bought by anyone with deep pockets? Call your Senators now and let them know you have a right to know what is in our food.

GMO Sugar
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn.) on 07/11/2016

HI U GOD FEARING FOLKS DOIN,,,,,,,,,,, The senate just passed a bill prohibits labeling food products that contain GMO's. I just got off the phone blistering my Tenn Senator Corker's office for voting for this bill. Here is what Mike Adams says about the bill.

There is a reason we raise our own vegetables and eat very little processed food. You may get tired of my garden stories and pictures but you need to do the same for your own health. If you ate like yo great grand paw, EC would not exist.


GMO Sugar
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn.) on 05/27/2016

HI U GOD FEARING PEOPLE DOIN,,,,,, got a good ATS to tell. Maybe most of you are aware of this scam, but I was not. We try to diligently avoid GMO's . Today, I got my come uppence.

We went across the dam to buy a flat of strawberries to freeze and put up a batch of cherry jelly. I was helping my Tractor Driver as best a man can in the kitchen.

Anyway, she brought out a Walmart bag of sugar. It said on the bag, Pure Sugar. That seemed strange because all my life I remember the term "Pure Cane Sugar". I read the nutrition label and it only said " sugar". As all know I's SJS, so my mind got to reeling and I called Walmart in Arkansas to make sure there is no GMO beet sugar in this bag.

The lady was very nice and helpful. She said she would have to look up the code on the side of the bag. I gave her the code and she said the sugar was from both cane and beets. I then told her that we had shopped Walmart for 50 years and quit buying their meat and produce several years ago. Now we would stop buying any eatable product made for Walmart. I told her that she was just the messenger and I would give her an excellent for her help.

I then e mailed Walmart corporate and told them the same. This was not just a happenstance. This was contrived to deceive. If they try to deceive you once, then that is their modus operandi. Do me once.... shame on you. Do me twice ........ shame on me.

I then discussed this with my Tractor Driver. She is to no longer try to save money on food that we eat. She is to shop for quality only. She was raised up humble and that will be a change for her.

We will no longer buy any food product with this company's label. My suggestion is to buy only sugar that is labeled organic or Pure Cane Sugar. That way you avoid the GMO Beet Sugar and health problems.

No GMO seeds or plants are allowed in the EU, but Bayer, a German company, is trying to buy out Monsanto. Got some stuff going on.


GMO Sugar
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn.) on 05/27/2016

HI U GOOD FOLKS DOIN,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

My tractor driver was putting up cherry jelly and I reacted to the sugar she was using. It said Pure Sugar. In my 79 years I would swear the label was always Pure Cane Sugar. I then read the label and all it said was that it was sugar. I called the company and from the bar code they told me that this sugar was a mixture of Cane and Beets. Cane sugar is not GMO, but Beet Sugar is. All on EC understand GMO's and the immune problems they cause with your gut flora.

We will no longer buy any food product with this company's label. My suggestion is to buy only sugar that is labeled organic or Pure Cane Sugar. That way you avoid the GMO Beet Sugar and health problems.

No GMO seeds or plants are allowed in the EU, but Bayer, a German company, is trying to buy out Monsanto. Got some stuff going on.

ATS ========ORH===============

Lyme Disease
Posted by Rebel (Somewhere, Usa) on 02/10/2016

Just found this and thought some of you would be interested.

Zika Virus
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 02/12/2016 2075 posts


It is clear planet earth has a human population density problem, unfortunately there isn't much money to be made in the department of prevention, so instead we get radical, extreme, and profit driven medicine that is, like the article suggest, shallow on objective science.

Maybe you have "lived & learned" your way up to the cure for your back, and like myself so many times, wish I had the smarts to have learned early on instead of latter.

Maybe it's not too late for healing that you will be able to have a bountiful garden this yr. And as for the minerals we don't get from especially commercial big ag, last yr I sprinkled some Leonardite powder over those bald patches in the yard and it done them well enough to mention. Leonardite is a full spectrum mineral from natural deposits carefully mined and pulverized to a very fine "water flowable" powder. Perhaps you already use advanced fertilizers I don't know, but it is worth mentioning for any gardener for getting high levels of minerals in the crops. I use these minerals orally and in foot & whole body baths as a more cost effective means in comparison to otc Ionic Trace Mineral tabs or caps.

