Exploring Natural Remedies for Addiction Treatment

Posted by Es (Newton, Nj) on 10/05/2010

I quit smoking after 20 years and have been smoke free EASILY with NO CRAVING for 3 months. I sometimes smoked a pack a day, but often 1. 5 packs a day, and on weekends, often two packs a day (since I wasn't at work I could chainsmoke uninterrupted! I quit by visiting a wonderful hypnotherapist who was recommended by my doctor's office. I got a discount of $50 so it only cost me $145. For the two-hour session, but she usually charges $195. Still, it only took one two-hour session, wherein she makes you a personalized CD for your specific issues, and you must listen to it once daily for 10 days. I have saved a lot of money. Because it's unethical to sell any specific product or service on this site, (you can't trust any post that is trying to make a buck off your distress and rightly so, I wouldn't trust it either! ) I will not name my hypnotherapist, but it's OK because any good reputable hypnotherapist should be able to help you. You do not crave, you do not miss it. You do not have withdrawal. You are not - I repeat NOT - cranky. All my friends and loved ones agreed I was not moody, nor irritable, nor did I eat a lot or gain weight because my hypnotherapist cleverly included in my personalized hypnosis script and on my CD, that I would feel thankful to be a non-smoker, and full of life, that I would eat plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, and that I would walk, hike, and do all the healthy activities and excersizes that I told her I wanted to start getting back into doing. If anyone has any questions about the process or what it felt like I will gladly reply, however I won't name any specific therapist. Please google hypnotherapy for quitting smoking.
The stats are:
Cold turkey alone: 5% success. Patches or gums: 25% success. Pills: 25%

Hypnosis: 65% success rate. Why? Because the subconcious mind controls much of what we do! It worked SO well for me, I went back to quit drinking alcohol two weeks after and haven't wanted a drink since. And I was pretty hard core! I also addressed my intimacy issues and shortly after, entered into a loving relationship with the most wonderful man I've ever dated who wants to marry me and have the family I always dreamed of. I always dreamed of being cherished this way. But due to my mental blocks of not deserving love, I kept kissing toads. Over and over for 10 years. To find my prince I had to remove my mental blocks. And that worked so well, that I asked her to help me get back to my creative passions, which I'd let slip by the roadside 15 years ago. I shortly after took up sculpting again. She was able to address two issues at once, so all these changes took only three separate sessions. One for smoking. One for relationship and quitting drinking. Then I went back for creative inspiration. Good luck. ES

PS I am not into new-age groups or fads in general, nor have I ever before spent money on any consultation. But I knew I needed help to quit smoking and patches didn't work for me. So that's why I finally decided to try hypnosis, since a few people I know used it and quit permanently and truly easily. I was not disappointed, my whole life is so much better now. I feel free. Finally. ES