Exploring Natural Remedies for Addiction Treatment

| Modified on Apr 17, 2023
Kratom for Addiction.

Addiction is a complex disease that affects millions of people worldwide. Traditional treatments such as therapy and medication have been proven effective, but some individuals may also benefit from natural remedies and supplements to support their recovery.

In this article, we'll explore some of the natural remedies that have shown promise for addiction treatment.

Kratom: A Popular Natural Remedy for Addiction

Kratom is an evergreen tree native to Southeast Asia that has been used for centuries for its medicinal properties. In recent years, it has gained popularity in the United States as an alternative to traditional opioid painkillers and as a way to manage opioid withdrawal symptoms.1 However, its use has been linked to some adverse effects, including addiction and overdose. As a result, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued warnings about the risks of using kratom.

Cannabis: A Controversial Natural Remedy

Cannabis contains compounds called cannabinoids, which interact with the body's endocannabinoid system to produce various effects, including pain relief and relaxation. Studies have shown that cannabis use can reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms in individuals with opioid addiction.2 However, its use can negatively affect mental health, especially in individuals with a history of psychiatric disorders. Additionally, cannabis use is not legal in all states.

Supplements for Addiction Treatment

Several supplements have been studied for their potential benefits in addiction treatment. These include:

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids, found in fish oil and other sources, have been shown to reduce inflammation and improve cognitive function, which may help individuals recover from addiction.3


Magnesium is important for nerve and muscle function and has been shown to reduce anxiety and depression, common withdrawal symptoms.4

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for bone health and has also been shown to have anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective effects, which may benefit individuals in recovery from addiction.5


It's important to note that while natural remedies and supplements can be beneficial for addiction treatment, they should not be used as a substitute for evidence-based treatments such as therapy and medication. Individuals should always consult with their healthcare provider before using natural remedies or supplements, as they can interact with prescription medications and have potential side effects.

If you're interested in natural remedies and supplements to support addiction recovery, keep reading for suggestions from Earth Clinic readers who have tried various options. These include affordable home remedies that may help break addiction patterns.


In conclusion, natural remedies and supplements can be used to support the recovery process for individuals struggling with addiction. While kratom and cannabis have shown promise in addiction treatment, their use should be approached with caution due to the potential risks and legal status. Supplements such as omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, and vitamin D can be beneficial for overall health and may help alleviate some withdrawal symptoms. However, evidence-based treatments should always be the first line of defense in addiction treatment. As always, individuals should consult with their healthcare provider before incorporating any new treatments into their recovery plan.


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5-HTP for Alcohol Addiction

1 User Review
5 star (1) 

Posted by Jake (Middletown, New York) on 05/02/2009

Help to stop drinking: I have had difficulty with alcohol consumption for years, did not drink every day but when I did I did to excess.Then a friend sugessted 5-HTP which has greatly reduced my desire to drink and when I do I have a few and just get that feel that I dont want any more.I take 200mg 5-HTP at bedtime and 100mg in morning both on empty stomach. I now sleep great feel, calm and just drink socially now like those without drinking issues.

Replied by Pharmtech212
(Houston, Texas, United States)

Before you start taking anything, you should really consult with a doctor and your pharmacist. You really don't know what effects those pills will have on your body, and you don't want to risk an addiction to something else. I don't know exactly what 5-HTP is, but I would hate it if it was addictive and you were just replacing your alcohol addiction for another addiction. Another option is to go to school to become a pharmacist yourself.

Replied by Teresa
(Brea, Ca)

5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan) is a chemical by-product of the protein building block L-tryptophan. It is also produced commercially from the seeds of an African plant (Griffonia simplicifolia). Don't use 5-HTP until more is known. 5-HTP might be UNSAFE.

Some people who have taken it have come down with eosinophilia-myalgia syndrome (EMS), a serious condition involving extreme muscle tenderness (myalgia) and blood abnormalities (eosinophilia). Some people think the EMS might be caused by an accidental ingredient (contaminant) in some 5-HTP products. But there is not enough scientific evidence to know if EMS is caused by 5-HTP, a contaminant, or some other factor. Until more is known, avoid taking 5-HTP.

Replied by Steve
(Las Vegas, Nv Nevada)

I have had awesome results with 5HTP, pulled me out of one of the deepest, darkest, depressions I have ever experienced with no side effects. Having said that if you are concerned about taking 5HTP consult with your health practitioner. A good alternative is regular tryptophan at perhaps a 500mg starting dosage.