Maybe one day I will get well enough to garden, or maybe take a ride down to the ORH place and offer up my services and ask no more than to be in your & wifey's good company and hospitality, and maybe, if I'm lucky, fill the trunk of my car up with good organic veggies that are so rare on my table. When able, I do go down to our local Mennonite Community for fresh veggies. What fine examples of good faith-filled and strong family life plus the sustainable farming practices. Driving down the road and looking over those immaculate gardens and orchards is a real pleasure. And the womens make up lots of breads, jams, and such for retail. In late autumn they cook down large quantities of the good Blackstrap Molasses so often mentioned & used here on E.C.

Zika Virus
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile , Tn) on 02/11/2016

HI U NEIGHBOR TIMH, , , , , , , , , , , , things are getting more interesting concerning the Zika virus. Here is the latest. I won't comment as I got beat about the head and shoulders for that recently. TIMH, what I learned in 40 years in the paper industry is that you cannot spend your way out of a problem, you have to think your way out.

I now know where my back pain is coming after this morning's MRI read out. Will post that later as it makes me feel like a dunce. It is one of my Sheet + 2 = 8 things. Guess I need to work on my obvious dementia problem.

ATS ======ORH======

Zika Virus
Posted by Green Augustine (Mold, Denbighshire) on 02/06/2016 41 posts

Thank you for the link about Zika. As you say, we have no idea if it's just another big business scam. But in 2002 to 2007 I worked part time at a doctors' surgery here in North Wales and the nurses were constantly stocking up the medical fridges with 100s of vaccines for avian flu, pig flu or whatever was flavour of the month. Then we were told that by 2008 there would be a world pandemic of flu, far worse than the 1919 Spanish flu pandemic which is said to have killed millions. We're now in 2016, and still waiting for these catastrophes. Last year my husband was persuaded to have the winter flu jab. He got a persistent cough afterwards which lasted for six months. The same happened with a friend of ours. So keep taking the garlic, chilli, ginger, sambucca, lemon juice or whatever keeps you healthy. Since bacteria were the first life form after the Big Bang, it's pretty unlikely the big Pharmas will find anything to see them off! Thank goodness for sites like this.

Zika Virus
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 02/04/2016

HI U JAN, , , , , , , , I don't know squat, I just read and think critically. That is not good for your health because the folks that live in LaLa land are far happier and live longer. I am a negative person which means that I know a fraud before any one else does. I got this way by my life's experience.

I can be a delightful person, but I have to work at it. Just remember that my political posts on this site are from what I have studied and I think folks truly need to know. Sometimes I'm wrong, but not often.

Just know that I'm an educated Redneck and that makes me spooky. The guy who filled up our LP tank yesterday asked me how I know all this stuff. I told him that I constantly read. It went over his head. That is my admonition to the EC folks. Read and you won't need to ask so many simple questions.

Out of spit. ======ORH=======

Zika Virus
Posted by Jan (California) on 02/04/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Robert Henry thanks for the heads up! I believe you and Mike Adams! I read that his website is one of the publications that really terrifies The Elite!

Just how evil can these people get? I tremble.

Zika Virus
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile , Tn) on 02/03/2016

HI YA'LL, , , , , , , , know you have been following the Chipolte restaurant saga. The CDC can find no e -coli in their foods. Mike Adams suspects that they are being sabotaged by the bio companies because they went to "no GMO foods" and even had in your face advertisements like, " GOMer it ".

Next we have the Zika virus which was a project of the wealthy elites. They released these mosquitoes in Brazil. This just happens to be the site of this summer's Olympics where people from all over the world will be there to take this virus back home. Is this just happen stance?

Here is the health ranger, Mike Adams and his take on this.


Preventive Health Site
Posted by Green Augustine (Mold, Denbighshire) on 08/26/2015 41 posts


Thats a great idea! It's all about education and knowledge but I guess the big Pharmas and food producers prefer us to be ignorant! I love reading - and came across Dr Franz Meyr, an Austrian doctor who died in 1965 and was really shocked at what he saw- doctors prescribing only for illness and never for good health. Here in Britain I believe medical students study 5 hours of nutrition in a 6 year course!!! Go figure as they say! In 'The Magnesium Miracle' by Dr Carolyn Dean, she quotes a speaker from the National Institute of Health - their " guidelines on RDA for nutrients is only to prevent deficiency diseases like scurvy etc and .... NIH has no interest in supplements for the prevention and treatment of disease. " Well, I guess that sort of says it all.