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, Usa)
2063 posts

It is quite likely that the few people who reported negative side effects all have similar "preexisting conditions" which could involve stuff like unhealthy food and/or food additives & substitutes, pharmaceutical drugs, and any number of toxic syndromes and conditions all common in the modern world. An older age group would also be more likely to show neg side effects.

Replied by Pacosf
(San Francisco, Usa)

I have used 5-HTP to address depression for years. The major side-effect is getting too tired (when at work, for example) So I'd take less. 100mg is a good starter dosage and work up to 200mg taken 2X per day. It's already in your body, just some people have lower levels. There's no harm in taking it. 5-HTP is a chemical compound that is naturally produced in your body as it makes serotonin, an important hormone for regulating your mood.

Replied by Timh
(Ky, Usa)
2063 posts

5-HTP would be best taken in the late evening as it also fuels the pineal gland to produce Melatonin (which causes the drowsiness). To improve or elevate the mood in the morning and also improve energy production, take 500-1000mg L-Tyrosine. Tyrosine boost dopamine, which, like serotonin, regulates mood. Tyrosine may be contraindicated for those w/ high blood pressure.

Replied by Bodulica
(Barrie, Canada)

For those with serotonin syndrome: don't take 5-HTP! You will end up ion serious trouble.

Apple Cider Vinegar

3 User Reviews
5 star (3) 

Posted by Brenda (Atlanta, GA) on 12/30/2006

Ice was to me what crack is to a crack head. Sometimes by the biggest bowls i could find for breakfast, lunch and dinner especially close to that time of the month. My Icemaker could not make it fast enough for me. Doctor said fibroids, anemia, pica I heard a DJ talking to a doctor about ACV so I went out and bought it for other reasons they discussed. I had recomended dose on bottle late Christmas Eve. I later noticed I was not hungry so I went to bed. On Christmas Day I had it 3x as recommended. I realized that I had been home all day long and I had no cravings for ice, not one ice cube. Unheard of. As of today 6 days and no ice cravings I am dumbfounded. A few days on ACV and a nasty habit of the last 2-3yrs gone. Would not have believe had I not experience this for myself. I have added the Blackstrap molasses and I am curious to see what will happen as my cycle approaches as I am heavy bleeder and have to change every 2 hours for at least 2 of the 4 days. I don't remember how I found this site but I am glad I did.

Replied by Anonymous
(Hartford, Wi)

Do you think it would work for sexual addictions too?

Replied by Vmctahoe
(Tahoma, Ca)

What is the recommended dosage you take? Thank you. =}

Replied by Linda

Hello there! I use to have pica so badly my gums would bleed. I used a really good iron supplement for 2 months before it went away.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Toma (Chicago, IL)

I advised my friend to take ACV for losing weight. She said that she didn't have any good results in losing weight, but since starting drinking it, she hasn't been enjoying smoking that much : smoking causes unpleasant taste in the mouth.

Replied by John
(Mission Viejo Ca.)

I agree, every time after drinking a little Apple Cider Vinegar and I have a smoke, it tastes like crap.

Book Suggestions

Posted by Bella (Toronto, On) on 09/03/2009

Hello, Some time ago I read here, at Earth Clinic about a book on how to move on from an addicted relationship. The problem is that my daughter is strongly attracted/addicted to a person who actually does not want any serious relationships with her. She understands the situation but unfortunately she cannot move on and letting go of unhealthy relationships. Thank you!


2 User Reviews
5 star (2) 

Posted by Gokhals (Ca, US) on 12/14/2014 34 posts

1 tablespoon black strap molasses, 1-2 tbsp coconut oil - add to this boiling spring water with fresh crushed ginger in it. Mix. Drink in lieu of coffee.

I also ate a sublingual B12 (with B6/Folic Acid) yesterday and today.

It was pretty miraculous. No horrible back of the neck headache yesterday. No thumping heart at night. Napped in the afternoon. Slept like a baby at night. Woke up up today with a clear mind. I am hoping I can get through today without caffeine withdrawal as well. I am not sure which of these remedies permitted me to kick caffeine overnight, but one of them did.

The last couple of days I have also been drinking a couple of teaspoons of apple cider vinegar twice a day. If you are trying to kick caffeine, this works, instantaneously. Thank you Sally.

Replied by Kerry
(St. Louis, Missouri)

I can say that Black Strap Molasses absolutely works for caffeine withdrawal. I drink several cups of coffee per day and had no intention of stopping my coffee habit today, however, after using BSM in a smoothie upon waking to treat menstrual cramps...I realized that I didn't have any desire to even drink a cup of coffee. Wow, so not only did I not have any coffee today (again, usually 3-4 cups daily) I did not have a headache what so ever!!! This is incredible. I'm going to see how it goes tomorrow as well. Oh and btw...no cramps at all for the last 2 days...wow...this is wonderful.

Posted by Dan (Myrtle Beach, Sc, Usa) on 01/03/2011

Thanks to the GREAT info you have on this website regarding Apple Cider Vinegar, I have heavily added it to my life-routine, and have felt major benefits from using it. A suggestion: I have been seriously studying CAFFEINE and the negative affects it has on health. I've read a few books on how it seriously hampers the functioning of the mind, body and immune system. Its amazing how many common ailments go away when caffeine is removed from your diet, as I have done.

Even though it is not a supplement, I think a discussion/section on the benefits of quiting caffeine would be terribly interesting on this site, as it affects many of the very same things people are using Apple Cider Vinegar for. Its amazing how removing things from your diet can be just as healthful as adding certain supplements or remedies. One main book I recommend is CAFFEINE BLUES, by Stephen Cherniske. The book was extremely helpful to me, and I'm not saying all this to recommend the book, but I would love to see caffeine discussion on the site. What do you think?

Replied by Sister Of Wolves
(Cork, Ireland)

Congratulations on kicking the addiction: may strength be with you. I gave up black tea years ago as I was drinking it all day every day. After 9 years, I picked up a packet of tea in the supermarket, thinking after all this time it wouldn't hurt. Wrong! Back to square one. It's a difficult addiction as it's an accepted part of life worldwide. Anyway, to get over the tea addiction the second time around, I took to drinking coffee - and got addicted to that. There's no easy way: I had to put caffeine down and leave it down for good. I'm free now, from the prison of addiction. I sleep well, have clear skin and I am not shackled to the obssessional thinking about the subject I was addicted to. Good Luck and God Bless everyone who is taking the road to freedom from addiction. Sister of Wolves


Posted by Phil (Dearing, Ga) on 10/21/2009

Hello to all. I have been asked by a friend if there are any natural remedies for co-dependancy. It seems as though a family member of hers, has a un-healthy realationship with a sibling. No matter what this child does and no matter how much trouble he may get into, she always bails him out.

I guess this is a form of addiction and I did check out the addiction page, but was wondering if EC would start a new page for CO-DEPENDANCY to draw attention to the subject.There is not much info when you google it as far as herbs, vitamins or minerials as treatments.

So if anyone has any suggestion, Ted or Joyce it will be greatly appreciated!

Thank You

EC: Hi Phil, for now we're going to keep this one on the addiction page!

Replied by Sharik
(Arcata, California)

To Phil from Dearing, GA:

Homeopathic medicine (a specific discipline) deals with psychological problems as well as physical. It's not an easy learn, and usually takes a person trained in the discipline to diagnose and treat specifics. If you have a health food store or herb shop in town, they may be able to point you in the right direction. If not, back to the computer....

Peace, Sharik

Replied by Eve K
(Houston, Tx)

I would look into Bach's flower remedies.... There are books available to help you narrow down your remedies, as well as info on the web. The descriptions can be vague but you will probably find one or two that seem to hit home....they are usually available at health food stores. The biggest "health food" store chain also has a coupon going for $3 off (last time I checked--the website for this coupon is mambo sprouts)...

I have personally had alot of success with Bach's flower remedies for emotional/psychological issues so I hope this helps.

Good luck.

Replied by Marilyn
(Fort Wayne, Indiana)

There is a really GREAT Book that has been out for years now called: Co-Dependent no more, and they have a 2nd version out as well. Read and do as it tells you. What happens is we begin to put undo pressure on our partners, and they get resentful because ultimately, You are the only person responsible for your own Happiness. Some people will think I'm nuts but I really believe, and I have seen it work: is if everyone went to Alcoholics Anonymous and worked the 12 Steps to the best of your ability, You will be an entirely new and better version of yourself. It is not a room ful of low lifes, they are normal every Day folks of all ages, creeds, Colors, Religions or not, Gay, Straight whatever. In those rooms, No-One is different from another. We are all addicted to something or someone. I used to suffer the same thing as you, Not any more. MY LIFE IS THE BEST IT HAS EVER BEEN TODAY and I am quite happy to be by myself. No-one does for me what I can do for myself today. I choose to be in a relationship. It is not necessary that I be in one. Give it a try. You do not have to talk if you do not want to. Just pass. Be sure you go to OPEN MEETINGS. Call your local AA Hotline and get the schedule.