And it is sad to read some people on this site who want help for families and yet know the family will reject any non " medical" interventions however much positive evidence there is to support them. When I was at school back in the 60s, we had a 3 hour weekly lesson on what was called Domestic Science where we learnt all the different food categories as in protein, vitamins etc and which foods contained what. We also had to plan and cook a well balanced healthy and economical meal, usually 2 courses, every week which we then took home for our families. This programme lasted from when I was 11 to 16 years old so was a very good base knowledge and fired up my interest in food and nutrition, ( and later organic vegetable/ fruit gardening). But now that doesn't happen, they just have to learn to design a food poster or make a pizza with packaged food.

We have come too far from nature sadly but it sounds like you really love your garden and grow some interesting stuff! What do you do with the peanuts once you've boiled them?? Not that I can grow them here in the hills of beautiful North Wales, but I'm curious. I always reads your posts as you come across as really positive and I always end up smiling. So thanks for that. And I do hope your fight with your health goes well and you're winning! I think this site is brilliant and there are quite a few posts suggesting what has helped people stay healthy too. But so many people are frightened of challenging their doctor's ideas and, over here at least, few doctors are happy if you tell them what you've read or discovered that differs from the established theory about different ailments, they seem to prefer you to be dumb and compliant ( although some of them are open minded).

Are you suggesting that there could be a section in EC called something like " how to stay healthy" as well as all the help for ailments? I think so many people are confused by what's on sale in the supermarkets and touted as healthy when it's just processed junk But there are also lots of people now questioning what's being described as healthy and trying to learn what is. Let's hope that just continues to grow, like your peanuts:-}. Ps What is a patoot?

Preventive Health Site
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 08/25/2015

Good luck on this, ORH, but many of us have even family members who won't listen or try a "natural" remedy.

Preventive Health Site
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 08/24/2015

HI U OLE PATOOTS DOIN, , , , , , , , , , ,

Got some troubles and it's got me to thinking after reading Mark's post about Borax and it's benefits and tribulations. Folks come to this site to learn about specific solutions to their problems, but I got another idea. Why don't we all get together and inform healthy folks how to stay healthy and avoid these trials and tribulations. I have a few ideas and most of you do also. I have tried to do this with my garden posts. It all begins with what you eat.

We all know about ACV, Borax, H2O2, Colloidal Silver, Magnesium, Water, Sweat, Sleep, Alkaline, Exercise , Breathing, Lymph flow, Detoxing, Cleansing, Baking Soda , and many, many others that will avoid illness. Let's tell these stories.

I bet Sweet Thang, Deirdre, would jump on this with both feet. We need a health site for folks to inform their neighbors how to avoid all these ailments we constantly talk about. Do these things and stay healthy. Then if stuff happens, this site will help them. First, lets change our mission.

I say all this because I constantly try to get our kids and grand children to do things to avoid health problems. EC has not done that and I think it's time. Let's get this site into a pro-active mode instead of being re-active only.

I can tell you that Mama to Many tries hard to keep her kids healthy, as do all. We just need to change our priorities. I bet folks will buy in.

OUT OF SPIT =====ORH=========

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Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile , Tn. ) on 07/29/2015

HI U TIMH, , , , , , , , , , , , , I applaud your endeavor, but if you have watched the videos that are exposing how ignorant the mileanials are ........ your campaign is without hope. That is the reason we raise a garden.

In 1981 I went to Mexico City to interview a company in which I would build a paper mill for them. We were met at the plane and went to an outdoor restaurant for a strawberry salad. It was great, but that night I experienced Montezuma's revenge. I was well the next day because my illness was due to using human waste on the strawberries. That is not the case with GMO's as you state. You will be sick for your entire life.

All the big farmers here in East Tenn raise GMO crops that they spray with Round-up before planting and on the crop to make it ripen all at once. Our rural electrical company is now spraying all right aways with Round-up. We used to catch many fish in front of our cabin. No more.

It truly is getting spooky. The creek at our farm no longer has fish in it due to herbicides sprayed on the farm lands. We are committing suicide. I wish I had the answer. I don't.


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Posted by Earth Clinic (USA) on 07/29/2015


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Posted by Timh (Ky, Usa) on 07/29/2015 2075 posts

Please support saying "no" to the dark act, which enables big agri to not label GMO foods.