Cold Shower Therapy

1 User Review
5 star (1) 

Posted by Juliette (Reston, Va) on 11/02/2011

I have been taking cold showers for the past few days and I feel great! I am a recovering drug addict and suffer from intense anxiety ALL THE TIME. Today I feel more together more calm and more whole than I have in a long time... Years! As an addict I am prone to going ALL in with things and really over indulging in things but cold showers have been a great indulgence. It is hard at first but soo worth it. I just wish more people would be willing to be uncomfortable for a couple minutes to reap amazing rewards! I go in for a warm shower then when im done washing up I turn it to cold until I get used to it then get out and moisterize. My hair is smoother too! I suffer from insomnia as well and have been sleeping better and having more motivation than usual. I also live in a cold basement and it doesn't feel so cold anymore!! This is only day 3 of my cold shower experience and I can't wait to see how much better things get the more I take cold showers. Well worth it!

Replied by Emberrorsist
(Long Beach, Ca)

Iggy Pop was totally strung out in the late 70s, using needles, heroine, speed, and being Iggy. He lived in Venice with Danny Sugarman who wrote about this in his memoir Wonderland Ave. Every morning Iggy would rise before the sun and dive into the cold blue Pacific Ocean. Iggy also alludes to this in I want more, but it was clearly his salvation but as yu not PE , apparently extreme for Sugarman whom nearly died fron excess not long after he and Pop were roommates.

Hydrotherapy is an amazing way to bring your ethereal body into alignment. The cold water you shower in does shock the skin and senses but it's hardly an ordeals used the cold shower thing to survive many a hangover, calm my jagged nerves and to restore color to my flesh. French women swear that cold water keeps their breast saluting the sun and it I'd keep me perky long after I should had sagged. As I got older and cleaned up my act, I no longer did the cold shower thing so much. I love my baths but just had my old tub fitted with a shower, I have been depressed after a series of horrible events and need to pull myself together to keep going. I think th cold shower, FGHP WMD mor sun &'exerscise will bring me back. Thanks for the memory.


Posted by Dave (Friend, Ne) on 07/03/2009

I take cymbalta and I cant stand the side effects when I try to quit. PLEASE HELP!

EC: Cymbalta is a prescription medication used for depression, generalized anxiety disorder, fibromyalgia, and diabetic peripheral neuropathic pain.

Replied by Renee
(Seattle, WA)

Dave - You don't say why you are taking Cymbalta or what symptoms you have, but I'm going to take a stab in the dark here and describe my situation in hopes that it helps you. I've suffered from depression on and off for over 20 years. I've taken some depression meds without success, seen several doctors without success.

What I have come to realize is that depression is a symptom caused or related to many other problems and I and my allopathic doctors have been trying to treat a symptom and not the root cause. In other words, depression is my body's way of telling me that there is something wrong and using meds or counseling to get happy will never resolve the underlying issue.

Note that I have only recently come to this conclusion and mostly because of the brave people on EarthClinic. I've found that their descriptions of their issues are similar to mine and have helped me to narrow down the cause of my depression, hypothyroidism. Which I have suspected for years.

So what does this mean? Am I saying that you have a hypothyroid issue? No. Am I saying that you should become a hypochondriac and assume that every illness is causing your depression? No.

What I am saying is take a step back from the depression issues and look at your entire body. Ask yourself, what else is going on that you might have ignored or brushed off? What do you recognize about yourself in the symptoms described by someone else? Is there something familiar for you?

For me, the symptoms of hypothyroidism stood out like a sore thumb when reading other people's experience. I found myself saying, wow, I feel like that too, but had forgotten about it, had just accepted that experience of myself or more importantly, failed to realize how connected all of the symptoms and the body's organs and functions are to each other. I will never look at an illness symptom in the same way ever again.

Now I'm going to get those levels checked out and have been trying to address some of the underlying issues of hypothyroidism (iodine deficiency, etc.)

What's funny about me going down this path and looking into thyroid issues, is that I came to EarthClinic to learn more about Apple Cider Vinegar and it's effectiveness for weight loss and acne, not depression or thyroid issues. I didn't make the mental connection that weight gain is caused/related to an underactive thyroid until I got to EarthClinic. When I read other people's symptoms related to iodine deficiency, it all clicked for me because it was like someone was describing my daily experience. Intuitively, I knew all along, but needed that confirmation. With additional research, I now know exactly what I need to do and what I need to ask for from my doctor or what I need to do on my own to resolve this.

So be patient, listen and trust yourself. Every day, your body is trying to tell you what is wrong and what it needs. You have to be open to receiving and acknowledging the messages.

Hope this helps.

Replied by Ms
(Mumbai, India)

See if there's a pattern - when or what accompanies it. For me few hours of hunger tends to kick in depression.

Eft for Coca Cola Addiction

1 User Review
5 star (1) 

Posted by Sandy (In the sticks, Nevada) on 11/24/2007

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) freed me from an addiction to Coca Cola. EFT is a simple technique that can help with pain, addictions, fears, grief, and many other problems. If you google "Gary Craig" and "EFT" you will be able to learn more about it. Gary has the information you need to learn EFT for free on his site.

General Feedback

Posted by Paula (Eureka Springs, Ar) on 11/30/2011

I have quit smoking 3 times in my life. The first 2 times were horrible experiences. Thought I would never smoke again until my husband was in a terrible accident. After 5 years, I decided it was time to try again. I dreaded it. The 2nd time I quit, I gained 70 pounds, used patches, was depressed, miserable, horrible, horrible, horrible. I so dreaded trying again. But then I quit and it was so easy that I was absolutely astonished. Don't know if this will help anyone else, but here it is.

For one thing, when I went back to smoking, I smoked natural tobacco only---none of the 2000 extra chemicals they add to make it more addictive. And then on the day I quit, I also quit coffee, caffeinated tea and all carbonated drinks. (I never drank many carbonated drinks anyway, but added it to my list). I put on patches. I know it sounds radical, but I was amazed. No real cravings. No caffeine headache. No sleep disorder. No mood swings. No 3 days of hell. Chewed a couple of pieces of nicotine gum in the first couple of days, but after 6 days I realized I had forgotten to put on the patch and never used another one. Don't know if any of this has any cause and effect to it. All I know is that it has been 2 months. I haven't gained a pound, am not smoking, or using caffeine and feel better than I have felt for a very long time. Once in awhile, when I am in a very stressful place, I will chew a piece of gum 20 times and spit it out. But those times have only occurred maybe 10 times in 2 months. Hope it helps someone out there.

Hydrogen Peroxide

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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 07/22/2009

Over the past weeks I have been looking over the use of hydrogen peroxide to stop alcohol addiction and drug abuse addiction. The remedy is a straightforward one, a 3% H2O2 food grade one capful is added into an ordinary drinking water. Use this as a normal drinking water. If a person happens to be drinking wine, beer, liquor, the body will immediately reject it and tries to detoxify it, causing nausea, or vomiting when they take it. The body may also reject certain drug meds, such as birth control pills, cocaine, for example in a few cases. So if the drinking water with hydrogen peroxide is taken at one glass is taken within one hour, the effects is even more stronger and will encourage people to quit the alcohol use.


Replied by Andrea C

This is not a ''free e book!! '' It takes you to a link to buy it!! It's basically information that's on EC and other H202 site's for free! And it's ;add 1 drop of 3% diluted foo grade h2o2 ( 1 amount of food grade hydrogen peroxide added to 11 times the same amount of distilled (only!! No other water!! ) water=3% h2o2.

And what the author did was.....follow this dosing table and these instructions here as below

''The Dr Williams dosing protocol for hydrogen peroxide dosing schedule : (H202)

Day # -Number of Drops/ Times Per Day
1 - 3 / 3
2 - 4 / 3
3 - 5 / 3
4 - 6 / 3
5 - 7 / 3
6 - 8 / 3
7 - 9 / 3
8 - 10 / 3
9 - 12 / 3
10 - 14 / 3
11 - 16 / 3
12 - 18 / 3
13 - 20 / 3
14 - 22 / 3
15 - 24 / 3
16 - 25 / 3

Maintenance Dosage
In most situations after the above 21 day program, the amount of H202 can be tapered off gradually as follows:

25 drops once every other day for 1 week
25 drops once every third day for 2 weeks
25 drops once every fourth day for 3 weeks