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Posted by Terri (Fl) on 07/28/2015

Robert Henry..first of all thank you so much for caring about others enough to share your knowledge with us. Your posts are always interesting. I love the stories. But today your post made me want to cry with you. The evil and greed in our world is beyond frightening. My dad was in the navy, and often said he didnt trust our govt. Sometimes we wondered if he was maybe a little "off" but yet somehow down deep had that gut feeling that he was probably right, because he was right about so many things. He was into healthy living and growing food. Man, how we kids hated working in the garden ever summer. But now as an adult I love it. He never let us have any sugar...and because of him our teeth are in great shape.anyhow--please keep up the good work. Im sure I speak for many others who appreciate you, and actually every poster on this site who shares their health remedies.

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Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile , Tn. ) on 07/28/2015

HI U REBEL, , , , , , , , sorry to hear of your plight. I have learned that a high dollar lawyer is your best bet. Ours was Bob Richie of Knoxville and you can Google him. He was a class act and let us live where we do after two permeant civil injunctions.

Don't go the criminal route, do the civil.... where you can clean out their bank account. Go before a judge and not the low lifes that are on the jury. If they violate the injunction then it's 8 days in jail. No trial, as in monopoly ... go directly to jail. For some reason that works because not only will they have a criminal record but their employer will fire them.

My tractor driver and I both pack heat. We try to be civil and demand that from others. All know this and we have no problems. Life is getting very interesting. I am just glad the we live on the frontier. We have 12 cameras around our lake house and we set off our security system periodically to let folks know that sheet happens.

This is a far cry from the 40's and 50's when we were young and nobody locked cars nor doors.

As all now say....."HAVE A NICE DAY".


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Posted by Rebel (Somewhere Usa) on 07/28/2015

Hey Robert Henry and everyone. This gets more interesting everyday Robert Henry. Like I said before they will stop at nothing to silence you, if you are going against their agenda.

I guess, I can consider myself lucky, because I have not been killed yet. Instead what I went through and have still been going through until this day is enough to make a man have hatred toward the world. But St. Augustine once said ( holding onto anger is like drinking poison and hoping the other person dies ) I try not to hate for my own sane mind and health, but to say, I am not bitter, would be a stretch. Just like the fellow that you got your medicine cream from, I felt as though, I was helping my neighbors, making people aware of the bad people. But the guys that wore the badges and robes did not see it that way. They could not get to me, so they set a trap on one of my family members, who in return to keep their self out of trouble set a trap for me. Yea, I made the mistake of thinking I could trust.

Now, before y'all go to thinking, I am some harden criminal ( far from it ) It was a minor traffic offense and I was not even driving a car. So silly, but yet so serious, when you receive a call and you had a little of the shine wine, but you are just going up the road a quarter mile out in the country where there is not even a red light no yellow or white lines painted on that road and you drive an all terrain vehicle to help a family member out. And just by chance there sits two guys, who wear badges. Now I did turn around and go the other way, because I knew it was a set up, They had been watching me for over two years at this point. I was chased down by flashing blue lights. I stopped as soon as they were behind me.

So this where interesting, First thing that the first man with the badge says to me is ( you only stopped, because you thought I was going to wreck you ) I said ( No I stopped as soon as I seen your blue lights ) He says ( no, you knew I would have wrecked you ) I take this a the first threat on my life. Why would anyone in authority position wreck a guy on a 4 wheeler on an asphalt road for such a minor offense. Had I ran, he was planning on wrecking me, if this didn't kill me it sure would have hurt me very bad. I was arrested, charge just as if I was driving a car. While in the jail, they remove a picture of my wife from my wallet ( I noticed this the next day ) That was threat number two, if we can't shut you up, we will go after your family. Now with no other record ever, on anything, including speeding tickets, I am thinking this thing with a good lawyer will be reduced down. I went to two different lawyers with a blank check, both told me it was in my best interest to plead guilty and not fight it. So I did and the guy wearing the robe made me fully aware that he could give me one year in state prison for this. ( that was threat number three ) Now keep in mind, people get these things reduced down on a first offense, even when they are driving 2000 pound cars. While on probation, I had to take mandatory drug test. These things are always in a bathroom by yourself. Not mine, no sir e . ( I was watched by the guys that wear the badges, they stood in front of me as I did the pee pee in the cup thing ) Now, I found out later that the only people that are ever observed are you harden criminals that are on what they call intensive probation.( that was threat number four ) Threat number five and the most disturbing one, I was never given a release paper stating that I had completed my probation and paid all my fines ( $3000.00 ) I ask for a letter, they refused to give me one, everybody else gets those letters. They said my case was a different probation company and that company did not give out letters of completion.