This can then be reduced to between 5 and 15 drops per week based on how one feels. Those with more serious problems will often benefit from staying on 25 drops three times a day for one to three weeks, then tapering down to 25 drops two times daily until the problem is resolved (possibly as long as six months). Those with chronic systemic Candidiasis may need to start with 1 drop three times a day, then 2 drops three times a day before starting the above schedule. It is important that H202 be taken on an empty stomach. This is best accomplished by taking it either one hour before meals or three hours after meals. If there is food in the stomach, the reaction of H202 on any bacteria present may cause excess foaming, indigestion, and possibly even vomiting. Additionally, some animal research indicates that when H202 given orally combines with iron and small amounts of vitamin C in the stomach, hydroxyl radicals are created (J Inorg Biochem 89;35(1):55-69). The bleach-like aftertaste of H202 can be lessened by chewing one of the sugar-free cinnamon gums. Some individuals taking H202 immediately before bedtime have a difficult time getting to sleep. This is probably due to a sense of alertness triggered by an increase of oxygen at the cellular level. The oral dosage schedule is basically the same for all conditions. There are several points to keep in mind, however.

Some individuals may experience upset stomach. If this occurs it is recommended that one not stop the program, but rather remain at the current dosage level or reduce it to the previous level until the problem stops. (Some patients have been able to solve the nausea problem by taking three or four lecithin capsules at the same time they take the H202.) During the program it's not uncommon to experience what is known as a healing crisis. As dead bacteria and toxins are released from your body it may temporarily exceed your capacity to eliminate them quickly enough. In some individuals this overload may cause fatigue, diarrhea, headaches, skin eruptions, cold or flu-like symptoms, and/or nausea. One should not discontinue using the peroxide to stop this cleansing. By continuing the program, toxins will clear the body sooner and this healing crisis will pass rather quickly.

If you are not already taking vitamin E and an acidophilus product, I recommend starting them before going on H202. Vitamin E can make more efficient use of any oxygen available and acidophilus will help re-establish the beneficial bacterial flora in the lower bowel and also help in the internal production of hydrogen peroxide.


Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Anonymous (USA) on 09/25/2007

Just wanted to let you know that I started the H202, treatments tonight. I have been told that I have COPD. I have so many medicines around the house it is depressing. But this is about my ears. Since March I have been dealing with a hyper sensitivity to sound, smells etc. This manifested itself in the form of my entire body vibrating in response to noise. After days of the vibrating for 24 hrs a day for 6 days I was on the edge of sanity. I thought I was reacting to an external source, like a generator or something like that. I met with some friends and I was telling them about what was happening. One of them asked if I might have an inner ear infection. WOW, I never would have guess that. As it turns out, I do have an infection in the left ear canal. I was trying to find something on vibrating when I saw something on HP. I went to your site and read most of the responses. I was in such bad shape and I couldn't get in to see the doctor and no money for an emergency room visit, so, I decided to "go for it".

First I created a bowl of water, mixed 3%, over the counter peroxide in, then I used the cap to pour it up my nose. It burned since I didn't have distilled water at that time. Using the distilled water won't sting. Within 5 mins. the vibrations had stopped. I was able to breathe through my left nostril for the first time in months. Then I pored some in my left ear. I experienced vertigo, never had that before. But, it did tell me I was dealing with an ear infection. The vibrations stopped. It has been 24 hrs since I started the treatments. When the vibrating starts, I know it's time for another dose.

I also created the spray for my throat and added some to my water. It is amazing how much clearer my airways are. I can also see a very small improvement in my vision. I've been told that I need cataract surgery. Hopefully all of this will help that clear up some too. And! I have had a hugh reduction in my desire for a cigarette. I've smoked 15 cigs. today, whereas I normally smoke 2 packs. I just haven't wanted one. Amazing. I believe the infection is coming from a tooth, so I've also started rising my mouth with HP. At least it is giving me some relief until I can get to the doctor. I will continue use and I will keep you posted. I'm also passing your web address to family and friends. Hopefully they will check you out. Thank you so much for your site and I am so grateful for all the people who have taken the time to share the experiences.