Since all of this has happen in a COUNTY population of 16,000, I have had resumes thrown back in my face, my wife hair saloon suffered a mysterious outside water leak under the ground that cost her $500.00. The guys that wear the badges look at me like they want to shoot me where, I stand and countless other bad things have happen. A friend of mine got pulled over in a big city in a car for the same offence and his was reduced down, he never went through any of this. the population of that CITY was over 200,000. If you have never believed in corruption, my story should change your mind about the way the government works. I am probably only alive and free from jail today because in that big city 45 minutes east of me, I went to the newspaper there and told my story to them and explained why I was set up in the first place. They truly did believe me, because this does not happen to anyone else.

Notice, I have still have not told what I was exposing them for, that's because when I talk about it to anyone, any where even when I am out of their area it seems they know I am talking and I get little visits at my work place and cars that tale me. And yes, I am aware they will know that I wrote this , but this needs to be told to the world. All of this occurred in 2002, over 12 years ago, and I still pay the price daily.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Robert Henry ( Truth seekers are always hated and rarely appreciated )

Thank all of you on this site that seek the truth!

May god bless you all.


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Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn. ) on 07/27/2015

HI U OLE PATOOTS DOIN, , , , , , naturally I have a sinister plot to reveal. With the death of these all these alternative doctors, the perpetrators have messed in their mess kit. They have opened pandora's box for all to see.

Several of these doctors were concerned with the protein NAGALASE being introduced into folks body via vaccinations. This compound kills your immune system and so kids become autistic and old folks get cancer. All these doctors are now dead. So how did this happen, and how do we get to the bottom of this saga?

First have you ever heard of a Nagalase test? I thought not and neither had I until this story broke. This test will tell you if you are going to have cancer, not if you have cancer. Our God fearing medical folks don't want you until you are in Stage 3 or 4 because that's where the money's at.

If your immune system is up to snuff then you will never have cancer. Chemo and radiation kills your immune system so you die from pneumonia and not cancer. Hooray for our side. But by introducing Nagalase into your body via vaccinations then you got lifetime immune problems and the doctors have a full waiting room.

My good friends, that is the reason we don't do flu shots , etc., etc. We work our fannies off raising a garden so we don't have to eat GMO processed foods. Most folks on this site address problems, we try to do stuff so we don't have to do that.

Excuse my rant, but several of these doctors I have followed and no way did they have a heart attack. You talking about the brightest of the brightest.

Our country is so corrupt that I want to cry.


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Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn. ) on 07/26/2015

HI U GOOD PEOPLE DOIN, , , , , , , , , , , , a good number of alternative doctors have died this past month. There is a reason and I won't go there, but I want you to.

If BIG BROTHER can do this, then he can shut down this website in a minute. Go on the web and search until you know what is happening and why. Life is getting very interesting. If you don't understand, then read the novels 1984 and BRAVE NEW WORLD, which were written some 60 years ago. We are now into Revelations and that was written 1900+ years ago.


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Posted by Timh (Ky) on 07/13/2015 2075 posts

I have suffered much verbal abuse, threats, intimidations, false accusations over the last 2 decades and under duress from a debilitating illness. I must live with extreme caution as I am without financial or social props. Living alone, poor, and sick is a dangerous place to be. Quite a different situation than the Alt Med Pros, but still a danger. I have an economic indoor vid cam so to keep my apt secure and have firearms if needed. Otherwise I walk in courage & love knowing that I am not guilty of others sins & crimes, and moreover, that perpetrators give their authority (energy) to their victims. These evil people vibrate w/ a very low density energy, and will, upon the death of their body, go to low frequency places "where there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth". It is also very important to understand that such a desperate need for money is positive evidence of a neglect of love & discipline during the early years of development. Monumental psychological or spiritual insecurities leaves the young adult with the reality of Beauty-Truth-Love taken away and replaced by sex-money-death. So the pain of never loved nor corrected drives them into violent and desperate situations. To remedy this major error in creation, at some point in time the maturing child, young adult, or adult must relinquish the futile sense of self-importance (I disserve to be loved). This sense of self-importance gives the victim authority to act out in retaliation (Take terrorism for example); yes, I believe all perpetrators are victims first. They feel a deep need and assurance to "do unto others as they have done unto me". Relinquishing self-importance is kinda like the religious principle of denying oneself (picking up the cross). The void left from removing self-importance needs replaced by the now modern maxim of "I stand in the power of my divine inner self's sovereignty", this is like the ultimate or all-time civil or personal human right.