1 User Review
5 star (1) 

Posted by Es (Newton, Nj) on 10/05/2010

I quit smoking after 20 years and have been smoke free EASILY with NO CRAVING for 3 months. I sometimes smoked a pack a day, but often 1. 5 packs a day, and on weekends, often two packs a day (since I wasn't at work I could chainsmoke uninterrupted! I quit by visiting a wonderful hypnotherapist who was recommended by my doctor's office. I got a discount of $50 so it only cost me $145. For the two-hour session, but she usually charges $195. Still, it only took one two-hour session, wherein she makes you a personalized CD for your specific issues, and you must listen to it once daily for 10 days. I have saved a lot of money. Because it's unethical to sell any specific product or service on this site, (you can't trust any post that is trying to make a buck off your distress and rightly so, I wouldn't trust it either! ) I will not name my hypnotherapist, but it's OK because any good reputable hypnotherapist should be able to help you. You do not crave, you do not miss it. You do not have withdrawal. You are not - I repeat NOT - cranky. All my friends and loved ones agreed I was not moody, nor irritable, nor did I eat a lot or gain weight because my hypnotherapist cleverly included in my personalized hypnosis script and on my CD, that I would feel thankful to be a non-smoker, and full of life, that I would eat plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, and that I would walk, hike, and do all the healthy activities and excersizes that I told her I wanted to start getting back into doing. If anyone has any questions about the process or what it felt like I will gladly reply, however I won't name any specific therapist. Please google hypnotherapy for quitting smoking.
The stats are:
Cold turkey alone: 5% success. Patches or gums: 25% success. Pills: 25%

Hypnosis: 65% success rate. Why? Because the subconcious mind controls much of what we do! It worked SO well for me, I went back to quit drinking alcohol two weeks after and haven't wanted a drink since. And I was pretty hard core! I also addressed my intimacy issues and shortly after, entered into a loving relationship with the most wonderful man I've ever dated who wants to marry me and have the family I always dreamed of. I always dreamed of being cherished this way. But due to my mental blocks of not deserving love, I kept kissing toads. Over and over for 10 years. To find my prince I had to remove my mental blocks. And that worked so well, that I asked her to help me get back to my creative passions, which I'd let slip by the roadside 15 years ago. I shortly after took up sculpting again. She was able to address two issues at once, so all these changes took only three separate sessions. One for smoking. One for relationship and quitting drinking. Then I went back for creative inspiration. Good luck. ES

PS I am not into new-age groups or fads in general, nor have I ever before spent money on any consultation. But I knew I needed help to quit smoking and patches didn't work for me. So that's why I finally decided to try hypnosis, since a few people I know used it and quit permanently and truly easily. I was not disappointed, my whole life is so much better now. I feel free. Finally. ES

Replied by Es
(Newton, Nj)

Quit drinking with hypnosis

Hi, I want to share what worked for me. Please also see my post for quitting smoking cigarettes since I cannot post the whole story all over again, but in it I share the entire experience. Suffice to say I drank a lot. I am a petite lady and drank as much as a magnum bottle of wine all by myself in a day, and drank very heavily several days a week. It was a pretty bad thing. I quit smoking with hypnosis and then realized I'd better quit the booze too. I'm 36 years old by the way, and began drinking at age 15. Anyway, after one session with a hypnotherapist, I haven't had a drink since. It's been about 3 months and I have no desire to drink. I don't want it. And good thing I quit cause I met the man of my dreams shortly after and I know darn well it would never have worked out if I hadn't quit drinking prior to meeting him. Because A) I would have sabotaged it in a drunken stupor and B) His dad was a nasty drunk so he can't stand dating alcoholics. His ex used to flip out in nasty drunken dramatics and he couldn't stomach it. Anyway, if you are having trouble stopping drinking, you may wish to try a reputable hypnotherapist. I no longer drink nor smoke, nor do I want to. I enjoy my life free and happy. No longer chained to addictive habits that are self-abusive. Good luck

Replied by D.ron
(Madison, Wi)

The reinforcement with positive suggestions on the CD is what makes hypnosis successful. All hypnosis is self hypnosis. If you make a list of positive affirmations, record them and listen to them everyday... You can change a negative behavior to a positive behavior.


Posted by Alfred (Rangsit, Bangkok, Thailand) on 03/31/2011

New catagory needed.. DRUGS .. IBOGAINE WILL DO THE TRICK. in 48 hrs .Without Withdrawal Symptons.. Thank you ...Alfred

Replied by Andrew
(Rocky Mount, Nc)

ibo is a great alternative! Takes a fat wallet, though. Also probably have to go to Mexico for treatment. But if you got the guts and the paper, GO FOR IT

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