These 3 honest, goodhearted, well indented folks, served their families and neighbors w/ dignity, are well off now; it's the loved ones left behind that need assurance.

If I ever get able, I have determined that, if possible, I should continue my formal studies in Psychology so as a means of defense from being labeled or diagnosed with mental illness (which has already happened in conspiratorial fashion involving 3 parties), only avoid incarceration.

I am very delighted to be a part of the E.C. community and hope to continue here for many yrs. All you regulars here I consider dear friends, and hope not to leave here under swift & mysterious circumstances as the good doctors. I try to keep it all low key yet still honest, but the truth needs be told and one must face some risk of consequences.

I suppose the state of the world is now steaming like a pressure cooker and the only outlet for alleviation is outright world war. Too many people, not enough leaders, and too few principles are a toxic stew of social unrest, corruption, tragedy, etc.

Thank You Rebel for posting this. Here is more info

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Posted by Om (Hope, Bc Canada) on 07/12/2015

Hi ORH= ---

Not only that - "those that deliberately destroy the planet will NOT be forgiven". Yeah the Lord is neigh.

Namaste, Om

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Posted by Om (Hope, Bc Canada) on 07/12/2015

Hi Rebel (USA) ---

I had the same thoughts and remembered at once thirty or so years ago a lot of this happened.

There is more to know but for several reasons, one being that time will tell all.

Namaste, Om

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Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 07/12/2015

HI U REBEL, , , , , , , , , you on the right trail. A number of years ago when I had several skin cancers, I first bought Black Salve and it came from an American in South America. He spent 3 years in a US prison for selling Black Salve to cure skin cancer.

When he got out of prison, he moved and still sells Black Salve, but he is one bitter guy, because he thought he was doing folks good. He crossed Big Pharma and the Medical field.

At almost 79, I can tell you that I now live in a far different world than I was raised in. We never locked a door, nor packed guns. All had a knife that was never drawn on another human. It was used to peel an apple.

We are now in a totally corrupt society. The Lord's coming is neigh and like the Bible says , "THERE WILL BE GNASHING OF TEETH".

We had the Lord's Supper today at our little country church today and I did not partake. I have feelings that the Lord would punishment me if I did.

Lord hep us all to get right. =====ORH===

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Posted by Rebel (Usa) on 07/10/2015

Hey all, just wanted to post a concern about the people that help us without using big pharma. I know our Ted has suffered some issues, I hope he was not a target of someone, I do know he was jailed not long ago and I don't put anything past the establishment. Bill Thompson may want to give Earth Clinic a ( TRUSTED CONTACT ) other than himself. As far as that goes there maybe several here that need second trusted contact.

I have had my encounters with government ( Though it was not because of natural medicines, it was something else they don't want people to know about and not something I can or will reveal here ) I can tell you that they will stop at nothing to shut you up, if they don't want you talking about it.

Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 10/16/2014

Some more information about Ebola coming out of the "quiet media" in the last few days.

I'm wondering why Liberia's Ministry of Health has already pre-ordered over 1 million hooded Hazmat suits to also include face masks, heavy duty gloves, boots etc. Their pre-order also includes 84, 000 body bags. And that's just a six month sitrep forecast for Liberia by their government.

Here's the report from the Liberian Ministry of Health. Look for the table in blue -- Summary of Stock -- near the bottom of the pdf document: 148 Oct 10th, 2014.pdf

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn.) on 10/15/2014

HI U BIRDS DOIN, , , , , , , , was with a bunch of bright folks today while getting my last Alpha Liopic Acid I.V. and the Ebola subject came up. Several things I was not aware of. First the Ebola countries are loaded with high dollar minerals. We talking trillions. All of a sudden the IMF says they will contribute a few hundred million if they can get their hands on that gold mine.

The World Health Organization has confiscated the loads of Collodial Silver shipped to help these people. Why?

Good people there is a bugger in the wood pile (PC version). Everyone is looking for a conspiracy. We may have found one. The phrase , " follow the money" works most times and it may in this instance.

My advice is follow the bankers and their religion, then you will know if this is a contrived crisis. The tin horn Dictators have kept the bankers out of their countries up to this point. They now may have been out flanked.

======OLE ROBERT HENRY======